perf eyes


Is there even someone who’s happier than me? If there is, then I think you wouldn’t be ARMYs who are cheering for us right now.
                                                      Everyone, are you all happy?
No matter where you go, just proudly say you are BTS’ fan. Proudly tell them you are BTS’ fan! Hold your head high!


my cheeks are swollen from the wisdom teeth extraction, i was smiling through the pain all because my sweet becky @goddessofbaekhyun tagged me to post a selfie :’)
will tag @1aemin @4gust @9lowyy @bbhsgirlfriend @hobisluvr @cherrytints @exosangel @elosgf @yiffxing @chanman @jiminsangel @taeminsbaby @taesgrl @danceliners 💙💚💛💟💜


“You didn’t give a damn about your duties yesterday. Your eyes positively lit up. Some intrigue to liven up your humdrum little life.”


Kai // Love Me Right → daenso