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Perfect - Tom Holland

Hello hello everyone! So this isn’t based on a request but I have been absolutely obsessed with Perfect by Ed Sheeran and was very inspired to write this. If you’ve never heard this song I totally recommend that you do I linked it below so you can listen as you read. I have seen posts like this before so I’m sorry if you’ve seen stuff like this already and I tried to make this as original as possible. Hope you enjoy! I apologize in advance as this got so much longer than I had intended but, here it is! Comment or message me for requests! 

Word Count: 7k (whoops) 

Warnings: Some swearing 

“I found a love for me. Darling just dive right in, and follow my lead”

Tom remembers the day that you came into his life. Your hair was in a messy, yet not so messy bun, wavy strands falling out near the sides of your face, framing it beautifully. Your long eyelashes fluttered when you blinked, your bright orbs stunning his senses. He notices a MacBook under your arm and a college sweatshirt under your army green jacket. A single strap of a backpack slung over your shoulder as the other hangs by your back. You had come into a coffee shop on a gloomy afternoon, that just so happened to be the afternoon that Harrison and Tom snuck offset. Not being able to take the suit off, Tom opted to hide the costume not-so-skillfully under a shirt and long jacket

“Well I found a girl, beautiful and sweet” 

Tom waited in line impatiently and anxiously as he was not supposed to be wearing the suit anywhere off the movie set. He was already terrible at keeping secrets. As you had gotten into line directly after him, you had noticed the young man standing in front of you in the blue and red tight pants that also covered his feet. You scoffed a small laugh through your lips, raising an eyebrow, deciding to comment on the guys interesting choice of legwear as you waited in line. 

“Those pants are, amazing” You smiled sweetly, amusement apparent in your voice as you took a step to stand beside him. Tom was so focused on not getting caught that he didn’t even realize that the beautiful girl he had noticed earlier had been behind him. Your voice sounded like the perfect music to Tom’s ears. It gave him a warm feeling that he could barely describe. To your comment, his cheeks took on a blush and he became flustered for a moment before answering. Before he could even think of what to say, needing to choose words carefully due to the situation,

“Yeah I know right,” He takes a moment to look down at his legs. “I made a bold choice in pants today, how do they look?” His accent rung in your ears and took you by surprise. Embarrassingly enough, your facial expression showed that for you. 

“Whoa!” You gasped, “Your English! What the hell are you doing here?” You joked, giggles erupting from your lips. Another sound of harmony to Tom. 

“I’m here for work actually” Tom states, chuckling at your sense of humor. 

“Ahh” You nodded. “Are those the pants that you wear to work?” You raise your eyebrows, your chest bubbling in the light-hearted banter. 

“Yeah” Toms mouth curls into a large opened mouth smile. You had no idea that he was being completely serious, and that he had purposefully meant for his answer to sound like a joke. 

“I have to say, they look kinda like something that Spiderman would wear or something.” You mentioned, looking at his feet and shins at the design of the fabric. Tom panics for a split second, eyes opening wide. He quickly covers it up. 

“Really? Do you like Spiderman?” He questions innocently, interested as to what you would say. 

“Oh my god yes! I’m a total Marvel nerd!” You gushed. This made Tom’s heart swell. 

“Me too-” Tom gets cut off by being called up in line. The pair meets again not but three minutes later as they stand to wait for their drinks. 

“So British boy, where do you find pants like those?” You smirk, scanning his legs for the tenth time, not being able to shake the feeling that you had seen them somewhere before. 

“Um,” Tom weighs his choices for a reply, and there are not many. “I don’t even remember.” “Come on, you can’t just forget where you buy a pair of pants like that” You wave your hands, gesturing to his legs. 

“Well American girl,” He smirks, repeating your commentary. “I guess I did forget.” He nods, toothless smile apparent. 

“Shame” You gave him a sideways smile, your eyes locking for a moment or two longer than they probably needed to. “What’s your name Britain?” 

“Tom” He chuckles as he responds. 

