perfect cinematography is perfect

“I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware. Nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself - we are creatures that should not exist by natural law.”

True Detective: Season 1 (2014)


“For me, movies should be visual. If you want dialogue, you should read a book.”

In honor of the late, legendary, era-encapsulating Vilmos Zsigmond’s 86th birthday, here are ten perfect shots from an impossibly extraordinary career.

Oh my gosh that episode of sherlock was so good


“One trademark in the show that’s terrific and that Vince and I talk about and exploit is that we often don’t see the faces of the main characters. Vince says that everyone knows who these people are so we really don’t need to see their faces. Other networks or studios would be upset if you put your main character in a silhouette or put a little bit of light on his head; they want you to see him. We always head towards the emotion of the scene and not necessarily towards seeing the faces. If I can tell the story in a pitch-black room with the face totally in silhouette, that’s what we do. It’s expressionistic. We represent reality, we don’t reproduce it." 

Michael Slovis, Director of Photography - Breaking Bad