Voltron Au's/ Fanfic I want and Need

-Phantom Of The Opera (Keith as Raoul, Lotor as Phantom, Lance as Christine
-Rent (Keith as Roger, Lance as Mimi)
-Tinkerbell au with Lance as a water fairy and Keith as an animal fairy
-Fairy Tail au with Keith as a fire dragon slayer and Lance as a water mage
-The lions turning into ACTUAL CATS
-viner Lance and youtuber Keith
-The Little Mermaid (Keith as Eric and Lance as Ariel)
-Wicked (Lance as Glinda and Galra!Keith as Elphaba)
-SOUL EATER (Keith as the weapon and meister Lance)
-Percy Jackson (Lance son of Aphrodite but blessed by Poseidon Keith son of Hephaestus)
-Grease (Lance as Sandy Keith as Danny)
-Pidge sets Keith and Lance up on a blind date
-M I D D L E S C H O O L P I N I N G K E I T H
-lance with an ao3 account
-Keith reading moth man x reader fic with jealous Lance
-hair salon/ nail salon with Lance doing Keith’s pedicure or trimming his mullet

That’s all I have for now. If anyone knows if these exist, please tell me!

Consider the PJO gang in  Hogwarts tho
  • Me: If the PJO gang went to Hogwarts but still being demigods in disguise, would Frank be considered a prodigy animagus that didn't have to train and can turn into different animals, not just one?? Meg would bond with Neville over plants, and Rachel could be a muggle that has real seer powers and rivals Trelawney. Would Percy bond with the mermaids in the lake or would they not want to meet him either? Would-
  • Whole dorm room: Andre it's 1 AM go the fuck to sleep
  • Whole room: You're going to be a school ghost if you don't shut up
Solangelo Headcanon #101

Will and Nico try to get their kid to like reading (Bc he/she is a ball full of goddam energy and will not sit down for one second) so every Sunday Nico goes to the library and picks out 7 books for them to read to their kid at bedtime.

Those 7 books have a reoccurring theme for example: all the books would be about farm animals or superheroes or pirates etc. and every night, Will and the kid dress up and read the story together with Nico occasionally half heartedly joining in (although he secretly enjoys watching his husband and kid pretending to find treasure in their shabby apartment).

Also, Percy stops by for mermaid week complete with a sparkling tail and coconut bra and Annabeth is just face palming in the background.

I do have to say, I LOVE all the pictures of Mermaid! Or Siren! Percy, but you know what else I want. The other demigods drawn as mythical creatures that fit their elements.

Like imagine Leo Valdez who has scales across his face and dragon like qualities, and he just has hoard of trinkets that he’s collected/built out of parts he randomly found.

Imagine Thalia and Jason as angels of some type, with big powerful wings, the likes of thunderbirds (ie whenever they fly they create powerful storms that can shake the earth). Or heck, even venti, storm spirits!!!

The death trio (Nico, Bianca, and Hazel) all being Lich’s and being powerful undead beings that haven’t been done to death (like demons and vampires)

Clarisse being a golem, powerful, stronge, and a force to be respected and terrified of.

Come on guys!!! Be creative!!!

PJO Little Mermaid...?

Imagine Percy, dressed like Sebastian from the Little Mermaid…

In his crab suit, in the water…

Controlling all the fish whilst he sings “Kiss the Girl” at Nico and Will in the boat…

And then Frank turns up in seagull-style and starts squawking…

And Nico’s like “YOU GUYS ARE SO EMBARRASSING” while Will just laughs…

And Jason flies in with Piper throwing heart confetti…

And Hazel summons all the gold and rubies, showering Nico and Will…

And finally Leo flies in on Festus with massive banners saying NICO ❤️ WILL FOREVER.

I will literally pay anyone to draw this.


Frank would totally play Flounder in the CHB remake of ‘The Little Mermaid’


Sea Glass and Songs

Mermaid Annabeth, Pirate Percy

The barman set down the bottle of rum.

“I hear of rumours,” He started, the pirate’s accent thick in his old voice. “Rumours of a sirens, a lady of the sea.”

Percy looked at the white haired, black toothed man. “What sort of rumours?”

The bar went silent. 