“Y/N” You toothlessly grin back. You hear Tom’s name get called from behind the counter but he ignores it, as he is too busy looking at you as he thinks about your name. Y/N, Y/N, Y/N. He is broken out of his trance when you point to the counter, motioning to the fact that his drinks were prepared and ready. Flustered once again, he takes the two drinks, wanting nothing more than to stay with her rather than going back to film. 

“I’m sorry, I have to get back to work. But I can’t help but want to talk to you more.” 

His comment makes you smile. A light pink spreading its way across your cheeks. You hold up a single finger to him, telling him to wait for one moment. You stride back to your bag where you find a pen quickly. You walk back to find Tom sipping on one of the coffees in his hand. You reach him just as he takes it back from his lips. You extend your arm, taking it from his hand, writing your number neatly on the white paper cup. You hand it back to him. 

“Now, we can talk as much as you’d like.” You name is called and you take your drink. “Have fun at work” You shoot Tom a sly smile. You then turn about back to where you had set down your bag and Macbook. Tom is awestruck as he realizes what you have done, and his mouth remains in an agape smile as he finds Harrison, telling him everything. He waits a while before texting you, but his excitement gets the best of him. 

Hi Y/N

To his delight, your respond quickly. 

So, those are the pants that you wear to work then huh?

“I never knew you were the someone waiting for me. ‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love. Not knowing what it was” 

The nineteen-year-old Tom Holland had been on a train of crazy adventures before even turning twenty. The acting, the fame, becoming the new spiderman. Somehow it was you that took him by surprise the most. He knew he wanted to focus on his acting, and he hoped that if he worked hard that he could achieve his dreams. But you, he never saw you coming, and that hit him like a brick wall moving at the speed of light. 

Tom knew that after you met, all that he wanted to do was see you again. But he did not know that he would. He would see you. He would see you again, and again, and another time after that. All throughout the time that Tom was filming in Atlanta, he wanted to see you, and he did. And you wanted to see him too. In the months that Tom had gotten to know you, and date after date, you soon became his girlfriend. 

Once Tom had stopped filming in Atlanta, he had gone back home. But somehow that didn’t stop the two of you. You just so happened to be studying abroad for a semester. Abroad meaning England. There, you saw Tom very often, there Tom had realized something. You were it for him. And for a while, he had no idea what that meant. He had loved people in the past, but this was so much different. So much better. All Tom knew is that you made him feel like nothing else. A feeling that he could only describe in few ways. Like a child hearing sleigh bells on Christmas Eve’s night. Like sitting by the fireplace wrapped in a blanket with your dog. 

Like finding the one that you love. 

I will not give you up this time” 

After the semester was over, you inevitably moved back to the states. Knowing this, Tom never found a time to tell you the way that he felt. The distance would put a dent in your relationship, so, you broke things off. It was one of the hardest things that you had ever done, but you thought it was right. You only had one more semester to finish school, and you had to focus on that. 

Tom sulked for weeks. After seeing you so often within the seven months that you had known each other, having you ripped away so quickly took a toll on the young man. He tried to convince himself that yes, it was the right thing for the two of you to do. But he simply could not bring himself to that awful conclusion. He couldn’t just give up. 

So he didn’t. 

Tom booked a fight, packed a bag, and journeyed to find you. When he did, told you everything. 

“Y/N” He started. 

“But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
And in your eyes, you’re holding mine”

“Tom?” You questioned, eyes wide. “What the hell are you doing-” He cut you off by kissing you more passionately than he ever had before. His heart began to glow as you did not resist him, but kissed back, just as hard. You had been miserable without him too. 

“I don’t care about what you think is right, because us not being together, that, that isn’t right. I know it may be difficult, but I don’t care about that either. All I care about is you. Y/N I fucking love you, and honestly, if you love me too, that’s all that matters” And so he had said it. “You have my heart, and I hope I have yours” You smiled as your eyes filled with happy tears. You let out a watery laugh. 

