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There Will Never Be Another Boy Band Like One Direction
Two years after Zayn quit the band, there’s no going back to the way things were
By Anne T. Donahue

[T]he more time they spend apart, the more they’ll have to bring to the table when they do venture back to it.

But until that happens, let’s pour one out for the band that was and the bands that will never be. Before breaking our hearts with their hiatus, One Direction broke the mold for any acts hoping to mimic the historic popularity of a group that couldn’t dance to save their lives. Which means that any boy band we meet next has to build an entirely new set of moves.

  • Beca: I mean, hey, y'know, I like Chloe as much as the next girl. You know, clearly I have feelings for her, but feelings don’t mean love! You know, I mean, I have loving feelings for Chloe, yeah!
  • Stacie: ...
  • Beca: But I have… I have, you know, continuing feelings of love, but that doesn’t mean that… that I’m in love with her. You know?
  • Stacie: ...
  • Beca: I have… I have sexual feelings for her, but I do love - oh! Oh my god! Oh my god, Stacie, why didn’t you tell me?!
  • Stacie: We thought you knew!
  • Beca: WE?!
  • Stacie: Yeah, we all know, we talk about it all the time!

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It's custom for the guests to bring along echoe flowers to the wedding, where they wish the couple getting married a happy life together and other words of prosperity. It's usual to gift these at the entry before the audio has the chance to get distorted, where the couple listens to the flowers before each both exchanging kisses on the cheek with the guests and granting them entry. The couple later plants these flowers back in the wishing room so their happiness will forever life on in the stars

ya’ll killing me that’s so sweet and creative. great usage of the game’s flowers too omg

aw imagine sans speaking into the flower for gaster and gaster’s having a little gigglefit in the background because sans sounds so adorable and serious