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The 5 Elements of a LIKABLE Main Character

“I don’t like your main character. He’s kind of obnoxious.” my beta reader laughingly told me, after reading the first chapter of my novel.

On the surface, I looked like this: 

Inside, I looked like this: 

Aloud, I said “Oh, well, he’s kind of hard to understand. He changes by the end.”

Inside, I screamed “How could you not like him?! Do you have a heart?! Is there a void where your soul should be?! Are you actually a Dementor that’s really good at makeup? Well, I guess this is what the Dementors are doing after getting kicked out of Azkaban!”

Outside: “But I really enjoyed it!” *Hugs between broken writer and Dementor in disguise* “Thank you for reading!" 

But you know what? That person that might be a soul-sucking cloaked demon creature? They were right. The character was unlikable, or more accurately, there was no reason to cheer him on. There was nothing to make the reader connect with him, relate to him, transfer themselves into his story, feel affection towards him. 

And if the reader doesn’t connect with the character through empathy? Nothing else in the story can work. Everything relies on this one fictional person. The basic definition of story is "A flawed hero with a goal overcoming obstacles to reach that goal, and how that journey changes them.” So without character, you don’t have story. Without empathy from the reader, you don’t even have character. 

So what is empathy when it comes to characters? 

It’s the process of a reader transferring their own lives onto the character. When this happens, the character’s goal and inner desires, values and weaknesses, everything about them, become proxies for our own. We learn of a shared piece of human nature between us, something we have in common on a significant inner level, and suddenly we want to see this character succeed. Because now, they are us – and we want to see ourselves succeed in real life. We feel what they feel, we experience what they experience.  

The best way to sum up character empathy in my opinion, is this quote from C.S.Lewis: “Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another ‘Really? You too? I thought I was the only one!’”

That’s empathy. 

Which doesn’t mean the character has to be an angelic little cherub …

There are characters that operate in a moral gray area, there are characters that are downright awful, there are characters that shouldn’t be lovable …but we love them. So this is NOT saying that a main character has to be a perfect angel that rescues baby squirrels when they’re not busy volunteering at the local soup kitchen, it just means there’s something WORTHWHILE in the character that persuades the reader to stick around. We need a reason to relate with that at-first-glance unlikable character. Just as we have flawed people in our own lives who we can forgive and love.

A good quote for this one would be this, by G.K.Chesterton: “That’s the great lesson of Beauty and the Beast; that a thing must be loved before it is lovable.”

So how does a writer accomplish a good empathetic connection?

Luckily for us, establishing this only takes a little planning in the beginning of the story. Certain elements foster empathy, elements which you can give to your character and display in the story. Making sure to incorporate a few of these will ensure that first connection between reader and character. A connection which you, the author, will then be able to grow. It’s this tiny first note of shared humanity which deepens into those important links we hold with characters. We’re living people, they’re imagined and comprised of words on a page; yet these people can be friends to us, family, mentors, role models, and become some of the most influential people in our lives. 

And how does that begin? Evoking empathy. 

And how do you evoke empathy? Well here are the characteristics that human beings instinctively identify with and admire … 

– Courage (This is the one EVERY main character should possess. Gumption to pursue what they want separates main from background characters.)

– Humor (Wit charms us without fail.)

– Goal-Obsessed 

– Hard-working  

– Noble motivations

– Loving

– Loved by others

– Kind 

– Treated unfairly

– In imminent danger, physically

– In imminent danger, emotionally

– In a sorrowful situation

– Smart/Expert at something

– Suffering from psychological weakness  

– Haunted by something in their past

– Dissatisfied with current state of their life

– Lacking something like love, friendship, belonging, family, safety, freedom, etc

It’s a good plan to give your main character at least FIVE of these empathetic little “virtues.”

If this sounds like a resume, that’s kind of what it is. “Dear Potential Reader, I’m applying for the job of Main Character of this book series. I aspire to consume your every waking thought and drastically change your life, for better and worse.” It’s a diagram of the worthwhile traits of the hero, the characteristics that win us over, which promise the reader “If you follow my story, knowing me – and experiencing the story through me – will be well worth your time.”

These traits will be displayed in the set-up of the story, the first ten pages or so. But the story CANNOT stop to let the character exhibit these winning behaviors; the story must KEEP PROGRESSING, every empathetic element must be shown with a story reason for existing within a scene. Like exposition, empathy needs to be added in subtly, as the story motors onward, slipping into the reader’s knowledge without them noticing. If it’s a scene created for the express purpose of convincing the reader “This character is lovable! Love them! I said love them!” then it will be glaringly obvious and the reader will feel the exact opposite. (They’ll also feel that way about the author, incidentally.)

Now! How does this work? 

Harry Potter: 

Harry is the poster child for being treated unfairly. Yet in the face of the abusive treatment of his childhood, Harry is courageous. He does not succumb to the Dursley’s relentless campaign to stamp the magic out of him, and become a proper Dursley; though this would’ve won their approval, put him in their good graces, and made his life exponentially easier – but he didn’t do it. He knew they were wrong, knew what was right, and refused to become like them. So heck yes Sorting Hat, there is “plenty of courage, I see”. He was loved by his parents, by the three that dropped him off at his Aunt and Uncle’s, and by the majority of the Wizarding World. He’s also snarky, loving, and in constant danger. 

Judy Hopps: 

Every reason why we care about Judy is established in the first few scenes. She’s courageous. She’s funny. She’s loved by her parents. She’s motivated by noble values. Definitely goal oriented, hard working, and smart. She’s also in imminent danger, and being treated unfairly.

If we took out the pieces of the story meant to evoke our empathy, what would happen? 

Nobody would care. Judy Hopps would have been an annoying, smug, and consumed by ruthless ambition. Harry Potter would have ceased to exist because everything about him is empathetic. 

Establishing these early allows us to begin the process of temporarily transferring our lives into a story. Or in the case of some life-changing stories, not temporarily transferring, but letting them become part of our souls forever. 

Yup, having your story connect with a reader forever starts with just a little empathy. Pretty useful.

Oh, and speaking of souls, give me mine back, Dementor reader. I learned how to make people like my characters. Now you’re out of the Azkaban job and the beta reading job. 

omgcp characters as parks and rec quotes
  • bitty: the groom wore a butt so perfect it could make an angel hang himself
  • jack: when i was a baby, my head was so big scientists did experiments on me
  • shitty: if i had to have a stripper's name, it would be equality
  • lardo: guys love it when you can show them you're better than they are at something they love
  • ransom: if i keep my body moving and my mind occupied at all times, i will avoid falling into a bottomless pit of despair
  • holster: wine is crying juice
  • nursey: i really only listen to, like, german death reggae and halloween sound effects records from the 1950s. and bette midler. obviously
  • dex: i typed your symptoms into the thing up here, and it says you could have..."network connectivity problems"
  • chowder: you're like an angel with no wings
12x21: it’s not all bad

This is a review of 12x21 that ends on a positive note.

I will expand further here why I think this episode was badly written and poorly executed, but did further the overall positive outlook for the season.

Important first impression:
- The overall season arc plot points (and therefore not written specifically by Bucklemming) were greatly moved forwards.
- The points that were just relevant to this episode and were painful, unnecessary and not even used well or referenced by the actual protagonists were all Bucklemming.

1. Eileen. Fucking Eileen, man.

Originally posted by peter-pantomime

She didn’t have to die. She didn’t have to die like that. She didn’t have to die like that and then have barely any real reaction from Sam and Dean about it

Where was Sam’s textualised pain? Where was the Red Meat parallel of Dean having to console Sam? I know he looked a bit anguished but I’m putting this down to Jared and direction, not the writers. 

However, I am going to give the smallest part of the benefit of the doubt and parallel this with Sam’s reaction to Dean about Cas, where Sam is all business and logic, trying to lessen the pain that way, rather than it being not caring.

BUT… how does this further Sam’s personal arc? He is supposed to be reconciling the hunting life and his previous want to get out? Killing off any friends and potential endgame love interests does this how? If I was Sam now after this as an example of the pain, I would want out NOW! NO MORE SAM AND DEAN HUNTING, SAVING PEOPLE, THE FAMILY BUSINESS. IT MAKES NO SENSE. 

On top of this, after all the heavy Saileen/Destiel parallels written by the same writers and the theme of Dean opening up more and realising that emotions should be voiced, how does this further Dean’s arc of realising he should just tell Cas how he feels before it’s too late?

It was a massive opportunity WASTED for not just endgame Saileen but also how her death could have been a valid character development moment for both of them.

These are the only valid reasons Eileen should have been killed off - to be referenced in some way by the protagonists. Even Charlie’s unnecessary death was a lazily written ‘turning point’ for Dean’s MoC fall into Darkness. But instead we have…well, nothing really.

