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The Romanov women who were celebrated as great beauties in their day:

Empress Elizaveta I Petrovna (1709-1762)

“She is a beauty the like of which I have never seen … an amazing complexion, glowing eyes, a perfect mouth, a throat and bosom of rare whiteness. She is tall in stature, and her temperament is very lively. One senses in her a great deal of intelligence and affability, but also a certain ambition.”

Empress Elizaveta Alexeievna (1779-1826)

“Her features were fine and even, and her face a perfect oval; her beautiful complexion was not high in colour but its delicacy was totally in keeping with her expression, one of angelic sweetness. Her fair ash coloured hair floated about her neck and forehead. She was dressed in a simple white tunic, gathered by a belt knotted simply around a waist slender as a nymph´s. This young woman appeared exactly as I have described her, standing against the backdrop of an appartment ornamented with classical columns and draped in pink and silver gauze; she looked so ravishing I cried out, “Psyche!” It was in fact Princess Elisabeth, wife of Alexander.” 

Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna (1798-1860)

“The Empress is a tall graceful figure … her little head beautifully set and her expression pleasing and features regular, her hands and arms beautifully shaped and an air of imperial dignity and grace I never saw before. Her dress was perfect - simple and of dazzling whiteness, with a necklace, fringe, drops, etc. that I can only compare to dark blue glass eggs for never did I see their like.”

Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna (1822-1892)

“The Grand Duchess Olga, the second of the emperor´s daughter, has no rival in beauty among the Princesses of Europe, an in this instance, flattery, in asserting her to be the loveliest girl in her father´s dominion, scarcely outstrips the truth.”

Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna (1830-1911)

[Alexandra] loved the Russian extravangance and magnificence, which was entirely in keeping with her extraordinary beauty, her marvelous hair in particular. A few considred that she resembled Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, whose style of dress Sanny copied. All of Europe spoke of her astonishing jewels, of her pearl necklace, in which each pearl was the size of a nut. … [She] always took a passionate interest in anything which related to the beauty of other women. With typical feminine jealousy she would ask: “Who is the more beautiful, the Empress of Austria or I?” The Empress´s beauty was much praised, and the Grand Duchess Konstantin worried: “Is my hair as fine as the Empress´s? Don´t you think we have the same figure?”

Grand Duchess Elizaveta Fyodorovna (1864-1918)

“I like Ella very, very much. She is so feminine; her beauty is something I will never tire of. Her eyes are extraordinarily beautifully defined and her look is so calm and gentle. Despite her gentle nature and her shyness, one sense in her a certain self-assurance, a recognition of her own strength … [Her husband] was talking to me about his wife and he was enraptured by her, full of her praises.”

Princess Irina Alexandrovna (1895-1970):

“One day when I was out riding I met a very beautiful girl accompanied by an elderly lady. Our eyes met and she made such an impression on me that I reined in my horse to gaze at her as she walked on … [Another time] I had plenty of time to admire the wondrous beauty of the girl who was eventually to become my wife and lifelong companion. She had beautiful features, clear-cut as a cameo, and looked very like her father." 

Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna (1897-1918)

“She’s a grand princess from head to toe, so aristocratic and regal. Her face is pale matte, only the cheeks are slightly rosy, as if pink satin is trying to escape from just under her thin skin. Her profile is flawlessly beautiful, as if cut from marble by a great artist.  The widely set eyes provide uniqueness and originality to her face.”

Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna (1899-1918)

“Maria Nikolaevna can easily be called a Russian beauty. Tall, healthy, with sable eyebrows and a bright blush on her open Russian face, she is especially lovely to a Russian heart. You look at her and involuntarily imagine her dressed in the Russian boyar’s sarafan; snowy muslin sleeves around her hands; on the highly decorated bodice semi-precious stone; and above her white brow, a kokoshnik with the traditional pearls. Her eyes illuminate her entire face by a unique, radiant luster; they sometimes seem black as long eyelashes throw shadows over the bright blush of her soft cheeks.”

A Blue Prince To Own, Chapter 1

“Hey, Lance, why are you being so quiet? Not that we don’t enjoy it of course, it’s just strange.”

Do you even care?

“Oh, I’m fine, just tired.”

Why doesn’t anyone notice when I lie?


“God, dude, get some more sleep, you’ll be useless during a mission if you’re a walking zombie.”

I’m useless when I’m well rested.

“Hunk, help me in the lab, will you?”

“Sure, Pidge.”

You forgot about our plans so easily. Should I watch movies alone then?

“Shiro, you up for sparring?”

“Good thinking, Keith.”

Okay, I guess all the chores are left to me too, then.

“Well, I’m glad everyone’s found something to do now that the mission is over.”

No one asked me, but that’s okay.

After cleaning the healing pods, I sigh and clamber into Blue’s cockpit. She can sense my sadness because I can sense her worry and I just slink down into my chair and slowly begin to fade. I really like napping. When I’m asleep, I don’t have to be anywhere near my uncaring teammates or occupied best friend, or really reality in general.

Except, this time it’s different. I awake to the sounds of static popping in my helmet that’s a few paces away and Blue sounds panicked in my head. The blue holographic screen in the cockpit is stirring, despite me having not touched any of the controls. Why am I so calm? Maybe it’s because I’m slowly starting to not care about myself just like the rest of Voltron.

After a few minutes, it stops. Then, a person appears on the holographic screen and all I can do is jump in surprise. Even my reactions are lackluster and late. It’s an oddly human looking Galra man with long white hair and eyes that have pupils, unlike most Galra. He’s handsome, is my first thought, which is weird because he’s part of the species systematically destroying the universe but so is Keith and we fuck sometimes.

“Hey.” I say, surprised at how hazy the sound of my own voice is.

“Greetings and Salutations Blue Paladin!” The guy says excitedly with a wide grin. “It is I, Prince Lotor, heir to the Galra empire!”

I rub the sleep from my eyes with my wrist. “Neat, man. Anything you want?”

“Well, Blue Paladin, I’ve been observing you and I’ve come to proclaim my love.” He’s dressed like a royal might, with fancy purple and black clothes, embroidered expertly with golden detail. “So that you might accept my affections and come to realize your own you might be harboring for me!”

“Ay, well, that won’t exactly happen in one beat? But, hey, nothing better to do than talk to you, so.” I lazily shrug my shoulders and slink down further into my chair.

“Of course! I must make you fall for me so that we should rule the Galran empire side by side. How should I win your love, then, Blue Paladin?”

This is… kind of flattering. “I don’t know, we could get to know each other, maybe get a space Starbucks here and there. I’m tired. You’re not going to like… try and kill me so you can take my lion, right?”

His features tighten. “I should never! My father was a fool to violently and ruthlessly rule like a tyrant, thinking so moronically he could fair against Team Voltron. I seek to bring peace to repair the damage he has caused, though I fear it might never be truly fixed.” His pointy purple ears lower sadly.

“Oh. That sounds really nice. I wish you good luck, then.”

“I have been blessed by your good wishes! How long until you fall for me, Blue Paladin? How long until I at last have your love, my gem?”

Hm. I shrug again, hoping that the gesture is universal. “It depends. We just gotta talk and stuff, yanno? Like, it doesn’t happen right away, you have to work for it. Earn it. I don’t see why you think I’m special, though.”

Prince Lotor cocks his head curiously. “But, my gem, you are so beautiful, so unique, and the Blue Paladin, honored with piloting one of the five lions, tasked with defending the universe. Who wouldn’t think you are special?”

