perfect angel characters i love you

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Rent!!! 🎶

listened to it | wtf is that | LOVE IT | meh | um…hate it | heard of it | yes!!

rate on a scale from 1-10: solid nine

favorite lyric: with a thousand sweet kisses

favorite song: santa fe or i’ll cover you

favorite character: roger davis

best moment: la vie boheme A

something that makes me angry: the fact that angel dies (usually the thing that makes me angry is when people die in shows who don’t deserve to)

gives me the chills: i’ll cover you reprise 

overall opinions: this show is so perfect i love it

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I love that you love both Spike, Angel and Xander. It's rare that you find people that like all three :)

Apart from Warren, I really don’t think there is a Buffy character I hate! There is something every character has done that I hate, but that’s a sign of a well-written character. No one should be perfect. I hate all the anti-Xander, Spike vs Angel, Spuffy vs Bangel, etc arguments that go circulating around because folks largely miss the big picture when they focus on nitpicking little details to death.

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What do you mean Gay Angels (?) and how come I don't remember that part??!!! I liked the movie as well, it's not perfect but it's not trash either.

I’m glad you enjoyed the movie as well! I’M NOT ALONE. 

As for the Gay Angels (?):

I could be completely misremembering this, but I seem to remember (SPOILERS) two characters in the second or third book that were angels (or pseudo-angels or… however it works in this universe. You’ll have to forgive me for not remembering) that were also in love. Google is giving me the names Baruch and Balthamos, but I don’t recall it ending it well for them either, so, not exactly the perfect representation we might be looking for. 


Can we just like…stop saying Lars is an awful person who doesn’t deserve Sadie at all??? I’m like, 96.2% sure Lars is mentally ill in some way, shape, or form. Y'all love to say you’ll support mentally ill kids and then they act mentally ill and you’re like “Lmao fuck this character they’re evil.” I’m not saying that he’s a perfect angel because no, he’s totally fucked up, but he’s been getting better. Sadie isn’t an angel either, considering she trapped him on an island. But the thing is, they’re getting better. They’re developing.

So. Larsadie right now? No. Larsadie when they’ve developed and matured? Yes.

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GVA here, i love you so much, you replied with my favourite gif in the entire world~~ yeah i get now what you meant about the toxic fandom. it is so unfortunately because voltron has the potential to be so non-problematic, with josh keaton being an actual angel and the showrunner being amazing and how they handled pidge's character in particular. i hope people find a balance between engaging w/ the ships they prefer and only call people out if they say really fucked up stuff. ONE DAY

I love you too, GVA! That’s my favourite hug gif too! Just for that, here it is again, you deserve it.

I know, right? Not saying Voltron is perfect. Every show has problems and areas where it can improve, but I honestly feel like Voltron does a lot more good than bad. Like Pidge’s character, as you say, amongst many other things. 

One must not lose hope, but it’s bleak right now….It’s bleak. But ONE DAY like you say!

Things I emotionally prepared myself for in Call the Midwife:

  • Delia moving into Nonnatus
  • Trixie’s recovery from alcoholism
  • Barbara Gilbert being perfect

Things I did not emotionally prepare myself for in Call the Midwife:

  • Sister Julienne inviting Delia to stay at Nonnatus with no prompting from Patsy
  • Trixie’s speech to Sister Julienne about how they need to teach women how to actually understand their bodies.
  • Cynthia Miller actually having a character again and being so full of love and just I MISSED YOU MY PERFECT ANGELIC CINNAMON ROLL

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*Slides in with crown*

[ ♛ ] send me a url and i’ll tell you the following;

my opinion on;

character in general: OKAY SO angel starr is like so. fucking important to me. besides being a badass female detective who was literally known as the cough-up queen because she managed to get people to talk on her own is so. fucking great to me. not to mention she’s just a strong, powerful character who perseveres despite the shit that happened to her– she’s literally perfect okay
how they play them: besides you being the only angel i’ve seen, you’re literally the only angel i need. i love your portrayal and your writing, and i read your posts in her voice– you so clearly care for angel and that definitely comes across in your writing, which i feel makes it like 80x more on point!!