I hope the writers of the next episodes maybe pick up on it and it’s just a delayed reaction otherwise it is just such a waste.

Destiel side note: Yes I did see that Crowley called Cas their ‘love slave’. I would flail about this except as I was saying with @elizabethrobertajones yesterday, there is so much real Destiel fodder now it kind of is not that important. HOWEVER I stick to the fact that Lucifer has been inside Cas and canonically knows how he feels and Crowley also knows how they both feel. So I guess, small wins and all that.

2. Mary.

Mary believes she used to have Free Will. Well, that hurts because we know it isn’t true (cupid). 

BUT Mary prefers to die rather than kill innocents (yes, thank you, redemption arc). Mary cannot break out of the brainwashing when Dean pleads with her (thank you Cas 8x17 mirror - found family is stronger than blood family and all that).

Mary must have had an inkling but now it has been voiced on the show that :  A. John was a child abuser and B. that Mary now knows

We have all been waiting for this since 12x01 so YES good thank you. Plot line moved forwards.

Dean is going to confront her about Azazel in 12x22….Now I’m assuming she is either brainwashed and he is trying to jump her out of it with harsh words or she is out of it already and Dean is just so fucking DONE that it comes out. This will be so interesting I’m actually kind of sad they’re back to back so we won't have time to process what seems to be going to be an amazing episode character wise.

3. Lucifer.

I mean, Chuck how lazy was that? “The polarity is reversed’. Jeez. Ok but, so Crowley is a rat, OK. Whatever.

Lucifer’s plot line though…


Originally posted by faramaiofnerdwoodforest

Lucifer thinks he has won.  He is on top of the world.  “MY SON”.

Yes. Your son, who will be your downfall, who is the sunrise, who will bring the world to it’s feet (yes, again, sorry, I believe @amwritingmeta is totally right about this).

Who is being aided by your perfect mirror - the Fallen Angel who loves Humanity, while you hate it. Who doesn’t give a damn about God anymore, while you crave his attention. Who is constantly linked to the SUN.

I keep harping on that is time for Cas to be the Hero

He was a hero as part of TFW in season 4 and in season 5, in season 6 he was the hero even though he thought he should lie to Sam and Dean to do so, in order to protect them (hello 12x19), yes he went behind their backs but he stopped the second apocalypse ON HIS OWN. Since then it is just one big ball of hazy messes on everyone’s sides, meanwhile Cas has been getting more depressed, suicidal and full of self doubt.

THIS IS HIS HERO ARC. This is the culmination of his self worth arc, his faith arc, his Humanity arc.

This child will restore balance but it will also help to restore Cas’s faith in himself and self worth through his CHOICE to help it and convince Sam and Dean of it. 

There is a reason I think Cas seems brainwashed, because he is much more the old Castiel now than the broken shell that is Cas, not in terms of being brainwashed by Heaven etc but his self assurance and faith, while at the same time still being CAS. 

We are always talking about Sam and Dean reconciling the different parts of themselves together, THIS IS IT FOR CAS. 

This is the best that he can be and if this isn’t the case and he is brainwashed past the season finale then honestly I don’t even know what their endgame is other than to just kill all of TFW and their fans painfully.

So yeah, Cas is the hero. He will convince the boys of the righteous cause, they will be Team Free Will again. 

Cas literally IS the sunrise and so is the child.

Meanwhile, Lucifer thinks he is on top. He thinks he has won when actually he has brought defeat on himself.

I love this.

Supernatural:  10 Things I Learned From Tonight’s Episode.

Season 12, Episode 12:  “Stuck in the Middle (With You)”

*SPOILERS!  (Duh.)*

1.  Blatant Tarantino references are abound, and I love every second of it.

2.  Dean is persistently uncool with anyone hitting on his man.  

Check out them Rage Dimples. 

3.  Dean has a unique approach towards “teaching Cas to flirt.” 

I.e. unabashedly flirting with him himself.

4.  It’s been shown time and time again that keeping secrets on this show is never, ever a good idea, and it almost invariably leads to someone almost dying.  And yet, everyone inexplicably continues to do so.

Evidently, it runs in the family.

5.  Nevertheless, Mary canonically considers Cas to be part of her family, takes shit from no one, and it is beautiful.

6.  Even after all these seasons, Supernatural still knows how to make my heart stop.

And hurt like a bastard.

7.  Cas has now canonically told Dean he loves him.

Moreover, it was immediately followed up by “I love all of you,” implying that the first one was addressed specifically to Dean. 

Also, the simple act of a male-presenting character saying “I love you” on this show is a tremendous step towards emotional health for everyone involved. 

8.  Dean unarguably loves Cas back.

Dean refusing to leave Cas behind (even at the possible cost of his own life) is all I’ve ever wanted from this show yet it makes me want to rip my lungs out every time I get it.

Also, look at his face.  This is the face of a creature with zero sense of self worth realizing he means something to his family and friends.  Just, fuck me up, SPN.

9.  I was sure this ep would end in tragedy, but instead it ended with Dean tenderly escorting his recovering boyfriend home.

God bless you, Andrew Dabb.

10.  Castiel, Angel of the Lord, is one of the most dynamic, three-dimensional, and genuinely altruistic characters I have ever seen, and every time I think about him and how far he’s come I get an ache in my chest because it’s so damn beautiful.  

Nothing to add here, just my incoherent wailing. 

Rating:  11/10.  This episode is everything I hoped it would be, and more.  Excluding an explicit confirmation of gayness (which would always be ideal), it was a perfect tribute to the enduring love between Cas, Dean, and his human family.  Well done, SPN!     

GIF credits: @flydestiel, @lowsodiumfreaks, @novaks, @bennylafitte, @codestielckles, @ahoyspn, @angvlicmish.

Sugar Daddies

I think we can all agree that we love “cinnamon buns.” No matter which otome game you play, there’s sure to be at least one character of the “cinnamon” or “sinnamon” variety who is to your liking.

Now, I say cinnabuns– probably because I used to get them all the time from a store called Cinnabon, and they’re buns; but whether you call them cinnamon buns or cinnamon rolls, there’s lots of flavors to choose from:

The Precious Angel cinnabun:

These types are almost too sweet. You just want to step back and admire their adorableness. They could be awkward like Yukimura, or adorkable like Albert. Preternaturally perfect like Saito or unexpectedly vulnerable like Kondo. You can’t help but fall for them.

The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Virgin cinnabun:

This type of bun has two layers. The background-driven facade and the gooey deredere center. Don’t get thrown off by the outer shell– these cinnabuns usually have some kind of secret that keeps them from getting close to anyone and as such, they have very little or in some cases no experience; the complete opposite of what you’d expect from their personality. 

In Ieyasu’s case, he’s more virgin than extra-virgin olive oil. He hasn’t even finished the Lover’s Guide and gets frustrated just untying your obi. Nico is super busy being a double agent and pouring tea, and Kyo literally has an evil twin trying to kill him. 

You can see why they haven’t found the time to do the deed with anyone. 

But don’t despair!

The Closet Freak sinnabun:

Do not be fooled. They look and act like the Precious Angel types but they’re sinning left and right when night falls– and sometimes they don’t even wait that long. Yukimura (slbp) and Yuki (DtL) also fit in this category.

The Get Rekt sinnabun:

Your body will probably never be ready. 

You’ve got, in order: Saizo, who wrote the Lover’s Guide, Takasugi, its faithful practitioner, Sid, who can’t even wait until he gets indoors, Haru, who makes sure you can’t get up out of bed, Shingen, who makes sure you can’t even walk, and Hijikata, who canonically likes it rough. 

Gird your loins!

The Maverick sin/cinnabuns:

 Depending on the situation, these guys can fit into any category, so look out. You may not know what you’re getting into, but you probably won’t be complaining. They’ll reel you in with that sweetness and then you’re done for.

The ZFG sinnabun:

For these fine purveyors of sin, not a single hot buttery eff will be given with regard to who’s around, what time of day it is, or your location. All they know is MC indicated s/he wanted them and they’re more than happy to oblige.

Proceed with caution.

The Buns of Indeterminate Origin:

404 Sins Not Found. These Citation Needed buns haven’t been given a fair chance to tell what type they are yet.

My guess is Robert (Get Rekt), Shigezane (Maverick), Kageie (Closet Freak), Rayvis (ZFG), Kagetsugu (Precious Angel), Toramatsu (Maverick).

anonymous asked:

hi senpai! what are your recommendations for skk and fyoya fics? love your blog!