“Oh Tom, Tom Holland you do. You have my heart. I love you” 

“You do?” He takes a moment to process the words that you are saying. 

You look into his eyes, and the look that you give him is all he needs to confirm. “You do.” 

Yes, I do. And I have no idea, how this is gonna work, or what we’re gonna do, but-” 

“We’ll do it” Tom finishes your statement for you. “Now shut up and kiss me”

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song” 

Now it wasn’t always easy, but somehow, the two of you had done it. In four months, you finished your last semester of college at took to the stars as an aspiring writer, trying to get your first book published, and Tom was preparing for the release of Spiderman. Just before the release party, the two of you celebrated one year of dating over facetime. 

Having never been to a Hollywood event before, you were exceedingly nervous about everything. Tom took care of a lot, booking the two of you a place to stay for the week, arranging his limo to pick you up beforehand, helping you find a place for you to get a dress. Having become close friends with Laura and Zendaya, the three of you got extravagant dresses together, and their teams of stylists did your hair and makeup. 

There was a line of limos, carrying most of the cast. The girls got into their respective limos, leaving me to wait for Tom. You watched as he stepped out of the black limousine, looking dashing as ever. 

The two of you hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks, but when Tom picked you up in a limo on the way to the red carpet that night, he was more astonished at the sight of you than he had ever been. 

“Why don’t you look handsome spiderboy” You approached him from behind. He smirks, turning around, but his smirk fades into awe as he drinks in the sight of the women that is his. “What?” 

“You” He begins to take large strides towards you. “I love you” And then he smashes your lips to his. To this, you squeal against his lips. He gently leans you back, his hand supporting you on the soft skin of your spine. “You look absolutely stunning darling,” he said as he slowly took his lips from yours. Darling. A word that held a soft spot for you.

“Smooth Holland” You giggled, referring to the dipped position you were in, looking like something straight out of a movie. “Thank you, darling” You mimicked him as you often did, reaching a hand to his face, stroking his cheek with your thumb. “I love you too” 

And with that, he opened the door for you to get inside, and the two of you were off to the premier. As you neared the red carpet, a million thoughts ran through Toms’ head. He was so nervous. All he wanted was for people to like the movie. All he wanted was for you to like the movie. His biggest fear is that you wouldn’t love it as much as he did. You had noticed his bouncing leg and shaky breaths and placed a hand just above his knee. You reassured him with your touch and your eyes. 

“You know how we’ve been talking about announcing our relationship?” You ask Tom. 

“Yes,” He looks at you, mind distracted from his nerves. 

“What if we do it tonight? We’ve been together for so long and your fans practically know already, I think it’s time” 

“Babe, I would love to. As long as you are ready and okay with it” Tom responds, remember previous conversations on this topic. You were drowning in worry and fear of what people would think and how this would change your life. Right as you pull up the red carpet and the flashing lights, you nod to him, confirming that you are ready for this life-changing moment. 

“You ready love?” You ask him. 

“Oh my god yeah, let’s go” He rushes, nerves consuming him once again. You gave him a lighthearted kiss. 

“You got this” 

This gave Tom a small boost in confidence as he opened the door. The screams are defining as he waves to the press and the people. He turns, helping you out of the vehicle and it seems that the cheering gets even louder.  

After that, the night went absolutely beautifully. You walked the red carpet, managing somehow not to fall over your heels. You spoke to Tom’s co-stars who were friends of your as well. You and Tom took pictures with fans, and you finally announced the fact that you were indeed together. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone went inside and you watched the movie. You held Tom’s hand in yours, loving every second of the film. Tom smiled, being reassured more and more every time you laughed. 

The after party of the premiere was a blur. So many people were coming up to Tom, praising him for his work. Many people approached you as well, asking for your autograph and wanting to speak with you. You were taken aback just by the fact that so many people knew who you were, for your writing as well as you being with Tom. 

