perfect combo!

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CHANYEOLS COMMA HAIR IS EVERYTHING, its like he is showing his glorious forehead but not so much bc bangs looks cute on him too

Its like the perfect combo btwn having his hair down abd looking cute but also showing his forehead like??? 😢 amazin


Okay so, about a month ago I posted about running for the first time in a while and how I was able to make it a full half mile before stopping and making a 12 minute mile.

So, tonight, I ran again. And seriously–I’m still not totally sure what happened. But I ran over THREE MILES IN THIRTY MINUTES WITHOUT STOPPING ONCE. I think it was a combination of being 5 lbs lighter, upping my kickboxing classes, some serious mental shit, and the perfect combo of sports bras. TBH, I hate running because I wear a 34H and it’s not easy to keep these bad boys strapped down without seriously constricting my breathing. But after tonight, I LOVE IT. I feel like I beat running. I feel so fucking proud, I can’t even begin to describe how proud I am right now. Look out for many more running posts. I’m going tomorrow night again, and aiming for five miles. :)

So many sides to Karamel, tho...

Here we have two…

…Adorable dorks being cute af every chance they get.

…Puppy-eyed frenemies seeing things differently.

Allies working together for a common goal.

…Drunk buddies having fun at the bar.

…Lonely friends with a shared past.

…Training partners fighting for the city.

…Planet-wise neighbors.

…Planet-wise rivals.

…Alien refugees.

And I could go on all night.


I crocheted the mask with a size 11 hook and two strands of dmc floss, the cuff is felt, cut to size and quilted over with a Zelda fabric. I cut out just the link panels and lined them up side by side. I tacked it down throughout all of the black lines. The clasp was also crocheted and I used beads I was lucky enough to have in the perfect color combo to keep it closed.