perfect being. i'm going to cry

melodrama breakdown
  • green light: I want the things ! I want them ! also fuck u
  • sober: okay so I'm uhh completely out of my fucking mind right now but it's good, little worried about what I'm going to be like sober
  • homemade dynamite: we just met but do you wanna blow something up
  • the louvre: we're the best couple. we're a work of art.
  • liability: I'm too much for you to handle.
  • hard feelings: uhhh I didn't realise being in love was going to be this hard
  • loveless: fuck love
  • sober II (melodrama): that feeling after the party or a concert of something where you're buzzing with adrenaline but you're about to crash
  • writer in the dark: take your broken heart and turn it into art
  • supercut: revisionist history
  • liability (reprise): maybe the party is meant to make us cry
  • perfect places: okay lets go party again

lorealola  asked:

I'm crying right now I have no idea what's going to happen to me. I was supposed to apply to medical school next year but now I might not even finish my undergrad. I have a perfect record and a great academic transcript. I work at a cake shop. How am I a threat to the country? I just feel like everything is being taken from me and I don't know what I did to deserve this. I honestly think my life will end once my DACA expires.

You’re going to make it through gorlie there are THOUSANDS of people contacting their senators and congressmen like hell right now. People are fighting for you and they WILL continue fighting for you. We still have six months to convince congress to not pull through with this. We still live in a somewhat democracy and it’s not 100% up to that saturated baby in office. Don’t give up on your dreams, you should still try because giving up is exactly what those xenophobes want you to do. They want you to feel intimidated because they think you’re less when in reality you have a lot of good things to bring to the world. I know it’s extremely stressful and I can’t even imagine how scared you feel, but just know a lot of people are on your side 💕💕💕

Hello, everyone. Can you imagine that it’s been already a whole year since I’ve started playing this fox shaman who has no chill and is honestly one of the worst vixens you’ll ever see? On this day, August 13th I first posted & created this girl’s blog.

To be honest, I didn’t expect to hang out on Tamamo longer than several weeks but…? I’m so happy I was wrong. This Fox just took over my whole life and soul, I sacrificed myself to write her. But seriously, guys, it wouldn’t have been possible without you all here to support me. I’m grateful to all of you and cannot express how happy I am to see every one of you on my dash, to read your threads and see your portrayals. I mean, how in the freaking world there are 1100+ of you here??? HOW

Tamamo helped me meet important to my heart people, she helped me overcome some of my insecurities and fears as well. She became a very important muse to me. I remember how scared I was at first to play her because there was a person who was playing her just amazingly. I actually got the inspiration from that one person. And honestly, I’ve met them again in the same fandom and they said that they like my portrayal of Tamamo! You don’t know how it warmed up my heart, and it still does. Plus, all of you, my dears, are saying that you like my outlook on this kitsune, so I can easily say that I’m downright lucky to be here today and still play this Court Lady.

You know, Fate fandom was my ‘home’ for more than a year. I played as Scathach at first (first indie one / ofscathach), then I was playing as Jeanne D’Arc (ofsacredmaiden) for a long time. My beginning was not the best one, I have to say. I was still learning a lot of things, getting into Fate and stuff. But now it’s easier than before. Far easier. And, once again, it’s all thanks to the people who surrounded me. I was always lucky with you all, you know that? I learn English while reading your threads, I learn more about characters when I see you on my dash, I improve my writing when I’m playing with you. You’re doing so much for me and you don’t even know half of it, guys! Just telling ‘thank you’ is not enough!

So, through the year many people came into this fox hell and stayed. You have my biggest respect and love, guys. Seriously, how in the world you stayed here? This place is a bad combination of furriness, bad jokes, ridiculous memes and heartbreaking angst! This is some spicy stuff pffft.

Well, now off to the bias list, right? I won’t be talking a lot anymore because I already did. <3


These are four people who have been dealing with my idiotic ass for more thna a year and became my besties on this website. Girls, I cannot express how grateful I am to you four and how happy I am to talk to you whenever I can. I’m sorry for rarely messaging you but I just want to say that I never forget about you and that you are taking a special place in my heart. I love you, I wish you all the best and I want you to be happy. 

