PJO + MC shenanigans
  • Percy taking Magnus on a boat trip/into the ocean and Ran being Angry but also Conflicted.
  • Sam carrying Percy in the air for some reason and Zeus being Angry but Conflicted.
  • Annabeth and Hearthstone very fastly and animatedly using ASL to talk about Rune Magic.
  • Annabeth translating for Hazel so they can all talk about magic.
  • Piper and Hazel modeling some of Blizt’s clothes for his business.
  • Alex meeting Will and is convinced that him and Magnus are the same person.
  • Alex and Frank having shapeshifting contests while Hazel and Magnus watch.
  • Percy and Magnus having a lot of sassy-comebacks to eachother.
  • Percy showing off Riptide and Magnus listening politely before BAM Jack the Talking Sword makes an appearance and Percy gets really jealous.
  • Percy swordfighting Jack for shits and giggles and Jack having a major crush on Riptide. #jacktide
  • Annabeth winking at Magnus whenever Alex does something cute.
  • Blackjack happens to stop by and he loves Magnus.
  • Otis shows up and tells his story and Leo says “Cool!” before promptly lighting him on fire.
  • Nico is very confused as to how Magnus is dead but also alive, and Magnus feeling the need to constantly hug and comfort Nico for all the darkness inside of him.
  • Alex and Nico bonding about their cute but shitty-fighter boyfriends and their shitty dads and kick-ass sisters.
  • Magnus and Will “fighting” each other to entertain their significant others.
  • Just Nico and Alex being good pals in general.
  • Piper using her Hollywood influences to boost Blizten’s business.
  • Jason and Sam having flying contests.
  • Leo and Blitzen making fashionable offesnive battle armor for Festus.
  • Nico glancing at Hearth ocasionally and feeling secretly glad he’s not the palest one there.
  • Nico not speaking ASL but still nodding to Hearth occasionally, respecting what the others translate him saying, and just the two of them mutually respecting each other for their past misery.
  • Magnus trying to seem more intimidating when he first meets Percy because he’s protective of Annabeth and Percy just pushing him over with a small shove.
  • Frank helping Hearth out with Archery.
  • Both groups constantly going back and forth with “Well one time in Valhalla” and “One time at Camp” to try and out-ridiculous each other.
  • Magnus meeting Sally and her reminding him SO much of his mom that he calls her a lot just to talk to her and they’re Great Pals.
  • Reyna and Alex hating each other. Like, a lot.
  • Sam and Reyna having a mutual respect for eachother.
  • Magnus is terrified of Thalia Grace. Alex thinks she’s really cool.
  • Rachel and Mallory bonding over being kickass red-heads.
  • Annabeth fangirling over TJ and asking him all sorts of historical questions.
  • Magnus talking about Valhalla’s to-the-death-matches and Reyna silenty wishing she could go because she would destroy. them. all.
Percy Jackson headcanon

Honestly I like to think about the mist as an alive spirit. Covering up demigods messes but always being bitter about it. 

 The mist covering up Percy blowing up an entire bus 3.5 seconds after learning he was a demigod? Hoe don’t do- oh my god. 

 Covering up Jason jumping into the Grand Canyon to save Piper? SWEET DREAMS ARENT MADE OF THIS 

 The Argo II in general? *inhale* boi 

Percy Headcanons

•He has these big gorgeous eyebrows that are always on point and when he smirks one of them cocks up and Annabeth is inwardly like oh my gods seriously stop being so hot

•He has a deep tan, even darker than Annabeth’s

•His chest is the most prominent, muscular thing about him

•His hair is so black that whenever there are lights directly above him, his hair casts a glare

•His hair is wavy, and falls in his eyes if not properly trimmed. It is also soft as silk

•He has a very faint dusting of freckles over his nose that most people can’t see unless they’re standing close to him

•When he blushes, his cheeks turn bright, beet red and it spreads into his neck when he’s REALLY embarrassed

•Girls often think he wears cologne because his sea scent is so strong and pleasant

•His eyes get crinkly when he grins

•His eyelashes are so dark it almost looks like he wears eyeliner in certain lightings

•When he makes an angry face, his bottom lip juts out slightly (Annabeth thinks it’s cute but would never tell him that)

•Large hands with sun freckles, sun freckles going up and down his arms

•He eats sooo much and everyone wonders where it all goes

•He’s an emotional eater

•He always and only showers in the morning. The water energizes him so if he showers before bed he can’t get to sleep. If he showers in the morning, however, he is instantly groggy-free and ready to take on the day.

