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The 5 Elements of a LIKABLE Main Character

“I don’t like your main character. He’s kind of obnoxious.” my beta reader laughingly told me, after reading the first chapter of my novel.

On the surface, I looked like this: 

Inside, I looked like this: 

Aloud, I said “Oh, well, he’s kind of hard to understand. He changes by the end.”

Inside, I screamed “How could you not like him?! Do you have a heart?! Is there a void where your soul should be?! Are you actually a Dementor that’s really good at makeup? Well, I guess this is what the Dementors are doing after getting kicked out of Azkaban!”

Outside: “But I really enjoyed it!” *Hugs between broken writer and Dementor in disguise* “Thank you for reading!" 

But you know what? That person that might be a soul-sucking cloaked demon creature? They were right. The character was unlikable, or more accurately, there was no reason to cheer him on. There was nothing to make the reader connect with him, relate to him, transfer themselves into his story, feel affection towards him. 

And if the reader doesn’t connect with the character through empathy? Nothing else in the story can work. Everything relies on this one fictional person. The basic definition of story is "A flawed hero with a goal overcoming obstacles to reach that goal, and how that journey changes them.” So without character, you don’t have story. Without empathy from the reader, you don’t even have character. 

So what is empathy when it comes to characters? 

It’s the process of a reader transferring their own lives onto the character. When this happens, the character’s goal and inner desires, values and weaknesses, everything about them, become proxies for our own. We learn of a shared piece of human nature between us, something we have in common on a significant inner level, and suddenly we want to see this character succeed. Because now, they are us – and we want to see ourselves succeed in real life. We feel what they feel, we experience what they experience.  

The best way to sum up character empathy in my opinion, is this quote from C.S.Lewis: “Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another ‘Really? You too? I thought I was the only one!’”

That’s empathy. 

Which doesn’t mean the character has to be an angelic little cherub …

There are characters that operate in a moral gray area, there are characters that are downright awful, there are characters that shouldn’t be lovable …but we love them. So this is NOT saying that a main character has to be a perfect angel that rescues baby squirrels when they’re not busy volunteering at the local soup kitchen, it just means there’s something WORTHWHILE in the character that persuades the reader to stick around. We need a reason to relate with that at-first-glance unlikable character. Just as we have flawed people in our own lives who we can forgive and love.

A good quote for this one would be this, by G.K.Chesterton: “That’s the great lesson of Beauty and the Beast; that a thing must be loved before it is lovable.”

So how does a writer accomplish a good empathetic connection?

Luckily for us, establishing this only takes a little planning in the beginning of the story. Certain elements foster empathy, elements which you can give to your character and display in the story. Making sure to incorporate a few of these will ensure that first connection between reader and character. A connection which you, the author, will then be able to grow. It’s this tiny first note of shared humanity which deepens into those important links we hold with characters. We’re living people, they’re imagined and comprised of words on a page; yet these people can be friends to us, family, mentors, role models, and become some of the most influential people in our lives. 

And how does that begin? Evoking empathy. 

And how do you evoke empathy? Well here are the characteristics that human beings instinctively identify with and admire … 

– Courage (This is the one EVERY main character should possess. Gumption to pursue what they want separates main from background characters.)

– Humor (Wit charms us without fail.)

– Goal-Obsessed 

– Hard-working  

– Noble motivations

– Loving

– Loved by others

– Kind 

– Treated unfairly

– In imminent danger, physically

– In imminent danger, emotionally

– In a sorrowful situation

– Smart/Expert at something

– Suffering from psychological weakness  

– Haunted by something in their past

– Dissatisfied with current state of their life

– Lacking something like love, friendship, belonging, family, safety, freedom, etc

It’s a good plan to give your main character at least FIVE of these empathetic little “virtues.”

If this sounds like a resume, that’s kind of what it is. “Dear Potential Reader, I’m applying for the job of Main Character of this book series. I aspire to consume your every waking thought and drastically change your life, for better and worse.” It’s a diagram of the worthwhile traits of the hero, the characteristics that win us over, which promise the reader “If you follow my story, knowing me – and experiencing the story through me – will be well worth your time.”

