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River Song's Timeline

So I was thinking, and I came to a conclusion that makes me want to cry.

If THORS took place after TATM, and they go to Darillium, but River doesn’t recognize Twelve, then there cannot be any more episodes as long as Peter Capaldi is The Doctor with River in them that take place before Darillium. In fact, considering there were 11 pictures of his first 11 faces there cannot ever be another episode with River and a doctor that is not one of the original 11 that takes place before THORS in her timeline. So if River Song ever comes back to the show it must take place either at Darillium, or after the library considering in TFOTD she says the last time she saw him was Darillium so nothing between. And if this wasn’t upsetting enough, if we think about the ending of TNOTD it could be inferred that her story with The Doctor really finished there. So I have come to the conclusion that if we are ever to see River Song on BBC’s Doctor Who again it will be because The Doctor goes to The Library to visit her (which is out of character), or somehow Moffat decides to, for the first time EVER, actually play nice and SOMEHOW by some MIRACLE River Song is brought back, out of the computer, into life to walk among the living again.

So excuse me while I cry, because my favorite character ever, the greatest female badass hero/femme fatale, the flawless queen of time and space, the epitome of what I aspire to be as a strong independent woman, may never return.


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1940s’ Femme Fatale

“Steven Moffatt’s script for The Time of Angels described River Song as looking like a ‘sexy, dangerous, 1940s’ Femme Fatale’” - Doctor Who, The Vault.


Anonymous asked: RTD era or Moffat era?