I’ve already made 2 fic rec posts HERE and HERE but because I lurk like a loser here are some more recs:

- Anything and everything by Kuranoa. Hands down one of the best fyoya + skk combi writers in my book, really lovely humor but when she angsts it smashes you until you’re a pile of dust and you hate yourself but you keep reading. And my god her Chuuya is badass adorable

- Anything by Memos. Not even gonna lie I cry over her nsfw at least 30 times a day then cry some more in the bathroom then cry some more before I go to bed because her fics are just that good

- Anything by AnonLearnsToWrite. Their humour is grade S excellent I laugh everytime, it’s really so on point and their plots are so damn precious and I really love their characterizations of Dazai. But can they please update Three’s a crowd because I’m dying. 

- Anything by writingfromtheshadows. Especially if you’re a fan of mafia boss Dazai and badass Chuuya. The ust can drive you nut at times but they do compensate with… several pieces of delicious nsfw and generally I just want more but pls stop killing me with the ust.

- At this point, deep sighs, sells soul to devil, anything by Kibasix. But everyone and their fifth removed cousins know I’m blatantly a Kibasix fangirl so what else is new really. 

- All the skk fics by WhisperingWinds99 because I’m kind of a loser and haven’t really read their sskk ones. BUT THEIR FICS ARE REALLY ADORABLE AND PRECIOUS AND IT SOOTHES MY SOUL EVERYTIME MY FLUFFY ANGEL AMONG ALL OF YOU ANGSTY DEVILS. 

- I generally really love hitherelovely’s fics because mmmmmmm their Dazai is delicious and just KDSJFHAKJFHAKF FANS SELF but their themes might be a bit heavy for some of you so this is a rec but rec with caution please read tags carefully before proceeding.

- Noir. This fic is one of the rare instances where I have to say that the portrayal of Chuuya is perfect. It explores his relationships with other characters in such a good way that it makes everything in my soul hurt. And the realistic ending of it makes me cry all the way until this day. Please. For the love of God. Read it.   

- Touch me. AKA THAT ONE TEACHER! DAZAI/MILITARY!CHUUYA THAT I FINALLY GOT HOLY SHIT INCOHERENT KEYBOARD SLAM. Very detailed setting, Chuuya is the cutest, Dazai is a little shit just like how I want him to be, and the smut… oooooh boooooooy. I’ve already recced her in my last posts and there’s a sequel in progress as well so tbh just check out her profile

A Spring Without You is Coming. Aka that one fic that made me curse three times in the span of 2 minutes 48 seconds because WOW WHO AUTHORIZED THAT HOW DARE  YOU WHAT THE FUCK. No seriously what the fuck. What. Who hurt you.

Mommy Is Daddy’s Only! THIS ONE HAS BABY SKK AND IT’S REALLY CUTE AND IT ALSO HAS FYOYA AND TACHUU IN IT SO HELL YEAH. Or you can just read it solely for Akutagawa throwing his milk bottle in Fyodor’s face.

- 1893. Oh my god. Dazai’s POV in this. I’m just. I have no words. Actually I have one word. Gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. Wow that’s 3 words but okay it’s so good it would deserve 3 thousand words but I’m just mostly speechless.

- Eight time’s the charm. Ever feel like being cockblocked? Then cockblocked some more? Then cry because you got so cockblocked you don’t know what to do? This is just the right fic for you. Just. Trust me. Go for it. 

- The Courtesan. Let’s see. You have Fyoya and SKK. You have courtesan Chuuya (whisper through gritted teeth yes holy shit). You have your one and only Moulin Rouge AU. And the writing is gorgeous. Need I say more chop chop get on it but BRACE YOURSELF FOR THE FRIGGIN PAIN BECAUSE MOULIN ROUGE. 


SO MUCH LOVE FOR THESE COSPLAYERS! So perfect! Yes! Kill it ladies! ❤️
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SURPRISE!!! Remember that secret group photoshoot I mentioned? WE WERE THE MUSES FROM @disney’s HERCULES!!! This has been a dream since CHILDHOOD. ❤ My sister @rk9cosplay made ALL OF THESE BEAUTIFUL DRESSES. I can’t wait to share this set y'all we had @thelastsoncosplay as Herc and @cosplaybutterfly & @stavvycosplay as Meg (so nice we shot it twice) and OTHER CHARACTERS TOO Y'ALL WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE 😍😍😍
Clio: @pencils_and_pincushions
Thalia: @toronto.quinn
Calliope: @angels_n_demons_cosplay
Melpomene: @rk9cosplay
Terpsichore: @alannamode
📷; @mintley_
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soulmate (fionn whitehead x reader)

@likeapinkocean requested “Hey I was wondering if you could do an imagine where fionn and y/n are good friends and both star on Dunkirk. One day, all the boys (Tom, Jack and Harry and all that) decide to go see a psychic for the fun of it and fionn doesn’t really believe it but goes anyway. And the psychic tells fionn that y/n is his soulmate and they met multiple times in their past lives. Then they are all together and the boys tease him about it and force him to tell him, he likes you. He then goes to your hotel room and tells you he loves you. I know it’s big but I just thought it would be an interesting idea. I love your writing btw ❤️💕”

Forgot to mention requests are always open in my previous stuffs so yeah :)


“That’s a good take,” Chris was standing next to the camera as Y/N, Fionn, and Harry stood shivering in the water. It was 30 or something degrees out and had been raining non-stop. Chris, being the angel he is, thought this was the perfect weather to shoot the scene where your character, Liz, meets the boys under the docks. She went to Dunkirk in her sick twin brother’s place and passed as a boy until her hat fell off in this scene. It felt like their millionth take, and the three of them were freezing. It didn’t help that the rest of the guys got to stay back at the hotel.

“Can we go now, Chris?” Harry was rubbing his hands together while Fionn was jumping up and down trying to stay warm. “We’re so bloody cold.”

“But we still have-”

Chris was cut off by Y/N sneezing rapidly six times in a row. Fionn laughed a little and wrapped his drenched trench coat around your shoulders. All it really did was weigh her down, but Fionn was only trying to help. As the three stood shivering, Chris sighed.

“Fine. But only because Y/N is getting sick. Can’t have our only lead gal die on set.”

“Thank you!”

The three of you were already out of the water and running over to your trailers before he could finish his sentence. They had been filming that same scene from 3 am that morning, and Y/N was more than ready to head back to the hotel and meet up with the rest of the guys. It was a crazy male-heavy set for being the only female lead, but the guys were her best friends anyways. Sure, there are a bunch of cliche “make-up artist/wardrobe person is my best friend” type of thing, and Jordan was one of her friends. It’s just he was in a different hotel and they rarely see each other off-set.

He always made sure you were out of your costume and dried up before heading back, and Y/N loved him for that. He was a sweetheart, and always took care of her.

While pulling your hoodie and shorts on behind the screen, Fionn’s wardrobe/make-up artist burst into her trailer.

“What,” Jordan hung up Liz’s coat and costume on the rack for tomorrow.

“Fionn said you had the trench coat and I wasn’t sure if-”

Jordan looked puzzled as Y/N stepped out from the screen. She smiled sheepishly as she handed it to Fionn’s make-up/wardrobe person while mouthing “sorry.”

Jordan held a strained smile until they went out the door and then turned to face Y/N. “Did you steal Fionn’s coat as a prank, because that is not-”

“No, nope.” Y/N grabbed her wristlet from the table and pulled on her hood. “I sneezed, he thought I was cold…”

“Oh, okay. Have fun!”



Groupchat: Harry😜, Fionn🤓, Cillian🤠, Anuerin☺️, Jack😴, Barry🤤, Tom🤡, Y/N🙃

Y/N🙃: headin’ over to the bus right now if any of you guys are still on set

Jack😴: chris finallyyyyy let you go? 🤣

Y/N🙃: not funny and yeah he did

Barry🤤: shoot that sexy water scene with Harry and Fionn 💦😉

Y/N🙃: ew wtf Barry yeah we did but ew no

Y/N🙃: k Harry if you’re still on set the 3:45 bus is leaving in five min and fionn is here so you should hurry up and get here.

Fionn🤓: mate where are youuu? I’m hungry and cold and hungry and want food.

Tom🤡: food? I want food.

Anuerin☺️: tom you literally only pop in this groupchat when we talk about food

Tom🤡: you act like I don’t know that

Cillian🤠: you three getting on the 3:45 back to the hotel? Y/N🙃: Fionn and I are

Y/N🙃: He’s calling Harry he won’t pick up


Fionn🤓: I am so sick of Harry’s voice mail

Y/N🙃: Getting on bus…

Y/N🙃: No Harry…..

Y/N🙃: Bus doors closing……

Tom🤡: BYE HARRY👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

Jack😴: I feel like he’s going to be upset when we’re all just here when he comes back.