Much to your dismay, you had no chance to steal a dance with your favorite man all night. Though you were completely understanding and accepting of why. On your way back to the house you were staying, Tom was surging with energy, on cloud nine from the experience. He’s voice flooded your ears about the people he had spoken too as well as what they had said. You were nothing but happy for him. After thirty minutes of Tom’s nonstop talking, which you didn’t mind one bit, Tom leaned back in his seat, letting out an exasperated breath. 

“What a fucking night” You giggled at his demeanor. The limo stopped at the secluded house and you both thanked the driver. 

“I’m so proud of you” You kissed his cheek as you stepped out of the car. 

“Thank you, darling. I don’t know if I could have gotten through tonight without you though, I’m so glad you could come” 

“Tom I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” You leaned your head on his shoulder as you walked up the drive. 

“Although,” Tom turned to face you. “I am slightly disappointed that I never got that dance we promised each other” He cocks one eyebrow upwards. You remember back to the night of your anniversary when you shared your want for a slow dance with him at the premiere. 

“I can fix that,” You told him. “Come here” You take his hand, leading him to the edge of the concrete where you discarded your beautiful yet painful heels. He soon follows, taking off his fancy dress shoes and socks, stepping from the pavement to the cool grass. You take him round to the back of the house where you set your shoes and your clutch purse after retrieving your phone. You turn on a song that you both love, clicking the volume all the way up. Tom sends you a loving smile as you wrap your arms around his shoulders. He hands slide around your hips, keeping them at the small of your back as you sway to the soft music. 

“When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight”

“The movie was amazing Tom” You continue to talk about your favorite scenes, Tom letting you ramble as you had let him. Soon rain began to fall on the two of you. Tom spins you and the rain turns into a pour. You both look upwards and laugh. You pull Tom in closer, resting your head on his chest.  “I probably look ridiculous” You laugh. 

“Darling you look perfect” He mumbles. And with that, you kiss him, unable to grasp the fact that he can still make you blush so furiously. 

“Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know”

One of the things that Tom loves the most about you is how strong you are. You are undoubtedly his rock, and he had no idea how you do it. He knows that you have been through a lot of hardships in your life, and though it all, you still remain the strongest person he has ever met. Tom remembers the first time that you saw him cry. 

You were accompanying him and the cast on a few of the dates on the spiderman release tour. Today, he was going to a children’s hospital to surprise children in the Spiderman suit. You stood by his side, taking videos and pictures and talking with the parents of the children. 

The circumstances had made you and Tom emotional throughout the day, but when you had returned to the hotel that night, Tom completely broke down, crumbling in your arms. It happened almost instantly after you had opened the door to your shared room. You and Tom hadn’t spoken much on the way home, you know he loves doing these things, but you hated how it affected him afterward. You threw you belongings onto the table and turned to face Tom who sits on the bed, his eyes were red and watering, and you could tell that he had been holding back. You sit beside him crossing your legs and placed a comforting hand on his cheek and he melts into it. A few tears streaming down his face. 

“Oh honey” You whispered, already knowing what was the matter.

That’s when he lost it. You moved your hand, leading him into a hug and Tom began sobbing to no end. You move over his lap to straddle him, pulling his head to your shoulder. 

“Shh shh, Tom” You pulled him close to you, rocking him back and forth. “It’s okay. It’s okay” You tell him, on the verge of tears yourself. 

“Y/N, they deserve so much better” He sobs, his body convulsing. “They don’t deserve all of that shit” He tries to say, but his voice won’t allow him. Instead of trying to continue, he clutches you tighter, holding on for dear life. 

“Oh god, Tom I know. Baby, I know” You hold him tighter. “It’ll be okay” You stay like that for a while as his tears dry out and his throat becomes numb. At that point, he is simply worn out. In silence, your both change and climb back onto the bed, where you can tell Tom is still rather upset. You pull him on top of you and rub his back. You change to rubbing his hair, and soon he falls to sleep with tear stained cheeks, knowing that if nothing else good in this cruel world of sick and evil, he always has you. 