the mun: i love you so much??? your headcanons for the sl-9 gang are amazing and i love listening to them!!! you really seem like such an absolute sweetheart too and im just a;lksdjf ur perfect??

do i;

follow them: OF COURSE
rp with them: yes!! i think i had to drop some threads unfortunately because my drafts were intimidating me, but i love all the threads we’ve had so far!!
want to rp with them: YES omg like whether it’s with phoenix or jake or gumshoe i don’t care who i just love our interactions so far
ship their character with mine: the world……………………….. may never know (jk i do ship jake and angel a bit)

what is my;

overall opinion:

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**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

I get tired sometimes feeling like I have to so often hedge my posts with “I don’t think this character is not accountable for the genuine harm they have done just because I’m praising them” or “I don’t think this character is the reprehensible scum of the Earth just because I’m criticizing them”, because otherwise people circulate these posts aggressively, tagging them loudly as “X character did nothing wrong, preach it!” or “character Y is diabolical, look at this proof!”

Because SU. I really love SU. I love this show. And the reason why I love it is because everyone in that dang show is a complicated mess of good and bad. 

So consider this a formal statement of intention: if you are looking for evidence and rhetoric that supports how you think Rose Quartz is an awful heartless person, or Jasper is a perfect angel, or how whoever you don’t like is the Real Villain of the series all along-

My blog, my meta, my posts… are not for you.

I will defend Marty and Kevin. Do not freaking test me. 

Y’know, whenever I used to tell new RWBY friends irl that my favorite character is Weiss, I was almost always met with either “wait really are you being sarcastic” or “but she’s a bitch I hate her.” I always kind of laughed awkwardly and shrugged it off like “yeah I know haha but I really like fencing and eyescars and pouting okay.” I mostly did that to avoid launching into a long essay about loving characters both for and despite their faults and appreciating who they are and where they come from, while not necessarily excusing their behaviors and secretly hoping they suffer a little along the Character Development Trail.

But now after that last episode anyone who says Weiss Schnee is “just a bitch” in my presence can just FUCKING FIGHT ME









“Some believe in fairy stories, 

and the ghosts that they can’t see,

I know that I could do so much,

If I could just believe in me,

Mirror, Mirror, 

I’ll tell you something,

I think I might change it all”

Why do we LOVEE @taylorswift , our Queen? Swifties what’s your answer? I LOVE @taylorswift because:

She Be herself

She don’t care what haters say

She loves her fans

She cares about her fan

She has passion

She turn her inperfections into perfections and her perfections into perfections and beyond so she is MORE than PERFECT!!!

She is a Angel😇 Her smile is so nice and pretty it is a perfect smile that lits up ones bad day like mine😢😔

She is Humble (Sometimes I wonder if she is a human @taylorswift are you a human? Because given your success but you are still so humble)

She has a Great sense of humor.

She puts her words into actions

She is cute

I LOVE @taylorswift for who she is,her person,her songs,her character.

She is kind

She donates to charity

She have a lot of advice someone would need on a rainy day like me😢😢😔😔

She is my inspiration

She has hope

She changed my life.

I LOVE @taylorswift for who she is,her person her character,her songs.

Swifties what you think??? @taylorswift if you could reply ne I would R.I.P IN MY GRAVEYARD R.I.P ME IM DEAD. Why my GRAVE YARD? Be cause im already DEAD because I have been MAD trying to reach you so im DEAD. Make me DEAD again I love to R.I.P if its for you. I LOVE YOU @taylorswift 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

What is this bullshit with people hating on my son Fitz?

Daisy is actively trying to get herself killed. She’s a fugitive from the law. Fitz is not allowed to be upset that a woman who is basically his sister became self-destructive, quit her job and developed a death wish?

