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What’s the problem with JJ?

I like JJ since he first appeared and my love for him grew even more when I noticed how much people in the fandom hate him. And now, with episode 11, he’s officially my favourite character. I can understand that not everyone will love him, but why all this hate? What did he do to deserve it? Because he’s a bit over-confident? He’s an ice skater and an excellent one, why wouldn’t he be proud of himself? He’s not rude or a “narcissistic asshole” like I saw many call him. He does charity. He obviously tries to be friendly with others. He can be a bit of a tease but he means no harm, and isn’t blatantly rude like Yurio or Seung-Gil (I like Yurio tho but this is the truth, he’s much ruder than JJ). He also is proud of his country, and loves deeply his family, girlfriend and people. Some say it’s because he skates on a song about himself (*cough*sodoesYuuri*cough), however this song seems more like a way to comfort and inspire him. He also isn’t completly arrogant, as he got an anxiety attack, showing that he’s just as able as anyone else to break under the pressure. Though he has the bravery to stand up and continue the fight, even putting an obviously pained smile on his face and doing his “JJ style!” to show his fans and girlfriend he hasn’t given up.

If despite that, you still want to hate him for being confident, then I won’t stop you, but it’ll be better if you keep it out of his tag. It’s so rare to find postive posts about him and it’s even harder with all this hate on it

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