perfect bbu

So Finale couldn’t have been more perfect.

  • There were NO zankie segments 
  • Zach looked fine as hell (as usual)
  • We saw our King Will
  • Zonny was way more alive than any other ships
  • The holy trinity made top 3 favorite
  • Donny won America’s favorite
  • Frankie realized he’s not as loved as he thinks he is
  • The REAL BB fandom got the last laugh 
  • Derrick won (so happy I can’t contain)


  • Areola Granchi’s fans won’t be here next year
  • Amber gave Zach the pink hat
  • Zach’s going to be on The Bold and The Beautiful with Donny

I’m so pissed off at this season because Team America sucked and essentially screwed Zach over and the battle of the block sucked and essentially screwed Nicole over and I miss classic big brother with power shifts and have-have-not comps and Pandora’s box and fights and big moves and every houseguest being on an even playing field