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The shits that Jonny Frost has to put up with though


Some of the first people to arrive for Summer’s birthday are the triplets, who recently became Young Adults! 

They make 8 YA’s in the family, out of 14 kids (so far). 

Nora: Technophobe, Excitable, Eco-Friendly, Artistic, Slob

Grayson: Brave, Daredevil, Nurturing, Easily Impressed, Loner

Lily: Couch Potato, Socially Awkward, Genius, Hot-Headed, Star Quality

Something There - One Shot

Word Count: 2,759

Pairings: Lucifer x You

Warnings: None

You walked into the library to find Lucifer sitting at the long table there, leaning back casually in the chair. Sam and Dean were also there. Beers littered the table and empty fast food containers sat collecting dust. The brothers hardly noticed your arrival, but Lucifer looked up at you and smiled. You grinned right back at him.

Things had been different with him ever since you had freed him from Crowley’s grasp. He hadn’t been trying to kill you at all. Any of you. In fact, he had been downright pleasant to be around. Crowley had stripped him of his archangel powers and you didn’t know if it was his humanness that made him so charming or if it was another side of Lucifer that you had never seen. Gratitude, maybe.

“What’re we researching boys?” You asked.

“Case in Missouri.” Dean grunted. “We’re not sure what it is.”

“Shapeshifters.” Lucifer said off-handedly.

“We don’t know that.” Sam said sharply.

He and Dean were more severe with Lucifer and you couldn’t blame them. The archangel had played with their lives with reckless abandon numerous times. In fact, you and the brothers still weren’t sure why you had been spared. Lucifer knew that you had been working with the brothers for years and yet he had left you alone.

Lucifer shrugged nonchalantly. “Okay, waste your time.”

An hour later, Sam huffed and snapped the book shut. He said disappointedly, “Shapeshifters.”

Lucifer grinned and flashed his eyes mischievously at you. You couldn’t help but grin right back.

There’s something sweet

And almost kind

But he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined

And now he’s dear

And so I’m sure

I wonder why I didn’t see it there before

Dean and Sam were leaving to go deal with the shapeshifter, and you were to be left alone with the archangel in the bunker. They didn’t trust Lucifer and thought you were the perfect babysitter apparently. You and Lucifer watched from the entrance to the bunker as Baby roared down the road. The car disappeared from view and you and the archangel turned to look at each other.

“So uh, do you want to uh, watch something?” Lucifer asked awkwardly. “On the television?”

“Sure.” You said. “I just want to go take a shower first. Is that okay?”

“Yeah, yeah of course.” Lucifer nodded his head profusely, clearly feeling a little uneasy with the one-on-one encounter.

You smiled at him and stepped back inside the bunker. After your shower you made your way to the small living room in the bunker and stopped short.

On the couch was your favorite blanket, the fuzzy leopard print one and the comfiest pillow in the bunker. On the end table was a big bowl of super buttery popcorn and your favorite drink. On the coffee table were a bunch of bowls of chips and finger foods like bagel bites, pizza rolls, and other things. Candles had been lit and Gilmore Girls was queued up on the television. Lucifer was standing uncertainly by the end of the sofa, clenching and unclenching his hands nervously.

“Oh wow,” You breathed. “Lucifer, did you do this for me?”

“Uh, yeah.” He said and then he started babbling. “You work really hard and I thought you would like a nice break. I know you like popcorn and you drink that liquid all the time, so I figured you must really enjoy it. You’ve said that you love that blanket and you always use that pillow. And I don’t really know how humans work, but I thought you might be hungry after the popcorn, so I made some other stuff. And I know you like Gilmore Girls because I can hear it through the walls at night. Anyways, I set this all up for you and I’ll leave you to it then, I guess.”

You sat through his rambling amusedly but when he said he was leaving you cocked your head in confusion. “You aren’t staying?”

“Uh, well, um, I mean, I guess I could.”

“You don’t have to.” You assured him quickly. “But you can.”

He paused and glanced at you. “Do you want me to?”

You smiled widely at him. “Of course! Besides, it would be a shame if all this food went to waste.”

His face fell. “I made too much?”

“For me, yeah,” You said, chuckling. “But I think the two of us can probably manage to eat it all during the marathon. Come on, sit down.”

He did and you joined him on the couch, wrapped in your favorite blanket and feeling exorbitantly happy for some reason.

 She glanced this way

I thought I saw

And when we touched she didn’t shudder at my paw

No it can’t be

I’ll just ignore

But then she’s never looked at me that way before

Lucifer sat watching as you buzzed around the bunker cleaning in anticipation of the Winchester brothers’ return. It had been three weeks since they had left on the shapeshifter hunt, three weeks of spending time with you, and he wasn’t so sure he wanted it to end. But they would be home that night and you were trying your best to make sure their arrival would be a happy one. He didn’t see the point, they would never notice, but it seemed to be important to you and so he held his tongue.