@catprided , @maetda , @artisthief , @obscuritcs  


These people have been with me through lows and highs, honestly. I cannot express how important they are to me and how much they taught through these months of playing, talking, memeing, destroying each other’s lives, etc. etc. I am not the best talker OOC, which saddens me even though I’m easy-going but damn… Still, you are my sunshines. I’m ready to create temples for you in my room and pray for your health and success, fam. You are really important to me and you are those who I cannot thank enough for sticking with this fox fangirl like me. Most of you know both my good and my bad sides ‘cause you know… We’ve been furendos for some time. Though, I would love to improve and talk to you all more and more to drag you down into the abyss and make your life even worse. Let’s be honest, knowing me, you will either love me more or you will want to throw me into a trashcan like always. I don’t mind either. Lmfao, for these people I always that I’m either gay or straight for them. I’m ready to bring stars down for them and just squeeze the life outta them because of how strong my adoration, affection, and love for these people run. 

@rialoir , @hekigankiseki , @maestroofmuses , @ougonredemption , @heiwanoryu , @mxssias , @believinghxpe@motherfuckingredsaber , @inverted-iris , @bowofbenbulben , @motherfreakingtwinkaleidosticks / @rxgncll , @motherfuckingsonofsurya , @cfvoyagers , @throneofheroes / @chimericlunarmagi , @tiempora , @famiila , @magnificentgoldenking , @dedxctionisms , @ridehercrop , @afleurdelish , @admiralsfleet (and all your blogs!), @xxvernalagniaxx , @blackbcwkitty 


We met this year and you’re still here, dealing with my shit and awful lines. Thank you. You are my dear friends who I haven’t known for long, but damn you are important, guys. You are so precious and full of life that I envy you a little. You’re talented, amazing, magnificent! You are just kings and queens of your muses, guys! Teach me how to do cool stuff like you do. I cannot stop saying this but… Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming into my life and thank you for staying here. You deserve the world. I would send hugs and kisses to you all if I could. Well, I can *sends kisses and hugs*. There.

 @ardenssolis , @regalius , @rosaxui , @oncexfutureking , @tricange , @oncexfutureking , @elysiancia , @recklessmoon ,  @soulofthewildwest / @goldytwoshoes , @depraved-beauty , @warcrowned / @vasavii , @nordiixa / @wariixa , @kingartoria , @codecasted , @primvo , @prospere-risu , @avengerangramainyu , @azuraei , @hokuaii , @hakureimaiden , @wassupmaster , @waitingdawn , @reversedjustice , @motherfuckingpinnacleplaywright , @axphodel , @ofchaldea , @master-chaldeas , @masterlost , @guiiltlcss , @noircisaint , @sollupe , @lotusdreamt , @waitingdawn , @fatefulrider , @labyrinthborn , @sweaterquccn , @fatedlegacy , @fatedorder , @lancerlizard , @anomaliata , @jagarc , @arsnlpn , @licnelle , @sininensoturi , @boargored , @moonlitazure , @maluspuerum + all your blogs! , @steelbanchou@haremprotagonthemoon@generalkuma , @mrtyre@trashcanarcana@stiinged , @pxnchfire , @sabuza , @solarborne + and all your blogs, @devotedspirit , @firstdivisioncaptain , @facadesmiled , @saintstruck , @chivalrybled , @nightwept , @perfectcrimeloveletter , @lancinghound , @bluechulannhound , @obdurcte , @flaracr , @fineoracle , @ginjobs , @tortorem , @scathanna , @paradiseburnt , @rubra-luscinia , @fallen-saint , @pillcger0ftwilight , @sweaterquccn .


These people may or may not follow me, but I appreciate their portrayals and their dedication to their muses. I haven’t talked to you OOC but I want to mention you because of how important you are. They brighten up my dash and I cannot explain how much I love you all for everything you’re doing. I want to say that even though we haven’t talked, I can see how hard you work on improving your own portrayal and ways of exploring your own character. You are someone who I greatly admire from afar; I’m shy when it comes to talking to such amazing people like you, so I just hope that your day is going great and I pray for your well-being, sweets!

