Empress Elisabeth of Austria in Courtly Gala Dress with Diamond Stars (detail), 1865, by Franz Xaver Winterhalter (German, 1805–1873).                


so this is what happen when i was bored in class because i can’t read what happen on the board  sob sob

i start drawing random skeleton and i don’t know why i draw bendy …… maybe because i saw him everywhere °W° and then i draw reaper and geno ship as girls and i was like OH MY GOSHH it’s perect @loverofpiggies @renrink

and i draw goth behind them just like a little girl who watch her mum (i know goth his aguy but here it’s a girl why not ) °W° @nekophy

and then i throught why not drawing others boys ship as girl so come luxath and desire °W° @creatsnake @troxachan-blog

then i draw naj cil and my teachers was looking at me so i didn’t draw quill kissing him on the neek like i want TnT damn teacher  @blogthegreatrouge then i redraw  cil with quill being catch by pj just like the teacher who said un un no no no @7goodangel 

oh and after i can’t draw to big because the teacher sit at my right and speak with me …. so i draw snazzy in girl outfits with xahji (then realise she was a girl soooo… meh @extreme-op-wuff  @azzyloraaandkanto

and at the end of teh hour i draw error and ink the teacher wa sgone help a student °W° @comyet

My 12X22  Opinion

Who We Are

Im going to give this episode a standing ovation! I absolutely LOVED it! This is the kind of episode that made me want to watch it again, immediately after it ended, and I stopped sobbing. This could have stood on its own as a season finale, even without a cliff hanger.

We start off in the bunker with Sam, Dean and bitch face Toni trapped with no water, lights, and having the air pumped out. This itself was kind of a silly method of death for the boys, because… well.. how would they not get out? But Im not complaining, I certainly don’t want them to die! 

Mary is out and about, brain washed and killy. She just killed a hunter and shes ordered to kill Jody. We all like Jody so even though we know the boys will get out eventually, will it be in time to save Jody? Very good suspense build to start with. 

Now the dynamic duo and the Brittish peice of shit, try this weird spell to turn the bunker back on, that needs virgin blood, Just kinda humorous I guess, not really anything I thought would work, but then the boys try to bash their way through a concrete wall. This was awesome! Not only was it incredibly hot to watch them in single layers, all dirty and sweaty, in safety goggles swinging around pick axes, but it turned into a very moving brother moment. Sam takes responsibility for deciding to work with the Britts, and though Id wish he would stop blaming himself for everything, it is kind of one of his charms that I find endearing. He has a great monologue and my favorite part :
“Once I was in, I just followed…. because it was easy…. easier”
(Dean) “Easier than what?”
“Than to lead”

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