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64 Floors-Part 3

CEO!Luke Hemmings AU

Summary: Jealousy is a green eyed monster but his were as blue as the sea. For someone who is known for keeping his precious work life and his private life separate, he has quite a hard time distinguishing between the two when it comes to the eyes he has for you. 

A/N: Finally got this out ah! Thanks for being patient! There was a massive amount of requests for this part, which is what motivated me to keep writing! If you still want me to continue, just say so! Of course, thanks to @ivegotashothough for helping me move this fic along and keeping it fresh and generally being the best person ever. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy! 

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You were surprised when he didn’t call you into his office immediately upon your arrival. Your work phone, which usually showed that you had several missed calls from him, was eerily quiet. You could hear voices from the other side of his office door, and so assuming he was in a business meeting, you gathered his daily files along with his morning coffee and let your self into his office like you did every morning.

“Mr. Hemmings I have your-” You audibly gasped at the sight of him, a beautiful lace lingerie clad woman sitting atop his lap, laughing in his ear as his hand traced up her thigh. “Oh my God.” He didn’t say anything, the girl he was with only giggling as she hid her face in his chest. He stared at you, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips, embarrassment the furthest thing from his mind. “I, uh, I brought you your coffee and here are your files.” You stuttered, awkwardly walking over to his desk and placing both items atop the expensive wood finish. “Um, I’m sorry, uh, I’ll just go.” You turned to leave, but his voice called you back.

“I have an important event across town this evening with some important clients. I expect you to accompany me.” He hummed, completely disregarding the half naked girl perched on top of him.

“Of course sir.” You nodded curtly before exiting his office and returning to your desk. You couldn’t help but feel slightly miffed at what you had just witnessed. You thought you were working for someone who could be professional. You thought he was different. Maybe these thoughts were all stemming from the pit of jealousy you could feel simmering inside of you, but whatever it was it seemed like Mr. Hemmings wasn’t the man you thought he was.

The girl emerged from his office first, dressed back in her day clothes but you couldn’t help but stifle a laugh at your knowledge of what was underneath. More power to her. You thought. She was brave enough to do what you were too afraid to.

Most of the office employees had gone home for the night before it was time for his important event he needed you for. Working for him was always like this: early mornings and late nights. You had grown used to it by now, though you were almost afraid to enter his office to fetch him this time and so you made sure to knock, not in the mood for any unwanted surprises.

“Mr. Hemmings if we don’t leave now you’ll be late.” You called from your side of the door.

“Come in. I need your opinion.” His voice rang out and slowly you re-entered his office. Once again, you were surprised by what you saw. He was still in his slacks, but his white button down hung completely open, leaving his chest bare. His desk was covered in an assortment of different ties and matching pocket scarves. You could tell they must have been expensive by the look of them. His hair was messy, like he had been running his hands through it all day, something you noticed he only did when he was under extreme amounts of stress. He didn’t look like the put together mogul you were used to dealing with.  Instead, he looked like the boy you had met in the elevator that day of your interview. 

“Which one’s best?” He gestured to the array of clothing. “And why aren’t you dressed?”

“What do you mean? I’m perfectly dressed.”

“Not for this event you’re not. You’re not going dressed like a secretary, this is a socialite dinner.”

“Why do you need me to go to a socialite event with you? I don’t think I’d meet the requirements.”

“Because I need you there.”


“Because you’re my employee.”

“Employees don’t go to fancy dinners with their bosses Mr. Hemmings.”You tutted and he started back at you, slightly annoyed. 

“I just…” He pursed his lips, frustrated at your argumentative nature, searching for the right words. “I just need you there. Just like I need your opinion on which tie I should wear and which shirt I should choose and which stationary you like best and whether I should use a blue or black pen to sign my name. Before you came along I was perfectly capable of making my own decisions and now I’m addicted! I need to know what you think!” He exasperated. “Now which tie do I wear?”

You stared at him for a few moments before sighing and grabbing the solid black tie from his left hand and pairing it with the black shirt that was draped over his chair. You tried to hide your smile at his outburst as you handed your decision over to him. He smiled happily as he pulled on the shirt, fumbling with the buttons, but you swatted his hands away aiming to button it yourself. “I’m a big boy you know. I know how to pick out a shirt. You just do it better. Black on black, see I never would have thought of this.” He chuckled. 

