Boxing Day with Birds
  • Perelin:Chirp warble twitter SQUAWK SQUAWK SQUAWK *high pitched whining noise I have never hear any budgie make before*
  • Me:Hi Sweet Pea.
  • Me:Do you need me to pick you up? *offers hand*
  • Smärg:*steps up but continues screeching*
  • Me:Sigh
  • Perelin:*starts flying around in her large cage*
  • Smärg:*is startled by the noise of budgie wing flapping and starts flying in circles*
  • Fuchur:*has no idea what's scary but trusts Smärg's judgment and performs a dramatic territorial display to scare off whatever horrible invisible monster must be nearby*
  • Smärg:*lands on top of her cage and tucks her head forward for scritches like nothing happened*