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If Ben & Sophie did a romantic movie together

This picture of a butterfly landing on a lion was taken by photographer Kerry Snider. He says “This was taken at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. I caught him at the end of a yawn. The expression was perfect for adding the butterfly.”

The reaction gif starter’s kit when you enter the 1d fandom, Larries edition.

When the headcanoning gets too intense even for you

When Dan Wattpad writes, well, anything.

When you’re faced with doubters and god forbid “Freddies”

When Louis or Harry just you know surface

When you’re on a regret spiral, because you used to have a life before

When you’re faced with doubters again and “what” if people

When you go to sleep and 146435 things happened during the night 

When you’re trying to make sense of business, contrats, beards, management, labels, BEARS …

When Larries become “reconvering larries” 

When you’re just tired TM


Rochelle & Adelaide.