He had been doing that a lot lately. Bitter, mean replies to things that you asked or said were cut short as soon as he thought them. It had been this way ever since he had seen you in Crowley’s chambers working to free him from the chains which imprisoned him. The brothers had tried to stop you, but you had ignored them and done it anyways. For that, Lucifer was grateful. Maybe that’s all this thing was – gratitude.

But no. He knew better. He had been trying to ignore his feelings for you and it had been easy when the brothers were present and that annoying little angel. But he was having trouble keeping them to himself, especially having spent all this time with you. He simply didn’t want to acknowledge the existence of these feelings, he wanted them to disappear, but they were relentless. A tide of emotion threatening to overcome him and he was only struggling against the tide.

You swept past him and he caught a hint of your perfume. It made his heart jump and he clenched his jaw, angry with himself. You were a human. A disgusting human. Only…you weren’t disgusting. And he couldn’t bring himself to hate you. Not even close. Even before Crowley’s chambers. He had always ignored you in his evil little plots and it was because he couldn’t bring himself to hurt you. He had been trying to ignore this for a long time now.

You slumped down into a chair across from him, trying to catch your breath. “Almost done.”

“You’ve done enough.” Lucifer said. “They won’t notice anyways. Relax.”

You made a face at him and he suddenly noticed a smudge of dirt on your cheek. Without thinking, he reached forward, tucked your hair behind your ear and ran his thumb along the length of your cheekbone. He froze when he realized what he was doing and your eyes met his. In yours, he could see something he thought he recognized and it shocked him.

“You had some dust or something.” He said hastily withdrawing his hand. “I got it.”

“Thanks,” You said, smiling slightly at him. That look was still in your eyes. Then you inhaled and stood. “And now, back to cleaning.”

Lucifer watched as you went back at it. Was the look you had given him truly what he thought it was?

New and a bit alarming

Who’d have ever thought that this could be?

True that he’s no Prince Charming

But there’s something in him that I simply didn’t see

The Winchesters had been back for a week now and you were almost all out of food. Finally exasperated at the situation and knowing that they were never going to do anything about it, you decided to go. You grabbed the keys to your car, the credit card from Dean, and made your way to your car. Lucifer was leaning against it, his arms crossed over his chest. Your heart fluttered at the sight of him, as it normally did these days. You knew the feeling. You were in love with the Devil. Alarming for sure. But he was so much different than what you thought he would be.

“Mind if I join you?” He asked smoothly, looking at you. You felt a little shock run through you when your eyes met. That was normal these days too.

“Not at all,” You smiled winningly at him and hopped in the driver’s seat.

You had hoped the grocery run would be quick, but you were so indecisive about things and you knew the boys would complain if you got weird things. Lucifer huffed and sighed through the grocery trip, and finally towards the end, he wandered off. You let him go, knowing that he hated shopping and feeling a little guilty about taking so long. You were trying to decide what kind of rice to get when you heard his voice from the next aisle.

“Beat it, kid.”

“Mister, I’m lost.” A small voice trembled.

“Not my problem.”

“Please, can you help me find my mommy?”


The kid began to cry and you sighed, turning the cart around to go find Lucifer and help the kid out. You knew they were in the next aisle, the candy aisle. What you heard next surprised you.

Lucifer sighed. “Tell you what. You help me, I’ll help you. Alright?”

“Okay,” The kid said tearfully.

“Okay.” You heard shifting and knew that Lucifer had knelt in front of the kid. “I have a friend and two of her favorite candies are Butterfingers and M&Ms. I want to surprise her with some, but I’m not sure which one. What do you think?”

You were stunned that this was what he had wandered off to do. And how did he know that those were your favorites? You had never told him…had you? A memory came back of a month or two ago when you all had stopped for ice cream after a hunt. You had ordered plain ice cream with M&Ms and Butterfingers and had probably said something then. He had remembered?

“M&Ms. You can bake ‘em into cookies.” The kid said.

“Alright, M&Ms it is.” Lucifer said. You heard him pick up a bag. “Come on, let’s go find your mom and then I have to pay for these so my friend doesn’t know.”

You heard them head out of the aisle and peeked around the end to see that the little boy had taken Lucifer’s hand. And Lucifer had let him.

Well who’d have thought?

Well bless my soul.

Well who’d have known?

Well who indeed?

And who’d have guessed they’d come together on their own?

Dean’s nose led him to the kitchen, where a pile of freshly baked M&M cookies waited on the counter. He reached for one and his hand was promptly smacked away with a spatula. He looked up sharply, shocked, and saw Lucifer pointing at him with the spatula. The Devil stood in front of the oven, which was on, and had a bowl of cookie dough next to him that had clearly been made from scratch.

“Those aren’t for you.” The archangel said.

“Well who are they for then?” Dean asked, an edge to his voice.

“Hey, cookies!” You exclaimed, bouncing into the kitchen. You grabbed one off the plate and Dean’s mouth dropped open as you took a bite without getting spatula smacked. “Oooo M&Ms! My favorite! These are great, Lucifer! Thanks!”

