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When I realized who/what the paparazzi truly are: *2007* Britney is going through her, well, emotional issues. She’s trying to put her two sons in her car and just go home. She’s surrounded by paps, she’s visibly upset and trembling and the kids are screaming.  She knows the paps will follow her.

*someone on the video* “You are abusing these people. You know that?”

*paparazzi guy* “It’s a job, man.”

*Me, watching* “So get a better fucking job, then.”

I gotta give him credit. He’s coming across likable on this cuz the lyrics could go either way.

I gotta give him credit because I normally don’t like songs or celebrities complaining about being a celebrity. Like, your life is freakin awesome. Yeah, you got problems but your problems probably pale in comparison to somebody who is broke and/or sick or whatever it may be. But there is something really well executed about this song: the lyrics. And I’m rooting for him. I’m rooting for him.

I think a lot of that has to be because we know his back story, or I do. His mom passed away and that is so heartbreaking. His mom was just 40 something years old, so young. So when I hear Louis Tomlinson singing about having a hard life, I believe him. And I sympathize. And I wanna see him win.

Perez Hilton reacting Live to Just Like You by Louis Tomlinson

so in the past few hours perez hilton has been finding his way to bts and tweeting to them but for those who don’t know; perez hilton is one of the most fake celebrities. he already has many times started “befriending” other celebrities only to bash on them later on. he spreads fake information and makes fun of others. he is no good. and the fact that he started tweeting to bts’ account is lowkey alarming bc he might start being nice to them, tweeting nice things about them and etc, but after some time he’ll bash on them so please don’t encourage perez hilton in any way when he talks about bts. bc if he doesn’t get the attention he wants, he’ll might stop talking b*llshit and might stop before it gets ugly. so PLEASE don’t tweet to perez hilton!!!

My Opinion On The Drama

I don’t believe that anyone is completely in the right within all of this.

Once Camila left the group that should have been it, done and dusted, focused on their music and if any interviewer asked about her they need to wish her the best and move on. Vice versa with Camila if she’s asked about Fifth Harmony.

I’m really not impressed with what Fifth Harmony said in the Billboard interview, it was slightly immature and they clearly weren’t thinking.

I’m not impressed with the fact that Camila even responded to the article, she should have left it alone and rose above it. The way in which she chose to respond was also immature.

Both of them preach about women empowerment and not tearing other women down but I feel that through all this drama they’re slightly abusing that message.

I don’t think the situation is as black and white as; Camila is completely in the right or Fifth Harmony is completely in the right. They have both committed their wrong doings and have honestly disappointed me.

I understand that both were speaking or reacting from a place of hurt and frustration as they’re only human and can of course express their emotions but being in this industry should have taught them that public pettiness will get you no where and will only add fire to an already burning flame.

Both should know that the media and extreme “fans” will take even the smallest slither of bitterness and turn it into the biggest scandal or “shade throwing” debacle because they love the anger and the drama.

All five girls need to learn to calm down and think before they respond to any kind of hate being thrown their way or just to simply ignore it and move on.

It’s really not worth all of this.