perfect benny

I’m bummed and frustrated so I’m gonna talk about bensnavi to make myself feel better. So please consider the following:

  • Benny and Usnavi are trying to keep their relationship a secret, but everyone already knows. E v e r y o n e
  • People are taking bets about when they’re going to come out or who is going to walk in on them first
  • It’s Sonny and he can’t look them in the eyes for DAYS (He makes out with Graffiti Pete in front of Usnavi as revenger)
  • (So I ship Sonpete bite me)
  • In an AU where Abuela is still alive (or just pre-canon idk) Usnavi takes Benny over and they all have dinner together and Benny is super nervous and Abuela is just so happy for Usnavi 
  • and then she tries to ask something dirty and Benny chokes on his water and Usnavi freaks out 
  • Just. Benny and Usnavi swapping clothes and Usnavi’s shirt is a perfect fit on Benny because of how baggy his clothes are and Usnavi is just drowning is Benny’s outfit. (Bonus if Benny steals Usnavi’s hat to “complete the outfit”)
  • Benny hates getting up in the morning so Usnavi always has to bribe him with kisses and promises of food. 
  • On the rare occasions Benny does get up first, he makes killer pancakes (courtesy of this hc to @endangeredtreealligator)

Feel free to add to this yourself (with other ships too I love every ITH ship from bensnavi to nina/benny and usnavi/vanessa to even nina/vanessa)


Finally done! A short comic of my fatesona’s kid, Ennelyn’s backstory! Or… more like a look into her insecurities. The last pages are a reference to Enn’s custom recruitment-paralogue’s aftermath (a post of it will be uploaded eventually…).

I promise she’s not a sad character as a whole… She just has some sad things in her past, and some pretty similar insecurities as her mum.

Check out [This Comic] to understand what Enn’s mom means by her line in the second-to-last page.

Benny’s chest had become your pillow, and his arms over your shoulders acted like a blanket. His strong heartbeat under your ear and the warmth he gave off was enough to lull you to sleep, but you fought like hell to stay awake. This moment was just too perfect to sleep through.

Benny was watching TV, and once in a while, it would make him chuckle deep from his chest. “This is one of the things I missed.” He mumbled.

You lifted your head and planted your chin on his chest to look him in the eye. Benny’s bright blue gaze instantly caught yours; wrinkles crinkling on the sides in his smile. “What?” You questioned lowly.

“Lazy nights wit’ the woman I love.” He answered easily, causing you to blush and turn your back to its previous position. Benny chuckled at your bashfulness and rubbed his large hand up and down your arm. “Yer tired, I can tell.”

“How can you possibly tell?”

“Yer words are slurrin’.”

You huffed and nuzzled your head deeper into Benny’s chest. “Don’t wanna.”

Benny smirked and planted a chaste kiss to the top of your head. “I’ll be here when you wake up, darlin’.”

Trusting him completely, you allowed yourself to fall asleep; which wasn’t that hard. Benny was warm and comfortable and his breathing was rhythmic.

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Gifset Request Meme: injusticeworth requested free square (favorite gesture) 
My favorite thing about Michael Zegen’s performance as Benny Siegel is how perfectly he embodies Benny’s physicality in little, subtle ways. This gesture is probably my favorite example. A moment of silence passes, and Benny suddenly lurches a bit in his chair, like a surge of electricity just traveled through his body. This is how Benny’s energy operates. He’s so easily overwhelmed by sensory stimulation, and he needs to move and be active in order to deal with over-stimulation. He’s tied to a chair and in a lot of pain but he still can’t keep his body from moving, and he does so in way that almost seems involuntary.  

Obviously Chris Jackson is the perfect and original Benny and he has all the right layers for the character, but I like to think of the other members of the Hamilcast playing Benny? Imagine how differently his cocky side would have turned out, his gentle side, his shy, his playful side would have turned out if they were acted out by Oak, Daveed or Leslie… 

But above all picture Jasmine as Benny and tell me she’s not the second best cast for the character. 



If I don’t drive around the park, 
I’m pretty sure to make my mark. 
If I’m in bed each night by ten, 
I may get back my looks again, 
If I abstain from fun and such, 
I’ll probably amount to much, 
But I shall stay the way I am, 
Because I do not give a damn. 

Words by Dorothy Parker, beautifully demonstrated by Benedict Cumberbatch.

And thats why he takes the tube to premieres. I hope he never changes.