“Uh, you got it wrong.” I flush. It’s been… I’ve never really heard those types of words directed at me. I’d say it’s been a while, but no one’s this nice to me. “I’m more of an annoying, glorified errand boy, filling the place of the Blue Paladin until someone better comes along. I’m not actually skilled at anything except for screwing up.”

“Blasphemy!” He barks and I light up at his passion. “The place of a Paladin is not one that can be simply filled in! It is preserved for thousands of years and given only to those who are worthy! I’ve never met such a humble person in all my years. Do you not see how truly significant you are, Blue Paladin?”

Oh. He’s pulling all my heart strings apart. My eyes sting. “I know I’ll never be equal to my teammates, and I’m fine with it, so. I’ll just try to stay out of the way.”

“But, you…” His eyes grow sparkly and his face lovesick. “You’re perfect, Blue Paladin, with your shiny blue eyes and perfect complexion, resourcefulness and sharp shooting, even the way you can’t see any of that is gorgeous. I simply cannot wait to make you all mine.”

That in particular sends a shiver down my spine. “Uh, that’s - ”

“Ah, I must go, Blue Paladin!” Lotor exclaims urgently, waving his hand as faint sounds of footsteps sound on his end of the hologram. “Thank you for the lovely discussion, but I must bid farewell!”

“N- No problem. You can call me, Lance, though.” His face brightens with a smile just before the connection times out and Blue’s entire vessel returns to being dark.

She asks me what happened. All I can do is smile as my face goes pleasantly warm because I honestly don’t know what the fuck just happened.

chapter 2:

Message in a Mug

for @aubvi // inspired by this tweet…

a/n: i’m very much aware that things are not looking good for samantha at the moment but i am on team “let’s not kill off everyone’s moms” so for the sake of this ficlet i’m using my own personal headcanon of her moving to star city after the lian yu debacle so that oliver can be more involved in william’s life and that’s why felicity makes a mention to “picking up william on the way” :)

Making her way to the check-out counter at Francesca’s with a stack of dresses draped over her arm, she spotted a mug sitting out with the novelty gift items that read “Good Morning Handsome,” on it and she decided to grab it for Oliver.

At the register, the young girl ringing her up gave her a friendly smile, “Congratulations!”

For a second she was confused until she realized that she had probably noticed her engagement ring. The 3 karats on her left hand didn’t exactly fly under the radar.

She returned her smile. “Thank you.”

“I just love these mugs. Such a cute way to tell them,” she remarked as she wrapped it in paper. Felicity thought something about her comment seemed a little odd—

A cute way to tell them good morning? That they’re handsome? Both?

–but she brushed it off as the girl moved on to telling her that the rosy pink dress she had picked out would look perfect with her complexion and hair color.

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Angel - Barry Allen imagine

Barry Allen x female reader

Word Count: 1967

Fluff for this Valentine day Tuesday

Summary: (Y/N) has received a love letter. The problem, she doesn’t know who sent it. The other problem, she is already in love with someone else


Within seconds you stole my attention
Skin so perfect, a golden complexion
More than beautiful girl, you’re a work of art
Oh, my, I cannot believe my eyes
Oh, my, pinch me, am I dreamin’, am I?
Oh, my, did you fall from the skies?

I can’t see your wings, but girl, you’re an angel
Oh, my, my angel
You’re so out of this world, you’re hiding your halo
Oh, oh, my angel
Oh, my, my angel
Won’t you be mine? My angel
I can’t see your wings, but girl, you’re an angel
Oh, my angel

Your heart melted once more when you read those words for what seemed the millionth time today.
“You are reading that thing again?” Caitlin asked
“Yeah” you sighed dreamfully “I can’t help it. Every time I use the phone I have, no, need to read it”
“It’s a shame you don’t know who sent it” she commented while sipping her coffee.
“I’m kind of bumped about it too. I mean, they could have written an initial or,  I don’t know, something at least!” You said exasperated.
Since the letter arrived on Valentines day, attached to a bouquet of flowers with no remitent, you had been thinking of who the person might be. However, no one seemed to fit in the description. And to be honest, you were a little bit scared to reveal the identity, since your heart already belonged to another person.

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She was an object too sublime and beautiful for my dull pen to describe. I leave this enterprise to Mr. Burke. But, in his description, there is more of the orator than of the philosopher. Her dress was every thing that art and wealth could make it. One of the maids of honor told me she had diamonds upon her person to the value of eighteen millions of livres; and I always thought her majesty much beholden to her dress. Mr. Burke saw her probably but once. I have seen her fifty times perhaps, and in all the varieties of her dresses. She had a fine complexion, indicating perfect health, and was a handsome woman in her face and figure. But I have seen beauties much superior, both in countenance and form, in France, England, and America

–John Adams on Marie Antoinette, whom he encountered during his visit to Versailles

Dreamer- Jasper Cullen x Reader

Request: Can you do one with jasper from twilight where your new to town and Edward can read your mind so he sees all the daydreaming you do and Alice draws what you see, they tell their family about you and you end up being Jaspers mate or something?!? The reader has the ability to think of any nature related element and project it for themselves or others to see. The reader is also an immortal human.

A/N: Basically I got this amazing request a while ago and I’m sorry I haven’t posted it sooner I just needed time to get it right :) The incredible Tumblr user @itssssxxlillian came up with this idea and this power and it’s just so creative I’m absolutely wowed by it!! If you want a sort of visual of the inspiration for the readers abilities, please check out this video! :) Enjoy!

Grab your popcorn and fuzzy socks my friends, this is a long one! 

Words: 1,913

Warnings: Minimal swearing 

You were starting over again. A new town, a new place, a new school. You felt like your whole life was you starting over. It was the same story too. You moved to a new school for your last year of high school because you loved the state and your parents were kind enough to send you there even though they lived a couple states away. Everyone reacted the same way too. Usually envious, wishing their family would let them go where they wanted for high school. You would smile and agree that you were lucky except you never felt that way because the story was a cover. There was no loving family waiting for you to return home when the school year ended, it was just you. You weren’t really even a senior, the truth was you’d been repeating 12th grade for years. The truth was you’d been using this story for as long as you could remember, the truth was you’d lost count of your age because you weren’t just any other teen. You were immortal, and here you were, starting over again.

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Cassian Andor x Reader

A/N: just a quick mini-imagine I wrote. One of my favourite thing about rogue one is probably how damaged and exhausted everyone looks. I think the characters look exactly how they’re supposed to - malnourished and weary. Like literally fuck films that are full of Matt Damon types with perfect complexions and bulging biceps. In what world would an intelligence officer have time to go to the gym??? Anyway - following the rant this is about Cassian and Reader showing one another their scars. Enjoy!


You could feel Cassian’s hand tremble slightly under yours as your lips worked against his. You wondered briefly what caused it - if he was comfortable - but you resolved yourself with the fact that this situation was abnormal to him.

‘Okay?’ You breathed as you pulled away from one another, your lips tingling from the pressure that had been upon them.

'Mhm…are you?’ Cassian replied, the tightness in his voice almost masked by years of working in espionage.

You replied by reattaching yourself to him - you wanted to taste the inside of his mouth, to see if it tasted as sweet as you’d imagined in all the moments when you shouldn’t have been daydreaming.

