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Rate all the cc ships u can think of from favorite to least favorite

OH BOY okay so there’s … a lot. I might not hit them all so gimme any I seem to have missed if you care about my blatherings. :)

But okay, in order of fave to least (and I went with literally every one I can think of. There are a lot, so many we gotta put this shit under a cut):

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“As soon as I saw you, I thought you were the one. To be more detailed, I looked at your eyes while we were talking. Your eyes were so pretty. I thought there was no need to look further.”  - Jonghyun 


I just thank God Justin’s alright. And you.


Midnight lace (1960)

Sometimes I think the Blitz left us with more derelict minds than derelict buildings.

  • me : i love u, will u marry me?
  • shay : what? what did u say?
  • me : what? what did i say?
  • shay: i love u, will u marry me?
  • me : omg i love u too and yes!