You grabbed another and headed back towards your room. Dean wheeled on the archangel and was shocked to see Lucifer was watching you leave with a smile on his face. The smile quickly dropped when he saw that Dean was glaring at him. Dean’s eyes narrowed and he left the kitchen in a huff.

Later, you and Lucifer were in the library doing some light research. Dean huddled with Sam, Mary, and Cas around the corner, watching.

“I’m telling you,” Dean said in a harsh whisper. “He likes her and I think she likes him. Just look!”

Sam rolled his eyes, but did as Dean said. And what he saw shocked him a bit. Lucifer sat in the chair next to you, but had dragged it over so it was close. The two of you sat so close that your arms brushed and every so often the two of you would share a soft look.

“Would you look at that?” Sam breathed.

"I don’t see it,” Cas said.

Dean rolled his eyes. “There’s something there guys. And I don’t like it.”

“It might be a good thing.” Mary said softly. “He been less…devilish lately. You must have noticed it. And I think it’s because of her. He got his powers back a while ago now. He could have gone right back to his old behavior.”

“I don’t know.” Dean said. He turned to look back at you and Lucifer. “We’ll find out eventually, I guess.”

It’s so peculiar

We’ll wait and see

A few days more

There may be something there that wasn’t there before

It had been a while since the Winchesters and Cas had noticed what was going on between you and Lucifer. Dean had kept close tabs on the two of you and he kept waiting for Lucifer to slip up. To show that he was still the same old Devil. But there was absolutely nothing devious going on. The archangel seemed to genuinely enjoy your company and to seek you out above the others. Dean still wasn’t sure about Lucifer’s sudden change of behavior until the day he was outnumbered by demons.

The hunt had been going normally, or so Dean had thought, until they were right in the middle of an intricate trap laid by a powerful demon. The swarm had descended on them and Dean thought that it was finally the end for the Winchester brothers. You were at the bunker with Lucifer thankfully, but it meant that you weren’t available to fight. Luckily, you had decided to call in that moment and Dean was able to answer.

“HELP!” He roared before you had even said anything.

An instant later, there was a bright light and the demons were ripped off of him. Dean shielded his face with his hands and squinted to see Lucifer in the middle of a bloodbath. Every demon had been shredded and lay before him in puddles of their own blood and ichor. Lucifer approached him and helped him off the floor, then did the same with Sam.

“You two alright?” He asked.

“My arm,” Dean said. “I think one of the demons broke it.”

Lucifer healed him in an instant. “Do you need my help with anything else?”

Dean shook his head in a stupor. Lucifer had helped of his own accord?

“Okay, I’ll be at the bunker. And Dean? Next time, just pray to me. I’ll be here much quicker.”

The archangel was gone with a flutter of wings and Dean stood there in wonder. Not one smart remark, or nasty comment from Lucifer? An offer of future help? Maybe there really was something different about him.

You know, perhaps there’s something there that wasn’t there before

“Are they okay?” You asked frantically when Lucifer returned, covered in nasty goop from the demons.

“Yes, they’re fine.”  He said gruffly.

“Are you okay?”

He softened. “I’m fine. Just have to go get cleaned up.”

You let out a sigh of relief and threw your arms around him, not caring about the mess. Lucifer stiffened at first, but sagged into the hug an instant later. It was the first time you had embraced him at all. You drew back after a few moments and were surprised to feel his lips crash into yours. He pulled away almost instantly and looked as alarmed as you felt.

“I’m sorry, I just, I didn’t-” He started, a red color rising up his neck and into his cheeks.

A happiness unlike any other exploded into your heart and you leaned forward, and kissed him right back. You could feel his smile on your lips.

There may be something there that wasn’t there before

Pinky Promise (pt. 1 of my Le Duo verse)

Pairing(s): Luke Evans/Josh Gad

Summary: Luke isn’t intimidated by a simple babysitting gig, okay? He really isn’t. He’s performed live in front of massive audiences on West End and seen his face on the big screen all around the world. Needless to say, he’s definitely not scared of some little girls. Especially not Josh Gad’s adorable little girls. Nope, not scared at all.


The front door is pretty average; tall and sturdy and probably a little expensive, but plain. Certainly nothing to be intimidated by. Except that Luke knows the man of his dreams is just behind that door. And with him, his beautiful wife and two daughters. God, he really should just turn around and feign some deadly illness because the whole situation is too absurd.

When Josh had asked him for a favor, Luke had foolishly agreed without knowing anything, jumping at any opportunity to please like an overeager puppy. He hadn’t realized that the favor would involve going just long enough without seeing Josh to make Luke really miss him and then sleeping over at Josh’s house with the two most important little people in his friend’s life. It was all a giant domestic tease that Luke wasn’t sure he could handle.