The low grown that Cassian made when your tongue swiped across his lower lip made you burn up. It had been 54 days since you’d last seen him and the pause placed on the two of you, so early on in this thing you had yet to formally define, had been agony. You half wished you’d listened to all the warnings that you’d received - that you were both doomed. But it was too late now anyway.

Studying the small cuts on Cassian’s face now - trinkets from his most recent conquest - you were struck by how tangible he seemed now. You were so used to him being inside in your head rather than right in front of you as he was now. And it made you want him. A lot.

The pads of Cassian’s fingers dug slightly into your hips and it only spurred you further as you climbed onto his lap, the sensation of the two of you brushing together causing you to arch your back slightly. You could feel his hot breath against your neck as he kissed you there and his beard prickled against you where his kisses landed clumsily.

Your hands moved of their own accord, fingertips sliding towards the top button of Cassian’s shirt when he suddenly jolted away from you. You let your hands drop immediately and looked at him - his face was hard but his eyes had a flicker of anxiety in them.

'What’s wrong?’ You asked him, sliding off him as his body had gone stock still.

'It’s nothing I-uh…just too fast.’


You could feel your face heating up in embarrassment and guilt - unable to shake the fact you might have pushed him too far and too fast.

'I’m sorry.’ Was all you could manage. You felt nauseous.

'No don’t be it’s silly.’ Cassian took your hands, chocolate eyes gazing into yours, simultaneously trying to gauge you whilst blocking you from seeing into his head.

'Of course it’s not - I only want to go as far as you feel comfortable.’

'I am comfortable. It’s just…’ Cassian trailed off, his eyes narrowing as he tried to find the words - or just stall - you weren’t quite sure.

'I’m ugly.’

You couldn’t help but scoff in surprise at that. It was the last thing you’d ever expected to come out of the mouth of Cassian Andor.

'Are you serious?’

'Yes. I’m well past my life expectancy for an intelligence officer. My body - it’s - damaged.’

You sobered at that. Cassian’s eyes were telling that the scars that littered him were constant reminders of the things he’d seen.

'And you think I’m perfect do you?’ You responded, keeping your tone light as Cassian raised an eyebrow at you.

You stood up, taking a deep breath before removing your shirt and fighting the urge to shut your eyes and pretend you were somewhere else as Cassian’s eyes widened in surprise.

Instead, you turned slightly to give him a better look at the white spiderweb of scar tissue that blossomed just under your rib cage.

'Got clipped by a blaster a long time ago now. Hurt like a bitch.’ Your voice wobbled slightly with nerves despite the fact you tried to keep it casual. Cassian leaned forward on the bed, his hand outstretched and you leaned towards his touch, barely able to feel the sensation of his fingers brushing the damaged skin.

'Can you feel that?’

'No not really.’

Cassian breathed a small sigh of amusement in response. Ironically he had visibility relaxed since you’d removed your shirt.

'I have a lot more…let me-’ Cassian cut himself off as he began to unbutton his shirt. You stood patiently - completely in afraid of what you might see.

Cassian stayed seated as he awkwardly removed the shirt from his arms. Even in the dim light of the room you could see that his chest and shoulders were littered with small scars, cuts and lacerations which had piled on top of one another from years of conflict. His form was slim and his shoulders narrow which you imagined made him perfectly inoffensive, unimposing and versatile when he needed to be. It was clear that his whole life had been refining himself for the cause and you saw something beautiful in that kind of discipline.

You said nothing and walked slowly behind him, your hand brushing his shoulder as you did. You could feel Cassian tense up as you examined his back which looked positively gnarled with old scars. You wondered how long it would take to work all of the knots out that were no doubt lurking beneath the skin. You could sense his apprehension so you leaned forward to press your lips against his shoulderblade. Cassian let out a sigh in response and leaned back into your touch so far that you could feel the tips of his hair tickling your head as he leaned right back.

'I still think you’re perfect.’ You murmured against his back, hands moving up to lightly dance over the uneven and toughened skin.

'You don’t know the things I’ve done.’ Cassian replied, the accent of his voice thick in his throat as he was no doubt recalling all the things he’d seen - and done.

'Means to an end - remember.’ You replied quietly, lips ghosting close to the shell of his ear as you continued to stroke his back.

Cassian turned quickly, taking you by surprise as his hands caught your wrists and trapped you against the bed as he settled himself between your legs. The action was playful but no doubt evidence of his skill and that excited you. All you could do was bite your lip in response as Cassian gazed down on you, face cold but his eyes warm.

'Let me show you some of the other things I can do.’ He muttered with his mouth twisted into a half smile.

paper cranes; kim taehyung

Originally posted by donewithjeon

genre: god!taehyung au - angst/fluff
synopsis: you and your best friend taehyung always dreamed of staying together forever. you both folded paper cranes in order for your wish to be granted. however, it is cut short when taehyung is killed in a car crash. your life makes a turn when nine years later, at age 18, you get caught up with a minor-god who is searching for answers to his past life. 

“If you had to wish for one thing, what would it be?” 
“I already told you, I don’t believe in wishes.” 

word count: 6,002

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Green doesn't look good on you - TJ Perkins Smut

Did somebody order a side of crappy smut?

I will be updating this off and on to make it better.

Constructive criticism is really appreciated, becauseI know I need improvement.

A/N: Hey guys, I’m sorry I’ve not been posting in awhile I still have writers block and ive been busy with Twitter and school. But hopefully I’m back now. Also another smut will be posted this week but it’s a personal request ive been working on it a lot and it’s amost finished. Btw this is my first time writing smut so please don’t hate me.

Warnings: Crappy editing and ending because I’ve been working on this at 12 am and this took 3 hours to finish. So there will be mistakes, grammar issues and a lot of other stuff. TJ also uses the words Slut and whore a lot, oops? Rough sex, Daddy Kink!, Cursing, I did go back and forth on the daddy kink because not everyone likes that. Poorly Written Smut.

Finn makes a special appearance in this.

Pairings: TJ Perkins x Reader

Summary: TJ is jealous and fucks the reader.

“Damn, looking good baby.” one of the male superstars said to me while letting out a wolf whistle. I just scoffed as I walked pasted him.

I was searching around the whole arena looking for The Finn Bálor who was also my biggest best friend in the whole wide world.
We went way back, I’m talking NJPW back.

I was about to give up when I heard that familiar irish accent.

“Y/N!” Finn screamed as he ran up to me wrapping his strong arms around me.

“Finn!” I said back, mocking his excitement. I also had wrapped mine arms around him returning the hug.

“Oh my gosh! I’ve missed you so much.” Finn squealed. “Awe, I’ve missed you too.” I smiled up at him admiring his beautiful features. Like his blue eyes, his red tinted lips, that pale perfect complexion of his and that contagious bright smile he always wore. Snap out of it Y/n, you have a boyfriend. I thought snapping harshly at myself.

I was too busy being zoned out though that I didn’t hear the ahem behind me at first. I slowly unwrapped my arms from Finn’s well built frame.

“Oh hey.” I said as I turned around being met with TJ’s harsh glare. “What the hell are you doing?” TJ snapped harshly at me, his brown eyes glaring at me and Finn.

“Um hugging a friend?” I said although it sounded more like a question than a reply.

“Um not what it looks like to me. And you buddy stay away from my girl or you’ll be getting a detonation kick from me, you got that punk.” TJ turned and jabbed his pointer finger at Finn as his stare felt like it was burning a hole through Finn’s head.