These traits will be displayed in the set-up of the story, the first ten pages or so. But the story CANNOT stop to let the character exhibit these winning behaviors; the story must KEEP PROGRESSING, every empathetic element must be shown with a story reason for existing within a scene. Like exposition, empathy needs to be added in subtly, as the story motors onward, slipping into the reader’s knowledge without them noticing. If it’s a scene created for the express purpose of convincing the reader “This character is lovable! Love them! I said love them!” then it will be glaringly obvious and the reader will feel the exact opposite. (They’ll also feel that way about the author, incidentally.)

Now! How does this work? 

Harry Potter: 

Harry is the poster child for being treated unfairly. Yet in the face of the abusive treatment of his childhood, Harry is courageous. He does not succumb to the Dursley’s relentless campaign to stamp the magic out of him, and become a proper Dursley; though this would’ve won their approval, put him in their good graces, and made his life exponentially easier – but he didn’t do it. He knew they were wrong, knew what was right, and refused to become like them. So heck yes Sorting Hat, there is “plenty of courage, I see”. He was loved by his parents, by the three that dropped him off at his Aunt and Uncle’s, and by the majority of the Wizarding World. He’s also snarky, loving, and in constant danger. 

Judy Hopps: 

Every reason why we care about Judy is established in the first few scenes. She’s courageous. She’s funny. She’s loved by her parents. She’s motivated by noble values. Definitely goal oriented, hard working, and smart. She’s also in imminent danger, and being treated unfairly.

If we took out the pieces of the story meant to evoke our empathy, what would happen? 

Nobody would care. Judy Hopps would have been an annoying, smug, and consumed by ruthless ambition. Harry Potter would have ceased to exist because everything about him is empathetic. 

Establishing these early allows us to begin the process of temporarily transferring our lives into a story. Or in the case of some life-changing stories, not temporarily transferring, but letting them become part of our souls forever. 

Yup, having your story connect with a reader forever starts with just a little empathy. Pretty useful.

Oh, and speaking of souls, give me mine back, Dementor reader. I learned how to make people like my characters. Now you’re out of the Azkaban job and the beta reading job. 

omgcp characters as parks and rec quotes
  • bitty: the groom wore a butt so perfect it could make an angel hang himself
  • jack: when i was a baby, my head was so big scientists did experiments on me
  • shitty: if i had to have a stripper's name, it would be equality
  • lardo: guys love it when you can show them you're better than they are at something they love
  • ransom: if i keep my body moving and my mind occupied at all times, i will avoid falling into a bottomless pit of despair
  • holster: wine is crying juice
  • nursey: i really only listen to, like, german death reggae and halloween sound effects records from the 1950s. and bette midler. obviously
  • dex: i typed your symptoms into the thing up here, and it says you could have..."network connectivity problems"
  • chowder: you're like an angel with no wings
12x21: it’s not all bad

This is a review of 12x21 that ends on a positive note.

I will expand further here why I think this episode was badly written and poorly executed, but did further the overall positive outlook for the season.

Important first impression:
- The overall season arc plot points (and therefore not written specifically by Bucklemming) were greatly moved forwards.
- The points that were just relevant to this episode and were painful, unnecessary and not even used well or referenced by the actual protagonists were all Bucklemming.

1. Eileen. Fucking Eileen, man.

Originally posted by peter-pantomime

She didn’t have to die. She didn’t have to die like that. She didn’t have to die like that and then have barely any real reaction from Sam and Dean about it

Where was Sam’s textualised pain? Where was the Red Meat parallel of Dean having to console Sam? I know he looked a bit anguished but I’m putting this down to Jared and direction, not the writers. 

However, I am going to give the smallest part of the benefit of the doubt and parallel this with Sam’s reaction to Dean about Cas, where Sam is all business and logic, trying to lessen the pain that way, rather than it being not caring.

BUT… how does this further Sam’s personal arc? He is supposed to be reconciling the hunting life and his previous want to get out? Killing off any friends and potential endgame love interests does this how? If I was Sam now after this as an example of the pain, I would want out NOW! NO MORE SAM AND DEAN HUNTING, SAVING PEOPLE, THE FAMILY BUSINESS. IT MAKES NO SENSE. 