Luke never thought that he would be trying to get into Gaston’s headspace outside of shooting Beauty and the Beast (because really, who would willingly put themselves in that guy’s headspace for any other reason?), but he found himself taking out his phone and pulling up the camera app, trying to let courage show through his eyes on the screen as he channeled his character’s outrageous self-confidence.

“You are Luke Evans, and you are clever, kind, and incredibly fun to be around. You are the perfect babysitter, and you have noth
ing to worry about.”

He cocked an eyebrow for effect, starting to feel even less self-assured at how silly he looked, when he heard the door unlatch. He immediately shoved his phone in his pocket and felt heat rising to his cheeks as the door swung open and he looked up into Josh’s amused eyes.

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So…. I know Saeran won’t let you guys have a cat (;-;), but instead…um… How would you like to help me think of a name for THIS lil kitty? I… sorta designed her to be your guys’ pet, heheh… ^^;; Whaddya think?

Saeyoung: OH!! She’s so precious! Sae Sae Sae look!!

Saeran: …Cool eyes.

Saeyoung: Ah~ My heart is melting at the sight of her! I might just have to–

Saeran: Don’t. You. Dare.

Saeyoung: No fair! I want to hold her too!

Saeran: Marigold. It’s a flower. And she’s gold.

Saeyoung: I like it! But what are you going to do with her…?

Saeran: Hmm…

Saeyoung: MC?

Saeran: MC.

anonymous asked:

How on Earth did you get to be Goth's babysitter? Like.. Did Reaper just.. Cats have nine lives so a cat babysitter is perfect for the son of death???

no it’s because I’m Toro’s friend \=w=/

Brittany Snow on Straight talk with Ross

Brittany talking about her and Anna.

Don’t tell mom the babysitter’s dead, especially that one line will probably always remind Brittany and Anna of eachother and their scene in Pitch Perfect 2 aww!


“When a gem is made it’s for a reason

They burst out of the ground already knowing what they’re supposed to be

And that’s what they are


But you… You’re supposed to change

You’re never the same even moment to moment

You’re allowed and expected to invent who you are

What an incredible power

The ability to grow up…”

The Terminal, XIII

I’m trapped in a collapsing building
Come find me now, where I hide.

The first fall evening came like a blown out candle. September began with the angry burn of the sun refusing to acknowledge that autumn was inevitable. Until one afternoon it just stopped, the burn blown back by the mysterious science of time and nature. 

The people on the streets were caught, suddenly, shivering and complaining that winter was just around the corner. Without coats and gloves dug from worn boxes in the backs of closets, the world stubbornly shivered on streets and in parking lots.

In the tiny apartment on the fourth floor, the world grew colder, too. Clarke found herself innately unprepared and horrendously sideswiped by the shift in Lexa’s mood as the papers were started that would end her career. Nearly as much as the world was surprised by the predictability of the changing of seasons. 

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Babysitter (Bechloe AU)

Chapter 1

Beca knew she wasn’t going to make it in LA without a job. And she thought it was going to be easy, finding a bar or a record store to work at. I mean c'mon, it’s LA! She didn’t really know much about applying for jobs. Or working, really. But she knew she needed to earn money if she wanted to stay and pursue her dream of becoming a famous DJ. And she knew she had to find a job immidiately because she was so done with her father calling her every day to remind her that starting next month, she’ll be paying her own bills.
She’s been to five bars and two record stores, and none of them were short of staff. On the contrary, they were packed. Beca didn’t know a record store needed more than five people to run it. What did they do all day? Pass each other some CDs? Talk about Lady Gaga? The store was basically empty.

It was her third week searching for a job and she’s just spent five hours walking around town and being turned down by every single place she stepped into. Tired and hungry, she decided to try again in the nearest cafe. Cafes are like bars except better looking, right?
She went in and sat down at a table. She was too tired to walk over to the counter. The place was nice and quiet. After two minutes, she was approached by a waitress.
»Hello. What can I get you?«
»Hi, um, I’ll have a glass of water and a blueberry muffin, please.«
»Sure thing.«
As she waited, she looked around. She could totally see herself working here. It was nice and tidy, and all the shelves were stacked with books. To her left, there was an open drawer filled with newspapers.
»Oh, you can totally take one if you want. They’re just sitting there, waiting to be read.«
Beca looked up at the waitress after she placed the muffin and water in front of her.
»Thanks. Actually, I was just wondering, are you hiring?«
»Sadly, no. Not right now.« She looks around before sitting next to Beca,
»If I could, I would hire you right on the spot. This shit’s really tiring when you work alone.«
Beca was surprised by the blonde’s words and actions but she didn’t really mind.
»Yeah, I bet. You know, I thought it was going to be easy to find a job in LA. And now here I am, three weeks and thirty-six rejections later.« The brunette giggled before taking a bite of her muffin.
»I can help you if you want.«
»Really? But aren’t you busy?«
»Right now, you’re my only costumer. There’s nothing much to do. And you seem like you could really use some help.«
»I really could. I’m Beca, by the way.« Beca smiled at the blonde and she smiled back.
»Aubrey. So let’s get started then.«
»Wait, how are we gonna do this?«
Aubrey took a newspaper out of the drawer and spread it on the table in front of them.
»I found my last job in a newspaper. There are some really good job adverts in here and who even reads newspaper these days?«
»Wow, you’re right. I haven’t thought of that.« Beca said as she started looking at a page full of advertisements.

