perf team is perf

Jun -> Hoshi:
Cute and cool Prince Hoshi~ I’ve always have and always will love you, you know that, right? ^_^ kkk I’ll work harder~ Let’s work hard together! ^o^

Hoshi -> Jun:
Junnie Junnie you often say we need to take care of our bodies, we need to stay healthy, you have to be true to this during our comeback >_< Because you’re here, it seems that Performance Team will not waver. Thank you, kind Junnie ❤

Jun -> The8:
The8!! You need to eat more! More more more!! Since you’ve been doing a lot of dangerous stunts you must be careful and make sure not to get hurt. Let’s go eat delicious Chinese food! gogogo

The8 -> Jun:
Let’s work hard together~ Thank you hyung for coming to talk with me when you’re tired~ I’ll always continue to listen as well ^_^ Let’s do this well together!!

Jun -> Dino:
Dino~ Dino~ Our Dino~ Dino who puts in the most effort and has the most worries~ You’re already very good at dancing, always carry confidence! Fighting ting ting ting together!!

Dino -> Jun:
Our pretty boy from the Performance Team, Jun-hyung~~ >< Thank you for always being by us!! Even though I’ve never said this under casual circumstances… Thank you, I love you ^^ With all my heart ^^

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actual children.


in case you need a reminder that Woozi is not just a ball of fluff

my roommate becky and i watched ep 5 of produce 101 last night and let me tell u when boa announced 7th place as daewhi we were fucking losing our minds i was screaming and had to walk to the hallway to crouch down and process like everyone the trainees us the audience daewhi we all got fucking CURVED with that one

P101 EP4

this ep was so emotional and all the perf were so good

🔹tbh boys in love’s perf was'nt like i wait for it
🔹2조 for Sorry Sorry is super super good
🔹jonghyun is an amazing leader
🔹this screentime on kang daniel during oojin’s team perf 😏😏😏

I CAN RESUM THIS EP BY : all the perf were super good and im not ready for next week when they will start to ilimate ㅠㅠㅠ