“Got it” Finn weakly muttered.
“Well I’m gonna go, see ya later, cutie” Finn said as he kissed your cheek and ran away, leaving you shocked.

“I’m gonna kill him.” TJ said in rage as he tried to run after Finn. “Baby, no!” you shouted as you held him back. You looked up at his angry face telling you he was pissed and you weren’t gonna lie it turned you on.

“And you know what I’m sick and tired of you flirting with other men Y/n, it’s time I’d show you who’s boss and who you belong too.” TJ growled as he dragged you to his dressing room.

As soon as TJ got to the dressing room he shutted the door and slammed you into it.

“Since you wanna act like a filthy slut you’re gonna be treated like one,” TJ growled into your ear lightly bitting on the shell of it and kissing his way down your neck, slightly sucking on your soft spot which caused you to moan loudly and probably will leave an hickey. He quickly took off your clothes and disregarded them around the room somewhere.

“Now get on your knees,” he demanded while he fumbled with his pants button. When you didn’t listen he grabbed you by the hair and roughly pushed you on your knees.

“When I say something you fucking do it the first time whore, got that” he slightly yelled. You only nodded scared to speak. You’ve never seen this side of him and truthfully it made you wet and weak in the knees.

After about a second he took his pants and boxers off sliding them down his thick legs and as they pooled onto the floor. He stepped out of them and right in front of your face.

“You know what to do slut, now get sucking and by the way if you tease me your punishment will be worse.” he said with no emotion but pure jealously and lust written on his face. You gulped not even thinking about talking back as his dark brown eyes stared down at you. You took one your small hands and wrapped it around his cock while the only massaged his balls. You slowly kissed his tip, before finally licking down his shaft.

“What did I say about teasing me,” he grunted. He quickly shoved his whole dick down your throat which caused you to gagged. “Now that’s better” he said in a lustful voice as he started thrusting into your mouth. You hurriedly picked up the pace by sucking his dick as fast you could to meet his thrusts. You continuously massage his balls as he moaned out an fuck. “Looked at you, down on your knees taking daddy’s cock like a good girl” he purred. You let out a moaned and looked at him through your eyelashes which caused him to moan as the vibrations ranned up his dick. You sucked harder and faster as he threw his head back at the pleasure he was reciving. His harsh thrusts slowed down and as he a moaning mess.

“Fuck, babygirl, daddy is so close.” he grunted making a misshift ponytail of your hairl, tugging on it while looking down at your naked form. “Come on daddy you can do it” you said urging him on while still sucking on his dick. After a few more harsh thrusts and sucks, he camed down your throat. You pulled him out of your mouth and swallowed all of his cum. His breath still uneven as he roughly pulled you up and onto the couch on all fours. “Now here is what I’m gonna do, I’m going to fuck you so hard until the whole rooster knows mine name, got it and I expect an answer from you” he said growling as he roughly smacked your ass. “Y-yes D-daddy,” you said crying out from the pain that soon turned into pleasure.

“Aw would you look at that, already so wet for me kitten and I’ve barely touched you,” he smirk as he ran his two fingers down your wet lips teasingly. He finally thrust two fingers into your pussy. “Fuck TJ” you moaned out not expecting for it to be so fast.

TJ continuously thrust his fingers into you. And each time your moans got louder and louder. “You see this tight little pussy babygirl it’s only mine and no one elses.” he husked into your ear. “Yes, only yours daddy.” you agreed as you let out an slutty moan. One hand was still thrusting into you while the other one was smacking your ass.

“S-shit Teej, I’m closed,” you rasped out.

“I know baby,” was all TJ said before he quickened the paced brushing your g-spot each time until you finally came all over his fingers, he wasted no time sucking your juices off his fingers and moaning at your taste. “You taste amazing, baby, here try it yourself.” he roughly kissed your lips, letting you taste yourself. Which caused you to moaned into his mouth.

He pulled away as he walked behind you, making you whined at the loss contact. “Don’t whine now baby, the pleasure has just begun.” he said as he wrapped his arms around your waist and roughly thrusted into your core pounding into you relentlessly from behind. “Fuck babygirl,” he hissed as your tightness clenched around his dick.

“Oh my fuck, TJ, this feels so good. faster and rougher please.” you begged. “As you wish, princess.” he groaned pulling on your hair hard, as his thrusts speeded up but not fast enough to your liking, as you meet his thrusts, moaning. “Fuck, you’re such a good slut, taking daddy’s thick cock from behind.” he groaned into your ear as he pounds into your g-spot. “Who fucks you this good baby,” TJ moans out. “You do, TJ,” you say as you clench around his dick. “Daddy I’m close.” you moan out as he is thrusting into harder. “So am I, babygirl.” he hummed.

All could be was loud moaning of his name after he thrust he made and the occasional skin slapping. After a quick few more thrusts you finally cummed all over his cock and he squirted into you, he thrusted in you a few more times getting you guys off your highs, after he was done he pulled out of you and felled onto the couch as the tiredness took over him.

“Wow.” you both said in unison, wiping off the sweat that formed on your foreheads.

You giggled kissing his lips tenderly.

“I’m sorry baby for flirting.” you said apologising, smiling at him tiringly.

“It wasn’t your fault and you weren’t the one flirting but I’m sorry for being an jealous asshole and calling you all those rude names,” he said back, apologising as well.

“It’s okay. I like when you’re angry.”

TJ was about to pull you into a passionate kiss until the knock at the door startled you.

“Hey could you guys keep it down in there? We all now understand that she’s yours, TJ.”

“Yikes.” you both thought.

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So for my nanowrimo project I pictured the main character to have darker skin. It's fantasy and in this world race isn't a real factor in anything. I know if I leave it unsaid the default will be white. My question is how do I draw attention to a detail like this when it doesn't have much impact on the plot or themes of the story. It's told in first person so I find it hard to incorporate naturally. Actually how to I describe main character image at all in first person?

Hi there, love!  Thanks for messaging :)  Congrats on taking on NaNoWriMo, too.  I wish you much luck and 50,000 words!

So, describing first-person appearance has always been a common writing struggle.  That’s the sole reason we get all those horrible scenes where the protagonist looks at themselves in the mirror, just now noticing their deep, hazel eyes and perfect complexion.  That’s not believable, and nobody thinks it’s clever.  It’s just easy, so it’s the solution people stick with.  But I have a few ideas for you.

First, I’d remind you that in clarifying the race of a character, skin color is not the only factor to consider.  Hair texture, bone structure, and eye color are also key racial characteristics.  You’ve stated that your race is set in a fantasy world, so it doesn’t necessarily match up with real-world races – so figure out what characteristics this race has (beyond just dark skin) and incorporate this into your description.  It will also help to create other (even minor) characters of this race, to help solidify the concept of the race in readers’ minds.

