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Tom Hiddleston is a Disney Prince

That’s maybe already a thing somewhere on the internet but I just wanna  encourage the thought of Tom Hiddleston as Prince in one of the new Disney live-action adaptions. It would be a shame if they didn’t take a chance on casting a real life DISNEY PRINCE, because he certainly is.


…also - let’s not forget how good he looks as a prince (in very tight trousers)

and as a future king… (No, there is no pattern here. DON’T. It’s not the tight trousers. Nope. You have a dirty mind)


Don’t you think that’s like the most perfect photo ever? Is it Shakespeare? Is it Disney? WHY NOT BOTH. 

I think that’s enough evidence. Case closed. Hiddles casted. ARE YOU WITH ME? xx 

High School Sucks

Title: High School Sucks

Pairing: Mick Davies x reader

Word Count: 1,671

Warnings: floofy fluff

Summary: Your somewhat dreadful high school reunion comes up but a stubborn Mick decides to tag along.

A/N: aaaAAAHHH. I’ve only written two Mick fics now and they’re so cheesy; I cannot help myself. I’m gonna be so busy with my SAT prep (hence, high school sucking) so I can’t promise anything new soon, but enjoyyyyy!

This was also for @faith-in-dean’s BMOL Writing Challenge and I had the prompts “Please stop getting my hopes up. Just stop.” and “Don’t be embarrassed, it’s normal.”


“Hey guys?” you called out, watching your step for cracks in the bunker floor as your were wearing heels tonight.

“Y/N?” replied a thick British accent. “The Winchesters have gone to the next state for a werewol— oh wow… you look great.”

When Mick turned the corner, he was surprised to see the usually casual hunter in beautiful evening wear.

“Hi Mick. Thanks,” you said diverting your gaze away from your crush.

“W-what’s the occasion?” Mick asked, shoving his hands into his pockets, stuttering. He was still in shock at how more pretty you could get.

“I’ve got a stupid high school reunion I gotta go to,” you sighed. “My friends are dragging me along. I’m only going because they promised me they’d buy me dinner.”

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