perfect colfer is perfect

  • Eoin Colfer: *is a writing and plot-twist god*
  • Eoin Colfer: *creates female character that has to go through sexism and discrimantion*
  • Eoin Colfer: *creates intelligent character that get's picked on for not liking the same things boys in his age do, yet people in his age do not distract him from his work*
  • Eoin Colfer: *creates character whose own plans drove her crazy, everything extremely well explained and written*
  • Eoin Colfer: *creates female character that doesn't share the same interests as other females in her age and makes her not give a shit about the other's opinon*
  • Eoin freaking Colfer: *creates character that never/rarely gets appreciation for everything he does, yet he never gives up on helping his friends*
  • Eoin fucking Colfer: *creates character that is a thief and always in trouble, yet he does his best to help THE POLICE*
  • Eoin god-damnit-do-you-finally-realize Colfer: *writes perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect ending*
  • Eoin underrated Colfer: *gets movie just now and it' gonna be so crappy*
  • Joanne K.Rowling: *creates character that isn't fucked up after living eleven years in an abusive home and going, not caring about that mental illness can develop under abusive conditions*
  • Joanne K. Rowling: :)))))))

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