Okay.  With that out of the way, I’ll get back to my main point: how to describe your protagonist’s race and appearance.  Some options:

  • Just let them say it, early on.  First chapter, boom: “The pink shirt contrasts against my brown skin.”  “I look back toward the sound, black braids spilling over my shoulder.”  Or something to that effect.  Your character isn’t nervous or surprised about their race.  They’ve been black their whole life.  So be bold with it, and incorporate it fairly often into the description, just because it takes a little bludgeoning to make sure readers aren’t defaulting white.
  • Give your protagonist a reason to be aware of certain traits.  Perhaps meeting someone new, receiving a compliment, or just getting ready in the morning – give them some purpose behind analyzing their hair, skin, or other features.  Maybe they’re getting into bed and they pull their thick curls into a ponytail; maybe they’re out at lunch and some of their braids are unraveling and it’s really pissing them off.  Whatever opportunities you can find early on, and continually throughout the story, will help remind your readers who exactly they’re looking at. 
  • Have the character compare themselves to another person.  When we look at a new face, the traits that stick out to us are often the least familiar ones – for instance, I’m fairly short and have a long nose, so someone who’s really tall or has a tiny nose is going to stand out to me, because it’s not something I see in the mirror every day.  When describing a secondary character, consider the traits your POV character will notice.  Use phrases like, “much taller than I,” “hair unbelievably curly,” “eyes a shade of blue I’d never seen,” to emphasize such features. 
  • Remember that race is a part of your character’s identity.  Let them be aware of it!  Even if your race is fictional, race is more than an appearance – it’s a culture, a background.  At least one of their parents shares their race; they’re not the only black person they know.  This fictional race has its own history and its own name.  You only have to go as far into it as you want, but if you really want to assert a protagonist of color, it helps to add some information to their race.
  • Remember to describe white characters’ skin, too.  If you really want to keep from “normalizing” white skin, don’t let it slip under the radar.  If you take note of POC skin, also take note of white skin.  Don’t let Character A be the girl with golden brown skin and Character B just be… the girl.  You don’t have to go into detail with minor characters, of course, but that’s a good rule of thumb for characters who have more than one scene.

That’s my basic advice, but I’m not a person of color, so this is only the perspective of a white person who reads up.  Of course, if any of my followers disagree with what I’ve said, be sure to let me know and I’ll correct any bad information.

I hope this helps you, anon!  If you have any more questions, my inbox is always open :)  Happy writing!

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Rite Aid Positivity

I stopped by Rite Aid this morning to pick up some panty hose and travel sized toothpaste for my interview trip. I walked up to the cashier, and she said “Wow! That shirt color is perfect with your complexion and your hair. It’s beautiful!” I thanked her and was smiling while getting ready to swipe my credit card. Then I hear “Girrrrrrl, that haircut is sharp!” I turn around to see an older hijabi black woman, and she goes on and on about the angles and how my hair is perfect. I told the ladies that I had gotten my hair cut recently because I have a job interview, and they both decided I’m gonna get the job. 

X-Women’s Fave Beauty

Emma Frost: 

Shocking to no one, Emma’s favourite beauty brand is one of the most expensive brands in the world: Cle de Peau. With the signature 1oz. foundation at $120, Emma doesn’t pinch pennies with beauty. She swears by their stick concealer as well as their skincare(she is one of the outrageous people that actually buys, and swears by their signature moisturiser “la creme” at $795). She doesn’t buy a lipstick that is not Tom Ford, and prefers cream formulas as opposed to powders for contour, blush, or highlight, because her skin leans towards the dry side. 


She didn’t use to bother with makeup, more out of lack of knowledge and skill, than outright dislike for the whole thing. She spotted cool-girl brand Glossier’s pink minimalist ads in NYC, and liked the concept. She also liked that they don’t have more than 15 products on their entire site(she still had to google a tutorial). She washes with the milky jelly cleanser, moisturises with the priming moisturiser, and uses the rich version at night. She tackles her daily skin necessities with their three super serums. She likes their haloscope cream highlight, and their cloud paint blushes. Her daily look is their stretch concealer if needed over moisturised skin(she can’t be bothered with foundation), haloscope on her cheekbones, tip of the nose and cupid’s bow, cloud paint on her cheeks, clear boy brow ran through her dark brows, and and alternates between their signature clear gloss or a berry generation g stained on her lips. It doesn’t take her five minutes. Her most treasured beauty item, is a Tom Ford lipstick in the shade “Ginger” that Ororo got her as a gift. She loved the colour and it was the most comfortably smooth lipstick she’d ever owned. When she went to the counter at Nordstrom and realised it was $50 a bullet she figured “Ginger” was good enough for now.

Ororo Munroe:

Storm supports B.O.M.Bs (Black Owned Makeup Brands). Which means she is always on trial with different obscure beauty brands. She never wastes her time with a base, due to her rich, perfect complexion. Her favourite brand is the fairly recent Pat McGrath Labs, and in the short time its been available its become her signature. She is one of the 25 000 people who got their hands in the Skin Fetish 003 in gold, and she’s in love. As for skincare she prefers the green and organic type. She uses Tata Harper to wash, treat, and tone, and moisturises with pure, organic, fair-trade shea or karite butter.


Jubilation is about five years ahead everybody’s game. Including Emma’s. She sides with the most advanced, in terms of beauty, country in the world. South Korea. And K-Beauty is the best. She’s used everything, Mamonde, Blithe, Innisfree, Moonshot and dozens of other makeup and skincare brands. She’s currently all over Huxley, a brand with the star ingredient of… something about a cactus that lives in the Sahara. The point is that it retains a bunch of times its weight in moisture. She also sunscreens. like. crazy.

(She’s totally aware that she doesn’t need to do anything what with being a vampire and everything, but she enjoys it, so get off her dick.)

Kitty Pryde:

Kitty is sort of a basic bitch when it comes to beauty. She doesn’t wear makeup daily, but when she does, Too Faced, Tarte, Urban Decay and the sort, are the kind of brands she gravitates towards and there’s nothing wrong with that they have the prettiest colours shut up. She also loves Becca because highlight is life. If she doesn’t look like a unicorn came in her face she didn’t do it right. Fuck the fact that her skin leans on the oily side, she will blind you with her highlight. She also, always, without fail, falls for the gimmicky fads. The holographic lips glosses? She bought Sigma’s whole bundle. Rainbow Highlight? Heck Yeah, Lisa Frank vibes. She’s utterly lost in skincare, though. She’s always had near perfect skin, so she never bothered to upgrade her routine after her 12-year-old Clean&Clear kit. Which means she still uses the too much salicylic acid gel cleanser, alcohol based toner, and moisturises with the Neutrogena pink grapefruit lotion because it smells nice. She still hasn’t figured out that she’s greasy due to the fact that she obliterates her skin’s lipids, and fucks up its PH balance on a daily basis.

Lorna Dane:

Lorna Sticks to the classics, because she’s smart and she knows that its dumb to try to re-invent the wheel. Chanel represents 90% of her beauty collection. She also likes over-the-seas, makeup-artist-built brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Ellis Faas, and Natasha Denona. She knows exactly when to save, and when to splurge. Take mascara for example, everyone knows that if you spend more than twelve bucks on mascara you are a moron. The only person she knows that goes for designer mascara is Emma Frost, but she’s Emma so she doesn’t count. Foundation is such a complex subject, tho. Should it be oil-based like Giorgio Armani? Water-based like Koh Gen Do? In a cushion like Lancome? In a squeezie tube like Laura Mercier? Never in a jar though, that shit’s disgusting, and it’s begging for breakouts(to this day she has no idea what Chantecaille was thinking). These are things a woman should know. As for skincare, she prefers the doctor owned brands. Her favourite is Dr. Dennis Gross. She swears by the Retinol and Ferulic Acid line, but is currently giving the Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Minerals line a go, and is loving it.

A Man of Your Talents Part 2 (RoE x TRR Crossover)

Here is my entry for Choices Creates 22!  It’s a sequel? of sorts to the entry I had for Choices Creates 20, which was a RoE x Hero crossover.  This story is meant to take place on the same day in the same universe, even though the characters are different.  