@desbearer , @grimmjxw , @despairforme , @lamentis , @dolgelo , @exsuperatus , @uselessreptiile , @ulmash , @hcngyu , @hafuriyuki@ryusxnka , @royal-botanist , @ofiignition , @omindlessdepravity , @princessofknights , @jokerdyne , @pantherdyne , @emperorled , @manypcths , @fortesinfide , @sadistic-sakamaki , @pharaohus , @novelsorceress , @sonofdevraj , @lapuceiie , @ofspartans , @locksfate , @okcmura , @shushc , @kaminaru , @drachenheld , @bopnty , @ululeis , @hellguarded@sikerausum , @iliyovunjika , @loyalbreed , @marsarrim , @legentr , @trickstre , @vilemirror , @stellararrows , @venomousbody , @dorkydoctor + and all your blogs, @maegister , @tinyholygrail , @tragedis , @saintlyhilt , @solisaei , @gllaukos , @frystsnow , @flxgrant , @chaldeasfuture , @mitsuisms , @evitodeus , @gamertard , @bloombled , @hisrisingdawn , @startalents , @coffcedad , @utnapishtims /  @gladioimperatoris , @hiturhexrt + and all your blogs, @hasonhin, @crowise , @dersunder , @retentionsx , @aliienborn , @crowprinced , @heromask , @dxgital-dolls , @searching-mage , @trickstarr , @infernicanit , @godschose , @lunadmired , @perceptivis , @jokeah ,  @hearthievery , @heartpilfer , @shogidol , @neverendinghorizon , @emperxus , @diaboliktheology , @vesselking , @brotheroftheyear , @cutiexpego , @levinspark , @apparatvs ,  @lercvolutionnaire , @leblancbarista , @littlebadger , @whimsydriven , @eusebas , @exitstageentropy , @scsouthernlights , @kniifethrower , @kyoukokiwigiri , @kcguya , @pyrohelion , @ahtede , @caleria , @venustaas , @shinsengumi-no-ken , @queenharumiura , @ofhydrangeas , @miraclereaper , @pierxer , @gentlexbloom , @flamesofguidence , @chevalierxs  , @anorablespark , @circumspects , @mondartmusen , @utahxme .


I want to say one thing: if I forgot to mention someone, I apologize, I usually do that a lot ahaha. But! That doesn’t mean that you’re less important. I want to say that evry follower of mine has my respect and love! The way you put your soul into writing your muse is fascinating! I learn from each and every one of you. So, I want to hank you for being here. I hope your day will go amazing, dear! 

kirasdream13  asked:

Ok so that gif post that you just posted, the upper right hand one where Emily takes Corvo's hand, I JUST noticed that she smiles slightly when she takes his hand, then lifts her chin a bit and walks with perfect posture befitting a queen. After being near alone for 6 months with her mom killed and not knowing about Corvo, she exudes confidence and strength upon holding her dad's hand. I'm going to cry in a corner now.

I’m actually glad you’re bringing this up, because I watched through this scene many times, thought about their body language in all the ways they express their affection on such moments, so. I completely agree.

I mean, there’s a good reason why the Heart says Emily sees and knows far more than she lets on, and the game is basically full of implications of the same notion. That Emily is a child, but actually a highly inquisitive, attentive and clever one, and she understands what’s happening around her way more than the adults give her credit for. She has the demeanour of a playful child, but she also possesses the skill of maintaining a certain facade by this point, and she knows it will be easier for everyone, herself included, if she doesn’t draw too much attention to her own grief. She doesn’t seem to talk about it much and tries her best to carry herself with dignity and appear as lighthearted as she can, even though it takes its toll and Callista hears her cry at night.

In other words, this child learned how to wear a mask too early for her years.

So, what I love about this scene is how it clearly serves as a…transition, of sorts. In the place where she was held as a hostage, she was almost reduced to a nobody, and after that heartbreakingly affectionate reuinion she had with Corvo, I have no doubt it was the same on their way back, on the boat, where she could be chatty, or simply sit at Corvo’s side hugging his arm and trying to anchor herself in this new reality where she’s finally free and he’s alive, and Samuel and boatman allows himself the little slip where he sees her as simply a scared little girl and not a future empress, and she just laughs in response and doesn’t mind.

As you arrive, however, you can spot Wallace from the distance, the way he runs back into the pub and calls for everyone to come over to the shore and greet you, and as Emily steps out of the boat, after the private and quiet familiarity of Corvo’s presence, she’s faced with being a princess again - people are bowing and addressing her formally. She has no luxury of being a scared little girl any longer, she has expectations to fulfill and she falls back into the role surprisingly quickly, because she knows she should. 