She shares my dreams, I hope that someday, I’ll share her home” 

You were aware of the fact that Tom had been looking for a place to reside when his life wasn’t a thing of chaos. You also knew that it was in the UK, not in America. You had no idea what that would mean for the two of you. You had absolutely loved England when you lived there so a semester, but your life was here. 

Tom knew that after the spiderman tour, he would be going straight into filming Chaos Walking. He had boughten a flat, near his family and he wanted nothing more for you to live with him there. But with that, he knew that there were things to consider. He knew that your life was in the United States. That was a given. But what would happen when he was away for months at a time? There was no way that he was going to ask her to live with him and then leave her all of the time. He could not do that to her. He was torn. 

But he had soon found a short-term solution. Rather than asking her to move into his flat with him, he asked you if you would live with him and his brothers along with Harrison in their house in Montreal while he filmed Chaos Walking. To this, you happily obliged. You wanted nothing more than to live with Tom. You thought of it as your next big adventure together, as well as a sort of test to see if you could truly live together. Because you assumed that is what was coming next. 

So, you moved into the cozy house in Montreal, Canada. With Tom and three of your best friends. You knew the craziness that you were getting yourself into, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets
To carry love, to carry children of our own”

You and Tom both loved children, it was a given that if you two stayed together, you would definitely have a few of your own. Though, your baby fever had truly started on the Spiderman: Homecoming press tour. After Tom’s meltdowns of sadness and anger seemed to follow some of his hospital visits, you were reluctant to have him continue. Despite this, making the kids happy is all that he wanted. He always wanted to make people happy. So he continued, and during one of the hospital visits, somehow Tom had gotten a baby into his hands. A small, wrinkly, adorable newborn baby that looked like it was meant to be in Tom’s arms. There were many pictures taken that day of Tom and the baby, as well as you Tom and the baby together. 

After the pictures of Tom and the baby, alongside you and the baby circled the internet, there were many of your fans joking about the baby secretly being yours and Tom’s. 

You were standing on the balcony of the hotel room, scrolling through your endless feed, a smile coming to your lips as you see yet another picture of you and Tom with the baby. In your eyes, it was a hopeful glance into the future. You began to giggle as you read the fans ridiculous comment, placing theories and betting on scenarios.  

“What’s so funny over there darling?” Tom stepped out of the bathroom whilst running a towel over his hair, his sweats loosely hanging off of his hips. 

“Come look at this babe” You call him over. Tom reenters the bathroom for a moment, coming out without a towel, but now with a tee shirt in his grasp. You watch as he fumbles with it as he walks to you, hugging you from behind as he reaches you. 

“What is it” He eagerly rests his chin on your shoulder, looking over your phone. After a few moments, you feel his chest rumble in a deep chuckle. 

“I’ve seen so many of those since yesterday. Everyone is freaking out” 

“Yeah, I know” You giggle softly. “It’s really funny” You slide your thumb over your phone, finding more pictures and post similar. The two of you sit in the quiet buzz of the darkening city for a few minutes as you read post after post, theory after theory. Your scrolling comes to a halt as you find a picture that looks like the three of you are a family. And for some reason, you cannot stop looking at it. The caption on the picture being ‘Just wait until these two have a family of their own’ 

“You know, that doesn’t sound so bad if you ask me” Tom leans his head into your neck, kissing it softly. 

“What?” You ask as you were slightly zoned out looking at the image. You turn around in his arms. “A baby?” 

“Yeah” He grins. “Not right now of course, but eventually, of course.” He looks deep into your eyes. “I mean we both love and want kids I thought it was a no-brainer” He laughs lightheartedly. 

“No, of course, it’s a no-brainer. It’s just crazy surreal to be talking about it” 

“Well get used to it darling. Cause I’m gonna put a baby in you some day. I promise” He smiles that sweet smile of his. I throw my head back in laughter at his choice of words. 

“Okay, Holland. I promise I’ll carry that baby you put in me someday.” 