On top of this, after all the heavy Saileen/Destiel parallels written by the same writers and the theme of Dean opening up more and realising that emotions should be voiced, how does this further Dean’s arc of realising he should just tell Cas how he feels before it’s too late?

It was a massive opportunity WASTED for not just endgame Saileen but also how her death could have been a valid character development moment for both of them.

These are the only valid reasons Eileen should have been killed off - to be referenced in some way by the protagonists. Even Charlie’s unnecessary death was a lazily written ‘turning point’ for Dean’s MoC fall into Darkness. But instead we have…well, nothing really.

I hope the writers of the next episodes maybe pick up on it and it’s just a delayed reaction otherwise it is just such a waste.

Destiel side note: Yes I did see that Crowley called Cas their ‘love slave’. I would flail about this except as I was saying with @elizabethrobertajones yesterday, there is so much real Destiel fodder now it kind of is not that important. HOWEVER I stick to the fact that Lucifer has been inside Cas and canonically knows how he feels and Crowley also knows how they both feel. So I guess, small wins and all that.

2. Mary.

Mary believes she used to have Free Will. Well, that hurts because we know it isn’t true (cupid). 

BUT Mary prefers to die rather than kill innocents (yes, thank you, redemption arc). Mary cannot break out of the brainwashing when Dean pleads with her (thank you Cas 8x17 mirror - found family is stronger than blood family and all that).

Mary must have had an inkling but now it has been voiced on the show that :  A. John was a child abuser and B. that Mary now knows

We have all been waiting for this since 12x01 so YES good thank you. Plot line moved forwards.

Dean is going to confront her about Azazel in 12x22….Now I’m assuming she is either brainwashed and he is trying to jump her out of it with harsh words or she is out of it already and Dean is just so fucking DONE that it comes out. This will be so interesting I’m actually kind of sad they’re back to back so we won't have time to process what seems to be going to be an amazing episode character wise.

3. Lucifer.

I mean, Chuck how lazy was that? “The polarity is reversed’. Jeez. Ok but, so Crowley is a rat, OK. Whatever.

Lucifer’s plot line though…


Originally posted by faramaiofnerdwoodforest

Lucifer thinks he has won.  He is on top of the world.  “MY SON”.

Yes. Your son, who will be your downfall, who is the sunrise, who will bring the world to it’s feet (yes, again, sorry, I believe @amwritingmeta is totally right about this).

Who is being aided by your perfect mirror - the Fallen Angel who loves Humanity, while you hate it. Who doesn’t give a damn about God anymore, while you crave his attention. Who is constantly linked to the SUN.

I keep harping on that is time for Cas to be the Hero

He was a hero as part of TFW in season 4 and in season 5, in season 6 he was the hero even though he thought he should lie to Sam and Dean to do so, in order to protect them (hello 12x19), yes he went behind their backs but he stopped the second apocalypse ON HIS OWN. Since then it is just one big ball of hazy messes on everyone’s sides, meanwhile Cas has been getting more depressed, suicidal and full of self doubt.

THIS IS HIS HERO ARC. This is the culmination of his self worth arc, his faith arc, his Humanity arc.

This child will restore balance but it will also help to restore Cas’s faith in himself and self worth through his CHOICE to help it and convince Sam and Dean of it. 

There is a reason I think Cas seems brainwashed, because he is much more the old Castiel now than the broken shell that is Cas, not in terms of being brainwashed by Heaven etc but his self assurance and faith, while at the same time still being CAS. 

We are always talking about Sam and Dean reconciling the different parts of themselves together, THIS IS IT FOR CAS. 

This is the best that he can be and if this isn’t the case and he is brainwashed past the season finale then honestly I don’t even know what their endgame is other than to just kill all of TFW and their fans painfully.

So yeah, Cas is the hero. He will convince the boys of the righteous cause, they will be Team Free Will again. 

Cas literally IS the sunrise and so is the child.

Meanwhile, Lucifer thinks he is on top. He thinks he has won when actually he has brought defeat on himself.

I love this.

Supernatural:  10 Things I Learned From Tonight’s Episode.