•He loves to cuddle

•He loves to nuzzle his face under Annabeth’s chin and in her collarbone when they cuddle

•He once tried having a staring contest with the giant statue of Zeus in Jason’s cabin to which Jason was like “dude stop that’s creepy ”

•He begged Chiron for a skateboard ramp within the camps borders to which Chiron politely declined

•He holds the record for falling the most while climbing to the top of the lava climbing wall at CHB

•He gave Jason a stapler for his birthday

•He loves cats but for some reason would never admit it but always cuddles with Annabeth’s cat when they visit her father’s house

•He once talked a shark out of attacking a group of mortals

•Has gone through 36 pairs of Converse

•His car still has Blackjack’s hoof prints

•He loves to cook. He has a blue “kiss the chef” apron with matching nemo oven mitts

•He’s terrible at cooking even though he loves it. “I’m not a bad cook mom, you KNOW I can make a mean pizza!” *takes frozen pizza from freezer and puts in oven*

•Even though Jason and the rest of the Argo II guys are really good friends of his, nobody ever took the place of Grover. Grover is still his best friend.

•The first thing Percy did after the war with Gaea (besides seeing his mom) was taking Grover out for enchiladas

•Video game wars with the guys are the best. Sometimes the girls play with them though and put the guys to shame; Percy frequently has these intense battles with Piper.

•After Nico admitted his crush on Percy, they actually became really good friends. “Dude I’m sorry you had to put up with this for so long” is what Percy frequently says instead of complaining that Percy is not Nico’s type.

•In fact, they become such good friends that Will often comes to Percy for advice about Nico

•Piper and Percy are great friends, and Piper never minds if Percy comes along when her and Annabeth are hanging out.

•When Annabeth is studying super hard and is stressed, Percy invites Piper over cause the two of them together help Annabeth relax and have fun once in a while.

•Percy went missing for a day. Annabeth flipped out because she thought it was Hera’s doing all over again, but she found him the next day passed out in the middle of the strawberry fields. Percy offered no explanation.

•Tyson sometimes surprise visits Percy at camp, and the two are always attached at the hip till Tyson has to leave.

•The Stoll brothers once pranked Percy by putting blue highlights in his hair while he slept. Percy ended up LOVING IT. “Thank you so much, guys!!” *crushes Stoll brothers in group hug*

•Percy always Iris Messages his friends at Camp Jupiter. Whether it’s Hazel, Reyna, or Frank, he always knows what’s up.

•Percy loves playing with Annabeth’s hair. She often has to swat his hands away when they are in the middle of something serious

•He has a slight, almost indecipherable New York accent, which usually becomes more prominent when he yells.

•His eyes are so bright green, it is the most prominent thing about him and one can usually see his eyes even when it’s dark.

•Hazel made him a blue and green embroidered bracelet with a trident, which he loves and never takes off.

•When he is angry or upset at dinner, the drinking glasses quiver.

•In one case, he got so angry that the toilets exploded. Again.

•When he is really mad or upset he just walks straight to the bottom of the canoe lake and sits there.

•He almost got suspended from camp when he was so angry he went to the bottom of the lake and summoned a giant wave to look like a hand flipping everyone off when they tried to get him out. Chiron called Sally Jackson, and sent a note to Percy at the bottom with the words “Your mother is on the phone.”