Barry🤤: I feel like you shouldn’t have texted that in a groupchat with Harry.

Fionn🤓: shitttt Harry’s here

Jack😴: oh god

Barry🤤: uh oh

Tom🤡: 💂🏻‍♀️💂🏻those two emojis are different

Cillian🤠: wtf Tom?

Anuerin☺️: fionn what’s happening?

Anuerin☺️: Y/N?

Fionn🤓: so Harry is running next to the bus and Y/N saw him and screamed the driver is fucking hard of hearing so she got up and tapped him on the shoulder and he yelled at her to sit down she yelled at him to pick up Harry meanwhile Harry is standing on the ledge on the back of the bus and he slipped off oh wait no he’s back on Y/N finally convinced driver to pull over Harry is safely in the bus.

Tom🤡: 🐪🐫one hump two hump go hump Y/N Fionn

Fionn🤓: stop it Tom

Aneurin☺️: where’s Y/N?

Harry😜: she just finished yelling at me

Barry🤤: cool

Jack😴: damnnnnnnnnnnnn good story time for dinner

Y/N🙃: yay food nomomomnom

Barry🤤: what do you guys want?

Tom🤡: food

Barry🤤: that really didn’t help at all

Tom🤡: you’re welcome 😘

Aneurin☺️: ew pda

Fionn🤓: guys we’re already here.

Cillian🤠: great we’ll talk bout it everyone meet in Y/N’s room

Y/N🙃: what? No it was my room yesterday

Tom🤡: 😉💦


Cillian🤠: I’m here

Fionn: Y/N, Harry and I are heading up.

Barry🤤: 🧀

Tom🤡: here

Aneurin☺️: here

Jack😴: waiting for you guysssss

Y/N🙃: elevator is openingggggg and Harry has a fan 🙃🔪

Fionn🤓: multiple fans. We’ve turned into that weird couple in the corner Harry’s acting like he doesn’t know us

Tom🤡: 😉💦 fionn/Y/N

Anuerin☺️: ew


We decided to go grab some pizza. It took at least 45 minutes for us to decide, Tom wouldn’t stop cracking gross jokes, Barry discredited everything on Yelp, Harry and Cillian were having their own conversation, Jack was stealing a nap, and Anuerin, Y/N, and I were on our phones texting each other restaurants. We eventually agreed on the pizza place and asked Barry about it. He agreed and we were on our way.

The pizza was fine, we ordered three pizzas and dug in. Y/N only had two slices, we were eating the rest. I must be looking at her a lot ‘cause Tom kept elbowing me and muttering “penis” when he caught me looking at her. I couldn’t help it. She was- she was just everything. Eventually she left the table to go talk to some friends from set or something.

I kind of kept to myself, didn’t really start any conversations, drank light. It was weird. Normally, I wouldn’t be as conservative.

“Okay,” Barry slipped into the seat next to me. Tom had a few beers and was probably flirting with someone catastrophically. I didn’t even notice he left. “I get it. You’re into Y/N.”

“What are you talking about,” I twisted the bottle in my hand around in my hands.

“Everyone knows.” Cillian smoothly sat down on my other side and slung his arm around my shoulders. “Like, everyone.”

“I thought this was Tom’s thing.”

“Well,” Anuerin stole a swig from Jack’s drink. “It’s kinda obvious.”

“Kinda?” Jack leaned back in his chair with a slice of pizza. “It’s veryyyyy obvious. I think Chris even knows.”

“Naw,” Harry said. “Chris is too clueless for this.”

“Okay,” I took a swig. I couldn’t believe this was happening. “So what I like Y/N. She’s really-”

“Yeah, yeah,” Harry said. “We know. But you’re starting to be a creep.”

“But I don’t think she notices it-” Anuerin started.

“But we do and it’s fucking weird.” Harry finished.

“Look,” Cillian ordered another drink and slid it from one hand to another. “She’s a great gal, and I totally approve of your relationship-”

“They don’t have one,” Tom said. “But I’m sure all his eroti-”

“That’s disgusting.”

“Anyways,” Anuerin shot a dirty look at Tom. “Last night after you left us playing Skyrim in Jack’s room, we decided to tell you to tell Y/N you like her.”

“Okay?” I awkwardly shot a glance at Y/N that everyone caught. “Good advice, but I don’t really want to, so-”

“Just do it, mate.” Harry was half-drunk and threw his head down on the table. “Nike preaches good stuff.”

“Let me rephrase,” I started again. “I don’t want to ruin a perfectly good friendship.”

“True,” Jack said. “But aren’t you willing to take that risk?”

“No,” I treasured it too much. The next best thing to a romantic relationship was what Y/N and I had now. “And Y/N’s coming. Shut up, pay your own bill, and we should head back.”

“Party pooper,” Barry led the boys to grab their checks to pay, and I paid for Y/N’s tab also. We headed out the door and she caught up with me.

“Hey,” she said.


“Thanks for paying, you really didn’t have to,” she reached for her wristlet’s zipper.

“Oh, no. It’s fine.”

“But I insist,” she stepped in front of me and held the money out.

“No,” I casually sidestepped her and she groaned.

“God, Fionn! You stubborn ass.”


“Really- just let me-”

“Y/N,” I spun around to face her. “C'mon, Y/N. Let me so this for once please. Let me be the responsible friend this one time.”

“Alright,” she tucked her hair behind her ear and I felt the sudden urge to step closer.

Before my instincts could react, Tom yelled from twenty paces back.

“Oi,” Tom said, staggering a bit. “There’s a psychic!”

“That’s great, Tom!” Barry propped him up on his shoulders. “We should head back, you’re completely wasted.”

“But I wan’ my fortune tolddddd,” he tripped his way back to the door and tried giving puppy eyes to Cillian. “Pleaseeee?”

Cillian sighed. “Fine.”

“Wha- I can’t believe it!” I spoke out. “We don’t have time to waste money and time on that shit!”

“C'mon,” Harry slung his arm around Fionn, who awkwardly dodged it. “It’ll be fun. Just act like you believe.”

“It’ll be good practice,” Y/N added.


“YEA,” Tom waltzed in the shop, the rest of them awkwardly following. “‘Ello, ma'am! Can I get my fortune told? Here’s five.”

The psychic looked from him to the rest of us. “Of course. Sit down.”

“Cool,” Tom plopped down on the floor.

“You’d best stop drinking restlessly in bars, someone might come along. It’s up to your actions whether she’ll stay or not.”

“Whoa,” Tom’s eyes widened. “Is she hot?” “My turn!” Barry said, trying to divert the psychic’s attention.

“You are a sweet boy. Don’t do drugs.”


“Someday, someone will offer you flour for a cake. Don’t take it.”


“This is hilarious,” Harry whispered.

“You,” she pointed to Harry. “A baby is somewhere in your future.”

“Alright, ma'am.”

“I mean- the near future. The next woman you -um- will bear your child.”

“Oh dear,” Harry stood frozen. “That’s some news.”

“I actually believe that,” Cillian awkwardly stepped forward. “And me?”

“Someday, you will meet someone who seems familiar. They are not like they were in your past lives, be sensitive to them.”

Cillian nodded. He always spoke about horoscopes and probably believed her.

“The one falling asleep shouldn’t be the designated driver,” she said. “Or many people will be led to a watery death.” “I’ll tell him when he wakes up,” Harry said, patting Jack on the back. He stood up a bit before falling back asleep. “You,” she pointed vaguely in my direction.


“Yes you. And the girl?”

Y/N had been hiding behind Cillian and Barry. She stepped forward. “Ma'am?”

The psychic cocked her head to the side. “Are you two a couple?”

“No,” We said a bit too quickly. “Definitely not.”

“You two have met in many past lives. Soulmates, definitely. Mostly ending in happy relationships, a couple affairs. I think you were even once Lord Byron, and you his sister.”

Cillian stifled a laugh as he saw Y/N’s hand fly up to her mouth and my shocked face.

“Oh,” she looked from me to Y/N and back again. “Wait, never mind.” “Thank you,” Anuerin said quickly before handing her a twenty and we started out of the shop. Everyone else went ahead; Barry was trying to stop Tom from running in the street, Cillian was trying to parent them, Harry and Y/N were laughing about something, Jack was slowly trailing them, and I waited for Anuerin outside of the shop.

As she took the money, she bent down and whispered something in his ear. He nodded and made his way over to me, we walked in silence for a couple blocks before he broke it.

“You should really tell Y/N how you feel,” he said. “I know you’re scared to-”

“Did that psychic put you up to this? And I really don’t want to, Aneurin.”

“No, kinda, not really? Look,” he stopped in front of me and turned around. “I know exactly how you feel, and it’s so worth it in the end. I almost didn’t tell my wife and -well- look where we are now? I know it’s terrifying, but if you truly want a relationship with Y/N, you should tell her.”