And to that, he just kisses you. A kiss that says I love you, in a million different ways that just became a million and one. 

“We are still kids, but we’re so in love
Fighting against all odds,” 

The filming of Chaos Walking was coming to an end, and Tom was still at a crossroads. He wants you to live with him, he couldn’t believe how much he wanted that. But that would be asking so much of you. Tom has been in his head too much pondering the topic. Little did he see, you were beginning to notice. 

But you thought something totally different about the matter. 

You had become slightly worried at the fact that Tom happened even mentioned living together after filming. And the fact that the film was wrapping up, and Tom had been acting strange, your immediate thought was that he was never gonna ask, nor did he want to in the first place. 

One day, late in the afternoon, the two of you were on a walk through the streets of a small town in Montreal. Neither of you had said much. Until you could no longer take it. 

“Tom,” You started, swiveling in front of him. “Do you not want to live together?” You asked bluntly. 

“W-what” Tom blinked a few times, taken aback by your question. So you repeated it for him. “Darling, of course, I want us to live together, what would make you think otherwise?” 

“Tom you’ve been acting so strange ever since filming started wrapping! And you have not once even mentioned us living together after this! So what are we just gonna go back to living on opposite sides of the world again? Because Tom that did not work!” You continue on your outburst. “I know you have a place near your moms, and for some reason, I was expecting you to ask me to live with you there! Unless you wanna get a place here then that’s okay too! And if you weren’t even thinking about moving in together and I’m being ridiculous right now then please-” Tom cuts you off by kissing you. 

“I know we’ll be alright this time” 

“There is no doubt in my mind that I want to live with you Y/N. But me asking you to move to a whole other country, that’s way too much of me to ask of you, as much as I want you to live with me in England, I could never ask you to do that for me.” Your heart softens at his explanation. 

“Tom, I love you so much, that you want me to move to England with you, isn’t asking much. There is nothing that you could ask that I wouldn’t do for you.”

“Is that a yes then? You’ll move in with me?” 

“Yes, that’s a yes, you lovable idiot. I’ll move in with you” 

“Yes!” Tom picks you us my your waist and spins you around. You scream in surprise and delight as you share this moment, this milestone. You’ll work out the rough details later, but at least for now, everything was perfect, and you were going to change your address to his. 

“Darling, just hold my hand
Be my girl, I’ll be your man
I see my future in your eyes” 

And just as you had predicted, living with Tom was the hardest easy thing that you had ever done. Your shared apartment served more as a home base rather than a home that you lived in all of the time. As Tom was filming his new movies, you were on a new adventure. You book release and then the release tour. Some way, somehow, you had gotten your schedules to coordinate, so most of the time you were traveling with each other. Though of course there were many times as well where you didn’t see each other for weeks at a time. It took a toll on the both of you, but in the end, it changed absolutely nothing. 

For your third anniversary, and a celebration of the end of your book release tour, Tom had taken you to the fanciest of dinners, where you ate some of the most expensive food imaginable. You drank champagne on ice that was never ending, all the while, Tom was a ball of nerves. His acting skills served him well in that he had almost never appreciated more than that night. 

You got back to the house that night, to find candles and rose petals everywhere. But no Tom. He had opened the door for you to go inside, and he had all but disappeared. 

“Tom?” You called into the house. You followed a trail of candles and rose petals to the living room where you found your boyfriend in the middle of a heart of fire and red flowers. Your hand clasps over your mouth. Could it be?

“Y/N” I breath escapes your mouth and the palm of your hand as yes indeed, this is happening. You step into the heart, finding your free hand in his. 

“Tom?” You say again, not believing it to be true. 

“Y/N” He repeats. And with your one hand still in his, he slowly lifts up his pant leg, bending down to one knee. A tear escapes your eye. “These past three years, have been the most amazing ones yet. And not because my career took off or because I got my dream role, no. Not because of any of that. These past three years have been the best years of my life because I have gotten the honor of sharing them with you.” A single tear slips from his right eye as more and more roll out of yours. “When I look at you, I see all I want in the rest of my life. I see my future in your eyes. You have made me the happiest man on the face of this earth. But somehow, you could make me even happier,” He reaches into his pocket. “If you did me the honors and became my wife” A happy cry leaves your mouth. 