I tried to write the female character here in a very feline way to go with the theme, and so I hope I succeeded!  Thanks @hollyashton!

Summary:  When an unexpected visitor tracks him down in the Caribbean, Leo can’t help but wonder if he should return to the cage of courtly life he’s just escaped.

Originally posted by zarb

Throwing his feet up in the deck chair across from him, Leo Rys stared out at the rollicking waves of the Caribbean Sea.  The water was turning purple in the sunset, then orange and violent shades of pink as the sun slipped below the horizon.  He loved sunsets, not only for their color, but because they meant that he’d had another day to live his life, the one he’d always dreamed of, without the restraints and responsibilities of a crown.

               As he took a long swallow of a local rum, he looked down at his tanned arms and bare chest.  His skin was darker now than it had ever been and the hairs criss-crossing his skin had become bleached white by the time he’d spent in the sun.  He grinned, realizing with glee that he could barely remember having the pale skin of courtly life.  Even though not everything in his life had turned out as he wanted, they had turned out a little better than he’d expected.  Yes, Katie’s decision to marry William Sloan had hurt him, but he’d felt better when he’d realized that she’d chosen a kind, considerate man who loved her and could give her the consistency that she craved.  The life he was living now, flitting from city to city, wasn’t for her.  

Behind him, the bartender whistled lowly.  “Bin aki mi dushi.”

               Leo didn’t look over his shoulder to look at the woman who had obviously walked in and gotten the bartender’s attention.  He kept staring out at the ocean instead, reaching over to the table on his right for his drink.

               But when he tried to close his hand around it, he caught only air. Turning, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped open.  Standing at his side in a perfectly ironed linen dress, Olivia Nevrakis ripped off her oversized sunglasses and stared at him intently, her eyes narrowing into cat-like slits. “My, how the mighty have fallen.”

               He straightened up, blinking to make sure he wasn’t imagining her there.  He’d never given Olivia much thought; she was a full ten years younger than he was and she’d always been Liam’s little pet… and one that was prone to biting at that. In fact, he’d thought for sure that Liam would have chosen her for his bride, but he’d shocked everyone and chosen Madeline.  Leo had called him the moment he’d heard, trying to warn him and get him to change his mind, but Liam had stopped taking his calls and every message he left went unreturned.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he asked, shielding his eyes from the sun.  

               “You’re a hard man to track down,” she said softly, taking a long swallow of his drink, “so the least you can do is tell me hello.”

               Leo took his feet off the chair and motioned for her to sit. She did, primly and properly positioning herself on the edge of the chair as she groomed herself by smoothing back the hair over her ear.  Leo reached for another glass and then picked up the bottle off the table, pouring himself a fresh drink and filling the glass in her hand.

“Sorry.  I’ve forgotten all my courtly manners.”

               “So I see,” she said, eyebrows raising as she took in his bare chest and feet.  “But I’m not here to lecture you on propriety.”

               “What are you doing here then?”            

               “I need you to come back with me.”

               He barked out laughter.  “I never knew you were funny.”

               “Leo, I’m serious,” she said softly.  “My plane is refueling and ready for departure in an hour.”

               “I just escaped, why the hell would I go back?”

               She looked down at her lap as worry lines marred her perfect complexion.  She tapped her claw-like manicured fingernails on the glass.  “It’s Liam.”

               He stilled.  “What’s Liam?”

               “I saw him at an event last week.  He… he didn’t look well.  I’d heard that he hadn’t been the same since that waitress ran off with Drake,” she said, her voice turning cold.  “But I didn’t realize how unwell he was until I saw him up close.  I… I tried to talk to him but I don’t even think he recognized me. When we talked, it was like… like talking to a robot.  I’ve known him for twenty years and I felt like I was talking to a stranger.”

               She took a long swallow of her drink.  “I paid a fortune in bribes to palace staff to find out what was going on.  He’s not sleeping much.  They say he wanders the halls and takes long, midnight walks.  He’s not eating well, and he’s lost at least ten kilograms since the coronation.  Madeline does nothing.  They aren’t sharing a room and word has it she’s so busy preparing for the wedding that she hasn’t seen him in weeks.  The staff also told my informants that when they are together, they practically spend more time arguing than breathing. “

Leo frowned.  He didn’t like hearing his about Liam, but he wasn’t surprised.  He knew how heartbreak could hurt someone.  “Why are you so concerned?”

               “Someone has to be,” she hissed.

               He looked up at her.  Olivia, ice queen extraordinaire, trembled across from him in her seat.  For a moment, thought it was fear, but one look in to her eyes made him realize she was quaking with rage.  “Everyone has left him, Leo.  His mother left him, you left him, that American left him, Drake left him… everyone he’s ever loved abandoned him and now he has no one.  I’m the only one still there, but he doesn’t care.  He—“

               She composed herself, her voice becoming a little more even. “I can’t get through to him.  He needs someone he knows better, someone he looks up to.  I thought a man of your talents might be able to help him a way I can’t.”

               When Leo said nothing, she bit her lip and squeezed the glass in her hand until her fingertips turned white.  “Please.”

               Leo held his breath.  He didn’t know for certain, but he was almost positive that it was the first time Olivia had ever used that word.  If she were humbling herself, especially to him now that he was a commoner, it would only mean one thing.

She was afraid.

And anything bad enough to scare the Duchess of Lythikos was terrifying indeed.

               “When are we leaving?” he asked her.

               She tossed her drink back, wincing as if she’d just tasted gasoline on fire.  “Now.”

               Chucking lowly, Leo tossed his own drink back and stood, following Olivia out of the bar.  When they arrived at the street, he was only half surprised to see Bastien waiting with a rented car, his dark, probing eyes hidden behind sunglasses.  

               “She got her claws in you too?” he asked, walking up and hugging his former bodyguard.

               “She’s rather persuasive,” Bastien muttered, opening the door for Olivia to slide in the back seat.  

               “You know Liam could have you fired for this.”

               Bastien nodded.  “Yes. But the way I see it, it’s worth being fired if it means saving his life.”

               “TODAY!” Olivia shouted from inside the depths of the car.

               Bastien winced and walked around the front to the driver’s side as Leo slid into the backseat along with her.  As he shut the door and the car sped off, Leo turned to Olivia, who was sitting back with a satisfied smile on her face.

               “So what’s the plan?” he asked her.

               She looked at him over her sunglasses, her voice practically purring with contentment.  “Love him, Leo.  If we can remind him of that, the battle’s halfway won.”

Part 31 - Popped

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole is an ongoing story about our MC, who could easily be anyone in voltage fandom. She woke up in hospital bed only to discover that she’d somehow been transported Voltage universe.

This story is ongoing, so if you missed a part, or are new to the story, please use the links below to catch yourself up:

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Part 31 - Popped

I showed up at Revance’s doorstep looking like something that had crawled out of the sewer. Without an umbrella, the rain had soaked to the bone, and my hair was plastered to my forehead while being simultaneously frizzy thanks to the residual humidity.

My eyes were still puffy and swollen, and it’s safe to say that I was still in a fragile emotional state as I rang their intercom.

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Little Avenger - 5

Pairing: Peter x reader

Summary: Peter and you went on your first mission together. While you both were excited and all buzzed up, Bucky couldn’t help but be the overprotective dad he was to you.

