Teedra Moses - Be Your Girl (Corpsey RMX)

Yeah, so this isn’t finished (808 too loud, general mixdown bad and vocal not properly synced) and it very possibly isn’t any good either, but I thought I’d put it up to see if anybody likes it/thinks I should refine and finish it. I have listened to it about a gajillion times so I’ve lost all sense of perspective on it - I am now in love with it like a girl with an obsessive crush, and like a girl with an obsessive crush I constantly wonder if I am sniffing up the wrong trouser leg.

I like the original tune a lot but I worship at the high altar of the Perempay and Dee RMX, from which I nicked quite a few ideas for structure, rhythms and so on - in fact perhaps it would be better to call this a remix of their remix. And a hugely inferior one at that!

Of course, the bitter irony of me remixing this tune is that Teedra Moses does not want to be my girl. In fact there’s apparently a tune on her upcoming album ‘Mystical Muscle Stroke’ called 'I Categorically Do NOT Want To Be Corpsey’s Girl, Nor Do I Wish Him To Even So Much as LOOK At Me (Or I’ll Be Sick Again, Baby)’; not a bad title but a bit of a mouthful, I’m sure you’ll agree.

And yet, it is also strangely fitting, since everybody knows she wrote the original about me and I don’t care if I have to get maced again to get that on paper.