“Oh my god Thomas” You use his full name as he takes his hand from yours, wrapping his fingers around the top of the box. Now both of your hands are covering your mouth in awe. 

“Will you marry me?” He opens the small black velvet box. But you don’t look at the ring. No, you look at him. 

“Yes” You throat can barely make out your words, but he hears them. 

“You didn’t even look at the ring” He lets out a watery laugh and you kneel down on your knees to meet his height. 

“I don’t have too. Tom, of course, I’ll marry you” Both still kneeling, you kissed amongst the fire and the sweet smelling roses. 

Tom somehow manages to lift you up from your kneeling position, still holding your lips to his. After what seems like forever, and somehow not long enough, he sets you on your feet and takes his mouth from yours. He swiftly takes the ring from the box, tossing the cube behind his shoulder. Your shoulders shake in a laugh and you attempted to swipe away your remaining tears. Tom takes your left hand in both of his large ones. 

For the first time, you catch sight of the ring. You stare at the most beautiful, shimmering diamond ring as the love of your life slips it onto your finger with ease. It fits perfectly. 

“It’s beautiful” You tear your gaze from the ring to him. 

“Well, it’s perfect for you then” He smirks. You scoff in a laugh. He never even begins to stops letting you know that he loves you. “Come here” He pulls you into a slow dance position. “Guess what Y/N” 

“What Tom?” You quirk your eyebrows. 

“We’re getting married” 

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful
I don’t deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight”

The crazy train that is the life of Tom Holland never could compare to what it felt like to marry you. His heart was beating out of his chest as the last fo the wedding party had walked the aisle. 

You were next. 

It had been nearly two years since Tom had slipped that ring on your finger and this moment was all he had been dreaming of since. 

He looks over his shoulders to find Harrison and his brothers, all looking sharp in their suits. Harrison gives him a nod, it’s finally time. All of the people in the venue stand from their seats, this makes Tom stand up straighter. When finally, what could have been mistaken as an angel straight from the depths of heaven itself, stepped through the doors. 

And if that was the last thing that he ever saw, he would die with a grin on his face. 

Tom couldn’t help the beam of a smile on his face. He nearly lost all composure seeing you walking towards him. He brings a hand to his mouth, sliding it down his chin then straightening his posture again, bringing his hands together in front of him as he watched you. The same giddy grin and blush were displayed on your face as you saw his reaction to you. 

You finally reached the altar and Tom cames to meet you and your father. The two most important men in your life shared a hug and a quick word and then, with tears in his eyes, your father gave you to him. 

“Hi there” You toothlessly grin slyly as the two of you step to the officiant. 

“Hi darling” 

You handed your flowers back to your best friend and maid of honor so you could finally join both of your hands. 

The ceremony was a blur of tears and commitments of love, and before you knew it, you were Mr. and Mrs. Holland. 

To say that it was the happiest moment of both of your lives would be an understatement. You walked back down the aisle, being flooded with applause and shouts of congratulations. 

That night, after being announced into the reception for the first time as a married couple, you shared your first dance. You had no idea what song it was, Tom begged to pick it, and wouldn’t tell you when he had. You both wander out onto the dance floor before you stop him. 

“Wait!” You slip off your heels, tossing them to your maid of honor. “Okay” You breath out, wanting nothing more than to dance with your husband. Husband. 

“In true tradition” He refers to the many times you had danced without shoes. One in mind specifically. The lights dim and the music flows out of the speakers. You gasp as you recognize the song and the memory that accompanies it. 

“Did I choose well?” He smirks, knowing fair well what this song means to you. 