They are all still grieving for Andrew, Lincoln and Trip, and I’m sure his anger is a mixture of concern for her life and sadness that she would leave him after he’d already lost so many people.

Fitz loves Daisy. He’s the only one who was there for her when she first transitioned to an inhuman. He forgave her immediately for choking him and almost murdering him when she was under Hive’s sway.

People who are so ready to throw this little angel human under the bus for expressing a normal human emotion are really fickle. How perfect do you expect a character to be? Like, he’s not allowed to have a moment of weakness over a person he loves? Bet you Daisy would kick your ass for hating on Fitz for this.

Can we talk about Amy in Faking It 3x02 for a sec, guys?

The angry anons are already flooding my inbox crying “I told you so, Amy’s a psycho.” or “Amy was so OOC, they’re ruining her character to make Karma look good #PoorKarma.” and I’m over here like..

Did you guys honestly view Amy as a perfect angel floating on clouds sent to the ground to build shelters for puppies all day and bring world peace? Did you honestly, honestly think she was incapable of vengeance/payback/lashing out/making mistakes?  Because if so, I have news for you, and the following is coming from one of the biggest Amy supporters in this entire problematic af fandom: SHE. IS. NOT. PERFECT. *gasp* You can pick your jaws off the floor now. And thinking that way is incredibly reductive/insulting and it brings a huge disservice to her character. Amy is only human. If you loved this perfect version of her and put her on a pedestal where she never once belonged, you’ve been in the wrong this entire time.

Amy is not a flawless person/character and she never was. Amy Raudenfeld has always been a fan favorite for reasons I understand but she is not an angel who can do no wrong. She’s not this person who doesn’t mess up, ever. She is a complex character with so many sides to her - some brighter, some darker, like all of us. She is deeply flawed and intended that way - just like Karma and any other character on this show.

Why was what happened this episode entirely in character for Amy? Well, let’s see. First of all, Amy has proven that she can be very rash and impulsive. She also lashes out when she’s emotionally vulnerable/under a lot of pressure/hurt/angry. See the season 1 finale and the bridal shower incident with Farrah and Lauren (1x04 - Remember The Croquembouche). 

Second of all, who does Amy care about more than anyone else in the world? Who has the ability to bring out the best and the worst in her? Imagine how she felt when she saw Zita and Karma kiss, just after she thought they were close to reconciliation. Put yourself in the shoes of the girl who left for an entire summer because of a kiss - because Karma hurt her, first and foremost by giving her hope then not being able to give her what she wanted. So if Amy perceives that, for Karma, their kiss meant nothing, she will see red when she sees Karma kiss Zita - a random girl, essentially. Why does this enrage/hurt her so much, aside from the obvious jealousy?

Amy knows Karma, she knows she would be capable of doing something like that - kissing Zita - to hurt her/spite her (see Karma attempting a threesome with Shane and Wade). She knows Karma is just as impulsive as her when she’s mad. Given the fact that Karma couldn’t tell Amy the kiss meant something, it doesn’t surprise me that she’d go crazy when seeing Karma kiss another girl, when Amy knows that she’s straight and she said it herself too. Unless Amy knows about the vague development of Karma’s bisexual journey - which I’m pretty sure she doesn’t - the only way that action made sense in Amy’s mind was if Karma did it with one purpose - to hurt her. Add a healthy dose of Lauren adding fuel to her fire/doubts about Karma’s true motives and you get a very emotional/angry/hurt Amy. And what does Amy do in that state? She is no longer rational. She seeks revenge. And she is going to get it.

Now I know that Amy messed up this episode. A lot. She is in the wrong but I can understand where she’s coming from. She is prone to mistakes like everyone else. She is hurting and wants to hurt the person who did it (in a way that she perceives as intentional) back. This isn’t rational at all, but let’s be honest for a second, how many of us didn’t respond the same in real life? 