Season 12, Episode 12:  “Stuck in the Middle (With You)”

*SPOILERS!  (Duh.)*

1.  Blatant Tarantino references are abound, and I love every second of it.

2.  Dean is persistently uncool with anyone hitting on his man.  

Check out them Rage Dimples. 

3.  Dean has a unique approach towards “teaching Cas to flirt.” 

I.e. unabashedly flirting with him himself.

4.  It’s been shown time and time again that keeping secrets on this show is never, ever a good idea, and it almost invariably leads to someone almost dying.  And yet, everyone inexplicably continues to do so.

Evidently, it runs in the family.

5.  Nevertheless, Mary canonically considers Cas to be part of her family, takes shit from no one, and it is beautiful.

6.  Even after all these seasons, Supernatural still knows how to make my heart stop.

And hurt like a bastard.

7.  Cas has now canonically told Dean he loves him.

Moreover, it was immediately followed up by “I love all of you,” implying that the first one was addressed specifically to Dean. 

Also, the simple act of a male-presenting character saying “I love you” on this show is a tremendous step towards emotional health for everyone involved. 

8.  Dean unarguably loves Cas back.

Dean refusing to leave Cas behind (even at the possible cost of his own life) is all I’ve ever wanted from this show yet it makes me want to rip my lungs out every time I get it.

Also, look at his face.  This is the face of a creature with zero sense of self worth realizing he means something to his family and friends.  Just, fuck me up, SPN.

9.  I was sure this ep would end in tragedy, but instead it ended with Dean tenderly escorting his recovering boyfriend home.

God bless you, Andrew Dabb.

10.  Castiel, Angel of the Lord, is one of the most dynamic, three-dimensional, and genuinely altruistic characters I have ever seen, and every time I think about him and how far he’s come I get an ache in my chest because it’s so damn beautiful.  

Nothing to add here, just my incoherent wailing. 

Rating:  11/10.  This episode is everything I hoped it would be, and more.  Excluding an explicit confirmation of gayness (which would always be ideal), it was a perfect tribute to the enduring love between Cas, Dean, and his human family.  Well done, SPN!     

GIF credits: @flydestiel, @lowsodiumfreaks, @novaks, @bennylafitte, @codestielckles, @ahoyspn, @angvlicmish.

Sugar Daddies

I think we can all agree that we love “cinnamon buns.” No matter which otome game you play, there’s sure to be at least one character of the “cinnamon” or “sinnamon” variety who is to your liking.

Now, I say cinnabuns– probably because I used to get them all the time from a store called Cinnabon, and they’re buns; but whether you call them cinnamon buns or cinnamon rolls, there’s lots of flavors to choose from:

The Precious Angel cinnabun:

These types are almost too sweet. You just want to step back and admire their adorableness. They could be awkward like Yukimura, or adorkable like Albert. Preternaturally perfect like Saito or unexpectedly vulnerable like Kondo. You can’t help but fall for them.

The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Virgin cinnabun:

This type of bun has two layers. The background-driven facade and the gooey deredere center. Don’t get thrown off by the outer shell– these cinnabuns usually have some kind of secret that keeps them from getting close to anyone and as such, they have very little or in some cases no experience; the complete opposite of what you’d expect from their personality. 

In Ieyasu’s case, he’s more virgin than extra-virgin olive oil. He hasn’t even finished the Lover’s Guide and gets frustrated just untying your obi. Nico is super busy being a double agent and pouring tea, and Kyo literally has an evil twin trying to kill him. 

You can see why they haven’t found the time to do the deed with anyone. 

But don’t despair!

The Closet Freak sinnabun:

Do not be fooled. They look and act like the Precious Angel types but they’re sinning left and right when night falls– and sometimes they don’t even wait that long. Yukimura (slbp) and Yuki (DtL) also fit in this category.

The Get Rekt sinnabun:

Your body will probably never be ready. 

You’ve got, in order: Saizo, who wrote the Lover’s Guide, Takasugi, its faithful practitioner, Sid, who can’t even wait until he gets indoors, Haru, who makes sure you can’t get up out of bed, Shingen, who makes sure you can’t even walk, and Hijikata, who canonically likes it rough. 

Gird your loins!

