perfect character in every way

The thing about Kaze is, like, I don’t have anything to complain about, you know
Like with every other husband I’ve had I can think about a flaw or issue they had that eventually ended up turning me off them. Like Frederick loves chrom more than you and is also way too straight laced, Gangrel has killed thousands, ect
But Kaze????????¿¿¿ there’s nothing he’s perfect



Every character, the quick pace, the emotion!

Uncle!Linc and Mikey, Sara and Linc, Linc and Michael’s jacket and the last scene!!!

Sara going right back into badass offense and doctor mode was amazing!

Did anyone else cry when the new credits came on?


Halo AU

Characters A and B are on their first date together, and Character A couldn’t be more nervous. Not just because Character B seems to be perfect in literally every way – their perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect smile…– but also because no matter what lighting Character B is in, they always seem to look like they have a small halo behind their head. Could it be that Character A is dating an angel?

I need my fellow white fans who say they want more diverse characters in the MCU to take a good look at how they are treating the ones we have. Representation matters but we need to address how fandom treats the representation we do have and the racism within our community matters just as much. I have seen so much rampant racism, particularly anti-blackness, coming from the MCU fandom since I joined in 2012 and I think its something we need to not just try to stop from doing ourselves but not tolerate from other fans either. We need more and better representation and to hold the shows and movies accountable but even when we get lovely well developed characters of color I have seen fandom find every excuse in the book to tear them down, hate them, ignore them, or not see them a romantically desirable for white characters.

I have seen Andrew Garner, the human embodiment of kindness and compassion in canon, called “intentionally abusive” recently because he’s a barrier to Coulson getting with Melinda. He is a wonderful person and yet fandom makes things up and purposefully grossly misinterprets the interesting and good canon character we have to tear him down. Mack has had death wished on him and accused of all sorts of horrible things for lying to the team and knocking out Hunter despite the facts that he thought he was doing the right thing, that many characters have done worse, and that this is a spy show of course there are going to be secrets! Nick Fury is constantly demonized (FuryLies), has his disability mocked (so all of you abled fans saying you want more disabled characters here he is how are you treating him?), is physically injured by the Avengers team who canonically likes and respects him as a joke or “punishment” for lying in fanfic, or is completely ignored altogether despite being the glue that put the Avengers together. Melinda May in the first season was frequently called cold and a bitch and people were ready to jump on her as a traitor when white dudes were given a million chances and excuses by fandom even after they’d done awful things. This season has been better but she still often gets pushed into the role of “team mom” and is called ooc or wrong when she steps out of that role and certain parts of the fandom still vilify her. Skye is called a Mary Sue and overpowered (more so than say Tony or Hulk or Thor? ok) or annoying and she is shipped with a man who has repeatedly assaulted and kidnapped her. Kara Palamas again is shipped with a man who manipulated and abused her because she cannot consent to a relationship with him as someone who is brainwashed. More weight is given to his “grief” over her death (which he caused) than her horrific treatment and the loss of her life without ever being able to truly regain her sense of self and agency. While Trip had a lot of fans again people dragged out the “he might be HYDRA” lines and after his death people blamed him for trying to save Skye and following Coulson and said that he should have known that Garrett was the Clairvoyant. Mike’s abuse has been ignored in favor of that of a murderous white man and even those who don’t do that tend not to place a lot of value on his trauma and he’s relatively ignored. Most people seem to have forgotten about Akela Amador along with the show. Sam Wilson gets a much more insidious treatment where people say they love Sam and he’s the best but they don’t ship him with anyone because he’s “too good” and he ends up playing matchmaker or therapist or nanny to all the other characters instead of getting the focus he deserves. Rhodey is the same he’s either ignored (1 line about how Rhodey is away with the airforce in fanfic), he’s never shipped with Tony (Or Pepper, or…), and he’s been called a bad friend and accused of “stealing” Tony’s suit despite the fact that it’s spelled out that Tony wanted him to have it. Jasper Sitwell was done dirty by his own narrative in canon and very few people have bothered to do their research and realize how truly ooc and frankly racist that was and instead just post 500 jokes about how he didn’t “sit well” with them in his tag, call him names, or even realize he was in the previous movies for the first time. Claire Temple has been pitted against Karen Page in ways that reek of racialized misogyny. Nearly all of the Black men (Trip, Mack, Sam, and yes even Nick) have been accused of possibly being HYDRA or complicit in HYDRA’s take over because they “should have known” and while Jasper was HYDRA in canon its barely brought up that it was incredibly inappropriate to make a moc a member of a white supremacist group.

Fighting for more diversity is incredibly important but please also examine and be aware of how the characters we already have are treated and talked about by yourself and others. If Marvel looks at some of the things said about Nick, Mack, and Andrew they’d think we’d never want any characters of color on our screen ever again. We can’t just talk about how we need more diverse characters we need to address how fandom treats the ones that exist.

