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The Yellow Power Ranger

Ok so, I’ve seen a lot about this and I wanted to give my thoughts on the scene.

This scene kind of got blown up by the media and I got sucked into it before seeing the movie but having finally seen the movie…

The scene goes as follows:

Power rangers are each spilling personal details about themselves and Trini is being quiet until she says that she prefers moving a lot cause it prevents her parents from getting involved in her relationships.

Zack jokes “boyfriend problems?”

Trini responds “yeah…BOYFRIEND problems…”

Zack looks around wide eyed before asking “girlfriend problems?”

And she diverts the conversation about how perfect her family is, too perfect, and how she can’t tell them she’s not like them. That she doesn’t want to act how they want her to, or dress how they want her to.

Ok, so there’s no moment of her saying she’s queer, but as someone who has spent their life not talking, this scene was very spot on.

It was honest and very well performed. It’s easy to look over if you’re not queer, or if you are naturally an open person who had no problem admitting who you are to yourself, let alone everyone else, but this scene was very relatable. She’s a teenager who knows she’s not like the girly straight girl her parents want her to be, and she knows her parents won’t listen to her no matter what she says. There’s even a scene where she tells her parents she’s a power ranger and her mother makes her take a drug test. She guards herself by holding back info and speaking through sarcasm and its sold as humor but I don’t think I’ve related with a character more.

So, if you’re expecting a flying rainbow flag or even some wlw action, you’re going to be disappointed. But representation matters in all its forms and this is pretty darn relatable. Not to mention the movie was just fantastic. It defies stereotypes with the exception of the white dude who’s just so tired of being popular… I love the backstory it gave, stuff the series ignored and it was so fleshed out. I recommend everyone watch it

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What does Josuke do while his girlfriend has her time of the month. Does her bring her chocolates, makes a pillow fort, and play games? What happens when shes finally finished for what felt like a very long couple of days and they finally get to 'play' the way they wanted to? (; 💜

- Josuke is pretty clueless when it comes to how the feminine body works; he probably zoned out a lot in class, especially if female puberty was discussed - so when his s/o seems grumpy and out of it and not in the mood to hang out with him and cuddle or kiss (and maybe more), at first he’s going to be a little bit offended and worried. 
- Has he done something wrong that he doesn’t remember? It will take him a little while for the whole thing to click and him to realize exactly what it is that’s making his s/o act so different. 
- Once he’s realized, he’s the most attentive boyfriend of all time - partly because he’s worried about the look of pain on his s/o’s face, and partly because he feels terrible for not realizing what was wrong earlier. He’s the kind of boy who would brave minus degree weather if his sick s/o asked him to get them a Starbucks, so he won’t think twice about doing numerous grocery runs and helping them dose up on chocolate and painkillers. 
- He can be a little bit lazy, but he’s doting where his s/o is concerned - they need a hot water bottle making up? He’s on it. They think it’s too bright? He’s making sure the curtains are closed. They want a cuddle and their tummy rubbed? Well, Josuke is more than willing to comply with these demands. 
- He feels a little bad that he can’t use Crazy Diamond to just fix them up, and that guilt also plays into his Perfect Boyfriend routine; most of the routine, though, is honestly just because Josuke would be a perfect boyfriend. 

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Niall’s lullaby...

My dear sweet friend @1dalwaysbenice requested this and I wrote it with @melissas173. We dedicate this blurb to her and all of our dear sweet friends who encourage us in so many ways as well as all our mutuals and followers. Niall is the most perfect boyfriend ever. We all love him.

Blurb request: “Why can’t things just be happy? Why can’t we write things about being so happy you can’t sleep and he has to play the guitar to help you relax? I’d like to read stuff like that.”


You were in love. Like incandescently, totally, sickeningly in love. So in love, you grossed your friends out and they barely wanted to be around you because all you could talk about was your “amazing, sweet, perfect boyfriend Niall”.

“Yes we know” your friends would sigh whenever you mentioned about how perfect he was and how you couldn’t wait until he came home the next week so you could wrap yourself up in his perfectness. “If that even a word?” you sighed when describing him.

But all the irritation your friends had with your love life didn’t matter because he was finally home. He was home for weeks, not days, this time and he was asleep in your bed. You, however, were not. While he’d been gone you had sadly become a little used to sleeping alone and now here was the man that you loved snoring like a train next to you in the same bed. You loved him, you were happy he was home, but god he was loud.

But the sound of your brain humming along, excited because he was next to you and slightly annoyed because, his snoring kept you awake, woke him up from his deep sleep. “Kelly, love. I need you to turn your brain down a bit. You’re keeping me awake.” You giggled, knowing full well this would be nearly impossible.

“I’m just so happy that you’re home but I’d forgotten you snore like a herd of baby elephants.” You said, nudging his shoulder with your nose.

“Oi, bit harsh, love.” He replied, pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead and acknowledged his tendency to sore with “True though”. He contemplated things for a moment as he held you close. Finally he said, “What about if I play you something I’ve been working on, would that help soothe the savage beast?

