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      “yeah its really not I dunno, just wanted to save you from the wrath of your mom if she found them just laying around instead of with everything else. leaning against the doorway with arms crossed over one another. taking a deep breath before entering the room. can I ask WHY you have them in the first place?

look me in the eye and tell me that is not the closest thing to a rl gage we’ll get

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On the subject of Jonghyun not using gender specific pronouns while talking about relationships - why do you think most of his songs are about women though? Why doesn't he write love songs that aren't gender specific? Because songs don't really have to be so gender specific to be "commercial". Even if it was, I doubt that he'd force himself to write about women just to sell a few more albums. Just curious what you think about this

well, the first thing is that most of his songs /aren’t/ expressly about women. she is, neon, crazy, like you, hallelujah, cocktail (i do love the whole thing about the blowjoB THO so perf), suit up, deja boo, fine?, chocolate (apparently he only helped with the lyrics to the bridge but) and juliette are the only ones that contain female pronouns/language bringing to mind a woman. 

that leaves monodrama, beautiful tonight, fortune cookie, white t-shirt, moon, aurora, orbit, dress-up, red, end of a day, u &i, skeleton flower, happy birthday, i’m sorry, warm winter,  aewol, it must be autumn, view, selene 6.23, better off, odd eye, PLAYBOY as his songs about relationships that aren’t gendered. not including red candle and no more, which are songs about relationships but he wrote them thinking of female artists blah blah. buT those songs are also not gendered so. shout out.

without trying to be so…..idk. but remember that horrible time when jjong was being called sexist because he called women his muse? well, couldn’t this sort of be that. he’s not attracted to women sexually/romantically, but they still manage to inspire him to write songs about women as though he were attracted to them. he’s also mentioned various times that he draws inspiration for most of his songs from outside of his personal experience. and the blue night album was inspired by songs from listeners stories, and it’s very possible that most of those stories were of het relationships, so he’d write songs about het relationships inspired by those stories.

EDIT it was pointed out to me/i really should have realized that jjong could also be bi/pan, which would rather easily explain this otl