The Maverick sin/cinnabuns:

 Depending on the situation, these guys can fit into any category, so look out. You may not know what you’re getting into, but you probably won’t be complaining. They’ll reel you in with that sweetness and then you’re done for.

The ZFG sinnabun:

For these fine purveyors of sin, not a single hot buttery eff will be given with regard to who’s around, what time of day it is, or your location. All they know is MC indicated s/he wanted them and they’re more than happy to oblige.

Proceed with caution.

The Buns of Indeterminate Origin:

404 Sins Not Found. These Citation Needed buns haven’t been given a fair chance to tell what type they are yet.

My guess is Robert (Get Rekt), Shigezane (Maverick), Kageie (Closet Freak), Rayvis (ZFG), Kagetsugu (Precious Angel), Toramatsu (Maverick).

anonymous asked:

SWEET VENGEANCE ❤️ 2: How many ships do you have on this blog? And WHO do you ship OFB with~?

Oh you…~♡

Well, I do have a few ships on tumblr, like:

LendyxDaddy /AcutexFather
@ask-littlebendy @askdaddybendy

This ones were the firsts BATIM blogs that I founded and followed, and they were the ones who inspired me to create this blog. Speaking about the ship, they just look too cute and perfect together. They look so different, but they are similar in some ways, and that’s why they match perfectly. Also their art styles are astonishing.

Quiet Caos (Shyx Mischief)
@ask-sensitive-bendy @ask-mischievousbendy

Is there sugar in the air? Am I breathing cotton candy! No! It’s Shy and Mischief being a cute, caring and supportive couple! Seriously, I can’t get enough of this two. They always put a smile on my face!

@asksilentbendy @ask-showstopper-bendy

OMG. Another one of the cutests couples that I’ve ever seen in a fandom. Mute it’s a super cute fluffly Bendy, and Bonnie it’s one of the prettiest cartoon ocs that I’ve ever seen. They have been trough a lot of hard experiences, but they are always there for each other. What a strong couple!!

@ask-the-sassy-bendy @askpinkyinky

What a really cute couple with such an amazing art style!! I was in love with both characters separately, but when I saw them together…boom! My heart couldn’t take it! I’m a huuuuge fan of this couple. I haven’t seen much of them being a couple yet, but I really hope to see more! I really love them so much!

@inkxrnation @theswinginangel

What can I say about them? An advise. Have precautions when you see these two interact, because it can give you an instant heart attack. Oh. My. Goodness. I felt INSTANTLY in love with this couple, and of course, I ship them!! Totally and absolutely! 10/10

Agma!BendyxAlice Angel
@thesmoking-devil @alice-angel-ask

Instant death. Headshot. One hit K.O. . They’re not together, but they look PERFECT together, and I ship them to bits. Plus, their munes are a couple of insanily good artists!! Every piece of art they made is just priceless. And of course, their designs for their characters is just wonderful. And…I’m watching you guuuuys~ >w>

@bigbendy @blind-bendy

Another “one hit K.O.” over here. Seriously, this ship is reaaaaally good. When I saw the post with the event of Blind being all gooey and Big was with him, I was thinking all the time “ooooh my gosh, look at them, they’re so cute!!! I hope something happens between them”. And they kissed. They. KISSED. And was incredibly cute and I loved it to bits!!! I really want to see more of you two!!

I’m pretty sure those are all the ships that I’m into it now. And know, the cheesy answer…who I ship with OFB xD

Well, to be completely honest here, OFB doesn’t know enough characters to have a bond with, and with so, a ship. I’m not looking for OFB to have a couple right away, of course not. I like to make things realistic on my rps, depending on my muses. So, for OFB, it will be needed a friendship, a strong bonding and a relationship based in trust to fall in love with somebody… buuuuuuuut…xD

I have to confess something. When I started the rp with @blind-bendy and they started to interact…I couldn’t help but thinking “oh gosh…they look so cute together” Sooo, yeah, I ship OFBxBlind xD That’s the only ship with OFB that I have and the moment, but I don’t discard the idea that I can have more ships with him in the future, with other characters that I think they suit him.

mordantata  asked:

I just saw covenant and I gotta say that David and Walter's interactions were even more interesting than I anticipated! Walter definitely had more going on then I originally expected :) I can't wait to see your reactions and headcanons about it (also it was overall just a really good horror/alien movie)


I saw Alien: Covenant yesterday, and I must say I really enjoyed it, although possibly for the wrong reasons. I will definitely watch it a second time because I want to be sure I didn’t miss any details.

