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I'm not that good at making headcanons and all of mine aren't anything special but *shrugs loudly* Some of my klance headcanons is that lance would totally braids keith's mullet when either of them are stressed, they both find it calming. Keith always has midnight snacks, especially when he couldn't sleep, He got into a habit of bringing something small back to Lance, in return Lance makes him breakfast in bed every second day (with hunks help)

this is so beautiful and pure i feel so happy, i just want to lie down and roll around in the fluff?? like all day?? s o c u t e?? im 100% behind hair playing and lance bein lowkey rlly in love w keith’s mullet, i feel like he’d totally just have an obsession w touching it n petting it and it makes them both smile aa, also bringing snacks and making breakfast?? i need this, this is so good thank u 

This Maggie backstory gives so much context to her “you only get one” because fuck she’s been burned before by the people who are meant to love her and shit she got broken up with bad and she’s just wants to be in self preservation mode but she’s so in love with Alex that it’s so impossible for her to do so

Also her biggest pet peeve is not being listened to like fuck poor 14 year old Maggie probably lost her voice begging her parents to reconsider, that she was the same Maggie. Poor confused and alone Maggie who only had her aunt who I want to hope loved her with all her heart was probably asked if it was a phase, if she could turn it off, if she could pretend not to like girls. What if her parents gave her the option of turn the gay off and come home or see ya never.

Her backstory is so important and I can’t wait to learn more about her. Because Maggie Sawyer has been burned again and again yet she’s still such a supportive friend and partner. And we talk a lot about how Kara has seen so much and how it’s made her kind. Turns out you can be super without alien genetics. Because to survive this much and still be so kind is the stuff superheroes are made of. And Maggie Sawyer is my hero

So my good buddy Kairi is turning old about a half hour from posting this going by my timezone (she’s already old in her timezone lol) SO WHAT ELSE FOR A PERF KAIRI RP PARTNER THAN A PERF KAIRI PORTRAIT

alternate color balances/palettes to get their own posts

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Characters: Y/n, Draco, Neville

Pairing: Draco x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL)

Word count: 1672

Warnings: Angst, death of family member, sadness, little bit of fighting, comforting, fluff.

Summary: Draco notices the sadness in Y/n’s eyes, even when no one else does. 

A/N: This was a request from anon​ - Sooo I might totes wanna request a Draco x Hufflepuff!male reader ;v; The reader being a very outgoing, short, slightly chubby and uplifting person. The reader is also close friends with Neville, I’m a sucker for angst and fluff so combining those things would be perf too. Made it gender neutral and didn’t do the whole chubby short appearance, cos I never really use descriptions when it comes to the reader. Hope u don’t mind!! And hope u like it!

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“Neville! Wait up!”

You ran to him, holding your books tight to your chest as he smiled back at you.

“Hey, y/n”, Neville greeted, sounding…strange.

You, of course, noticed it.

Neville was your best friend.

Sure, he might have been clumsy, forgetful and just downright ditzy. But he was your best friend.

He had been since you started at Hogwarts.

So you knew when he wasn’t feeling well, or when something was on his mind.

And right now, he definitely had something that was bothering him.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, your tone practically demanding an answer from him, yet still comforting.

That’s what you were like. Everyone knew you as the cheery one. The optimist. The uplifting one.

Hell, you even tried to help out Slytherin’s when they needed it.

You were outgoing and tried to be there for everyone whenever they needed someone to talk to, even if they weren’t the type most people thought deserved any sympathy.

But Neville was still your best friend and you’d get to the bottom of this.

He sighed, feeling your stare, his shoulders dropping as he played with his robe.

“I…uh…I lost my wand”, he mumbled, cheeks turning a soft shade of pink as he avoided your eyes.

You smiled at his cuteness, nudging him with your shoulder as you pushed him forward.

“Come on, moron. Time to hunt for a wand”, you said dramatically, making a small laugh escape Neville.

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Ground turkey & sweet potato skillet w mozzarella cheese melted on top made for a perf lunch meal prep this week 🍴😋(also, super excited about my new cast iron skillet ‼️)

hi shipmates!!

if you didn’t already know about the show The Royals on E, there’s this perfect amazing wondrous pure ship Jaspenor (Princess Eleanor Henstridge (#perf #protect her) and her bodyguard (kinda sorta) Jasper Frost (omg my sweet dumb child)). 

**p.s. edit: forgot to mention eleanor is Not Straight. she might be bi, but it’s not been confirmed beyond her having relationships and trysts with women.

and if you’re a CS shipper, i think you’ll love them. like me. let them ruin your life.

like emma, eleanor has some self worth issues, and like killian, jasper worships the ground she walks on. and he builds her up and wants the best for her and will fuck anyone up who messes with her. 

look at them:

season 3 just ended and season 4 has been green lit, so more royal shenanigans await. in season 1 they are pretty dysfunctional and fucked up and dark and yet you will still ship it. but MY GOD, season 2 transforms them in this beautiful way and they are healthy and #goals and they own me soul. 

look at how she looks at him. i am dead. 


on once we’ve been lacking CS sexy times, but that’s not an issue here ;)))) *happy shipper* and there’s awesome banter and flirting, just like our darling CS babies. 

look at his face. my god, he’s so smitten and in love. 

my smol child who grew up in vegas with shit parents. but then he comes to the palace for ~reasons~ and meets this princess, who turned his goddamn world upside down. (idk doesn’t this sound like CS to you? :D)

eleanor and emma:
-both have trust issues
-sassy princesses 
-total secret sweethearts who will do anything for the people they love

jasper and killian:
-daddy issues
-love their princesses asdfghjkl
-family bromance!! (captain charming & jasper/liam–eleanor’s twin)
-hot, let’s be real haha
-take no shit
-everyone knows they love the princess and ships it
-make dumb decisions 

so in conclusion:

i think you guys will really like the show, and jaspenor <3 <3 <3 hope you give it a shot! 

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@jamespottrr - the url!! the posts!!! i love your blog sm camille!! (also your new mobile theme is a++ such a dream) 
@puveblood - VICTORIA I MEAN LOOK @ THESE EDITS. DO I HAVE TO SAY ANY MORE ILY OK i”M SHOOK ur blog is perf! (sending u all the lov btw!)
@invydia - really lovely blog babe!!! the aesthetic you’ve got going is neat (i love the book thief edit of urs!! queued it up eheh). aND UR SAVED URLS ARE LIT OMG. 
@opuggno - ur url is super lit ok like i forgot it wasn’t canon omg??? I had to check??! also yay for ur icons! (just a note - some of them aren’t loading on the page? might just me glitching eheh) 
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fun promos + short lil compliments (basically just me rambling)

ok so there was a really cute reaper on my team and they had the shiver skin and they jumped around and said hi and thanks a lot and actually listened to me when i was zenyatta and asked them to group up with me

edit: they got play of the game and had the most kills. i love them