me: *sets house on fire*

me: *sets garden on fire*

me: *sets my next door neighbour’s house on fire*

me: *sets whole street on fire*

me: *sets whole town on fire*

me: *sets Harry Styles on fire*

me: *sets the queen on fire*

me: *sets Obama on fire*

me: *sets the world on fire*

me: *sets John Cena on fire*

me: *sets the sun which is already on fire, on fire*

me: *sets aliens on fire*


me: #GetReadyForScorch

If I’m being entirely honest, part of me still wonders if I’m dreaming. I still can’t really wrap my mind around it. You told me you loved me last night. Or at least I’m pretty sure you did. It could be that I’ve actually gone crazy and imagined the whole thing. It’s funny how many nights I spent in that bed thinking about what it would be like to have someone say those three words. And then all of a sudden there you were, looking into my eyes telling me that you loved me and I don’t think I’ve ever been so shocked in my entire life. I probably looked a little crazy. It’s not because I wasn’t sure about loving you back. I’ve known that for a while. It’s just that all of a sudden my world stopped and ever cliche saying became so unbelievably true. It might have taken me a minute to process but babe I love you too.
—  Letters to you (8-30-2015)