“Bu- but what if-”

“So it’ll be awkward for the rest of the shoot and for press tours, but what if she likes you, too. Fionn, we’re all rooting for you and Y/N here. Even Tom in his own very strange way.”

“How am I supposed to do it? This has never really happened for me.”

“Just talk to her,” we were at the hotel and Anuerin held the door open for me. Everyone else waited in the lobby. “You’ll figure it out.”

Anuerin walked over to Cillian and exchanged a few words with him. Cillian nodded casually yelled out, “Fionn, go take Y/N to her room.”

Y/N rolled her eyes as she stepped into he elevator. Normally we would all escort her to her room, hers was one floor above ours, before heading back down through the stairs. It certainly wasn’t the first time one of us had to take her to her room. “Fine, Cillian.”

I smiled awkwardly at her as we piled in the elevator. They pushed the number of her floor first, and we headed up. Nobody else got on, and it was a quick trip up. We got out and headed to her room.


“Thanks,” Y/N said. “Again for taking care of my tab.”

Fionn chuckled. “What is with you and the tab? C'mon, Y/N! You have to let me take care of you sometime.”

“But you always do! I feel so bad that I can’t really take care of you and the guys so-”

“Actually,” Fionn stopped once we got to my door. “I need some help. ‘Bout someone, I mean.”

Y/N faked a huge reaction before unlocking the door and letting him in. “Ohmygosh finally! Tell. Me. Everything! Who is it?”

Fionn raised his eyebrows in the cute way he did sarcastically all the time and shrugged. “Can’t tell you but she’s one of the best people I’ve eve- no- the best person I’ve ever met.”

“Oh,” Y/N plopped down on the side of her bed and Fionn took a seat in the armchair next to it.


“It’s just- I had this really strange feeling it was going to be a guy- like Harry or-”

“God, no! Who do you think I am, Y/N? I mean, Harry’s my mate! Well, so is the girl.”

“Keep going.”

“She’s been one of my best friends since we first met and I always seem to want to be around her. I don’t know if it was her smile or her amazing sense of humor or-”

“Get to the details Romeo!”

“I thought those were the details but okay,” Fionn faked offense. “I just- she’s one of my closest friends and I’m scared to ruin the friendship.”

“Fionn,” Y/N said. “You are a great guy and if someone rejects you screw them.”

Fionn laughed. “I would love to screw them, actually.”

Y/N exaggerated a gasp. “So there’s two people?!”

“That’s hilarious but I really need help,” Fionn put his head in his hands. “How am I supposed to tell her? Is there a monologue I can use, will a song work?”

“Hey, it’s okay.” Y/N patted him on the back. “Just- just tell her you love her.”

“And that would work?”

“If it would work for me, it’ll work for her.”

Fionn got up and started to leave as Y/N went to her door.

“Good luck,” she said, opening it. “I know it’ll go great!”

“Thanks a lot, Y/N,” he said, going back towards the elevator.


Y/N started closing the door when she heard Fionn call her name from down the hall.

“Yeah?” She opened the door again and stuck her head out.

“'Love you.”

“Love you, too.” She responded instinctively before closing the door again.

It wasn’t until after Y/N had walked three steps away from the door hat she realized what Fionn had said to her. As soon as she did, she ran back out the door to the almost closing elevator with him inside. She quickly reopened it and stepped inside, pulling him into a kiss. May be they were soulmates after all.

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BUGHEAD 13 EEEE ❤ (the number and ship thingy)

co-stars au

this went in a really weird direction but i hope you like it?!


Sweetwater High was a very successful teen drama that had just been renewed for it’s fifth season but one of the lead actresses, Veronica Lodge, had unfortunately fallen out with the creator of the show and had a very messy and public departure from the show. Not that the other cast members were going to miss her, she was one of the most dramatic and a complete diva.

“We’re so thankful that you can join us again Betty, I think the show will really benefit from your character.” The show’s creator Sabrina told her as they were walking through the car park towards craft services. 

“Thank you again for casting me. My sister is such a big fan of the show,” Betty smiled. She was type cast as the sweet, typical girl next door that was everyone’s dream girl and this show was no different. Her character, Katherine Judd, was just like every other character she’d played and that led to people assuming things about her, which Betty hated.

She walked into craft services with Sabrina and all eyes were on her. She immediately felt self conscious and wanted to run away. Sabrina guided her to the table where all the other main cast members were and introduced her to everyone. 

The show had five lead characters; a redheaded boy played by Archie Andrews, his best friend on (and off) screen played by Jughead Jones, a feisty redhead girl played by Cheryl Blossom and the show’s underrated character played by Kevin Keller. Betty was joining as the fifth lead.

Sabrina stood in front of them, “guys this is Betty. She’s joining us as Katherine.”

“Welcome,” Kevin stood up to greet her with a hug and Sabrina left them alone. “This is Archie, Cheryl and Jughead. I loved you in the movie Trapped, even if you were the first to get killed off.”

“Yeah I loved that movie too but couldn’t sleep for like three nights after that,” Archie joined in.

“You’re such a child Archibald,” Cheryl said throwing one of her french fries at him.

“Says the girl who has to sleep with a night light,” she retaliated.

The redheaded girl gasped and stood up, “I told you that in confidence Archie.”

“Children, children.” Kevin interrupted, “no fighting in front of everyone. Please.”

Cheryl turned to Kevin to tell him off for taking Archie’s side so Jughead sneaked away to Betty who was still standing at the head of the table trying to take in what was happening. “Fancy a walk?” he asked.

The blonde nodded and they walked outside to the car park.

“They’re not normally like that,” Jughead started. “They both had crushes on Veronica and since she left, they’ve been blaming each other. There’s a pool going on when they’re both going to get together now.”

“Wow, all the drama’s happening off set” Betty said. 

Jughead guided her towards a park that the set backed on to and sat down on the grass, when Betty yawned. “Let me guess, you were up all night prepping for today?”

Betty nodded, “am I that predictable?”

“No, at least you’re professional. Archie’s first day, he didn’t know any of his lines and we had to do at least fifteen takes of some scenes. He thought it’d be a walk in the park. It’s nice to see someone who takes the job seriously.”

“My mom used to test me before filming, every night. She wasn’t pleased when I told her I wanted to be an actress but didn’t stop me just, pushed me. Like a lot. She wants me to be perfect,” she spat out. “I’m really not but that’s what everyone thinks when they see me. ‘Betty Cooper, the sweet angel.’ ‘Betty Cooper the all American dream,’ ‘Betty Cooper the perfect innocent girl.’” Betty said, pulling out bits of grass and tearing them into smaller pieces.

Jughead pulled her into his side and rubbed her arm, to comfort her. After a while he said, “well I know something you don’t know.”

Betty looked at him with her eyebrow quirked, “go on. Surprise me.”

“Katherine’s perfect image will be destroyed by my character in a few episodes. She may look like an angel on paper but, she’s going to become his partner in crime.”

“Really? How’d you know?”

“Sabrina hasn’t told you?” he asked. Betty shook her head no, “well you’re going to find out soon enough. We’re going to have, and I quote ‘a very steamy scene.’

Betty looked up at him with a glint in her eyes, “well I think I’ve found a new reason to love the show.”

“Yeah, what’s that?” he asked playing along.

Betty moved up so that she was now face to face with Jughead, “I get to make out with a very hot guy,” and he closed the gap between them with a kiss.

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GoM + Nijimura + Haizaki + Kagami + Kiyoshi + Takao + Mayuzumi + Hanamiya + Ogiwara childhood headcanons please, thanks!

Hi dear! Sorry for the wait, I hope you’re fine! Here I am with the headcanons! Since you asked them for many characters, I’ve been general and brief, if you want some more of them just ask okay?

Have a nice day!

KnB Childhood Headcanons:

Kise Ryouta

-the Angel Child that everybody loves. The parents, the over-doting sisters, the neighbors, the old granny that rune that grocery shop….everyone.

-the sisters used to dress him like a girl. 100% sure of this, and he was more cute than every other little girl. Pink? Not a problem, he slayed it. Braids, flowers in the hair, animal hairpins? Looked perfect on him.

-he modeled both for male and female clothing, yes when he was still a child.

-the boy that all the girls in kindergarten fought for when playing house. He came to hate that game, it was boring and all the girls where the same. He knew he was cuter and a better wife than them. (Now, when he remembers how conceited and proud he was about his wife skills, he wants to dig his own grave. It was his sisters’ fault.)

-He was already sharp and definitely too honest, the typical child that points out everything that adults want to hide or fake is not there.