LGBT Percy Jackson Headcanons

-Trans girls are always accepted by Artemis into the Hunt

-Nico never actually says he’s gay, just makes it known by making out with Will in nearly every location possible

-Queer kids whose parents didn’t accept them are year round campers

-At first the Ares kids were a little wary of the LGBT community, but when a second year Ares camper comes out they become fiercely protective of them

-The Aphrodite kids are walking encyclopedias on all LGBT terms, and have a list with definitions in their cabin for questioning campers

-The Aphrodite kids also really like helping trans campers feel comfortable in their own skin

-Pansexual Piper

-Lesbian or bi Reyna

-Asexual Thalia

-Apollo kids (being children of the god of prophecies) always know who is going to come out next, but never pressure them to do so

-Chiron makes any homophobic campers be on stable duty for a month

-Dionysus lazily mentions that if he hears anyone else being homophobic… well, he hopes you like dolphins

-Athena cabin getting into debates on which of their favourite fictional characters are LGBT and having literal CHARTS and GRAPHS to prove it

-Bi-curious Percy, though he never acted on it because it’s always been Annabeth

-Jason being the straightest, whitest, cis-est, malest demigod out there, but supporting his LGBT friends and the entire community without hesitation

-Jason is literally the guy to make t-shirts, to keep buying skittles, to find all LGBT songs possible, and, of course, “Guys! Guys! There’s a Pride Parade next week! We /have/ to go. Where can I buy a pink tutu on short notice?”

-Nico secretly loving that Jason is like this but never admitting it

-Pansexual Will

-Frank being really confused about the whole thing but totally accepting it because people he love are in that community and it’s all about love so how could that possibly be a bad thing?

-Annabeth, Frank’s go-to on anything he doesn’t understand, happily explains everything she knows to him

-Frank thinking it’s so cool and telling Nico how awesome he is for being himself

-Hazel being /floored/ on how accepting the world is of LGBT people today, though of course plenty of people still suck

-Hazel being slightly relived to know that it’s normal because although she loved Sammy then, and she loves Frank now, there was this girl back home who she sort of had feelings for and never understood what that meant

-Demisexual Frank

-Bisexual Rachel

-Leo and the rest of the Hephaestus cabin working on bracelets for gender fluid kids that change colour to correspond with how they feel

-Alex Fierro buying out all of the first ones ready

-Bi or pan Magnus

-Gay Hearthstone

-Gay Blitzen

-^^^This was obvious because Blitzstone is practically canon, come on people

-Each and every god (besides those who swore off all love) responding with ‘yes’ when asked what their sexual orientation is

-Polysexual Sadie

-Polysexual Leo

-Trans Meg/ *edit, suggested by @thisrandombloggergirl Demi-girl Meg instead!

-Also lesbian Meg?

-A large number of LGBT and ally kids being from the Aphrodite cabin because LOVE is LOVE people!

-Calypso making flower crowns that correspond with the different flags’ colours and giving them to anyone who wants them

-Bi, pan, and poly Apollo kids never feeling the need to change the pronouns when they sing love songs or write love poems

-Apollo being *extremely* out at CHB while he’s there

-Him actually giving other LGBT kids the courage to come out

-A small elite group at Camp Jupiter created as a safe space for queer kids

-Reyna always supporting it but being really shy about joining when she comes to terms with her sexuality

-The kids in the group gladly welcoming her

-Asexual/aromantic child of Aphrodite worrying something is wrong with them

-Their brothers and sisters assuring them that they’re normal and there are all different kinds of love

-Hephaestus cabin setting up LGBT movie nights (nothing graphic, mostly fluff, though Travis and Connor have tried on more than one occasion to sneak some x-rated stuff in there)

-Piper running an LGBT aesthetic blog on tumblr

-Feel free to add more!

Dorky Solangelo headcanon

So everyday Will would put a yellow sticky note with a heart on it on the Hades cabin door. They would always disappear so he just assumed that Nico took them and just discarded them after seeing them.

One day Will is looking for something in the Hades cabin and opens one of Nico’s drawers and there are just hundreds of yellow sticky notes that Nico saved over the months.

ailecstuff  asked:

