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I had resigned myself to everyone being dead by the end but somehow I wasn’t prepared for them to lose her. 


My current anime blu Ray collection


The girl who leapt though time
Summer wars
Wolf children
The boy and the beast
Nausicaä of the valley of the wind
The cat returns
Porco rosso
Kiki’s delivery service
Laputa castle in the sky
Princess Mononoke
My neighbour Totoro
Spirited away
Gurren Lagann childhoods end
Gurren Lagann the lights in the sky are stars
Cowboy bebop the movie
Puella magi madoka Magica the movie rebellion
Evangelion 2.22
Evangelion 3.33
Perfect blue
Ghost in the shell (1995)
Ghost in the shell 2: innocence

Series & OVA’s

Fate zero
High school of the dead
Space dandy
Panty and stocking with garter belt
Kill la kill
Gurren Lagann
Cowboy bebop
Puella magi madoka Magica
Black lagoon Roberta’s blood trial
Attack on Titan
Nadia the secret of blue water
Full metal alchemist brotherhood
Elfen leid


New cutie honey

Bonus- non anime blu Ray & DVDs

The song of the sea
Avatar the last airbender
Avatar the legend of Korra

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i just want to .. cry a bit.. because Perfect Blue that fic was fucking perfect :") blue is my favourite color and its just means a lot to me and to have it written so beautifully like that along with yoongi who is beautiful and jus t so great i love him weeps i just feel so muich better?? like i was honestly in distress before i read that fic but i sat down and read it an d i ujst feel better and lighter and thank u so much honestly admin raye i have tearse in my eyes rn that was really amazing

perfect blue; zero

Death wasn’t kind and Yoongi knew that. 

It takes, steals, people who were far too young, far too beautiful for the world and doesn’t pretend to care, doesn’t pretend to distinguish. 

The heavy presence of death hovers among the living, whispers sweet nothings into the slightest of desperation, seducing with promises of liberation. 

And the living pretend, pretend with all their heart that it doesn’t resides in the deepest corners of their being, that if they don’t acknowledge it they would live to see another day. 

And perhaps that is why when Yoongi holds you in his arms, the lightness of your being weighing down so heavily in his heart, he rendered helpless at how close death was to taking away what was his. 

They say that death was not for the living, that it was for those dying, so why does it feel like he was being ripped apart, like all that was him left him so empty? 

You hold his face in your hands, like you knew, like you would heal his broken self and looked into his eyes, into him, “We’re all dying, Yoongi. That is why it hurts.” 

“No,” his eyes tremble, “I don’t want to hurt. I want you to stay.” 

You smile, “Only the ones who are alive have that privilege, Yoongi.”

“The pain, the beautiful weight of life,” you reach out and hold him close, “The belong to you and you alone.” 

“How do I go on without you?” 

“Believe,” the endless possibility of the sky welcomes you, “believe that one day when the sky is blue and the grass is green, we will see each other again.”

Dream of me, his soul tells you, and I will dream of you.

Till the day we meet again.

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I was looking for the perfect excuse to post this short backstory /runs away/ all of my stories need a bit of angst if not i feel incomplete

but thank you anonkins, thank you so much for reading, for liking my work, for taking the time to let me know that it made you happy. all these things they mean a lot to me as a writer <3 I hope you are better today <3

- Raye 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。