A few minutes passed and all they’ve found were ads either looking for secretaries or mechanics.
»Hey what about this one?« Aubrey said and pointed at something on the next page.
Beca looked at it and scrunched up her nose.
»Yeah, I’m not that good with kids.«
»So? It’s not that hard. Plus, I know this woman. She comes here every week with her kids and trust me, she could really use some help.« The blonde tapped her finger against a black and white picture of a girl.
»Wait, are you saying this is the mother? She looks about twenty! And it says here she has a six and a one year old?«
Beca saw Aubrey look at her guiltily.
»What?« Beca asked.
Aubrey sighed, »Okay, I’ll tell you. But only if you promise you will help her out. Please?«
Beca squinted her eyes at that. She hated kids. But she was also very curious.
»Okay, I promise I’ll call her.«
Aubrey turned to Beca and started talking.
»Well, this woman, her name is Chloe, comes by every week and asks me if I could keep an eye out for her kids while she goes out and has a few minutes to herself. One time, her kids were playing with Diego, my brother who came to pick me up. I was getting ready to leave but she wasn’t back yet and I decided to go look for her. I walked a few blocks and I saw her on a bench. She was smoking a cigarette. Obviously, I didn’t judge her. But as I walked closer, I realized she was shaking. And crying. I sat down next to her and she apologized. That’s when she told me.«
Aubrey stopped talking and looked at Beca, who nodded for her to continue.
»Oh God, Beca. There is so much this woman has been through. She asked me not to tell anyone, ever. But I’ll tell you this. She had a baby when she was 15. It wasn’t her fault. You need to take this job, Beca. She needs someone right now. Hell, she needed someone her whole life. And she’s all alone and she hasn’t been around in two weeks and now I’m kind of worried.«
The blonde looked at the DJ with wide eyes and bit her lip. All Beca could do was nod.
A few minutes passed in silence.
»I will call her.«

Have we talked about how imperfect Marinette is in Le Gamer?

(Has this been discussed somewhere? If yes, hit me up with a link.)

OKAY HEAR ME OUT. Because I think this is super important.

So far, we’ve seen and loved how Marinette is portrayed as a normal girl who likes pink and making clothes, has a massive crush on her classmate, is an all around sweetheart, a reluctant but natural leader, and, as we now know, a girl gamer yeeeeeeah! She’s not a perfect babysitter, she dislikes homework, and stutters in front of her crush. This same normal girl is also a kickass superhero. This is great and empowering, as she’s meant to be a role model for girls everyone; that even if you think you’re just normal, you can be a hero in your own way.

BUT we’ve also seen her be a little careless and make wrong decisions. Like making decisions out of jealousy (Bubbler), skipping responsibilities at home because of her responsibilities with friends (Chronogirl), occasionally lying, and frequently forgetting appointments (GOD BLESS TIKKI). She can also be biased and quick to blame others when it’s to her benefit (Rogercop–though I think this might be rare).

She steals Adrien’s phone (Copycat–this is felony, children). She returns it, but still. And there’s her provoking Chloé in Kung Food (who in turn provoked Mari’s uncle into getting akumatized–but then Chloe always gets someone akumatized). But Chloé provoked her first, and Marinette’s in the right this time again, I think. 

Most times, she has good intentions behind her mistakes, and this makes her very endearing. And she’s still a role model for everyone because even if you have good intentions, things can go wrong– but hey! you can fix it.

But then, in Gamer, I’m pretty sure this is the first time we see Marinette doing something really selfish, and putting thought to being selfish. This is the most selfish we’ve ever seen her, that I almost feel like it’s a foil to her usual self, and her Ladybug-hero-of-Paris self.

She finds out early on that the tournament is a big thing. It’s not just a big event, but it’s a big thing for Max. Kim tells Marinette that Max has been training for a year. It is a very big deal to him. And what does Marinette do with this information? She disregards it and schemes to use the tournament as a way to spend time with Adrien. We see Alya reprimand her, but what she emphasizes is the importance of the tournament. Marinette is confident she won’t let the school down, so Alya’s argument becomes moot.

She doesn’t give a thought to Max. Or rather, the only thought she gives Max is that she’s going to defeat him. She proceeds to elbow her way in–gamer extraordinaire or no–obstinately taking a seat and giving that glare as she wordlessly demands for the controller.

When Max gets defeated, he actually manages to be a good sport about it, congratulating Adrienette, and excuses himself. To me, at that point, that behavior is better than Marinette’s. Once outside, Max rants, and I believe he’s very disappointed in himself, and not at Marinette nor Adrien. The akuma blackens his heart, of course, and blows it out of proportion.