I couldn’t agree more with you: seeing Walter and David interact was utterly fascinating. I was so transfixed by them I almost forgot there were a few creatures running around, ready to brutally murder the humans…

I have to admit I was annoyed by the scenes in which humans died like flies because it wasn’t scary or ultimately relevant to me. I just wanted to go back to David and Walter and learn a few more things about creation, free will, David’s research, Shaw’s fate, the Engineers… I would have liked to see more of that and a few more flashbacks too… and to think the studio originally didn’t want to include the only flashback shown in Covenant… 

I feel Ridley Scott had to sacrifice a lot of elements from Prometheus to please those who hated it with a passion, which slightly disappointed me because I actually liked Prometheus even if it wasn’t a perfect movie. It was ambitious and different, and I like to try to demystify things and to dwell on philosophical thoughts, which were also present in Blade Runner – oh god the references to that movie were simply delightful. I’m really glad Ridley Scott kept David because he’s such a unique character. He was very mesmeric, and I felt so much for him… I love him even more now, and yes I perfectly understand that he isn’t an angel.

I also really like Walter of course. You can’t hate him – you just can’t. I could go on and say a few more things about these two, but I’m not sure just how far I should go… spoilers, or no spoilers…

anonymous asked:

I feel like I know almost nothing about some members of the batfam... Who is Cass the daughter of? (I love her, because of your headcanons, but I know almost nothing.) Could you give me a few Cass facts, to help understand her character better. Thank you! I love your blog!

Cass is a member of the Batfamily after being adopted by Bruce. She’s also a perfect angel and more fabulous than everyone in the world combined. She’s the daughter of David Cain and Lady Shiva, raised from birth to be an assassin, so she’s one of the best fighters in the batfam (probably in the whole DC universe). Her father taught her to rely on body language as communication for fighting, and because of this she never learned to speak before she was taken in by Bruce and Barbara. She eventually learned how to speak, but she’s still dyslexic and has problems reading. She’s also super nice and definitely Bruce’s favorite kid. 😂 

anonymous asked:

your almost-realistic bokuto made me so happy because he looks so goofy!! people in the fandom draw these boys as sex gods walking around in tailored fashionable clothing. bokuto styles his hair after an owl! he's a goofball! kenma hardly goes out and does nothing but play video games he's not gonna look like some perfect angelic doll. all of them probably wear sweats half the time! they're all just teenagers and you portay that and their character's so much thanks for the wonderful art!

Waaaah thanks I love you! :D It’s exactly what I was thinking! I mean (I actually made a post about it) I do try to draw them in the nicest, best looking way possible because I want the pictures to look aesthetically pleasing (to me yes, but more important to others), but I still try to make them look like… people xD 

I drew Bokuto without real face references, because I imagine him in this specific way, with rather chubby face with cute dimples and weird eyes - drawing it was difficult (I’m still working on it), the picture is far away from perfect but it is one of my personal favorites because it’s the first time I managed to make him look closer to what I imagined.

If I drew everyone with as much care as I drew Bokuto, they all would take me way more time and they would look worse because I imagine almost all of them way less handsome. (I think Tooru and Shimizu are the only characters to be described as very handsome/pretty?) (also I think “handsome” and “pretty” are very general words, it may vary depending on person) 

But well, I don’t want to discourage followers from looking at them :D

anonymous asked:

What pisses me off is that if it were Luna who killed Octavia and won the conclave and left the bunker empty, then everyone on facebook, tumblr, etc would be like "Why didn't the sky people just take the bunker forcefully when they had a chance instead of dooming humanity (and I'm damn sure everyone would think/say this." Basically "Why didn't she do that thing for which we are all hating on her now?" But now they just pointing fingers to Clarke, like ok then tell me WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE

It is quite frustrating that people excuse the same actions that in another situation they’d condemn. Or say it’s okay when one character does something, but is evil when another character does it. 

