perfect bromance is perfect

Okay with everything going around and all these theories and the recent episode saying that the ghost rider’s eventually turn the people into one of them. I started imagining 6x09 or even 6x10 where they finally find stiles and all the memories come back and just as they think that this is it they have stiles back they’re never going to let anyone take him away from them again, the ghost riders take him. Whatever you do don’t imagine this. Don’t imagine Lydia crying running to be in stiles arms while scott is running behind her just as eager to hug his brother just to watch the ghost riders take him away again.

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Finally watched (and barely survived) the “Parabatai Lost” Episode and then I remembered that Post I made last year:
About eyecolors reflecting the souls of people and Jace literally carrying a piece of Alecs soul with him because of that brown spot in Doms eyes.
I bet you can imagine how much this episode got to me.
Dom was just brilliant and after this nobody can say that Jace doesn’t care enough about Alec ever again!