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Here’s the thing about this love story that’s so amazing. Despite all its twists and turns, it has endured for almost twenty years. You guys have been best friends your whole lives. You fell in love with her when you were in kindergarten and have never stopped loving her. Not even for a day. You told me you always knew that someday you’d be together. I think that someday is now. The only question is: what the hell are you waiting for?




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[translations] 2017.03.12 NCT DREAM 1st fansign at YP books - part 1

Damn there’s too many I’m gonna split into parts

1. Today’s seating arrangement was like Haechan - Chenle - Jisung - Renjun - Jeno, when the fansign ended Haechan said that Jisung is really cute today. Chenle and Jisung looked particularly shy they barely lifted up their heads [x | x]

2. Haechan says recently he’s been listening to One Direction’s PERFECT, OP asked if he could sing it for her, Haechan looked at her in the eye and sung it T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T [x]  *ohmygod just want to say i’m like sinking in my seat while typing this*

3. Another fan asked Haechan what is his favorite line from PERFECT, he wrote “BABY I’M PERFECT” on the page [x]

4. OP was on a mission to help her friend to get some tidbits of NoJun moments in the dorm so she asked Renjun if there was anything interesting Jeno and him did in the dorm.
Renjun,”We watch TV in the room together”
OP didn’t give up and asked the same question to Jeno, Jeno replied,”We watch movies”… Boring answers.. haha  [x]

5. Haechan was the first to finish signing, he kept saying wow Chenle and Jisung are really so cute~ so cute~
Chenle: Hyung, you are cute too
Haechan: I know~
Chenle: But Mark hyung is the cutest
Renjun mentioned that it’s a pity that Mark didn’t manage to come this time, so Haechan did an impersonation of Mark at NCT 127′s fansign and went like “Um… Um… WOW…” hhahahaha

6. Initially OP was daydreaming so Haechan waved at her, she said thanks and commented that Haechan is very handsome. Haechan said,”Thank you~” and OP told him that she is his senior in school. Haechan,”O.O REALLY?!?!?!” and signed “XXX Sunbaenim” on the page [x]

7. OP asked Jisung what does he do with the hyungs in the dorm. Jisung said,”We watch the television” [x]

8. OP asked of all the First and Last stages he have done, which was the most memorable? Without any hesitation Haechan said,”Rock scissors paper?” OP,”It was indeed unforgettable..” [x]
T/N: He was referring to this episode on M Countdown.

9. OP asked Jisung if he has any interest to take part in a variety program in the future, Jisung said,”Yes” and after some thinking he said he would like to do something like Running Man. OP requested him to draw some hearts and Jisung drew a few hearts with shivering hands [x]
T/N: most of the fan accounts commented that Jisung was very nervous today and his hands were shivering the entire time just look at all the hearts he drew

10. OP asked other then cute concepts, any other concepts he would like to try? Jisung said,’It’s still a long way to go but.. I want to try something like Exo’s MONSTER“ When Jisung’s hands are tired from writing he would put his hands by the chest and say,”Thank you” gratefully [x]

part 2 is up here!



Laura Benanti Explains the Plays of the 2016-17 Broadway Season.

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