-He learnt quickly how to use his good looks and innocent face to have what he wanted. Not always in egoistic or cunning way, he was just happy when he saw people smiling at him or praising him.

-He had a deep bond with his Grandma, a true traditional Japanese lady. Strict and elegant but extremely caring.

-He got bored quickly and spent time searching for the “right game”. However, he quite enjoyed drawing (even if he wasn’t good at it)and singing! He loved singing and dancing! He organized little shows for his family where he danced and singed for them, or runaway show, taking them very seriously.

-He hated playing in the garden and getting dirty. Especially with insects, he was scared of them. Earthworms in particular.

Aomine Daiki

-The Wild Kid. The child that lives in the park or in the garden, from morning to evening. His parents had to scream and shout every day to bring him back home and put him in the bath. It was a real fight. He spent all his holidays at his grandparents’ house in the mountains.

-Every day was an adventure. He loved rolling in the mud, catching bugs and cicadas, exploring new places and obviously trying every type of sports.

-Until he found basketball, then there was only basket.

-He hurt himself one day and the other too, uncaring towards any potential danger. He got lost in the park or in the wood at least once a week. The firefighters were in the end used to it and became his friends.

-He had a great sense of “justice”. I like to think of him as the child with the hero complex. He fought the evil forces (bullies, a bad dog, strict adults…) and helped the weak (grannies, small animals, younger children…)

-He stayed quiet only when Momoi managed to force him to play at her “girly” games. Usually he was the one dragging her into his crazy ideas.

-Disinterested in the adults’ world, honest and rough, he respected only the ones who earned it. Teaching him how to be polite was his parents’ harder task ever. They still shiver at the memory.

Murasakibara Atsushi

-The Picky Child. Oks, I can’t stop thinking that he was the typical child who wanted always something different. Especially when talking about food. He didn’t throw tantrum, but pouted silently and refused to move/do what he was told for hours. Extremely stubborn. Between him and his parents, it was a battle of wills.

-Being the last son in a big family, he was slightly spoiled. By his brothers and his sister mostly, who just found him cute and cheeky when he was little.

-He was quiet, but moody. He had to be the one to decide what to do and when, he didn’t care if others wanted something different. He was going to do what he wanted either way.

-He liked playing alone, he especially enjoyed videogames and watching cartoons. He had a soft spot for a superheroes’ tv-show and knew all the lines of the Purple Hero. He had costume of him and some related toys. He was super-fast at coming back home after school to watch it.

-Not patient and bored easily, he spent a lot of time daydreaming.

-He was gentle only to younger children, especially girls. If he was in a good mood, he shared his sweets with them. On the other hand, he hated playing with the older ones, but luckily, he was big enough to scare them off.

Akashi Seijuurou

-The Perfect Child. We all know his childhood sucked. He was manipulated to be the perfect being and his entire family, not including the mother, was strict as hell with him. He spent his days learning and studying in solitude or with his tutors.

-He loved spending his free time with his mother, when he could. She would read books to him or play in the garden; they also took care of flowers together and played cheerful songs at the piano.

-After she died, he would wait for the night to come and then sneak out of his room. Some nights, he would curl on a big armchair in the library and read fairy tales or stories of adventures (the ones his mother read to him) by himself. Sometimes, he would go in the garden and take care of their precious flower to be sure they were going to grow and bloom. At least them.

-he started playing the violin because playing the piano without his mother brought back too many memories and hurt too much.

-At first he hated horse-riding, because the majority of animals hated him and escaped as soon as they saw him. Now he’s like a sort of Lion King and animal bows to him. Except dogs. Dogs hate him.

Midorima Shintarou

-The Smart Child. The one that knows too many things and reads too much. At first he was very stiff and cold to adults and other children, he preferred to play on his own, but he softened when his sister was born.

-He enjoyed mind games: puzzles, enigmas, crosswords… The problems arose when he couldn’t solve one, asked his parents but they didn’t know too.

-He read a lot, everything he could find. From kitchen magazines to encyclopedias. His favorites? “Fortune Telling” and “How The Stars Shape Your Life”. Yeah.

-Very diligent and obedient, however he couldn’t suppress his urge to talk. When he heard someone discussing something he had read about, it didn’t matter who it was but he had to have his word. Embarrassing when he knew more than the adults present.

-His parents were strict with him, but in a normal and caring way. They are very proud of him and let him know when he needs it.

-Shy with other kids and unable to socialize well, however he seemed to attract the troublesome kids. Maybe because he was very responsible and took care of them when they got hurt. He was the kid that other mothers loved because they knew that if he was there their crazy kids were going to be okay.

Kuroko Tetsuya

-The Where-Is-My-Child Kid! Usually super quiet, reserved and shy, but when you take your eyes off him he vanishes like a ghost. He was a curious and independent boy that wandered around following his instincts and got lost on daily basis.

-His parents tried everything: bright, neon cloths, some bells, a gps tracker…nothing, it took him one second to disappear, even in their own house. In the end, they decided to put around his neck a card with their names and the phone number, just in case.

-Adorable, a little chubby and with always a cute, faint smile on the lips. Sweet and kind, timid yet willing to befriend other children. Girls loved him endlessly and treated him like their little brother.

-I can see him drawing peacefully and reading. He loved to take naps, everywhere and anywhere.

- Independent, he tried to be the little man his dad would like him to be. Trying to not cry often and be strong, to do what he have too and be responsible. Helping out his mom when she needed, especially with house chores.

Nijimura Shuuzou

-The Dependable Child. When his parents had to leave someone in charge of the house, they would choose Nijimura. Strong, determined and a born leader, capable to handle things even when he was younger. Like a little soldier.

-grumpy and hotheaded he often picked up fights with other children, yet everybody loved him for his kind and honest heart. He was just a bit scary.

-He was the leader of a group of children at the park and used to be the arbiter of every argument. Nobody dared to contradict him.

-He would took care both of his older sister and his younger brother, like a replacement of his father, when he had to stay in hospital. Very responsible and hard working, however he got stressed and insecure easily and that’s why he ended up venting it into fights.

-Loved to play outside with other children and he never left out anyone. He also enjoyed from time to time relaxing on his own, watching his cartoons or chatting with his dad.

-He wanted more than anything else to be like his dad and make him proud.

Kagami Taiga

-The Sunshine Boy! A little tornado of smiles, energy and clumsiness. He tended to end up in every type of trouble and he visited the hospital once a month. The nurses loved him.

-He didn’t have a switch off, much to his mother’s desperation, and he never seemed to be tired. He had to move, play, scream, laugh…endlessly. He slept few hours per night and was extremely loud and boisterous.

-He loved playing outside and had a passion for dangerous and reckless games. He was never alone, always dragging someone with him.

-He got hurt easily: scratched knees, purple bruises, insects’ stings…He was also very clumsy and uncoordinated.

-Prideful, brave and curious. He liked nature, except for dogs. He hated dogs, they were evil (his mother used to threaten him that she was going to buy a dog if he didn’t come home)

-Nothing was more boring than staying at home, reading and drawing. When it rained, for one hour or two, they would keep him quiet with cartoons, but he would soon grow bored and start to pester them to play with him.

-He was hotheaded, but he rarely got angry or pouty. He complained, yet he regained his smile quickly. And it was quite contagious.

Haizaki Shougo

-The Spoiled Child. He and his brother had eight years of difference, so his mother spoiled him endlessly. At least when she was home, being a single mother she had to work very hard to maintain them. Yes, he cherished and respected his mother a lot (at least her).

-He had a superiority complex: he had to be the leader of the group and the one who decided who could play with him and who not. Girls weren’t accepted because they were crybabies and too weak.

-He felt like a great boss, going around the park and imposing his power. He said that his brother was the one who taught him how to fight and be brave.

-He had an older brother’s complex: he admired him and praised him wholeheartedly; he wanted to be tall, strong and fearless like him.

Kyoshi Teppei

-The Golden Heart Boy. The one that deeply cares for everyone, kind and always ready to help someone out.

-he would spend days and days gardening with his grandmother or fishing with his grandfather, quietly but cheerfully. Or, reading stories in the veranda and looking at the clouds. It had been his grandad who taught him how to play the harmonica.

-He was the pacemaker at the park, playing the role of the big brother to the other children. Actually, some of them began to call him “Onii-chan” for real, especially little girls.

-Making his mom happy was one of his joy. He would made drawings or small jewels with bottle’s cap, glass beads and plastic strings for her. Because she was a queen.

Takao Kazunari

-The Mischievous Child. He had done everything. He had pranked anyone, without a second thought. Most out of curiosity, sometimes as a revenge.

-carefree kid, always ready to get into trouble voluntarily. At first, they used to ground him, but then he would damage more the house so his parents surrendered and just left him without tv or videogames for some days as a punishment.