“Clearly.” You mused, eyes focused on the task at hand before wrapping the tie around his neck and looping it into a crisp perfection. You worked quietly, his eyes trained on you the entire time you dressed him. It was oddly intimate, but it felt less so after what you had witnessed this morning. As if he was reading your mind he spoke. “I’m sorry about earlier.”
“What do you mean?” You asked innocently, pretending like you couldn’t care less that he had been with another girl in this very office doing who knows what while you were making sure he received his morning coffee at exactly the right temperature.

“You know what I mean Miss. Y/L. And for the record nothing happened with her ”


“I have trouble acting professional when it comes to you. You have to know that I usually handle my affairs with much more class than I have been lately. That’s always how I’ve been. I don’t even allow other people in this office unless it’s strictly business.” He rambled, desperate for you to understand. He wouldn’t be able to bear it if you thought less of him. “I’m not used to this kind of relationship. I keep my work life and private life separate and I always have. But then you came along and now my whole life’s in shambles.” He chuckled just as you finished tying his silk tie around his collar, tying it just a little too tight for good measure. “I had a dress made for you.” He said, pulling out dress wrapped in plastic. “Put it on and meet me in the lobby in fifteen minutes. Don’t be late.”

You nodded, too shocked to say anything else. He left you alone in the office where you immediately pulled the dress out from its confinements. It was absolutely stunning and probably cost ten times more than your salary alone. The soft black material came just above your knee, the perfect cocktail dress. It was almost like he had planned for you to match him.
You removed your work clothes, folding them neatly before stepping into the smooth fabric. You let your hair down from the tight bun it had been in for work and fumbled with the zipper on the back of the dress, wiggling it up your back until it was snug. It fit perfectly of course. Mr. Hemmings allowed little room for error when dealing with important affairs.
He had left a shoe box next to where he had pulled the dress from, with matching shoes which you assumed you were supposed to wear. The heels were taller than the work heels that you were used to but you hoped that you wouldn’t be walking around too much. You were clumsy enough without the sky high shoes and frankly you couldn’t imagine the catastrophe that would happen if you fell in these. The last thing you wanted to do was embarrass yourself in front of him, like you hadn’t already done that the first time you met him.

You found him in the lobby, right on time like you always were. He was waiting for you, the marble hall virtually empty as he stood in the shirt and tie you had picked out for him, only this time he was sporting a black blazer overtop, pulling the look together perfectly. You had to catch your breath at the sight of him standing there, his stance tall and strong. His entire aura dripped in power and affluence and had you not already known him you would be slightly intimidated at his grand stature. He was beautiful, but he was your boss and you worked for him. This was strictly business. At least it was if you kept telling yourself that. His eyes met yours as you crossed the lobby, a smile tugging at his lips at the sight of you dressed up in something he bought for you.

“You look gorgeous Miss. Y/L.” He spoke under his breath, as if he was afraid to be any louder. The use of your last name didn’t go with the compliment and you found yourself wishing that in this moment you didn’t have to be so formal with him. “But I have one more addition for you.” He pulled out a velvet box from behind him and opened it for you to see. Inside was a beautiful diamond necklace, so delicate and intricate that you gasped at the sheer beauty of the jewelry. “Turn around.” He instructed and you did as you were told, your back facing him. Gently, he moved your hair to one side as he unclasped the necklace and placed it around your neck. He was going slower than he should be, his fingers brushing your skin feeling like fire and reminding you of the first time he had touched you like this as he clipped it in place. You could feel his breath hot on the back of your neck as goosebumps rose to meet the occasion.

“It’s beautiful Luke.” You gushed, catching yourself too late as you addressed him by his first name, something you tried to never do.

“I like the way that sounds coming from you.” He whispered, draping your hair back over your shoulder as you reached up to touch the gorgeous necklace, his touch lingering for a moment longer as if he too was being reminded of your first encounter.

“This is just a loan right?” You asked him. “I would never be able to really accept something like this.” 

“Don’t be silly Y/N, I got this for you.” 

“I won’t keep it. I can’t. It must have cost you a fortune.”

“Well lucky for you, I happen to have a fortune.” He smirked and you felt your cheeks get hot. 

“Mr. Hemmings I-”

“Luke. Please, just call me Luke.”

“You know I can’t. And I can’t accept this.” You knit your brows together as you reached up to unclip the beautiful piece of jewelry. 

“No!” He placed his hands over yours, stopping you from removing it. “Okay, I’ll take it back, but please at least wear it tonight.” 