“The song from after the premiere” You gush. “When we danced in the rain” You hold him close and sway to the music, just as you had that night, seeming like a lifetime ago. He twirls you around, your curls following a second behind, falling in a slightly messy fashion around your face. He pulls you back to him. 

“God, you look so stunning my love. I don’t deserve any of this” 

“I think quite the opposite Mr. Holland” 

“Thank you for giving me a love I could have never dreamed of, Mrs. Holland” He emphasizes his last two words. To that, I open my mouth in awe of how it sounds. 

“You deserve the world Tom” Place a kiss on his lips. 

“Hey Y/N, guess what?” He mumbles on your lips. 

“Hmm” You pull away, resting your forehead against his. 

“We’re married” 

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song”

“Something on your mind babe?” His voice startles you, for you were peacefully sitting out  on the patio of your new house.“Sorry” He notices he made you jump. You shake off his apology as he sits next to you. 

“Kinda, I guess, a little” You answer his previous question. 

“What wrong darling” 

“Trust me when I say that nothing is wrong” You smirk. 

“Okay, then what are you out pondering in the middle of the night?” 

“Dance with me,” You say, nearly as a demand. “We haven’t slow danced since our wedding, Tom! A year and a half is far too long” 

“Darling, you still haven’t answered my-” 

“Shh” You cut him off taking his hand in yours and lifting from his seat. You turned on the song. The one you had your first dance to as a couple, the one that you danced to at your wedding, it was only a practice of tradition that it is playing for this. 

“Y/N you’re freaking me out a bit” 

“I said it was nothing bad, do you trust me?” You look at him through your eyelashes. 

“Of course,” He says in a hushed voice. 

“Then just dance with me” 

And so you sway back and forth to the all too familiar music. No spins or dips, for you both just rather hold each other and rock back and forth. As the three and a half minute song only has a minute or so left, you find your self-running out of time. 

“Hey, Tom” You lift your head from his shoulder, placing your head on his forehead, as you have many times before. 

“Yes, my love?” 

“Guess what?” Your voice cracks. 

“What darling?” 

“I’m pregnant” 

“I have faith in what I see” 

That wakes him up quick and he looks at you with curious eyes. 


“Tom you’re gonna be a dad” 

“Oh my god! Are you serious!?” He lets go of you as the song fizzles out. “I’m gonna be a dad?!” To this you nod happily, your heart glowing. “I’m gonna be a dad!” He throws his hands in the air, shouting it to the world. And at that moment, you couldn’t care less that he most likely woke people from their slumber. Because he embraced you softly and kissed you roughly, and with a large hand covering my still flat tummy he whispered, “We’re gonna be parents.” 

“Now I know I have met an angel, in person
And she looks perfect” 

Seventeen hours you were in labor. Seventeen hours of screams, and curses, and agonizing pain for the both of you, your baby girl was born. Once again, he had no idea that there was any possible way for him to love you any more than he already did. But somehow he could. You had just given him a new way, the biggest way, for him to love you even more. 

It was the middle of the night, and Tom was watching you sleep when the small human in the cot next to your hospital bed began to move. Wanting nothing more than for you to get some rest, he moved to the hospital’s bassinet and took her out of it. Cooing her back to a sound state. 

He returned to his chair, cradling his baby so gently as if she would crumble through his fingers. 

“Hi Princess” He whispers to the child, his child. Her eyes staring right back into his. “Hi darling” He smiles as you had been the only person he has ever called that. “Well don’t you look just like your mummy” 

And it was in that moment, that Tom had met his second angel. Oddly enough he hadn’t realized it before. You were his angel, and so was this beautiful baby girl that he got to call his daughter. He looked over to you, the love of his life, having gone through so much pain for so long, and yet still, you looked like an angel. That’s it. That’s what you were. 

“My two angels” 

“I don’t deserve this
You look perfect tonight” 


Ed Sheeran - “Perfect” (Acapella Version)

Disclaimer: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this song. If your heartbeat doesn’t regularize within 24 hours, please contact your healthcare provider.