-He had drawn on the walls of his house, put worms in the tea cup of the neighbor, scared to death the mailman, scribbled on the teacher’s skirt, hidden in the wood the toy of a child he didn’t like, persuaded a girl she was adopted, sneaked out during the night…His parents spent their time apologizing to the neighborhood.

-He found girls annoying, petty and boring. He preferred playing soccer or hide and seek with other boys.

-He loved animals and was quite good with them. He was often followed by strays and his house became a sort of hotel for abandoned animals.

Mayuzumi Chihiro

-The Lonely Child. He liked to be alone, reading or playing his games on his own.

-He hated to be dragged to the park or to some parties by his parents. He usually hid in a corner and pouted for hours.

-He is an only child, so at time he didn’t know how to interact with other children and was horrible at sharing toys. However, he was good with quiet kids who liked to read like him. Or playing videogames. In those cases, he would even talk a bit, in whispers, and maybe show a faint smile.

-He’s still scared of family reunions, especially in big occasions like Christmas. He was the only child and the center of the attentions. His worst nightmare. He still isn’t able to escape from his aunts’ claws.

-The only one he liked was his grandfather, who brought him in the countryside and would share with him silent afternoons just looking at the sky or wandering in the woods.

-He liked to wander alone, everywhere and anywhere, absentmindedly. Luckily, he had a good sense of direction.

Shigehiro Ogiwara

-The Big Brother. The precious little child that has only one mission: being a good big brother. He tried to be independent and strong just for his little brothers, always trying to be a worth model and being able to take care of them. He was the one who took them to the kindergarten and then to school every morning, holding their hands.

-He would often go to the park and play basketball with his dad.

-bright personality, a bit wild and lively, but very kind. A bit clumsy, he fell easily and it was very cute how hard he tried not to cry every time.

-He ate a lot of food and was always hungry, maybe because he was moving and playing around a lot. His mother was stunned by that.

Hanamiya Makoto

-The Devil Child. He looked absolutely adorable and cute, and you know why? Because he was enough smart to know that if a child was cute, he was going to have what he asked for. Obviously, he put the façade on when he needed too, otherwise he actually didn’t care about others. He liked to be on his own.

-He was the only child of a single mother and truly cherished her, yet she had to work and he spent a lot of time alone.

-He used to go every afternoon to a small library and spent his time reading. There weren’t many books for children, so he soon began to read the ones for adults. He liked the story of military tactics, mathematics and physics’ ones and manuals of chess and other games. The old lady of the library treated him like his own nephew and is one of the few people he truly cares about. He still goes to visit her every week.

-Straying cats loved him and followed him on the streets.

-He had been banned from three different bars because when he was eight he started playing card games with the old customers, but always ended up winning the bet at stake. Sometimes he didn’t have to cheat to win, he was just too good.


Hello there! In the middle of writing “Love or Pride”, Linkin Park came up on my playlist (RIP Chester Bennington TTATT). Then I immediately thought of which songs from the group would best represent some of the characters of FFXV.

So here we go! (Songs are linked in the titles)

P.S. You can choose to ignore this though if you don’t want any angst right now ^^’

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If you love No. 6 more than your future first born clap your hands

If you need No. 6 more than you need air to breathe clap your hands

If you’re fucking obsessed with No. 6 and your life is officially ruined by these precious angel characters if you love No. 6 clap your hands

Can you tell I love No. 6? Because I fucking love No. 6. Fun fact, I even have a headcanons blog for this shit because I am a huge fucking loser when it comes to this god damn precious show.

Don’t lie, you are too. The adorable emotionally damaged homos, the fabulous genderqueer person raised by dogs, the radical mom who’s a radical baker? True perfection.

One thing that’s pretty awesome about the show is their fucking food, so I attempted to make a recipe similar to Nezumi’s Macbeth Soup, and I came up with something really similar to a Japanese Milk Stew. So hold on to your panties because we gon’ make some Macbeth Soup.


Nezumi’s Macbeth Soup
(servings- 2, one for your and one for the life size cut out of Shion that you have in your closet)


  • 1 chicken thigh, cut into one inch chunks with the skin off
  • 1 carrot, peeled and cut into bite size pieces
  • 1 onion, sliced into ¼ inch thick
  • 3 cloves of fresh garlic, smashed and minced
  • 2 potatoes, peeled and cut into bite size pieces
  • 2 ½ cups water
  • 2 chicken consomme cubes
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 Tbsp flour
  • 2 Tbsp butter
  • 2 Tbsp cream cheese
  • 1 bee parasite (optional, not really recommended)


  • Cry over the fact that you’ll never have a relationship like Nezumi and Shion’s like the fuckin fujoshi weeaboo you are.
  • Season chicken with salt and pepper. Heat a little bit of oil in a deep pan and saute the chicken on medium high heat until browned.
  • Add onion and saute on medium heat until translucent. Afterwards, add the carrot, garlic and potatoes and stir-fry that biz about as fast as Nezumi was when he cut that random fuckin bee thing out of Shion’s neck. 
  • Pour 2 ½ cup of water in the pan and bring to a boil. Turn down the heat to low and add consomme cubes. Simmer until carrots and potatoes are softened.
  • Meanwhile, make white sauce in a sauce pan. Melt butter on low heat and stir in flour to make a little roux. Cook the flour until bubbles, mixing well.
  • Pour milk and cook on medium heat, stirring quickly until it begins to thicken. Lower the heat and continue to stir until the mixture is thickened even further.
  • Stop the heat and set aside. Take some of the soup from the stew and mix with cream cheese in a small cup. Stir the cream cheese mixture in the stew.
  • Add the white sauce into the stew and stir that shit till it’s totally combined.
  • Add some salt and pepper to season to your liking.
  • Think about how much better the No. 6 novels were compared to the manga and weep furiously over the inadequates Bones Original Anime Ending.


HOLY FUCKING BALLS YOU JUST MADE SOME MACBETH SOUP. I mean sure, you’re never going to destroy a corrupted government or climb a mountair of dead bodies, but at least you succeeded in making soup, so I guess that’s worth something, maybe.

Go enjoy your Macbeth soup with some of Karan’s Cherry Cake and a loaf of mini french bread you piece of trash, you deserve it after all the suffering you had to endure without any updates to this fabulous series.

Later, weebs. Try not to cry when you realize how truly unproductive you’ve been the whole day.

And no, doodling fanart of your shitty OTP is not ‘being productive’ but nice try.


anonymous asked:

SWEET VENGEANCE ❤️ 2: How many ships do you have on this blog? And WHO do you ship OFB with~?

Oh you…~♡

Well, I do have a few ships on tumblr, like:

LendyxDaddy /AcutexFather
@ask-littlebendy @askdaddybendy

This ones were the firsts BATIM blogs that I founded and followed, and they were the ones who inspired me to create this blog. Speaking about the ship, they just look too cute and perfect together. They look so different, but they are similar in some ways, and that’s why they match perfectly. Also their art styles are astonishing.

Quiet Caos (Shyx Mischief)
@ask-sensitive-bendy @ask-mischievousbendy

Is there sugar in the air? Am I breathing cotton candy! No! It’s Shy and Mischief being a cute, caring and supportive couple! Seriously, I can’t get enough of this two. They always put a smile on my face!

@asksilentbendy @ask-showstopper-bendy

OMG. Another one of the cutests couples that I’ve ever seen in a fandom. Mute it’s a super cute fluffly Bendy, and Bonnie it’s one of the prettiest cartoon ocs that I’ve ever seen. They have been trough a lot of hard experiences, but they are always there for each other. What a strong couple!!

@ask-the-sassy-bendy @askpinkyinky

What a really cute couple with such an amazing art style!! I was in love with both characters separately, but when I saw them together…boom! My heart couldn’t take it! I’m a huuuuge fan of this couple. I haven’t seen much of them being a couple yet, but I really hope to see more! I really love them so much!

@inkxrnation @theswinginangel

What can I say about them? An advise. Have precautions when you see these two interact, because it can give you an instant heart attack. Oh. My. Goodness. I felt INSTANTLY in love with this couple, and of course, I ship them!! Totally and absolutely! 10/10

Agma!BendyxAlice Angel
@thesmoking-devil @alice-angel-ask

Instant death. Headshot. One hit K.O. . They’re not together, but they look PERFECT together, and I ship them to bits. Plus, their munes are a couple of insanily good artists!! Every piece of art they made is just priceless. And of course, their designs for their characters is just wonderful. And…I’m watching you guuuuys~ >w>

@bigbendy @blind-bendy

Another “one hit K.O.” over here. Seriously, this ship is reaaaaally good. When I saw the post with the event of Blind being all gooey and Big was with him, I was thinking all the time “ooooh my gosh, look at them, they’re so cute!!! I hope something happens between them”. And they kissed. They. KISSED. And was incredibly cute and I loved it to bits!!! I really want to see more of you two!!