So, please, do acknowledge that even your favorites can do shitty things. Does this episode make me love Amy Raudenfeld any less? Hell to the fucking no. It actually makes me love her more. She is beautifully flawed and realistically written. She’s not a saint and neither is Karma. And they shouldn’t be.

OK But ... I just ... I mean ... No.

Plec explained that they never had any intention to write Damon as the good guy on the show because that’s more like his brother Stefan (Paul Wesley).

“I would argue, and you might not agree with me, that the day Damon Salvatore is a perfect angel is the day we should stop making this show. People don’t ever grow up to be perfect, and I’m not sure I’d like that Damon,” she wrote in her article for Entertainment Weekly.

Meanwhile, Plec added that fans of the character should realize that Damon comes with both positive and negative attitudes, and this is what makes him endearing.

“We love exploring his depth, his vulnerabilities, and his deeply heroic core. But we also love to hate the part of him that’s selfish, stubborn, manipulative, and let’s face it - kind of an asshole. You have to take the bad with the good,” she added.

… … …

This isn’t about Damon being the “perfect angel” this isn’t about Damon being “perfect” this is about Damon being fundamentally ain’t shit. He. Ain’t. Shit. And it’s not vulnerable and it’s not deep, it’s not even that he’s fucking up in new and exciting ways, it’s that he hasn’t changed at all that the way he’s “selfish, stubborn and manipulative” isn’t new so how could you possibly say that he’s gone through any development? Audience members aren’t asking him to be a hero, audience members are asking him to grow and the show is refusing to do that and at the same time, doesn’t fault him for it, doesn’t package it as selfish or as him being “kind of an asshole” because he burns no bridges, he causes no scenes … Bonnie just stands there and cries and mumbles about being hurt and Stefan just let’s Damon leave. That was a perfect opportunity to do something new with the way Damon fucks up, this was a perfect opportunity for Stefan to finally fucking snap and actually beat the shit out of Damon, and I mean like fuck him up, almost like a man possessed because Damon has been Stefan’s identity for so long and then to have Stefan actually snap psychologically at realizing just how little he means to Damon and even Bonnie, this could’ve catalyzed Bonnie’s disengagement with the group. Instead of putting her in a fucking psychward because he left her, which what in all the hells was that, maker her realize how much she gives and she gives and she gives to the people around her and how much they actually don’t appreciate it or care about her with the same passion and actually make her say “fuck it” make her dipset, make her darker, make her choose herself first and really choose herself first so that she leaves everyone high and dry because why should she bother with them when people end up leaving her or letting her die? Like have Damon’s decision have consequences that fuck EVERYONE’S day up and have him answer for it, like make this the biggest fucking mess Damon has ever created and make everyone else hate him, like really hate him, like venom and vitriol and murderous rage hate him.

And it bothers me that JP says that Damon could never be like Stefan but the show treats him with the same sympathy they would Stefan while Stefan is actually packaged as a disinterested ass. It bothers me that they say they like to explore Damon’s negative attributes when they trivialize and minimize them with scenes such as Matt saying “That was a long time ago” when confronted with the fact that Damon killed Vicki. Damon turned Vicki because he was bored. Because he was sad. Damon didn’t want the responsibility of taking care of her after he turned her. He was responsible for killing Matt’s family, his flesh and blood and Matt doesn’t care about it anymore, so JP can’t tell me she likes to explore Damon’s dark attributes when she doesn’t hold him accountable for them.

Also deeply heroic core? SINCE WHEN? SINCE. WHEN? What has he done that is deeply heroic? I don’t understand. Are we supposed to find him deeply heroic because he died for Stefan to bring him back? Well it’s not because Damon didn’t actually expect to lose anything when he did it. When Stefan went with Klaus, he knew he was leaving behind Elena, he knew he was giving up his control and his humanity and his soul, he knew what he was losing and he did it anyway, that makes him heroic. Damon not killing someone that day doesn’t make him heroic. Like does Julie know the definitions of words?