Honestly I think we’re playing out our own tribalistic black and white thinking in our fandom. It’s really hard to realize that those we love are not perfect cinnamon roll angels and have the same capacity to do wrong as those we hate are not irredeemable villains.  

And I see people, whose favorites slip from their pedestals of perfect cinnamon roll, start to demonize their once favorite for not being perfect and good. Or alternately, they say the writers “ruined” the character and the show, instead of accepting that the characters and the show have been, from the beginning, EXPLICITLY about there being no heroes, and our “good” characters doing terrible, ruthless things, and our “bad” characters having value and feelings and good intentions. 

I honestly think that it’s not because the writers are bad or the stories are bad or the characters are bad, I think it’s because people do not WANT to accept that everyone, including those they love, including their heroes, including themselves, has a MONSTER inside and that doesn’t make them monsters themselves, it makes them human. 

And this story is about how hard it is to be human and maintain your humanity in a world that seems as if it is always trying to destroy you.

But it’s so much easier to say “CLARKE YOU’RE AWFUL FOR NOT MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE!!!” Whatever that right choice is. Never mind that there are no right choices. All her choices are horrible. 

Come to think of it, it doesn’t surprise me that Clarke is beaten up for her choices, no matter what they are, because, go ahead, be honest. Isn’t that how we treat ourselves a lot of the time? Don’t we beat ourselves up for not being good enough, for not doing enough, or for doing the wrong thing, for failing, for falling, for hurting people or being weak. For not being able to tell the future and knowing how things will turn out? 

We hate the hero of the story, Clarke, for being flawed, just like we often hate the hero of our own story, ourselves, for being flawed. Hmm. Interesting. 


If you love No. 6 more than your future first born clap your hands

If you need No. 6 more than you need air to breathe clap your hands

If you’re fucking obsessed with No. 6 and your life is officially ruined by these precious angel characters if you love No. 6 clap your hands

Can you tell I love No. 6? Because I fucking love No. 6. Fun fact, I even have a headcanons blog for this shit because I am a huge fucking loser when it comes to this god damn precious show.

Don’t lie, you are too. The adorable emotionally damaged homos, the fabulous genderqueer person raised by dogs, the radical mom who’s a radical baker? True perfection.

One thing that’s pretty awesome about the show is their fucking food, so I attempted to make a recipe similar to Nezumi’s Macbeth Soup, and I came up with something really similar to a Japanese Milk Stew. So hold on to your panties because we gon’ make some Macbeth Soup.


Nezumi’s Macbeth Soup
(servings- 2, one for your and one for the life size cut out of Shion that you have in your closet)


  • 1 chicken thigh, cut into one inch chunks with the skin off
  • 1 carrot, peeled and cut into bite size pieces
  • 1 onion, sliced into ¼ inch thick
  • 3 cloves of fresh garlic, smashed and minced
  • 2 potatoes, peeled and cut into bite size pieces
  • 2 ½ cups water
  • 2 chicken consomme cubes
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 Tbsp flour
  • 2 Tbsp butter
  • 2 Tbsp cream cheese
  • 1 bee parasite (optional, not really recommended)


  • Cry over the fact that you’ll never have a relationship like Nezumi and Shion’s like the fuckin fujoshi weeaboo you are.
  • Season chicken with salt and pepper. Heat a little bit of oil in a deep pan and saute the chicken on medium high heat until browned.
  • Add onion and saute on medium heat until translucent. Afterwards, add the carrot, garlic and potatoes and stir-fry that biz about as fast as Nezumi was when he cut that random fuckin bee thing out of Shion’s neck. 
  • Pour 2 ½ cup of water in the pan and bring to a boil. Turn down the heat to low and add consomme cubes. Simmer until carrots and potatoes are softened.
  • Meanwhile, make white sauce in a sauce pan. Melt butter on low heat and stir in flour to make a little roux. Cook the flour until bubbles, mixing well.
  • Pour milk and cook on medium heat, stirring quickly until it begins to thicken. Lower the heat and continue to stir until the mixture is thickened even further.
  • Stop the heat and set aside. Take some of the soup from the stew and mix with cream cheese in a small cup. Stir the cream cheese mixture in the stew.
  • Add the white sauce into the stew and stir that shit till it’s totally combined.
  • Add some salt and pepper to season to your liking.
  • Think about how much better the No. 6 novels were compared to the manga and weep furiously over the inadequates Bones Original Anime Ending.


