Repurposed Step-ladder

I really loved the Next Level Perennials step-ladder from the Backyard stuff pack but wasn’t thrilled with the potted plants attached to it. So, I removed the pots and added a handful of slots :o)

Download [Dropbox]

  • Base game compatible
  • Found under Surfaces: Misc
  • 34 slots - 9 medium slots + 25 small slots. I recommend enabling MOO before placing objects
  • 13 swatches - 10 EA textures + 3 new textures
  • Please contact me if there are any problems with the object or link
  • Made with Sims 4 Studio
  • Do not re-upload or claim as your own.

WCIF: [Herb Pots] [Soup Can]


Plant of the Day
Sunday 24 July 2016

Dahlia cultivars have such a great range of flower sizes, shapes and colours. As tender perennials they are great to fill gaps in borders or to grow in containers for summer colour. The only challenge is selecting which tubers to order, as I found at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show!

Jill Raggett


n. a state of exhaustion inspired by an act of senseless violence, which forces you to revise your image of what can happen in this world—mending the fences of your expectations, weeding out invasive truths, cultivating the perennial good that’s buried under the surface—before propping yourself up in the middle of it like an old scarecrow, who’s bursting at the seams but powerless to do anything but stand there and watch.
Why Fans Have Lost It For Holtzmann In 'Ghostbusters'
Jillian Holtzmann is a “glorious weirdo” and as a character, she's a powerful addition to the franchise and to the landscape of female heroes.

“For an audience that’s perennially underrepresented, seeing an out actress in McKinnon portraying a fantastic character like Holtzy in a summer blockbuster is meaningful and powerful.”

Loved every bit of this article


Plant of the Day
Monday 11 July 2016

Hosta sieboldiana ‘Frances Williams’ (giant blue hosta) is an herbaceous perennial forming large clumps of puckered, broad, blue-grey leaves edged with a yellow growing up to 30cm in length. In summer lilac white, bell-shaped flowers are produced above the foliage. In my garden these are a favourite food of slugs and snails! Another Hosta cultivar has been planted to make the spiral planting design (lower right image).

Jill Raggett

In the lead-up to the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, there was a lot of fear that the event might become a bloodbath. The city of Cleveland was required to allow protesters to open-carry firearms, and the KKK and Westboro Baptist Church promised to show up and do what they do best: piss people off. Combine that with flag-burning anarchists, Bikers for Trump, and the generally unhinged nature of this election so far, and it makes sense that a lot of people predicted unprecedented levels of stupid.

But in the end, it was all pretty much fine. The few minor dust-ups that did occur didn’t lead to anyone being killed, or even bruised up all that badly. A lot of folks deserve credit for keeping the RNC protests peaceful, but in my experience covering all four days, one man stood above the rest: Vermin Supreme.

In case you haven’t heard of him, Vermin is a perennial presidential candidate who runs on a platform of mandatory tooth-brushing and free ponies for all. He came in fourth in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, and he showed up at the RNC to ostensibly seek the Republican nomination as well. Cracked met up with him at several points throughout the event. And the more I spoke with him, the clearer it became that Vermin Supreme’s real goal at the RNC was to keep things from getting all morally crunk up in that bitch.

The RNC Stayed Safe Because Of This Clown (Seriously)

In 1245 BCE, Ramses II married the first-born daughter of Hittite king Hattusilis and cemented a long-negotiated alliance with Egypt’s perennial rival. Perhaps more importantly, he took her as his principal wife. Ramses II had already taken five non-Egyptian wives, all considered secondary consorts. So he was honoring the Hittites by considering their daughter his principal wife. But the exchange with the Hittite king was not equal. Hattusilis could not ask for an Egyptian princess to make his queen in return. The pharaohs never allowed their own daughters to go abroad. It was their way of demonstrating that, for all the military power of the Hittites, an Egyptian pharaoh enjoyed higher status.


Plant of the Day

Friday 22 July 2016

Astrantia major (masterwort) is an erect, clump-forming herbaceous perennial with flower stems up to 60cm, bearing flower heads in stalked, compound umbels. These have clusters of tiny, usually whitish-green flowers surrounded by petal-like bracteoles with conspicuous veining. There are a wide range of cultivars which are great for the woodland garden or the front of the herbaceous or mixed border.

Jill Raggett