You stared up at him, his eyes pleading with you. “Alright I will, but this doesn’t mean anything.” You spoke defiantly and you watched as he sighed before nodding.  “Now, let’s go. It’s my job to keep you on schedule Mr. Hemmings.” You gestured to the door and he nodded, offering his arm for you to hold onto. You placed your hand on his strong arm and allowed him to guide you out the door and into the sleek black car waiting for you two.

It was a quiet ride. You sat on opposite sides of the car, but the tension that could be felt was obvious to both of you. You wished you could get the image of him and the woman from this morning out of your head, but you just couldn’t. You didn’t want to be jealous but you couldn’t help it. You just wished things didn’t have to be so complicated.

“We won’t be long.” He cleared his throat in an attempt to make conversation.

“Okay.” You spoke absentmindedly as you stared out the window of the car, wishing you could go back to the silence.

“You’re angry with me.” He stated, his voice carrying an edge of humor. 


“I can tell when you’re not alright Y/N.” He spoke, his tone much too authoritative for your liking.

“I’m fine.”

“No you’re upset with me, I know it.”

“I don’t want to talk about this right now.” You huffed. “Why does it matter anyway?”

“I saw you with him.” He blurted.


“The dark haired boy you were with this morning, I saw you with him and I saw him hold you and it set me off.”

“Is that what this is about?” You glared at him.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not taking me to this event so I can learn, like I came here to do, you’re taking me because you got jealous? And I’m sure that’s why I caught you feeling up some girl this morning too, right? Because you wanted to make a point? Make me jealous in return? What are you five?” You scolded. If you weren’t mad a moment ago, you sure as hell were now.

“You know I’m not used to-.”

“To what? Girls saying no to you? Well newsflash Mr. Hemmings, I’m saying no.” You were fuming and you didn’t know how you were going to make it through the rest of the night standing beside him.

“I’m sorry.” For the third time that night you were confused at his words. “I’m sorry I keep putting you in these positions. I’m trying to be better at handling myself around you, but I don’t know how. I don’t want to lose you. This company can’t afford to lose you. I need to be at my best in order for this company to run smoothly and you put me at my best. I need you and this company needs you. You’re not just here because I fancy you, you’re here because you’re the best at what you do and I need to best. But I can’t help how you make me feel and you’ll have to forgive me for that.”

You were at a loss for words. Of all the things you were expecting, for him to say that was the last thing you had thought of. Nobody could say Mr. Hemmings didn’t keep you on your toes.

“I appreciate that.” You chose to ignore his last sentiment as the car pulled to a stop. Just before he got out of the car, you pulled him back in by the sleeve of his jacket. “Mr. Hemmings?”


“We can still be professional can’t we? You know that’s all I want.”

He paused, thinking for a moment but as per usual he found the perfect words. You supposed that was the businessman in him.

“Darling, one day I will give you the world. And if right now that’s what you want then so be it.”


Part 4


I’ll never leave you

Dylan O’Brien x Reader

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Words: 987

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Body of Roses (Punk!Luke Fan Fiction) Chapter - 24

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Rating: A-14 (Read at own risk)

Word Count: 1,333

“He’s just being so irrational.” I complained as Kean insisted on walking me back after an early dismissal from school with the Semi-Formal dance being tonight. Kean told me since we couldn’t meet up at Geno’s like usual with me having to get ready, we decided that we’d walk home together and talk then. “It’s like he thinks he can control me.”

Kean’s eyes were on me the entire time, making me a little surprised that he actually care about what was happening with mine and Luke’s love life, but I guess I haven’t had a friend in such a long time that I’d forgot that that’s what friends were suppose to do.

“He’s only doing it because he cares for you.” Kean offered. “So much has happened to the two of you, he just wants to keep you safe.”

“Ya well, he needs to work on his debating skills,” I muttered though I knew Kean had a point. “I mean his argument for why he didn’t want me to hang out with you was because you use to be part of Jai’s gang.” A soft laugh escape from inside me though it held no note of humour. “For God’s sake, he was too.”

A long silence filled the air between us as we both knew what the next question was going to be.

“So where does this leave you guys?”

I gave him a shrug. “I don’t know.”

The rest of the walk was pretty quiet from there on. Luke was the only thought running through my mind at the moment. Were Luke and I still together? Where did our relationship stand? Was he out looking for a new girlfriend as we speak?

I shook the last thought out of my head not able to bear the thought of him seeing someone other than myself.

“Here we are,” I heard Kean say from beside me while I looked up to see us stopped in front of my house.

I turned towards him. “Thanks Kean,” I paused before adding, “For everything.”