HOLY FUCKING BALLS YOU JUST MADE SOME MACBETH SOUP. I mean sure, you’re never going to destroy a corrupted government or climb a mountair of dead bodies, but at least you succeeded in making soup, so I guess that’s worth something, maybe.

Go enjoy your Macbeth soup with some of Karan’s Cherry Cake and a loaf of mini french bread you piece of trash, you deserve it after all the suffering you had to endure without any updates to this fabulous series.

Later, weebs. Try not to cry when you realize how truly unproductive you’ve been the whole day.

And no, doodling fanart of your shitty OTP is not ‘being productive’ but nice try.


anonymous asked:

" 'I’m not going to apologise for liking a flawed character ' Something to shout from the rooftops. Frankly, it’s the characters people treat as flawless that are beyond unbearable. And unbearably boring." but doesn't that opinion of yours contrast with manwe and some of the valar? who are portrayed as perfect and whole and these angelic beings never prone to sin? and you love them

Pff. I just about went over to @first-son-of-finwe‘s very response to copy&paste it here because my answer is no different down to the letter. Because I legit don’t understand why you’re saying this. Yeah, I love the Valar, something else I’ll shout from the rooftops. But guess what? I have never said they weren’t flawed themselves. The mistakes they made are often the thing I love to talk about. Valar, I have a essay about the very mistakes they made in the making. And while they may be portrayed as “perfect” in the abridged Silmarillion, anyone who has read the HoMEs knows they are anything but.

Again: I’m not going to apologize for liking a flawed character. 

That includes the Valar.

That includes Thingol. 

That includes Feanor.

That includes Haleth.

That includes Finrod.

Heck, in retrospect, Galad.riel may possibly be the only flawed character that I don’t like.

So please, anon, do have the common courtesy of not accusing me of something I never said. The Valar’s mistakes and studying them in that light is what made me love them, whereas before I honestly didn’t give a flying fig as to how great or horrible they were or weren’t. Because, to requote what you quoted of me, the Valar in the silm alone were unbearably boring.


Get To Know Me Meme: Favorite Female Characters [3/5] Caitlin Snow [The Flash]

“Both of my parents are doctors. It’s all I ever wanted to be. Growing up, I used the Hippocratic Oath. I was obsessed with it. If anyone was gonna step on a bug, I would say, “Do no harm.” It’s built into my DNA.”

Okay, listen. Just listen. 

Damian and Tim have a complicated relationship, that’s for sure, but they’re brothers. It’s messy and tangled and not clear cut… but you have to admit, like Tim does not do right by Damian at the beginning of their relationship. This is complicated further by the fact that Damian did try to kill Tim when they first met. Yes, that is definitely Bad. But like… Damian was 10. Not only that but he was abused his whole life. That doesn’t make what he did excusable but it makes it understandable when he begins to change. Like Tim is almost and adult and he hurts a 10 year old out of spite even when it’s clear that the kid is changing.

It’s a complicated situation, but you have to stop pretending that Tim is your perfect little Angel Child and infantilzing him. There’s no Right or Wrong in this scenario, life doesn’t work like that. But Tim is capable of being cruel and he is cruel to Damian during their first years together.

I’m getting really tired of this Damian is A Monster Torturing My Perfect Angel Tim Drake rhetoric. Like Damian is a child and was abused and you need to start factoring that into the equation.


You better be careful, Ollie; I’m gonna start to think you’re falling for me.

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First impression: My smol tightly wound angel. Needs to be loved!!!!!!
Impression now: NEEDS TO BE ALIVE AND LOVED!!!!! But really at first you think maybe he’s a little bit of a shit but he’s not a shit he’s perfect and pure
Favorite moment: WELCOME HOME
Idea for a story: Cassian’s backstory in joining the resistance I mean can you imagine tiny Cassian? I CAN
Unpopular opinion: I don’t know if….I have one…..
Favorite headcanon: he is alive 

Send me a character!