One of the many things I love about Wolf 359 is how well written the female characters are. Every character is written well, but especially the female characters. I’m so use to shows either only having one well written female character and the rest are flat, or no female characters at all. That isn’t the case with Wolf 359. Not only is half the cast of characters female they are all given complex personalities and contribute heavily to the plot of the story. They also have their own flaws that are relatable. Some writers think to have a strong female character means she has to be perfect in every way; beautiful, strong willed, nice, and can solve any problem she faces without help. Characters like this whether female or male just read very flat to me and are hard to relate to because they are too perfect. The female characters in Wolf 359 don’t suffer from this. They make mistakes, but also save lives, they’re strong willed but still possess insecurities. They are written as people and sadly even in 2016 it’s hard to find a piece of media that does that.

  • Warrior cats tag: Welcome to the warrior cats tag! Feel free to like whatever characters you want!
  • Warrior cats tag: Except those ones. You’re not allowed to even talk about them without explicitly mocking, insulting, or referring to them in a negative fashion with every other breath because they’re awful! If you don’t, it means that you’re an apologist, and that’s problematic!
  • Warrior cats tag: And you have to love these other characters! They’re absolutely perfect in every way, and if you don’t love them, then you’re a victim blaming piece of scum!
  • Warrior cats tag: Make sure to spam your headcanons so that the tag gets oversaturated! If you don’t have any queer headcanons, then you're queerphobic, but in the meantime you can have a good laugh at people who complain about the overabundance of headcanons by "conceding" that the awful characters (and exclusively them!) are cishet, even if they weren't talking about queer headcanons!
  • Warrior cats tag: Remember that there is absolutely nothing redeeming about this series at all, so don’t worry about anything you might find in the books or from the authors that contradicts you!
  • Warrior cats tag: Otherwise, have fun liking whatever characters you want!
  • Warrior cats tag: Unless you're over 18, because your choice to exist in the same area of a public space as minors is harmful and harassment and it's your responsibility to make sure that we never have to interact with you!
  • Warrior cats tag: :3c
  • Dumbledore: Petunia, please treat this boy as your own son. He was your sister's only child, and deserves love and compassion. He's kind of been through a lot, what with the orphaning and being attacked by the most evil wizard of our generation and all. We in the magical community really appreciate your place as his sole blood kin, and we trust that you'll care for him as you would any child in such a painful situation.
  • *Ten years later*
  • Dumbledore: I mean, you didn't straight up murder him, so

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linda park


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Is My Protagonist a Mary Sue or Gary Stu?: A Super Quick Test

Mary Sues and Gary Stus are terrible characters. They are flat, static, and unrealistic. They are boring and they are craft failure. Don’t write them.

Does your protagonist change throughout the story?

  • If no: You need to change that. Your protagonist needs to be dynamic. They need to change over time and grow as a person. Whether this change is negative or positive doesn’t matter. Good characters are dynamic, not static.
  • If yes: Alright alright alright alright.

Does your protagonist have flaws?

  • Your characters cannot be perfect. They need to be realistic for the reader to like them. Give them flaws.
  • Making your character clumsy doesn’t count. Your character needs more flaws than that.
  • Flaws should impact your character’s life in some way. This can include their relationships with other people or the decisions they make.

Do all other characters love your protagonist?

  • If yes: No. Your character cannot be loved by everyone. This is unrealistic. This is lame. This is boring. This is a characteristic of a Sue/Stu. If lots of people like your character, you need a good reason for it.
  • If no: Good.
  • Characters who act a certain way to gain popularity through a false personality are exempt from this.

Does your protagonist ever fail?

  • If yes: Good.
  • If no: That is a boring character. Failure introduces suspense and sympathy from the reader.

Is your protagonist perfect in every way?

  • If yes: Perfect people do not make perfect characters. They make terrible characters. They cannot be superior in every way and they cannot be the best at everything.
  • If no: Awesome.

Is your protagonist a Special Snowflake? (“My eyes turn red when I’m angry even though I’m 100% human and there’s no explanation for this whatsoever.”)

  • If yes: Change that. You cannot give your character super special elements with no explanation behind them. Your character cannot be unbeatable due to their super special powers that no one has ever seen before.
  • If no: They better not be.

And because I get a lot of questions on whether or not a female character is a Sue, here are characters who are NOT automatically Mary Sues:

  • Physically powerful female characters.
  • Magically powerful female characters.
  • Powerful female characters in general.
  • Female characters who are not feminine.
  • Female characters who are orphans.
  • Female characters who hold traditionally masculine careers/roles/hobbies.
  • Rich female characters.
  • Tough female characters.
  • Smart female characters.
  • Characters who are highly skilled in several subjects.
  • Characters with tragic back stories.
  • Characters who are beautiful.
  • Characters who have unique abilities.
  • Honestly, if your character is realistic, dynamic, and round, they’re not a Sue/Stu. You can still write awesome, bad ass, inspirational characters without making them a Sue/Stu.

