perfect color combo


I crocheted the mask with a size 11 hook and two strands of dmc floss, the cuff is felt, cut to size and quilted over with a Zelda fabric. I cut out just the link panels and lined them up side by side. I tacked it down throughout all of the black lines. The clasp was also crocheted and I used beads I was lucky enough to have in the perfect color combo to keep it closed.


Woo, another finished gen1 !! (I legit have made a gen1 gene-ing priority list lmao, I had to skip over one boy tho because he needs a WC scroll and I’m totes ok waiting for them to cycle back in and save 600g)

Any way, I present the wild and weird Innahi! He’s like the perfect color combo for savannah and rosette. The pear stained just gives him such a unique tint, I had to do it. :P


Air Jordan 1 High “Melo”

This great rendition of the ever so classic Air Jordan 1 is branded with two of Basketball’s greats, Carmelo Anthony and “The GOAT” (no introduction needed).

The Air Jordan 1 High “Melo” is decked out in black nubuck paneling throughout the upper with luxury gold leather covering the rest of the sneaker.  This perfect combo of colors gives this sneaker an absolutely beautiful look.  If you’re into luxury style and high quality things, this sneaker is for you.  Finished off with Melo’s signature logo on the tongue and a white midsole.


I made another mixed armor set. Obviously the goal was to get edgemaster and edge lore onto the same set. Luckily I was able to gem in challenger +1 and can actually make it challenger +2 with the right decorations. Visually my favorite mixed set and a perfect color combo match to my relic longsword.


D.I.Y. Dark Grey/Silver &  Black hair color☯

Looking for a new dramatic  hairdo?

Why not go GREY?! Watch this D.I.Y. tutorial to see how you can get the perfect hair color combo of grey,silver, and black! 

And remember never be afraid about trying something new with your look! ツ