The new appraisal system was clearly a blessing (who am i kidding? It was a mistake!!!).

Candela is usually passionate in voicing a problem with this but she burnt out by the sheer numbers that she doesn’t care anymore

Blanche on the other hand, who had a calm and cool composure that melted into a searing torrent of boiling water ready to kill the next dirty joke.

Spark…. well he’s an innocent cinnamon roll that shouldn’t be saying these things LOL XD!!!

lookingaroundforlife  asked:

I have a question: if Harley and Joker had a girl instead of a boy/a girl as their second child, who would you headcanon as their child because I have been having the hardest time imagining someone as their little girl and I wanted a second opinion...

I have the same issue! I can’t find a girl who I think fits the part honestly. I’ve tried and I just can’t find the right person.

(This thankfully isn’t an issue for me though since I always felt they’d have one baby that was a boy so my headcanon was basically already complete once I realized how damn perfect Zac Efron would be lol)