A bright smile spread across your face and you nodded. Before he rolled out of bed to grab his guitar, you pressed a kiss to his warm lips. “I love you.”

“I love you, too petal.” He wove his fingers through your hair as he dipped his tongue into your mouth, moaning against the taste of you. He rolled out of bed and grabbed his guitar, before playing you the most perfect song you had ever heard. A sweet long song, which in no time lulled you to sleep.

He played the song increasingly more quietly for a little while longer as he watched you sleep, until he was satisfied with the way it sounded. He had been working on it for a while but felt it lacked something. But tonight when he played it for you he found the final piece of the song that he’d been looking for. You.

Library Exploration

Fandom: The Fosters

Ship: Jonnor

Description: Connor keeps distracting Jude from studying

Author’s Note/Warnings: Lots of making out and touching in here, so proceed only if that’s cool with you. Also, I aged them up to 16 because 13 year olds shouldn’t be doing this. sammyxdeanxberry I kinda combined your prompt with an anon one I got, but I honestly love this story so much, so I hope all of you do too!

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karamatsu cuddling with his s/o and being comforted by them because he feels insecure and worthless cause of his brothers telling him that his s/o probably has motives in being in a relationship with him

All of the Karamatsu asks I get are so easy for me to write just because angst, angst and more angst. Then I end up giving him the love he deserves.

When he showed up to your place unannounced you knew something was bothering him. You let him in and he sat on the couch. You followed and sat next to him. When he didn’t move to cuddle you like he usually would, you knew something was bothering him.

“What’s wrong?”

He responded. “The usual.”

You stared at him, rather annoyed as he signed and fell back on the couch, looking up at your ceiling.

“I know…again but they make a point.”

He was referring to his loving brothers who couldn’t wrap their heads around reality. The reality of Karamatsu being in a relationship with someone who actually cares for him.

You opened your arms and motioned him to come to you. He pushed you down on the couch, buried his head at the crook of your neck.

“What did they say this time?”

His grip on your shirt tightened and he muttered a small nothing into your neck.
Your voice became stern when he started to dodge the question.


He sighed and moved his head out of your neck so you could clearly hear him.

“That you’re using me to make someone feel bad for you and ask you out on a date.”

His voice was low and his words came out in broken sounds. He sounded like he was about to cry. You in turn burst out laughing. It was the wrong response to the scenario, but you found it so hilarious that he’s letting that get to him. You’re also a little offended that his brothers think that way about you but you find it hysterical.

Karamatsu’s eyes widened at your response and he got off of you, panic evident in his movements. You couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculous excuse and Kara watched you in horror. His mouth gaped open, searching for the reason as to why you were laughing.

When you calmed down you explained your reaction.

“Your brothers are hilarious.”

His eyes widened.

“How so?”

“I’m dating you in order to make people jealous of me.”

“Jealous of you?!”

You scooted over to sit in front of him and cupped his face into your hands.

“Have you seen my boyfriend? He has this perfect fashion, perfect eyebrows, perfect personality. He’s just so painfully perfect.”

He felt a goofy smile spread across his lips. Your arms slid from his face to his shoulders, your head rested on his shoulder and you continued with your onslaught of compliments.

“Yeah. I have a perfect boyfriend who loves me and he treats me like I’m his world. How can people not be jealous of that?”

He was a blushing mess and all he wanted was to hide his face into a pillow. Instead he wrapped his arms around your waist, bringing you closer to him. You lifted your head from his shoulder and looked him in the eyes as you went on with your little speech.

“Here’s the best part of it though: I love him too and I’m not letting his jealous brothers get in between us.”


Requested by mrs-gubler-reid I hope you like it!

