you see this girl right here? yeah, you all probably know her as f4lconpunch. she’s absolutely perfect. a lot of you may think that it was too early to go in a relationship, that we just started hanging out. that it won’t work. but no one has a clue how amazing this is. we literally have everything in common. we have the same humor and we can’t get bored of each other. i plan on being with her for a long time. she makes me so happy, literally everything a guy can ask for.

i never thought of having a chance with her. with my confidence, i thought she wouldn’t even talk to me. but she did, and it was all gravy from there. yeah i said gravy. if you ever think you have no chance with someone, don’t ever give up. try you’re best, i’m sure that someone would want you too. 

Kelsey is beautiful, i love her personality, and when we were together everything felt right. her smile, i mean come on. just look at it. it could bright up anyones day. but yeah, i just had to let all this out. 

because she is perfect and we’re both finally happy. 

“Sometimes, I feel like I’m still dreaming.

It seems like everyday, you’re always on my mind.

This is how we stay so connected, so connected 

over space and time.”