Back to Marinette, she seemed to have a small oops? moment in the library when Max was leaving, but it was wiped away by the thought of succeeding to be partnered with Adrien. Tikki later reminds her about Max’s feelings. Marinette concedes to Tikki’s point, that she’s only thinking about Adrien– and then suddenly she’s distracted YET AGAIN.

(The episode and the fandom then focuses on Adrienette and Marichat and gaming references from this point on, and only highlighting Max when storytelling his progress as he levels up.) 

So, basically, this is the first time we’ve seen Marinette be directly responsible for an akuma victim, and worse, she did it deliberately. Of course, she didn’t mean for him to be akumatized, but other than that, she knows exactly what she was doing, and she repeatedly focuses on herself and on Adrien. (Such are the effects of our smol model son of a sunshine prince, I guess.)

But, see, this is important, because it cements Marinette’s normal-ness. That, despite looking like a goody-two-shoes, she’s really really like us, imperfect and human.  It shows that selfishness doesn’t always look like Chloé Bourgeois. It feels a little like a wake-up call or a checkpoint.

At the end of it all, Ladybug and Chat Noir save the day, and Marinette realizes her mistake. And she’s still a role model for everyone because even if you did a really stupid, selfish thing, you can and should apologize.

And, hey, after you do it, your crush might be impressed and touch your shoulder again.

BUT WAIT I’M NOT DONE. I really do hope that Marinette learned her lesson here, because I can’t imagine her doing the same thing. I’d be scared if she does. I’m actually also nervous at what other character flaws she has. We all have these, and we see them at unexpected times. I am…very nervous about this.

So yep, that was a long post. Let me know your thoughts!

#167: Baby Series | The Boys Babysit Your Baby

Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Pregnancy Series Masterlist

First Night Home With The Baby


Diaper Changing

Bath Time

Bottlefeeding His P.O.V

You’re Insecure About Your Body After The Birth

Walks In The Park

Your Baby Laughs For The First Time

Doctor Visits

Baby’s First Word

Crawling For The First Time 


“You know,” Luke started, stopping his fork from making its way up to his mouth that was already chewing on some delicate pasta. “This is actually our first official date. As in our first official date ever.” Your eyes widened by his words, suddenly realizing the fact he just stated. “Oh my god.” Your hand came up to cover the giggle that escaped your lips and Luke smiled widely by your reaction. This was indeed your first date ever as a couple. Of course you could state that being prom dates during Senior year was somehow alike but that was meanwhile you were best friends and now it was actually something for real. When Luke suggested it you had laughed at first claiming that you didn’t have time but somehow you managed to fit it in in your busy schedule. And here you were on a decent Italian restaurant down by the beach that Liz had suggested. But every time you tried to see the light in the situation, trying your utter best to enjoy the fact that you finally got some time for yourself, you couldn’t. “And you don’t seem to enjoy it.” Luke mumbled slightly after noticing your worried expression, a frown appearing on his face. “No Luke’s it’s not that.” You tried to reassure, feeling the phone between your thighs heating up by the warmth you were creating. “I know I know. Mommy is still on duty even if she isn’t near her son.” He cracked a small smile and reached out for your hand. “I just didn’t picture our first date like this.” He admitted and played with your fingers. “What did you imagine?” You questioned with a quivered eyebrow, smiling. “Maybe I can illustrate that another time. Right now I think you should call Ashton and hear if our son is still alive. I miss him too.” You couldn’t even express the excitement by Luke’s words and you peppered his hand with kisses before standing up and headed towards a secluded area. Deciding that a phone call wouldn’t be enough to satisfy your cravings to see William you turned on the FaceTime instantly, waiting in anticipation for Calum to pick up. “Why are you shirtless?” You asked confused the second Ashton and Calum flashed on your screen. “Yeah we had a minor accident.” “What happened?” You questioned in a serious tone with wide eyes. Luke, who clearly had his eyes on you from the second you stood up noticed your reaction and hurried to stand next to you. “Well for starters William puked his milk all over Calum. Afterwards when I was holding him he decided to do it on me as well. I assume it’s not the milk but his stomach not feeling well today?” You looked up at Luke shortly to see him furrow his eyebrows. “Yeah he did have some problems but we didn’t assume it would continue until tonight.” Luke responded and wrapped an arm around yours. “No worries though. We’ve got everything under control.” Michael yelled from behind, coming into view on the screen with William in his arms – and he was still wearing his shirt. “Turns out William knows who his favourite uncle is.” Ash and Cal rolled their eyes by Michael’s confident statement. You couldn’t prevent the giggle when they moved William up to Calum’s phone, your boy looking at the screen with curious eyes. Waving goodbye a huge sigh escaped your lips and Luke wrapped his arm around your waist. “Ready to finish our date in peace without any worries?” You nodded your head agreeing and a huge smile flashed on his beautiful face features.