Author’s Note: this one is my personal favourite. It took me so long to write and edit. The word count is more than usual but you won’t be disappointed. It’s got some nice fluff and cute Peter. Hope you like it!

Warnings(s): swearing, drinking and fighting

Word Count: 2568

Part 4, 6

Originally posted by captainamericacivilwhore

The day had arrived and Peter was regretting being at the tower deeply, he thought he would get to enjoy your company. Little did he know he would have to meet Bucky. He didn’t hate him; god, he didn’t. it was just that he was very protective of you and could be very intimidating.

‘so, parker, how was school.’ Bucky crossed his arms and looked at him. they were sat opposite each other on the table. At that moment, Peter knew exactly what criminals felt like during their questioning.

‘it’s Saturday, sir. We don’t have school today.’ He chuckled awkwardly.

‘right.’ He said. ‘let me tell you a few things, okay?’ he looked at him and he nodded.

‘if you try anything funny with (y/n),’ he leaned forwards. ‘I will kill you.’ he said and Peter tried to hide his discomfort. ‘and, if you let anyone else touch her, I will hold you responsible.’ he leaned back and toyed with a knife. ‘well, I might not have to worry about it, because she’s capable of things you can’t imagine, with or without her powers. it’s just my duty as she’s more than a sister to me.’ He kept the knife aside. ‘that’ll be all.’ he smiled and signalled him to leave.

‘I-I’ll keep that in mind.’ he left hurriedly.

‘you were threatening the kid? Seriously, buck?’ Steve asked as he brushed passed Peter.

‘that kid will be all alone with (y/n) in some crazy ass party, I had to! I needed to make sure he doesn’t take any advantage of the situation.’ he defended himself and Steve sighed in response.

Peter was all set for the mission before you and was waiting with Pietro. Their friendship was an odd one but he was the only one who didn’t tease Peter that much.

‘so, you have something planned for tonight?’ Pietro wiggled his brows.

‘what do you mea-, what?! No!’ he said with an embarrassed expression.

‘come on, parker. When will you take the big step. Just say it already!’ he slapped his shoulder lightly.

‘it’s not all that easy, dude. I don’t want to ruin our friendship.’ He scratched his cheek.

‘hey, trust the ladies’ man,’ he pointed at himself. ‘I can tell she likes you, do something tonight, impress her.’

‘she doesn’t go for guys like me, she is one of those girls you read about in books, she’s an adventure herself.’ He smiled at the thought of you. ‘She goes for bad boys, not for awkward, sweet, goofs like me.’ He sighed.

‘give it a try, plus you can always save some bad boy stuff for,’ he looked at him and coughed. ‘other times.’ He winked at him. Peter snickered and punched him lightly. They were chatting casually until you walked in the room.

‘how do I look!’ you twirled to show off your red dress. The dress had lace designing and was the perfect shade for your complexion. your hair were tousled, your dress was perfectly flaunting your body and the light makeup made your features come out beautifully.

‘you look great, chip!’ Pietro grinned knowing how much the nickname annoyed you if anyone other than Natasha called you by it.

‘you look beautiful.’ Peter got up smiled at you making a heat rise to your cheeks.

‘you look rather dashing yourself, parker.’ You grinned. Peter couldn’t take his eyes off you. you weren’t the type of girl to wear makeup and dresses and you never took off your gasses until it was necessary. Seeing you like that was just something different.

‘let’s get going, red.’ Bucky walked in the room as he wore his sweatshirt. ‘parker,’ he gave him a sharp look.

‘Bucky! How do I look?’ you faced him.

‘you look gorgeous.’ He smiled seeing your grinning face. You never got to be your age and you could today. But how ironical was it that it was for another mission. ‘get in the car, Nat’s waiting.’ he said.

‘okay, come on, Pete.’ You took his hand and led him out of the room. Peter looked at Bucky’s angry face.

Natasha was sitting in the front while she fiddled with her bracelet. You smiled at her when you saw her and she returned it.

‘isn’t my chipmunk looking amazing.’ She turned around to face you both.

‘well, it’s all your work.’ You grinned.

 ‘you look good too, Peter.’ She smiled at him and he muttered a thank you.

‘all right, let’s get this over with.’ Bucky got in the driver’s seat and put on the seatbelt.

It took you not more than 30 minutes to reach that place. It wasn’t very posh; it was an old mansion that required some maintenance. Pop music filled the car as you rolled down the windows. You could see many teenagers dancing, laughing and drinking when you looked around.

‘kids these days.’ Bucky said with a disgusted face. ‘okay,’ he turned around and faced you two. ‘no touching, no drinking, no kissing, no getting tattoos, no-‘

‘here’s your card, show it to them and they’ll let you in.’ Natasha handed you a card. ‘and shut up, Barnes.’ She glared at him. ‘you know what he looks like?’ she asked you and you nodded. ‘great.’ She smiled. ‘try have some fun while you’re at it.’ she winked and you both chuckled.

 ‘bye Nat, bye Buckbeak. Love you!’ you grinned and pulled Bucky’s cheek.

‘love you too, now scoot!’ he said grumpily. Natasha couldn’t help but grin at how much you had changed him.

You had to walk for a while before you could reach the entrance. You looked around and moved closer to Peter.

‘it seems fun.’ You said sarcastically to Peter.

‘I thought you loved these places, you know you are the ‘badass girl’’ he nudged you in the ribs.

‘that I am.’ You smirked and stopped by the entrance.

‘invitation?’ a guy with lip piercing said.

‘here.’ Peter handed him the card. He first examined the card and looked at both of you.

‘enjoy.’ He opened the gate and gave you a sly smirk. The place was dimly lit and smelled like a mixture of perfumes and cheap deodorants. It was blaring with new songs and was stuffed with people.

‘did he think we were…’ Peter turned to you.

‘yeah.’ You chuckled. ‘okay, lets split. We’ll be able to find him sooner that way.’ You said and he nodded.

‘be careful.’ You heard Bucky’s voice in your com.

  ‘the hell I will.’ You wandered deeper into the crowd. You walked around talking and laughing. The experience was pleasant.

‘did you find him?’ you heard Peter’s voice in your com. ‘nah, but I heard that he will be by the dancy thingy in about an hour.’ You said. ‘can you come here?’ you said through the com.

‘sure.’ He said. You were drinking some water taping your feet to the music all alone. Some guys had tried to talk to you but you had told them off. You weren’t in the mood to talk to some idiot and listen to his endless chatter about himself.

‘hey gorgeous.’ You heard someone say.

‘I am no- ‘you turned around and found Peter grinning. ‘Peter!’ you sighed in relief. ‘you won’t believe how many idiots I had to bear!’ you stood next to him.

‘well, I am here now. Let’s just sit somewhere.’ He found a place to sit and sat down with you.

‘I hate this place.’ You leaned back.

‘yeah, I can tell that.’ He chuckled. ‘so, did you find yourself a girl?’ you wiggled your brows at him.

‘I have my eyes on this one girl though.’ He smiled. The thought of him being with someone else stung a little. You liked him and you couldn’t let that happen.

‘oh,’ you said. ‘who’s lucky girl?’ you nudged him with your shoulder.

‘um, let’s see, she has beautiful (y/e/c) eyes, great smile..’ as he described the appearance you could feel a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.

‘and she is sitting next to me.’ He looked at you hopefully and smiled.

‘what?!’ you grinned.

