Valete, Mi Sole (PerSche Short Fic)

            You’re trying to carry the weight of his body. One hand holding his arm, while your other hand wrapped around his body. Wheezing breath sounds in your ears. Blood flow in the forehead and arm the blond man. Anxious, you keep walking past the dark of night to seek help for him.

            “Sche, go without me…” The man said softly. His smile did not disappear from his face.

            Why? Why is he still able to smile at a time like this? At the moment he knew that he would meet his end soon. Smiling as if there is still a bright tomorrow for him. See him smile at a time like this as if slicing your heart. Stop that smile…

            You shake your head. Both eyebrows intertwined. Expression on your face hardened. “Not. I will never leave you, Perdinaus. Will not, ”you said firmly.

            Yes, how could you leave him alone. What kind of friend would leave her injured friend? The blond man is not only the king of your choice, but also a valuable friend. You’re not going to let him die alone in a place like this.

            “Hey, Sche…”

            “What,” you say without looking at his face. Both your green iris too focused on the darkness in front of you.

            “If I die here … Will you protect Reim for me? Guide Reim Empire to the right direction. Make everyone smiles happily… ”

            “Stop saying stupid things like that! You’re going to live, I’ll bet! ”

            You’re trying to comfort him with your words. Ah, no. More precisely, you’re trying to comfort yourself. Assure you that he will not die. Convincing yourself that you can help him.

            Again he smiled. Stop. Stop that smile!

            You hear a faint voice calling and the torch light. Your friend? Dunno, you have in your mind now only seek help for him. You’re forcing your legs to keep moving forward towards the origin of light and that sound regardless of body weight are you strut. He had survived. Must!

            A light toward you two. How grateful you when you know that the figure is one of your friends. With anxiety, the black-haired man running towards you.

            “General! Lady Scheherazade! ” He called. “I found them! Here!” He yelled for the other fella. Deftly, he helps you carry Perdinaus.

            “Perdinaus badly injured. We have to treat him right away!” You said impatiently. The man with a hood nodded hear your words.

            One other light approached and followed by others. They all gathered together. Anxiety clearly visible on the faces of them all.



            They all call the blond man in unison. Fearing for the safety of their leader. Another man with full armor approached you, replace you to carry the General. While a woman with her face half covered helps you to walk. And your entourage quicken their pace. Walking with a rush into the city.



            You look at Perdinaus, laying on the bed. He was breathing weakly. His entire body was covered with bandages. You looked at him in silence. You want to say something, but no sound comes out of you.

            Without you knowing it, a big hand stroking your hair blonde gently. He opened his eyes, his golden eyes staring at your green iris lovingly.

            “Do not put on a face like that, Sche. Sad face does not suit you. Smile… ”

            “Stupid… Why are you still able to smile at a time like this? ” You asked in a choked voice. Really, you do not want him to see you in this condition.

Perdinaus smile weakly when he heard your question. “I do not know…”

The door open. One by one your friend entered the room and filled the whole room. Tear was evident on their faces. Silence dominates. No one could speak.

“You’re too… smile… Smile, then I can leave this world in peace…”

Not hold the tears, some of them crying silently. They shamelessly sobbed as they heard the words of their leader. You just bow your head. Clutching hands with your little hands.

A petite girl walked over to the bed. Large tiger which is usually ridden by the girl was approached as well. The big animal rubbed its head into the hands of the general.

The little girl sobbed. “General, you’re not going to leave us, right?” Stop a moment, the little girl sobbed quietly. “We’re all still going to adventure together again…” She added. And she could not hold back her tears.

The golden-eyed man sighed. “Listen… death is not a farewell, but a new beginning… I will always be with you. Here… ” He tapped his chest slowly. Smile to reassure them all and you too. “I will always be in your heart.”

You keep silent. Trying to appear calm on the outside, but in fact you were almost destroyed on the inside. You’re not willing to lose him—lost someone who is very important to you.

“Sche, how about we make a promise?”

You’re looked at his face. You wonder if you misheard what he said. Want to make him to not say stupid things anymore. But you feel so curious too at the same time.


“When your time comes—” Obviously he did not want to tell about the time of your death whenever that happens. “—i will pick you up. I’m taking you back to the Great Rukh. But, until the time comes, I want you to keep Reim for me… Can you?”

You nodded curtly. “Yes… I will keep Reim. I will make everyone smile with happiness for you…” Tears were streaming down your cheeks. You already can not hold much longer than this.



High stack of twigs arranged neatly in the middle of the field. Torchlight illuminating in almost all places, that twig piles that surround its center. A figure with full armor lying quiet in the middle of the pile of twigs. Stiff, cold and pale.

Yes, Perdinaus had left this world. The wounds he got from the war and also his condition never improved, forcing the general exhale for the last time.

You stood near his stiff body. Torch in your left hand burning. Rest of tears on your face. You’re not able to cry, all your tears have drained away when you know he has left.

Your free hand reach your ear and let go one of your earring. You put the grape shaped earring on top of him, covered it with his big hands as if he was holding it.


“Nice earrings, Sche!”


You smiled as he recalled how he was praised earrings you’re wearing. As if that moment had just happened a few days ago. You’re a little startled when someone tapped your shoulder. It is time, that’s what people meant by that.

You hold the torch in your hand into a pile of twigs in front of you. Slowly but surely, the flames getting bigger. Feasting twigs, set fire to his body. Melancholy cries sounded from all directions. Cries sounded like an orchestra that accompanies the departure of the general.

“Good-bye, my Sun… ” You said softly. Forever, Perdinaus will always be the Sun for you. The Sun that illuminates the whole Reim with his smile. “Good-bye….”


P/s: I’m sorry for my bad grammar and OOCness. >_<;;