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laurel lance obvs :)

i’ve suffered through exactly 12 episodes of arrow and i did it for her just kno that

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Tbh I doubt purists would call Tauriel a Mary Sue if her gender hadn't been changed in the movie (since the Captain of the Guard was male in the book) and minus the romance angle. Cause see, the books are FULL of Gary Stus. Numerous male characters are depicted as practically perfect in every way except for self-doubt and one single customary flaw/weakness. In contrast, Tauriel has many visible flaws (stubbornness, naivety, impulsiveness bordering on brashness to name a few). What do you think?

Ding ding ding ding.

Oh, people don’t SAY that this is one of the reasons they judge her harshly. Some people believe it isn’t even the reason they judge her. But…quite a lot of it of it does stem from that, somehow. 

I see a common pattern in complaints about her. It always starts out with “I get she’s a badass but-” and “she could have been good but-” and then the second part is either something about only existing as an object of desire for Kíli and/or Legolas. So basically, blaming her, an actual developed character who is shown to have flaws/weaknesses/interests/aspirations (that don’t revolve around men at all) for people being attracted to her. Narrowing down her entire character to that. WOW. 

Do people narrow down Aragorn’s entire character based on having both Arwen and Eowyn fancying him? No! He’s perfect, perfect in every way. But *gasp* a woman has two men interested in her? Bitch! How dare she lead them on like this. Who cares now if she’s also a competent fighter who is realistically motivated and flawed. (Did you SEE her face when Thranduil told her that he suspected Leggles of having feelings? She looked appalled and uncomfortable). 

You don’t have to like the writing of the relationship but it’s not exactly HER fault. And honestly…it doesn’t even affect her character that much. All that she is and is capable of doing after the events of the story do not change.

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barry allen :)

my bunny :((

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bts as stereotypical k-drama characters
  • seokjin: the second male lead who's perfect in every way but never gets the girl
  • yoongi: the rebel who's actually not a bad guy, just Very Misunderstood
  • hoseok: that one guy who's there for comic relief
  • namjoon: the mysterious detective who solves cases without breaking a sweat simply because he Knows Things
  • jimin: the best friend who gives the main character awesome advice
  • taehyung: the overenthusiastic sidekick who always gets into trouble
  • jungkook: the obnoxious young son of a rich family who also kicks butt and /does/ get the girl

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Can I ask what your favorite artists for Cass are? :)

Absolutely! I’ll give my top five since, like just about anything involving Cass, I can give long philosophical debate over pretty much every artist who has drawn her. 

1. Rick Leonardi: Despite being pretty disappointed in the art for last year’s Convergence: Batgirl, I still adore Leonardi’s time on Cass’ original ongoing and consider it my favorite period for art on the book overall. He drew an expressive, warm, and fully emotional Cass in and out of her costume, gave genuine weight to her fight scenes, and had a real understanding of how to make Cass look adorable and intimidating all at once. 

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #50]

2. Marcio Takara: I wasn’t wild about a lot of the art for the recent Batman & Robin Eternal, but my breath was absolutely taken away by Takara’s work on issue #13 and just how perfect the art was for Cass’ character. I mean, it’s the perfect art for Cass in almost every way, developing her a full range of emotions, giving her action crisp, concise and beautiful volume. It’s just won me over, I want more of this.

[Batman & Robin Eternal (2015-2016) #13]

3. Damion Scott: It’s probably considered blasphemy to a lot of Cass fans that Scott isn’t my first or second pick, but honestly it’s kind of cheating for me to put him at third, too. Here’s the thing: when I love Scott’s work on Cass it’s some of the most amazing character work I’ve seen in comics. Without a doubt. But when I don’t, I can find his art confusing to follow, too formless, and really too inconsistent to really fully embrace as the end-all-be-all artist for Cass. And I feel like a traitor and awful for saying it, because when it’s good it’s beautiful, but that’s the double edged sword of an opinion, I suppose. 

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #22]

4. Marcus To: It’s not all that controversial to say that Marcus To is easily one of the best artists in the business, but he unfortunately didn’t get to work with Cass all that much in an official capacity (though every time I see Marcus To art of Cass on tumblr I squeal happily for ages), but when he did he did so beautifully, and was able to draw her in some of the very few appearances DC let Cass have in the dark ages of 2009 to 2013, including giving her Black Bat costume one of the few appearances that didn’t have me question its design integrity, and one of my favorite, underappreciated costumes she’s ever worn.

[Red Robin (2009-2011) #17]

5. Alé Garza: I hate puting Garza this low, because I really genuinely adored his art on Batgirl (2000-2006), but there’s been a lot of really talented artists who have had Cass under their pen. Garza is definitely a favorite and I adore his take on Cass, her costume, and just the sleek designs of his art in general.

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #60]