And that little gesture Corvo offers her before she does it, before she steps into that role, seems to be what gave her the courage to do so, to step over the threshold and be what people expect of her, and it’s a little silly in its overly courteous manner, but it’s a gesture of comfort, of reassurance and encouragement. So that she knows, without a single word being said, that even though she has a certain role to fulfill in front of all these people she only just met, he’s there and he won’t leave her again. It’s like all the times their games were over and he would hand her back, with the same gesture, to her teachers and nannies and governesses, in a world slightly different from the one they live in when they spend their family time together. And with this sense of familitarity, it’s all a little bit less scary.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: galavant is the best thing that has happened to me and I will legit cry if I don't get a third season I mean I honestly didn't expect a second season and yet here we are I'm surprised too that being said you can't give me the world and then take it away nope nope nope this cannot be it's this perfect little gem of a show and I need more I need a flashback of gal and isabella's wedding reception and oh my god MADALENA IS ON SOME MALEFICENT SHIT GODDESS YASSS but no gareth baby no your heart was broken :( go find madalena and save her from herself and omg galavant is your name gary honestly gary wow no I need this stupid silly show to save my soul and king richard is the CUTEST THING EVER??? HE DIDN'T GET MAD AT GARETH FOR ANYTHING HE JUST MISSED HIM PRECIOUS BABY and roberta and him are together and she didn't go to spinster island with a cat yes thank you but is she the queen now I need to know more about her who are you roberta and tad cooper TAD FUCKING COOPER IS A DRAGON WE HAVE A DRAGON like okay it literally was a bearded dragon but it breathes fucking fire now I'm so happy and I will not be if the last lines of the show are "I have a dragon" no no no you have a dragon but nOW WHAT TELL ME MORE ugh is it my fault they aired it during grease live and people didn't see it why did you want to watch grease live grease recorded was terrible because grease was a terrible movie no do not cancel this lovely show that is PURE JOY of originality because it was pitted up against another musical because galavant is better I promise don't do this to me ABC gala-can't okay please give it one more season please I know they hinted that it could continue but I really need it to continue you don't understand I need that jester singing and recapping the show hella voice jesus I need to know whether sid is gay or not and his bromance with gareth I need more of that and CHEF AND GWYNNE WHAT HAPPENED TO CHEF AND GWYNNE AND THEIR FUCKED UP CUTE AS HELL ROMANCE I NEED TO KNOW I need more tongue in cheek lyrics oh my god the songs if they get renewed again it need that sass I need more game of thrones references crazy ex girlfriend can't be the only primetime musical don't give up on galavant plz help send help I will not be okay if this is over alan menken what have you done you couldn't own me with disney alone you just made me love you even more didn't you I just I need this show please take my money give me more galavant god bless galavant galavant galAVANT GALLLLLAAAAAVANNNNTTT

8) things you said when you were crying

“I’m sorry, I’m just really happy.”

Victor isn’t convinced by Yuuri’s words—not at first. He sits up in the bed, palms splayed behind him. He watches him carefully, almost analytically, as the tears build up in the other man’s eyes, slipping down his cheek and landing onto the sheets. “Are you sure it didn’t hurt—”

He shakes his head, cutting Victor’s words off without a sound.

But he keeps crying.

Victor reaches out for him, and Yuuri lies down on top of him, cuddling against his chest and burying his face in Victor’s neck. Victor strokes his hair, shushing him as quiet sobs continue to come from Yuuri in between muffled words and the occasional kiss to Victor’s skin, almost apologetic. “I’m so happy,” he explains weakly. “It was perfect, Victor.”

At that, he shuts his own eyes, smiles sleepily towards the ceiling. “It was perfect for me, too.” He licks his lips and holds Yuuri closer, taking in a deep breath. If it weren’t for the exhaustion and his thoughts being dulled by the sudden flooding of emotions, he would most likely cry, too. But instead, he just holds him, loves him, whispers sweet nothings into his hair as he falls asleep.

my-lady-no-further  asked:

I'm so with you Irene is perfect 😍

IKR she’s just… she needs SO much more attention

like, first of all, the color scheme makes my artist self cry of joy, she has viscount druitts color scheme but 1000% pulls it off better, and she’s a genuinely good and kind person

like… she’s not just pretty but honestly an overall wonderful character?? like when that georg guy was being creepy she took NO shits and just straight up slapped him