I’m pretty sure those are all the ships that I’m into it now. And know, the cheesy answer…who I ship with OFB xD

Well, to be completely honest here, OFB doesn’t know enough characters to have a bond with, and with so, a ship. I’m not looking for OFB to have a couple right away, of course not. I like to make things realistic on my rps, depending on my muses. So, for OFB, it will be needed a friendship, a strong bonding and a relationship based in trust to fall in love with somebody… buuuuuuuut…xD

I have to confess something. When I started the rp with @blind-bendy and they started to interact…I couldn’t help but thinking “oh gosh…they look so cute together” Sooo, yeah, I ship OFBxBlind xD That’s the only ship with OFB that I have and the moment, but I don’t discard the idea that I can have more ships with him in the future, with other characters that I think they suit him.

Can I say something about musical!Christine?

It’s just so great because usually in a musical/high school story the hero’s crush is put on this huge pedestal. They’re perfect and mysterious and way out of this dweeb’s league. And of course Jeremy thinks that’s what’s up, and that’s why he changes himself to attract her.

But like, she’s not that romance character. She’s a geek. She’s an adorable awkward geek that we see from the first act would make a really good fit for Jeremy. Sometimes she fits into a trope you can see a comic relief side character in. And at the end, yes, you can see them in a lasting relationship.

I’m just really glad that the Dream Girl character can be a loveable, unapologetic nerd with a super special interest and everything works out for her!!

i’m a firm believer that not every character is perfect. i’m also a firm believer than you can stan a character despite their flaws (unless they’re a rapist or an abuser, of course). this doesn’t seem to be the way that the stranger things fandom handles jonathan byers though, which i find extremely annoying to say the least. jonathan is a good brother and a good son, for sure, and he’s definitely a good character. (and just btw, that “only love makes you that crazy” WAS ABOUT WILL AND JOYCE AND NOT NANCY. jonathan was defending his family, not nancy. he didn’t get mad until steve attacked his family). but he is not the perfect angel that the entirety of the stranger things fandom makes him out to be. 

jonathan was definitely not looking for will when he watched the party at steve’s house. and he definitely took those pictures of nancy so he could jack off to them later, because he’s a socially awkward teenage boy who’d definitely never seen a naked girl before. i don’t really see how anyone could disprove these points considering why else would he have taken them??? and btw nancy definitely knew that that was why he’d taken the pictures and she had every right to be disgusted and upset. she had every right to choose steve in the end, especially when you consider he looked away when she was getting unchanged, while jonathan watched without her permission. 

i also find it annoying that people are saying jonathan was right in this scene. yes, lucas and dustin said she was acting different, but all teenagers act differently than they did when they were younger? it’s called growing up. and lucas and dustin are allowed to say this because they actually knew nancy, unlike jonathan who didn’t. he watched her one night at a party. he didn’t know anything about her, and yes, you can tell a lot from watching people if you’re observant i guess, but he didn’t know nancy prior to that week. 

you can obviously still stan jonathan and jancy if you like, but it’s getting exhausted watching both the character and ship be praised as these untouchable angelic things. 

@ascendedivination - replying here for pics!

So I know I messaged you saying it was a card I struggle with too. See for me it kinda feels… bland tbh. Like I think there are cards in the Minor Arcana that address the relationship and partnership aspect of the card better - mainly the 2 of Cups. You mentioned the “choice” aspect, but that’s another meaning I’ve never really seen in the card. The Angel up in the card has always made this card have a predestined feel to me - if it’s showing marriage, it’s an arranged wedding. This card feels like 2 unknown energies thrown together and kind of forced to try to make it work. And with the card pairing up with The Devil down the line … well, it’s got a doomed for failure vibe to me. It doesn’t seem like partnership, it seems like compromise - which by definition, means each side is giving something up. This is a relationship based on loss and martyrdom. If there IS choice in this matter? It’s the choice to go into something blind and vulnerable to make an overbearing third party happy. Not my fave card and I’m not gonna be convincing anyone to love it tbh! Not with the RWS meaning at least …


Fairy Lights Tarot takes the choice aspect RIGHT outta the picture by giving us cupid and his bow - these lovers dance because they are actually compelled to. I’ve actually always had this feeling with this iteration that the girl is actually stone - and the little fairy pierced to her will become stone as well if he doesn’t break free! He’s enamoured with her through the delusion caused by the arrow and the bits of sun touching his wings are the last ties he has left to Life. I have it in my head that the spell will be complete at sundown, that’s all the time left for his escape. If he can’t free himself, they will be stuck in their dance eternally.

Still not too positive…


Ok NOW we’re talking. Shadowscapes is the most lovey romantic deck I could think of, and the only one that feels the way I WANT The Lovers to feel. They do seem like they chose each other, against all odds love won in this card. He gives up his crown for her, and she chooses nothing but him. This card is the end of every romantic movie out there, the big climax where their love triumphs over every obstacle. It’s a rare Perfect Moment in a broken world. If you want to heal your relationship with The Lovers, step into the heartspace of these lovebirds and be forever disappointed by any other iteration of the card you come across. Because of just HOW perfect this card is though, if I ever pull it, I know I need to really be present in the moment I’m in, because this energy is fleeting!

Archeon Tarot carries a similar vibe - love against all odds, with the Angel falling for the human amidst the flames. There’s that element of sacrifice in both of these cards, but truly voluntary, unlike the forced vibe of RWS. These may be characters who are blinded by love, but they are choosing from the heart (boom, I’ve got the choice tie finally lol!).

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silencesneeze replied to your postREC CHANSOO FICS? ;;

everythinggggggg except really angsty angst, a bit of angst that has a happy ending is good ^^

We have the same taste! Okay let’s get to the list then!

Life Will Write The Words by jumpthisship (One of my fave authors if you haven’t read her other fics yet, do read them!): teen delinquents with puppies, this is the last fic I read today, it was really cute.

paint my feelings on the ceiling by marcel : Gamer au. If you like video games, read this! 

for love to ever last by stjudes : This was hilarious! Friends to lovers btw. SO THERE IS NO REASON NOT TO READ THIS ONE XD

if we’re talking body (you got a perfect one) by soobiscuits : Bodyswap au. Chanyeol starts as an asshole, but the character development is good! And Yixing is an angel so yeah!

The Entire Train to Busan Movie but Every Zombie is Replaced by a Furry by johnwick : Well, the name tells you everything you should know XD It has a little chansoo though, main ship is sekai. But it was a really fun read!

Chi Omega by Klavier : This one was fun too! College/fraternity au, it’s been some time since i read this but i still remember laughing and giggling a lot while reading.

Leave Me Not by bowlerrootx : I haven’t read this one yet, but @littlechefsoo recommended it to me, and i trust her taste so i am adding this to the list as well!

Okay the list will go on forever! So I mostly put the fics I read recently. If you want more though, I can always share more hehehehehhehe

mordantata  asked:

I just saw covenant and I gotta say that David and Walter's interactions were even more interesting than I anticipated! Walter definitely had more going on then I originally expected :) I can't wait to see your reactions and headcanons about it (also it was overall just a really good horror/alien movie)


I saw Alien: Covenant yesterday, and I must say I really enjoyed it, although possibly for the wrong reasons. I will definitely watch it a second time because I want to be sure I didn’t miss any details.

I couldn’t agree more with you: seeing Walter and David interact was utterly fascinating. I was so transfixed by them I almost forgot there were a few creatures running around, ready to brutally murder the humans…

I have to admit I was annoyed by the scenes in which humans died like flies because it wasn’t scary or ultimately relevant to me. I just wanted to go back to David and Walter and learn a few more things about creation, free will, David’s research, Shaw’s fate, the Engineers… I would have liked to see more of that and a few more flashbacks too… and to think the studio originally didn’t want to include the only flashback shown in Covenant… 

I feel Ridley Scott had to sacrifice a lot of elements from Prometheus to please those who hated it with a passion, which slightly disappointed me because I actually liked Prometheus even if it wasn’t a perfect movie. It was ambitious and different, and I like to try to demystify things and to dwell on philosophical thoughts, which were also present in Blade Runner – oh god the references to that movie were simply delightful. I’m really glad Ridley Scott kept David because he’s such a unique character. He was very mesmeric, and I felt so much for him… I love him even more now, and yes I perfectly understand that he isn’t an angel.

I also really like Walter of course. You can’t hate him – you just can’t. I could go on and say a few more things about these two, but I’m not sure just how far I should go… spoilers, or no spoilers…