  ‘mhm.’ He looked down.

‘you meant all that?’ you looked at him.

‘yup, I did.’ He looked at you.

‘I- ‘you were starting to speak until you noticed the boy you were looking for. ‘Peter! Look he’s here!’ you stood up.

‘let’s get him and leave then.’ He said half-heartedly.

‘yeah, but not like that. We can’t just attack him.’ you said. ‘wait outside, I will get him there and then look after it all.’ You turned to him. ‘okay?’

‘okay.’ He tried to hide the sadness caused by his unanswered question.

‘great.’ You smiled. ‘how will you do it?’ he furrowed his brows.

‘by turning up the heat.’ You simply stated and he gave you a confused look. ‘just wait and watch. And don’t go out just yet wait for my signal.’ You winked at him and disappeared in the crowd. He took a deep breath and followed you.

You looked around and found the guy leaned against a table. He noticed you and passed a smile which you returned. You were thinking for way to get him to talk to you until an idea popped in your mind.

  You made your way towards the DJ and asked him to play your favourite song. You smiled and ran your hands through your hair as the music filled the air. You danced like you didn’t care and let your hair flow. You swayed your hips to the music and danced in a manner that Peter couldn’t take his eyes off you.

‘damn.’ Peter thought with his mouth agape.

You were just moving to the beat and looking for the guy until the song changed. Red dress by MAGIC! Played and you smirked at your victory. You looked at him and he locked eyes at you. he took a sip of his drink without breaking eye contact. He moved towards you and started to dance with you. you took in his appearance as he did so. He was wearing a leather jacket and distressed jeans, his hair were slicked back with hair gel and he smelled like cigarettes, spearmint and a heavy perfume. Peter clenched his fists and jaw at the scene. He couldn’t bear another guy touching you.

‘you wanna get outside? We can go for a ride or something.’ He looked said to you.

‘I would love that.’ You smiled. He took your hand and led you outside. You signalled Peter to follow you and he nodded.

You got outside and he offered you a drink. You had no other option, you knew it wasn’t something you should do but you ended up taking a few sips. You could feel it kicking in already, it was too strong.

‘name’s Chris.’ He introduced himself. ‘I have to say, you were pretty hot in there.’ he moved closer to you and you leaned against the cold wall.

‘thanks.’ You said. ‘I am pretty good at other stuff as well.’ You tilted your head and ran a finger along his jawline. You couldn’t concentrate well; the drink was messing up with your system.

‘mind showing me?’ he said in a low voice.

‘mhm.’ You said innocently. He moved closer but you slipped aside, kicked him in the side, punched him several times and locked him.

‘aren’t I great?’ you asked him. ‘who the fuck are you? get off me, b- ‘he couldn’t speak more as Peter had his mouth closed with his webbing.

‘don’t you know how to talk to a girl?’ Peter got in his face.

‘can you that with his hands too?’ you said to Peter and he nodded. ‘thanks Petey!’ you hiccupped.

‘(y/n) are you,’ he got closer to you. ‘are you drunk?!’ ‘that asshole made me drink this thingy, and it’s gotten me all woozy.’ You stumbled a little. ‘leave it all aside let’s get him to them.’ You picked Chris up. ‘let’s get going, hon. You had a lot of fun ruining all those lives.’ You stumbled again.

‘I guess I’ll take him, you just, follow.’ He said as he griped his arm.

‘okay.’ You smiled and followed him to the car. ‘do you want me to enchant his mind?’ you asked.

‘nah, I guess i’m good.’ he peter held on to the guys arm.

Some agents took Chris from there. Peter after giving them some instructions, helped you walk to your car where Bucky and Natasha were waiting for you. Bucky stopped talking to her when he noticed Peter half carrying you to the car. They both got out of the car and walked towards you.

‘what the hell happened?!’ Bucky asked.

‘Peter got me drunk.’ You whined and hugged Peter closely.

‘you did what?!’ Bucky lunged towards Peter but Natasha grabbed him.

‘no! I didn’t! that guy Chris gave her something! She had him on the ground when I reached there!’ he explained himself.

‘yeah, I beat his ass.’ You giggled.

‘okay, (y/n) come get in the car.’ Bucky tried to separate you from Peter but to no avail.

‘no, I don’t wanna leave him. he’s nice and warm.’ You buried your face in his neck. Peter couldn’t help but smile, he had never had you this close. He quickly his smile when he saw Bucky clench his jaw.

‘no problem, Peter, get her in the car.’ Natasha said calmly. He nodded and helped you in the car.

‘can I have a makeup wipe?’ you cocked your head between the front seat.

‘sure, here you go, chip.’ She handed you a few wipes.

‘thanks.’ You sat back and handed one wipe to Peter.‘Pete, help me.’

‘o-okay.’ He took it wiped your cheeks.

Bucky clutched the steering wheel and Natasha nudged him.

‘let them be, buck.’ Natasha said to him. ‘look how happy she is.’ These words softened his expression.

‘I want to get rid if this dress.’ You huffed.

‘no!’ they said in unison.

‘I am intoxicated not out of my mind. I wouldn’t take it off here.’ You leaned back and crossed your arms over your chest. you started to feel your eyes droop, the drink had been too strong. You yawned and moved closer to Peter.

 ‘do you mind?’ you asked him.

 ‘not at all.’ He raised his arm and you snuggled close to him.

‘thanks.’ You hugged him close and he hesitantly wrapped his arm around you.

You arrived at the base and Peter helped you out of the car. He was about to leave but you stopped him.

‘leave me to my room.’ you pouted. He looked at Bucky for approval and he got a deep breath in response.

‘alright.’ He smiled and helped you in.

You both got in the elevator and you stared at him.

‘what?’ he leaned against the wall.

‘you like me?’ you smiled.

‘yeah.’ He looked down.

‘I like you too, a lot.’ You grinned and moved closer. He stopped you and you gave him a confused look.

‘you don’t mean it, you’re drunk.’ He smiled sadly and sighed.

‘no! I do.’ you pouted.

‘if you do, I’ll come here, tomorrow morning, and if you will still like me, I am all yours.’ He cupped your face.

‘at least let me do something.’ You said.

 ‘what?’ he asked.

 ‘this.’ You kissed the corner of his mouth. ‘we’ll get to it later.’ You winked and the elevator gates opened. ‘goodnight.’ You smiled at him and left. He stood there seeing you leave and he leaned against the wall again. the night was going to be a long one.

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historical women 22/?: Elizabeth Siddal, 1829 - 1862 CE

Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal was an English artists’ model, poet and artist. She was painted and drawn extensively by artists of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood…  She developed a love of poetry at a young age, after discovering a poem by Tennyson on a scrap of newspaper that had been used to wrap a pat of butter; the discovery was an inspiration to start writing her own poems…  She was first noticed by Walter Deverell in 1849, while she was working as a milliner in Cranbourne Alley, London. Whether Siddal had any artistic aspirations is unknown, though she loved poetry. She was employed as a model by Deverell and through him was introduced to the Pre-Raphaelites. William Michael Rossetti, her brother-in-law, described her as “a most beautiful creature with an air between dignity and sweetness with something that exceeded modest self-respect and partook of disdainful reserve; tall, finely-formed with a lofty neck and regular yet somewhat uncommon features, greenish-blue unsparkling eyes, large perfect eyelids, brilliant complexion and a lavish heavy wealth of coppery golden hair.”