“You know it gets pretty lonely around here when you leave.” I said one early morning with my head on Spencer’s bare chest, tracing random patterns into his chest. Spencer looked down at me which caused me to look up and he just nodded, his lower lip sticking out as if he was thinking about what I was saying. I shook my head, shaking the memory from almost three weeks ago out of my head. Ever since that day Spencer had been weird, he has been distant. After I said those few words he completely shut down, I wasn’t excepting anything, I was just venting to my boyfriend. As I unlocked the apartment door, I sighed, knowing that Spencer was away on a case. To my surprise, I walked into the apartment and saw Spencer walking out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him and looked up at me with a shocked expression on his face. He was sweaty, out of breath and he looked nervous, I took a deep breath as I took my eyes off of Spencer and trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.
“You are home early.” I said kicking off my heels by the front door and taking my sweat off and hanging it up on the coat rack. He just nodded while standing in front of the bedroom door. He was hiding something but the question is, what?
“No hug or kiss hello?” I asked walking towards him and I heard him gulp, hard and force a smile. I was about to ask him another question but there was a bang in the bedroom which Spencer was guarding with his life and my eyes began to well up with tears.
“Spence is there someone in there? Are you cheating on me?” I asked, all the of stress of the day getting to me. I knew Spencer wasn’t a cheater but what other explanation was there for the way he was acting?
“God no (Y/N), I would never.” He said cupping my face and I just hugged him, burring my head into his chest.
“You have been just so distant lately.” I cried into his white button down shirt and he sighed and rubbed my back soothingly. He smelled of coffee, books, a hint of his cologne and dog? I took a step back out of the hug and looked at my now very confused and nervous boyfriend.
“Why do you smell like dog?” I asked wiping the tears from my cheeks and placing my hands on my hips, while Spencer sighed and reached for the door handle of the bedroom.
“You really know how to ruin a surprise huh?” He said opening the door and revealing a small black and brown puppy on the bed with toys surrounding the pup, a food and water bowl on the ground and a doggy bed on the floor.
“You got a dog?” I asked walking towards the puppy and going to pet the small animal who cuddled into my touch and melted my heart.
“You said you get lonely when I leave so I figured I would get you something to keep you company. I know you are a dog person so I got you a little puppy. He has been really rowdy, I picked him up a few hours ago and I have been trying to set everything up ever since. I have been so distant because I wanted to find the perfect dog to adopt for us and it was stressful at times. I finally found this little guy and felt like he was so, you.” He said making me turn around to look at my boyfriend who was looking down and not making eye contact with me.
“Thank you Spence. He is perfect and so are you. ” I said grabbing Spencer’s hand in mine, causing him to look up with a small smile on his face.
“God I feel like a bitch. I’m sorry I thought you were cheating on me while you were actually being an amazing boyfriend and getting me a dog.” I said standing on my tippy toes to rest my forehead on his, causing him to bend down a little bit to meet me half way. He just shrugged and pecked my nose.
“I would have thought the same thing (Y/N).” He said breaking our little embracing and lading me over to the bed where our little puppy wad laying down and panting. I smiled at the two men in my life, thankful to have now both of them.
“What’s his name?” I asked resting my head on Spencer’s shoulder as the puppy cuddled onto my lap, being tired from driving Spencer insane all day.
“Lucky. Seventy percent of dog owners have had or come in contact with a dog names Lucky at one point in their lives.” He said petting the dog, slowly and sweetly as I nodded with a smile at his little lesser known fact.
“Really Spencer, thank you. It means a lot that you did this for me.” I said kissing his cheek and he nodded, a slight blushing coming over him as it did every time I kissed his cheek like two little children. Now I would never been lonely with a loving boyfriend and hyper dog by my side.

I don’t need a perfect boyfriend. I just want someone who i can be with. Someone to act silly with and treats me well. Someone i can tease with and i can call him silly names and he won’t get mad. Someone i can play like a kid roaming around the playground. Someone i can be weird and can ride on my craziness. Someone who is imperfect but for me he’s the most perfect man and a boyfriend. Someone who has many flaws that makes me fall in love with him everyday. He doesn’t have to be perfect, he doesn’t need to be the ideal man that every girl is dreaming of. He doesn’t have to look good all the time. But someone who loves me more than anything else and loves being with me more than anything. That we’re two hearts who beat as one, embrace each other’s differences and take it as a recipe of a long and healthy relationship.

You don’t have to find the man in your dreams. Someone who’s like prince charming and those fictional characters in the movies and books. Someone who’s perfectly looks like a goddess. You don’t have to look for someone who will make your dreams into reality. If that’s so, it will take you a life time to find that kind of man. But rather, fate will take you to someone who you don’t expect that you’ll fall in love with. The man that you thought would never reach your standards. Love is not all about perfections to your partner and relationship. It is more on loving and accepting each other as a couple as an individual.

Dreams a Reality

Supernatural One Shot


Warnings: Mild Language, Sexual Innuendos

Word Count: 2,340

Imagine: You are playing a volleyball game and it is the championship match and Sam and Dean are the loudest people there. Then when you win, Dean being proud of you.

I took a deep breath before I hit the ball and saw it go over the net. I hesitated before I took my position onto the court only to see that the ball hit the ground before the other team could touch it. My team erupted into cheers and they came over to congratulate me. Then, out of nowhere, behind me two people started cheering louder than anyone else. I glanced over my shoulder to see both of the bothers cheering loudly for me. Heat started to spread across my face. Sam and Dean were standing, screaming and clapping for my serve. The people around them were giving them an annoyed look but they ignored it.

I knew that they weren’t trying to embarrass me but they still succeeded. The brothers were sincerely happy that I had gotten a point but they needed to calm down. I looked up at the ref who was giving the brothers the stink eye trying to tell them non-verbally to quiet down. The last thing that I wanted was for them to get thrown out of the game because they were cheering too loudly.

Sam was the one who convinced me to keep playing volleyball. He said that not only would it be good for me, but it would also be good for them. It gave them a reason to get out of the Bunker for something other than a hunt. Then of course Dean had no problem coming to see me play.

As I walk back to the serving line, I glare at the brothers trying to tell them to keep it down. Dean just gives me one of those half smiles. Then I serve the ball back over. This time they were able to receive it. I watch as the ball moves from the hands of a back row player, to the setter and then to the outside hitter. I try to move myself to cover the hit, diving after it but I was too slow and the hit was too good. It landed right on the inside of the line. The other team cheered and my team comes over to help me up. I had to pull up my knee pads because they slid down some. Then that was when the yelling happened.

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