”Okay so his infant formula is already premade and just needs to get heated up, his diapers are under the sink in the bathroom and if he somehow won’t stop crying try grab the small lion we have tagged along for him. Sometimes he cries for nothing and in the end it’s a simple miss of either me or Calum.” You paced around almost confused with your arms in the air to point around, the boys following you in your heels, Luke holding Alex in his arms. “And if you’re confused about anything you can call Calum or me and we won’t hesitate to be back-“ You stopped in track by Calum wrapping his arm around your neck from behind, his lips shushing against your cheek. “You’re stressing out and we haven’t even left yet.” He said casually and tried to calm you down, feeling your whole body vibrate with adrenaline. “Yeah don’t worry. We’ll take great care of him.” Luke cheered and secured his arm around Alex. “I know it’s just… The first time I’m away from him and I feel like I’m about to break down.” You mumbled with a small sigh, a dry laugh coming from your lips afterwards by your lame behavior. “This happens to every mother right?” You looked over your shoulder while biting your lip and Calum nodded his head agreeing. “It does. I think you’re handling it pretty well considering we didn’t call one of the tour managers to do this.” He chuckled and Ashton’s along with Michael’s jaw dropped. “We’re perfect babysitters. Right Alexander?” Michael looked down at your son with hopeful eyes but he didn’t receive any other answer than weird mumbles. “I take that as a yes.” He commented and Calum giggled slightly while helping you pull on your jacket. “Should I just double check everything before we leave?” You asked while looking up at him but Calum shook his head and pushed you lightly towards the door. “Come on or we won’t make it for our reserved table.” Calum opened the door to the hotel room and waited for you to walk out first. “You think we are allowed to feet him cookies?” Michael whispered towards Ash and Luke making you stop in track instantly with wide eyes. “Oh no.” Calum mumbled and grabbed you by the arm, pulling you out the hotel room and looked towards the boys. “No damn cookies Michael his teeth isn’t developed yet!” Closing the door with warning eyes a small sigh escaped his lips when he saw your nervous state standing next to him. “Hey. It’s gonna be alright.” He placed his warm hands on top of your cheeks. “I know this might seem all scary, you haven’t been separated from him for almost a year. But I assure that the boys will do their best. Or at least Ashton will.” You smiled softly by his words and leaned your cheek against his chest, his black dress shirt comfortable against your skin. “And for now I want to enjoy this night with you. Not as daddy and mommy Hood but as the couple who is going to get married soon and actually need to start prepare it at some point.” He linked his hand with yours and headed down the hallway, butterflies erupting in your stomach by his affection. This was gonna be okay you knew it you just had to breathe it all in and take a break. “I really wanna enjoy it too.” You breathed while feeling his lips press against your forehead with a smile.


“Come on Y/N it’s been five minutes since we left the house and you’re already on your phone.” Michael whined from beside you, his hands gripping onto the steering wheel. You looked up from your phone shortly with a sigh before placing it between your thighs and tried to focus on the road ahead of you. “It’s been a long time I’m not sure if they can handle it.” Michael rolled his eyes by your words and parked into the parking lots by the small grocery store, the night sky clear from above and the streets lamp lightening up the place. “This won’t take longer than ten minutes. We go in, get what we need and head out again. The boys won’t look after her for more than twenty minutes. What could possibly go wrong?” Michael stopped in track by his words while stepping out of the car, “Okay screw the last part.” You giggled slightly by his words and wrapped your arms around each other, walking into the almost deserted grocery store at eight pm. It was in such hurry that you and Michael needed something and with Celeste needing her sleep you couldn’t dare to take her with you. And when the boys suggested to watch over her you thought it was a joke, but before you could say no Michael had already answered yes and pushed you out of the door. But of course it wouldn’t take long before a phone call was dialed from Luke’s phone. “What have you done?” Michael questioned the second he answered his phone, lifting it up to his ear while you looked at him with half widened eyes. “Yeah remember that pre made bottle with breast milk that Y/N made her Celeste in case she woke up?” Small cries were faint in the background as Luke talked and Michael pursed his lips before answering, “What about it?” “Yeah, Ashton knocked it down so we don’t have anything to feed her with.” “He did what?” You questioned out loud, the volume on Michael’s phone being so loud you were able to hear it. “It wasn’t my fault Calum was the one rushing at me!” Ashton yelled faint in the background and Michael rolled his eyes. “Don’t worry we’ll be back soon try occupy her with something else.” Hanging up the phone he rolled his eyes and mumbles shortly, “So much for making the boys babysit.” “Told ya.” You commented and wrapped your arm around his to head down towards pacifiers and diapers. You scanned the shelves after some infant formula boxes and leaned on your toes to get one. “I thought it would be great for next time incidents like these occur.” You grinned when he leaned over your shoulder to grab the box with ease and placed it in your small basket. “Great idea.” He mumbled while biting his lip, trying to find something. You looked at him with a quivered eyebrow, his lips pursed while he furrowed his eyebrows. “Done?” You questioned and he shook his head. “We need one more thing.” Smiling softly when his eyes spotted what he was looking for. You eyed him carefully as he grabbed the pregnancy test and waved it slightly in the air. “Right.” You commented in fits of giggles, feeling your cheeks blushing up by the adoring smile on Michael’s face. “As this was the actual reason to why this grocery shopping was so urgent.” He placed the test into your basket and wrapped arm around your shoulders, pulling your face into his chest and kissed the top of your head.