“She latches onto a successful pirate,” The man started, a low and ominous tone clear in his voice. “Makes ‘em fall for her. When they get confi’et, she leads them underwa’er with promise of beautiful gold.”

He slammed a hooked fist on the table, causing some people to jump. Percy didn’t bat an eye at the action.

“She drowns ‘em, a slow and painful death to feed her immortal life.”

“Just an old water’s tale.” Percy mused. “Most likely from a drunk old man looking to strike fear into the hearts of his potential enemies.”

“I can assure you, lad,” The man leaned forward. “I hears her voice before. Sweet as spun sugar, addicting as a good mug of rum. She took me captain, I barely managed to escape her.”

Percy noticed a stir in his crew members. The 5 or so that needed dry land to stand on for a few minutes.

It was time to go.

“I’ll take your story into consideration.” Percy placed a couple of coins on the counter. “But I’m afraid I have to go”

“Don’t mistake me for a full, Cap’tin Jackson.” The old man cleared his throat. “Sirens show no mercy.”

Percy stood up and dusted his outfit off. “Thank you, Dionysus, but all the siren could be is a drunken crew tale. Nothing more, nothing less.”

With a wave of his hand, his little party of friends and crew members stood up an followed him out.

anonymous asked:

Hiiiiii- can you please do more Nico Tartarus au! Or if not more merman Nico au!- thanks

Some Merman AU cause I feel like the Tartarus AU is done.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

  • Nico’s eyes widen as he looked around the town. People were walking around with their eyes on a rectangular object. Cars were on streets, moving and standing still. 
  • Will chuckled as he watched Nico’s reaction. It was interesting to watch since all of this was part of Will’s life and Nico was a complete outsider. 
  • “What is the thing people keep looking at in their hands?” Nico asked. “Why are they so interested in it?”
  • “It’s a phone.” Will said. “That’s how we communicate with each other. We write messages on the phone and it sends it to the person.” 
  • Nico’s eyes widen. “That’s amazing! Do you have one? Can I see it?”
  • Will took out his phone and turned it on. “So you tap the screen if you want to open an app. And you scroll by moving your finger up and down or left and right. There’s games on there too.”
  • Nico looked through the phone and tried to figure it out. To Will, it was like teaching a little kid how to use a smartphone. 
  • “Alright, so, I’m kind of hungry. Do you want to get some food?” Will asked. “And do you like meat?”
  • Nico looked up from the phone. “What is meat?”
  • “It’s made from animal. It tastes pretty good.” Will told him. “You can try it and if you don’t like it, that’s fine.”
  • “Sure. Human food sounds good.” Nico smiled, handing the phone back to Will. “Your phone moved while I was holding it and something came up on the top of it.”
  • Will smiled back and quickly looked at the message. He slightly sighed as his work asked him to come in tonight. He sent a quick reply that he was busy today. 
  • They walked to a McDonald’s and Will ordered a quarter pounder for himself and a happy meal for Nico since Nico wasn’t sure what to order. They sat down at a table and Nico unpacked his meal. 
  • Will watched as he took a bite of his burger. He grinned as Nico’s face lit up in amazement. 
  • “This is so good!” Nico grinned. “What is this?”
  • “It’s a burger. It’s made from cow.”He told him. “Burgers are a pretty common food that people eat around here.”
  • Nico took another bite, wolfing down the rest of his food. Will tried to slow him down a bit, but he was also afraid of losing a finger. 
  • “Human food is the best. And look! I got a thing!” Nico said, holding up his toy. He opened the packaging.
  • “It’s a kids toy. I think it winds up and moves.” Will told him as Nico handed over the toy. He cranked up the toy and let it go on the table. 
  • “This is so cool! I never want to go back home.” Nico smiled. 
  • “But you need to go home.” Will said. “I mean your family must be worried about you.” 
  • Nico looked down. “I told you, Will, I’m not going home. I don’t want to get married because I’m not interested in her.”
  • “But you have a kingdom to run.” 
  • “The human world is so much better.” Nico replied. “No one forces you to get married. I don’t have to worry about running a kingdom. I can be Nico.”
  • Will looked at Nico’s sad face. How could he deny Nico an opportunity to be happy? “Alright, you can stay with me. But I got school and work that I go to everyday.”
  • Nico smiled. “Thanks Will.”