(you go girl)

and also she was the reason we had the PRICELESS moment when Seb wore the unicorn suit. if she wasn’t worried about her performance (she could’ve died and she’s worried about her job! good work ethic) then seb wouldn’t of worn that suit.

and then she arrives and she’s still into her role. plus she’s just gorgeous in this panel. I want ppl to appreciate her more, we need to talk more about Irene!!! plus she’s one of the only arc-specific side characters that hasn’t died so theres that

she just has SO much potential for headcanons/fanfics/writings in general

(oops i kinda went off on this one omfg) 

Ok so I just finished season 3 of SKAM and holy fuck… Isak and Even. The whole story was so breathtakingly beautiful and I’m currently speechless. Everything was perfect. All the topics were covered so realistically and ugh. I have no words. 

 And side note: I absolutely loved Sana and what she said about religion and homosexuality. Being a Muslim pansexual girl myself, this whole season hit really close to home and—well—I’m just so proud of this show. (Is that weird?) 

So yeah I’m going to go ponder and cry over the perfection of this show at 2am…

I have no words because I’m trying not to cry again, samuel means more to me then some idol that I listen to, this boy means the absolute world to me and I wish that I could tell him just how much he means to me and just how perfect he is but I’m gonna go and keep being emotional and then sob when they confirm his debut date and then sob even more when his album comes out and then sob EVEN! More when I watch his debut stage

anonymous asked:

A long time friend of mine, bisexual, is insisting the importance of being open to the fact that your sexuality could change and just because I'm exclusively homosexual now doesn't mean I couldn't want to be with a female someday and that it's bad to say I'd never be with one because I could change some day. I'm crying. What the fuck dude, Jesus Christ man... He's also saying the "perfect man" for me could be a trans man and I'm telling him that isn't true because I'm gay (1/2)

“You haven’t found a female you’re attracted to, but you could some day” fml what the heck. I’m trying to explain how hurtful what he’s saying is and he just keeps saying that “sexuality is fluid and someday you might find a woman attractive” I feel like I’m going to vomit 

Straight people think we’re weird for being attracted to the same sex and bisexuals think we’re weird for only being attracted to one sex. We absolutely do not need any more lectures from non-gay people about exploring or rethinking our sexuality.

Even though there may be cases where someone who thinks they’re gay realizes they’re actually bisexual, that doesn’t mean there’s any reason to pressure gay people into considering the opposite sex as potential partners. We have already had to question our sexuality a lot and we’re bombarded with heterosexuality in the media and real life; why would we ever need a reminder that it exists?

I also really wish non-gay people would stop pulling that “your perfect girlfriend/boyfriend might be trans” thing. How about instead of that, we get to choose who we’re comfortable dating, and they can get better hobbies than bullying gay people about our sexuality. Your “perfect” partner cannot be someone you aren’t attracted to. If their personality is that compatible with yours, then why isn’t friendship just as good? Why is it that people are insisting gay people must date/sleep with them?

-Mod Noel

[ignore if you don’t wanna deal with emotions lol]

Ok hi idk why I’m posting this here Bc I don’t want this to seem like a cry for attention or me being weak….but I feel like this is an issue a lot of people are going through and I want you to know you’re not alone.

Ive dealt with this all my life, the struggle of a shy kid who loves to be with people, has so much to offer, but is afraid of rejection or failure. But I feel it especially now, in college, where I see everyone hanging out without me, the friends I had drifting away to new, more fun friends, and the loneliness becoming more apparent. I feel helpless, one on hand, not wanting to pursue friends who don’t value me but also questioning what I am doing wrong that I don’t share a close friendship with anyone. I always say I’ll just focus on my school work, career, well being, but it gets lonely. Even though I may not get invited to all the cool parties, Im not as outgoing or pretty as other girls, and i don’t want to change myself to please others, I have come to peace with that.

Self hate is the most infuriating thing because you want to feel better and happy but you are stopping yourself. And you know that. How can you be happy when you can’t love yourself? It’s hard and there are times I doubt myself, but there is always something great coming. Always a reason to look forward to the future. Never give up hope. Everything will pass. I’m rooting for you and I’m always here for you if you need a friend.