His smile light up a hundred times more as he searched my face for something I wasn’t sure of. “You know,” He started. “Luke’s lucky to have a girl as beautiful as you, remember that.”

A smile formed on my face before I felt a pair of lips pressing against mine. I was in so much shock that I just froze not able to muster a single thought. It took me a few seconds to process exactly what was happening before I pushed Kean lightly off of me.

“I…” Stuttering, I had no idea what to say next.

“I’m sorry,” He said at last with genuine sincerer in his eyes. “I shouldn’t have- I just thought-”

I gave him a small smile showing him I was upset.

“It was stupid,” He finally got out. “I know things with Luke and you are complicated I just thought-” He shook his head letting his sentence trail. “I was caught up in the moment.”

“Hey,” I rested my hand gently on his cheek. We both shared unspoken words while searching each others eyes. I let my hand drop to from his face. “I’ll see you tonight at 8.”


I checked myself over in the mirror quickly, making sure everything was perfect. The white, polyester, cocktail dress clung to my olive skin making it look twice as dark as what it already was. I let the soft waves of hair fall loosely on my back while keeping the make up to a minimal; only some mascara, concealer and a pale shade of pink lipstick to brighten my face. I let myself smile into the mirror being as ready as ever to forget about the drama with Luke and have a night filled with fun.

“Ella!” I heard my mom call from the bottom of the stairs. “A handsome young man’s here for you.”

I let out a small breath before turning to put on my skin coloured heels then heading out of my bedroom door. The one side of the staircase opened up towards the door as I spotted Kean talking with my mom.

I knew I caught his eye once he paused mid sentence and turned his head to where I was making my way down the stairs. A smile crept onto his lips while he watched me, waiting until I was in front of him.

“You look beautiful.” He told me .

I felt a small blush creep up the side of my neck. “You don’t look too bad either.” At that comment a small laugh escaped from his throat before my mom spoke up.

“Picture time.” She chimed holding up a camera. I gave Kean an apologetic sigh before we both posed for a few photo’s.

“Be home by 10!” My mom called out to me as Kean and I made our way to his Jeep. “No later!”

We made it to the school after a 10 minute drive. The entire building was lit up at the front with a red carpet sprawled out that ran from where cars dropped students off to the front entrance of the school.

“Didn’t realize this was a themed dance.” I told him a bit worried since I hadn’t dress up as any celebrity with the obvious red carpet theme happening.

“It’s okay,” Kean smiled. “You have a striking resemblance to Vanessa Hudgens.”

I gave Kean a look that told him I didn’t really believe the comment but before I could protest it was our turn to step out of the car. A lower grade teacher opened the door for me on my side before taking the keys from Kean and parking his Jeep somewhere in the student parking lot. Kean offered me his arm and I took it while we walked up to the entrance laughing at the cliche theme, from the flashing lights acting as paparazzi to the red, velvet ropes that linded the carpets edges.

“Tonight’s gonna be a good night.” Kean leaned down to my ear. “I can feel it.”


Luke’s P.O.V 

My back was against my bed, tossing a bouncy ball at the wall. Thoughts of Kean and Ella were the only things to cloud my mind. The two of them were so close now and though I was happy for Ella to finally have a new friend since Nicole, I was also wiry of this friendship. I didn’t like Kean, didn’t trust him. Something about him seemed off to me and I’m not going to let someone like him hang around the one person I love.

“Well this is fun.” Calum muttered as the rest of the boys sat in my room with me, strumming some songs on my acoustic guitar. 

“Sorry,” I told them, getting myself off the ground and to my feet. “It’s just…”

“Ella?” Ashton finished for me.

I gave him a shrug. “I should have taken her to the stupid dance.” I told them. “I’m such a coward sometimes, too stubborn to let my own guard down even when it comes to making Ella happy.” I let out an angry sigh letting my hands rub my face. “I’m gonna go get some water. Do you guys want anything?”

With all of them declining, I made my way upstairs and into the kitchen, grabbing a glass from the cabinet and filling it with water. I looked out the window above the sink as I took a sip, seeing my own reflection in the glace with the night sky out. Closing my eyes I tried to sort through all my thoughts ripping away the ones the involved Ella and Kean from my mind. 

I took another gulp of water before opening my eyes again, letting them land back on the window jumping as I did.

Jai’s lifeless face stared back at me like it has so many times before whenever I looked into a mirror for the past week.

“Tonight.” He told me. “It goes down tonight.”


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