Can we please stop praising this bullshit?

How often do we see shit like this on instagram and other social networks?

The tiny waist, big ass and big tits shit is out of control. This is the type of body our society praises that makes the 99% of women who don’t have this body feel like inadequate. We see pictures of these types of bodies being praised so much that we forget this body is unrealistic, distorted and unnatural. We’ve been brainwashed by it so much that we don’t even notice how fucking ridiculous this shit looks. It’s not promoting a healthy body, athletic body, or body positivity. It’s promoting self-hate because this body is unachievable through any exercise or natural way of acquiring it. The only way it’s achievable is through surgery. Do you know what types of things women do for money to get plastic surgery? Or the removal or ribs for a smaller waist? Women are paying to literally cut themselves open and import foreign objects just to make a body part bigger. How fucked is our society?! When we see broads like this we need to acknowledge that 1. It’s all fucking plastic and 2. Stop fucking spreading shit like this as your #wcw to make REAL women feel like shit or inadequate. Women already deal with SO much bullshit about how society wants us to look and be, don’t keep praising bullshit like this. Girls like that are straight trash. Their brains and souls are empty. They can’t discuss shit except twerking and instagram. 

This is why our society is corrupt. Because of women/drones like this have 281k followers and are successful with their money built “body”, and people [men] praise that shit. Meanwhile women that have more to offer than just their looks, and are out here in mad debt putting themselves through college get 100 times less the applaud and praise. Shouldn’t we be praising REAL women? Ones who have something to offer the world other than their silicone ass? The ones with real bodies whether they’re fat, skinny, transgender- who the fuck cares! A body is a home to our souls, it’s not who we are. How are bodies more appreciated than minds? Girls, do not aspire to this. Do not let the media brainwash you into thinking this is normal or how you should look. Social networks are training us to compare ourselves, instead of appreciating and accepting what we are, that’s why everybody is fucking depressed. Self love is already hard, don’t make it more difficult by impeding these bullshit social norms into our brains.


Just Another Reminder You Should Be Culturally Aware

You may recognize these photos, they were featured as part of a nine photograph set on Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan, and who knows where else. Sarah Coffman and a few of her friends came up with this concept alongside the photographer, Terrance Smalls, and posted it on Reddit. Look her up! Her username is nerdygypsy and she comments on the funniest things. 

As you can see the models are all dolled up and reading a popular publication. Their bodies are marked with sharpies, an obvious reference to plastic surgery. Overall the pictures were meant to make you think about how woman are constantly stripped down and judged for the way that we look, this stripping down is just a little bit more obvious. The pictures are supposed to make you uncomfortable with society unreachable standards, and the pressure that media and celebrity’s perfect figures put on us: extraordinary women who don’t have teams of people monitoring our diet, picking out ultra flattering outfits, and then photoshopping our images when those small imperfections do slip through.

Although these photos are beautiful enough to be posted for the sole reason that their composition, subjects, and color are gorgeous; the main point of this post is just to remind the people reading this blog that those standards still exist whether you feel them or not, and are something to be thinking about, and working on changing. Also, all of ya’all are beautiful! Love those curves and show your body some love and positivity.