“You look… Absolutely stunning Mrs. Irwin.” Ashton commented the second he walked inside your bedroom, fiddling with the sleeves of his white dress shirt. A tie was wrapped tight around his neck while his black blazer was adding up to the outfit, his curls still messy as usual. You looked over your shoulder by his comment and let go of the mascara in your hand, adding a bit of lipstick just to make the final touch. “You look pretty great yourself Mr. Irwin.” You commented and grabbed his tie slightly, grinning when he avoided kissing your lips and headed for your forehead instead. “So has your mom arrived?” You questioned with a smile, but it faded away when Ashton moved away from you with an almost nervous expression on his face. “Yeah about that.” He mumbled but before he could explain himself you heard yells from downstairs. “Cloe come back here since when did you start learning to crawl!?” “Oh my god is that Michael?” You questioned with your lips parting, hurrying out of your bedroom and down the stairs to see the boys sit on the baby blanket, Calum and Luke having full control of Zack while Michael was crawling after Cloe’s fast legs and arms. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” You breathed in warning and looked over your shoulder when Ashton appeared and placed an arm around your waist. “Mom called in sick last minute. So welcome to the armature substitutes.” Your lips parted slightly when the boys waved and grinned at your reaction, “Don’t worry Y/N we can handle this it’s all gonna be great. You and Ashton will head out and celebrate your second wedding anniversary and meanwhile the boys and I will watch over the twins. We’ve got it all covered I bet we’re even better babysitters Ashton’s mom and Lauren!” Calum commented with confidence and stood up, leaving Luke with Zack in his lap. “Ashton even told us where to find the stuff. Diapers under the sink in the bathroom, bottles lined up in the fridge ready to be heated in the microwave and cuddly toys in their cribs. There’s nothing to worry about Y/N I promise.” You held your breath while Calum was speaking, looking up at Ashton who was smirking in delight. He did make sure that the boys were aware of everything and all. “And what if something goes wrong?” You questioned, a smile embracing your lips. “We’ll speed dial you the second it happens. As I said; Everything is under control. Now go out and have a blast of a night.” Pushing the both of you towards the door you barely got the chance to say goodbye to your babies before the door was closed. Ashton let out a giggle by Calum’s rush and fixed the tie around his neck. “Ready to celebrate?” He moved his hand in the air in invitation and a warm smile embraced on your lips. Though the second you hooked your arm around Ash’s the sound of glass crashing came from behind your front door and your eyes widened instantly. “Okay we have to leave before I regret this decision.” He mumbled under his breath while rolling his eyes, pulling you towards your car in a hurry. This was gonna be a nerve wrecking night and you as sure as hell were ready to clean up your whole house the second you would be back from the dinner. But for now, you and Ashton needed to enjoy each other. This was after all two years ago you got married. And what a blessing your life had become ever since.

The Barclays’ Babysitter

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This was a terrible idea. Reg kept thinking it over and over. All he’d wanted to do was take Liz on a nice vacation, like they used to do all the time, before the kids. He’d arranged for them to stay at a smaller, but still quite nice, resort planet; though it would only be for two days, he was sure they’d have plenty of time to kick back and relax.

But he had thought the matter of finding someone to watch the kids would be far simpler than it had turned out to be. Damn the O’Briens for not being available! Miles and Keiko were the perfect go-to babysitters. Friendly, responsible, the kids liked them. But of course, they were having a vacation of their own, at the exact same time. All the other people Reg would normally have preferred instead were unavailable.

So that left… Garak. The Cardassian tailor, spy, god knows what else. To watch his children for almost two full days.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked Liz while Sofia and Oliver ran around their quarters playing some strange, loud game they’d invented. “Maybe we should just skip the whole thing… I might be able to get a refund…”


(   This isn’t even really a headcanon, because it’s a known fact that Shisui would be the perfect babysitter / uncle— just look how he behaved around Sasuke when he was a child, like, he did all the right things; whispered white lies to make Sasuke happy, went down to his level and acted like a second big brother. Plus, the smiles he directed at Sasuke&Itachi, when they were together, were just the kind of smiles that displayed utter devotion and happiness for someone else - a smile that said ‘I want to make them happy, and protect them at all costs’. To me, this shows that Shisui would be not only be a great person with young individuals, but also overall. He would actually be too soft for his own good, but at the same time know where the line is, this would though be something he would rarely show due to his soft heart.   )