Scrubs {Sentence Starters}
  • "Ahh. Uncomfortable silences and alcohol. Just like thanksgiving at home."
  • "You have no chance of being normal."
  • "Don't ever be afraid to come to me with stuff like that."
  • "A person doesn't have to be perfect to be exactly what you need."
  • "It's the kid inside of us that keeps us all from going crazy."
  • "I don't dislike you, I nothing you."
  • "Nothing's worse than a ninja - they're masters of every style of combat."
  • "Have you been in the supply closet, crying?"
  • "It sounds like you're asking me out on a man date."
  • "There's a good chance I'm gonna kill someone."
  • "The only way you could be more useless right now is if you actually were the wall."
  • "Gosh, now I'm too proud of you to be mad at you."
  • "Relationships don't work they way they do on television and in the movies."
  • "Sometimes it feels like you're holding back."
  • "All you do is bitch about your relationships all day long!"
  • "We're only four seconds in and I'm already regretting my decision."
  • "I can't believe you lost our bottle opener."
  • "I think we both know there's a little more to it than that."
  • "Does this lipstick make me look like a clown?"
  • "Why don't I ever listen to me?"
  • "Well isn't that just the pickle on the giant crap sandwich that is my day."
  • "Come on, what's the worst that could happen?"
  • "I can't help but notice you love telling jokes."
  • "Do you want to be alone?"
  • "You're telling me that you actually made a decision that had a positive impact on your life?"
  • "Can you get that for me? I can't reach it."
  • "Don't look in her eyes, she might steal your soul."
  • "I refuse to be judged by a grown man wearing a hockey jersey."
  • "That was my mistake. I keep forgetting that you're a horrible, horrible person."
  • "Why are you so afraid of loving me?"
  • "Do you want to cry a little?"
  • "Why do you have to jump out and scare me all the time?"
  • "What do I know about good relationships?"
  • "Newsflash! You can't drink and then come to work!"
  • "Why is there a pancake in the silverware drawer?"

jem’s throat going dry when he sees tessa’s bedroom

tessa knocking over the milk bottle from being so nervous

tessa nearly dropping the teacups when she looks at jem’s eyes

jem barely being able to stop himself from pushing tessa up against the bookcase and kissing her until neither of them can breathe

tessa giggling because jem’s mouth tastes like toothpaste

jem worrying that tessa is laughing at him because his kissing is so bad

tessa seductively taking her clothes off from behind the screen and teasing jem about it

jem barely being able to control himself by the mere silhouette of tessa behind the screen

JESSA (⊙‿⊙✿)

tootsonnewts replied to your post: Considering the trailer, the first thing that…

he’s losing everything and being forced into a leadership role he’s neither prepared for or willing to take. the poor boy is barely keeping together at this point, and it feels logical that he’d just go after the source of a ton of his pain!!!

I really could see him snapping from all of that stress and pressure (though I’m already crying thinking about it).

Especially since we know that Keith was extremely fixated on defeating Lotor from the moment he showed up, considerably more so than the rest of the team. Now that Shiro is back/”back” his focus would likely shift towards Lotor completely and I think that’s exactly what’s happening in that scene in the trailer. He wants to go after Lotor, judging by Shiro’s face he’s probably arguing with Keith again and strongly opposing the idea, the rest of the team isn’t convinced and once again sides with Shiro. 

All of that, all that repeated opposition combined with the fact that now we technically have a spare Paladin could be enough for Keith to decide to go off on his own.

And dammit, I was perfectly fine having just one character to constantly worry about, I didn’t need Keith on the list.

tlc characters as parks and rec quotes
  • Cinder: Right now, my basic argument is: 'give us the land, that would be nice.'
  • Kai: I am 100% certain that I am 0% certain of what I am going to do.
  • Thorne: I have an idea. It's very uncool, but it's not illegal, technically, but it is a dick move.
  • Cress: Everything is amazing. Today is perfect. And I love you.
  • Scarlet: No, no, no, I'm not lonely. I have me.
  • Wolf: I promised myself I was not going to cry tonight, and I have already broken that promise five times. But I will NOT break it a sixth.
  • Jacin: We will get along just fine, though hopefully not too fine, because I am not looking for any new friends. End speech.
  • Winter: What I hear when I'm being yelled at is people caring loudly at me.