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Abemiha week day 4: Forever/Past

Just a tiny tiny comic centred more around mihashi.

anonymous asked:

Pick five of your favourite YouTubers. If they were actors/actresses what roles would they most likely be cast for?

HA HA HA HA HA HA as if I have more than five

Okay we’ll start with Mark. Like specific roles in a specific movie? Or a kind of trope? I like tropes, because I never fucking watch movies. 

Mark Fischbach

Best Friend Rival.
It took me a long time to think about this one, but Mark is definitely The Guy You Wanna Beat. He’s got the looks, the voice, the brain, but he’s got too many good skills to be Action Hero, and besides, irl he plays support in team games too much, yet charges ahead with the Gnome of Healing regardless of what’s happening. So I think he’s the Too Perfect Guy, but not antagonistically so. Perfect hair, perfect voice, perfect humor, everybody loves him, including the audience. 

He’d be cast as the Cool/Successful Guy or Talented Mentor in a scrappy underdog story that the protagonist wants to gain the approval of. He’s the measure of success that the protagonist must meet or surpass before he knows he’s Finally Made It. 

Dan Avidan

Eyes of the Audience.
Dan would be the main character in a story about discovering yourself while escaping a life of hardship. A struggling artist who wants to make it, but a relatable person. Sweet, trusting, he’d be the kind of protagonist with self-esteem issues who’s being exploited for his natural talent and looks, but doesn’t believe he has either. 

He needs someone, like a certain Best Friend Arin Hanson or Caustic but Fair Mentor Brian Wecht (or both) to fight back against the Forces That Be and show us all that we, too, can conquer our demons and defeat the things that are holding us back from What We Can Truly Become. 

Ethan Nestor

Crazy Best Friend. Ethan would be the catalyst of a fast-paced comedy or action movie. He’d get in trouble, or cause trouble, or push the main character into the office of the executive in the middle of a meeting and then shut the door behind him. 

Ethan would be the guy to accidentally or purposefully kickstart the plot of a Wrong-Time-Wrong-Place-Wrong-Person story. And he’d be the one holding a secret to resolving it, too. Scrappy, resourceful, boundless energy, but three quarters of the way through he’d reveal something earth-shattering that makes his character the deepest and most prone to speculation in the entire cast. 

Wade Barnes/Bob Muyskens

I’m torn between the cliched Buddy Comedy Duo and Professional Goofball and Sick-of-His-Shit Handler.
I think I like the latter. Wade Barnes would be the practical joker of a heist or spy crew that everybody loves until the joke is on them, but they’d join in on the fun whenever it’s NOT them. He’s the guy who disappears halfway through the plan and you think he’s dead, but he comes back in a blaze of triumph and everybody cheers that he’d made it through. He’s the guy who glues everyone together, and reminds them to keep their chin up. 

Bob, on the other hand, is the one guy in the crew who doesn’t join in on the fun. He doesn’t play jokes, and the last time he had a joke played on him, someone got a brand-new leg cast. But it wasn’t Wade. Bob is the Information Feeder/Team Coordinator, the guy who seems serious because he hates Wade’s disruptions, but he’s always making sarcastic commentary over the headset and his wit is fan favorite. He’s the level-headed guy who keeps everyone focused and on track. He’s not Top Dog, but he’s 100% the Guy Who Knows Everything. And in the end, he understands the necessity of Wade’s antics in keeping group cohesion. 

Sean McLoughlin

Guy With Something to Prove.
He’s another Eyes of the Audience type, but he’s not being held down by money or power like Dan Avidan’s character would be. He’s the guy with no opportunities, the real pull-myself-up-by-the-bootstraps type. He’s another boundless energy type like Ethan, who throws himself into his passion and work and lives off scraps while everyone tells him he’s crazy and he won’t amount to anything. Genius Inventor/Artist type

And then, unbelievably, somebody spots him in a crowd, or he has the Right Conversation with the Right Person in a Random Coffee Shop, or some crazy exec trips over a piece of his work and Loves It, and gets the kid a contract doing the big time for something he loves. His story is the exact opposite of Dan Avidan’s - he gets his happily ever after by getting the big break he always hoped for. The movie gets a sequel, but the focus is on a new character, either someone he has to convince will be the Next Big Thing, or someone who reminds him of Where He Came From. 

How’d I do? What do you think? That was really fun!