It’s interesting when you can put your heart, blood, sweat and tears into your crafts and just skim the surface of some recognition in the press because you don’t have the A team pushers, or some $candal but if they think you almost killed yourself and are going to be ugly forever, and/or hopefully a drug addict so they can feel better about themselves-gets the attention, well, it’s just a grim feeling. I still feel blessed, don’t get me wrong, that even my toasted marshmallow face from my accident can make the press! It just makes you think, you know?…it’s a cruel world.  

Don’t worry nothings gettin’ me down though, I just have my eyes open….. I’ll a certified comeback kid and once I’m healed Doc says I’ll be a better version of myself. I asked if I’d look like a Disney Princess and he said yes. So, I’ll take the title of Disney’s Belle of The Brawl. Some one start writing the script, dammit! Lol jk =P

Off to the Philippines Feb 21st-28th. Then back to LA to film a Comedy Pilot then some modeling editorials. It’s kinda exciting to become, what they say, is a better version of yourself but I’ll always be ready for anything. Watch out cruel world- I’m not going anywhere.