Hey do you have any headcannons for Will's mum? Just curius.🙄

I’m not very good at head-canons, but I’ll give this a shot! *cracks knuckles*

  • Has black curls and bright blue eyes 
  • Will got his eyes from his mother
  • Will and his mother both have smiles that can water crops and grow plants
  • Mama Solace also has Clear Sight
  • Can tell right off the bat when Apollo walks into the bar she’s singing at
  • Her eyes bug out, and she stops mid-song, but after a bit of stuttering, she manages to finish her performance
  • “What are you?” she demands, when he comes backstage to congratulate her for a wonderful performance
  • Naomi Solace is sure Gods are not supposed to look that stupidly surprised.
  • They gradually get closer (she can’t help but be amused by Apollo, even if he does annoy her sometimes), and they end up doing the do, which is how Will is conceived.
  • Smiles when Apollo has to leave, because she doesn’t want him to feel guilty, but breaks down when she thinks he can’t see her
  • Smol Will looks exactly like his dad, and Naomi sometimes finds it hard to look at him, but she’s determined to be an awesome mother
  • Tries to learn Greek lullabies (and by extension, the language), and butchers the pronunciation awfully, but tries her best to sing them anyway
  • Tells little Will stories everyday about Apollo (and rolls her eyes internally because the Apollo she knew is not that dashing and suave, and the ancient Greeks really had to have gotten something wrong with their stories)
  • When Will takes an interest in medicine, she borrows books about medicine from the library to read to him.
  • Wishes everyday that Apollo could be here to watch their son grow up, and knows that he’ll be as proud of Will as she is.
  • Pretends to be sick so that Will can ‘pretend’ to fix her, in teeny-tiny scrubs and a plastic doctors kit
  • The monster attacks are growing more frequent, and Naomi knows it’s only a matter of time before they manage to kill Will, so she sends a seven year old Will off to Camp Half-Blood with tears in her eyes, praying to Apollo to keep him safe.
  • Cries when Will returns for the summer, safe and unharmed.
  • During the Battle of Manhatten, she prays for both her boys to make it out alive.
  • Falls in love with Nico when Will brings him home for lunch
  • Adopts him as her second son
  • Tries to get Nico to come over more often so she can stuff him with food
  • “Your Nico is too skinny, he should eat more! Tell him he can come over to eat whenever he wants!”

will solace? just will solace?

sorry, i’ve only heard of will “disarmed a legion of dog-headed monsters with a single whistle” solace

will “can outrun a group of six romans” solace

will “as brave on the battlefield as jason, said by nico” solace

will “nico smiles when he’s near him” solace

will “can touch nico di angelo without consequences” solace

will “gets a son of hades flustered” solace

will “became a leader at the age of thirteen” solace

will “doesn’t give a shit about others’ heritage” solace

will “sassy and classy” solace

will “glare so fierce it broke nico’s glare” solace

will “owns a sun chariot” solace

will “owns percy’s, nico’s and clarisse’s respect” 

will “survived two wars” solace

will “basically saved the world by saving annabeth” solace

will “one of the most important demigods at camp as said by chiron” solace

will “deemed cool by leo valdez” solace

no, it’s not just will solace

Did someone ask for Will Solace Headcanons?!

No? Too bad!

☀️He definitely says pupper instead of puppy
☀️He learned everyone’s at camps ticklish spots just by giving checkups
☀️He had to stop wearing a stethoscope because Hermes kids would sneak up to him and scream in it while it was in his ears
☀️Okay?? But Will I knee-high socks??
☀️This dork definitely says Will puns all the time
☀️I.e) *Will* you pass me that gauze? I would love you with all my Soul-ace
☀️He is so cute, he walks to each cabin every morning to kindly remind all the campers to take their medication
☀️He'a such an organization dork, for his birthday he asked for storage bins.
☀️He casually uses the word Groovy
☀️He makes up his own curse words, this dork

imagine percy calling his new baby sister a bunch of cutesy, ocean-themed nicknames like “starfish” and “angelfish” etc but they just keep getting progressively more and more Bizarre until eventually hes calling her shit like “killer whale” “barnacle” & “spiny lumpsucker”

Okay. But I need more Paul please


Give me Paul holding the new baby

Give me Percy’s kids running up to Paul screaming “grandpa! grandpa!”

Give me Paul and Annabeth talking while they’re waiting for Percy to get home

Give me Paul at Percy and Annabeth’s wedding, teary eyes and taking photos

Give me Paul referring to Percy as Son

And in turn Percy calling Paul Dad


Give me more Paul

Nico di Angelo Headcanons [2/?]

-During the winter Nico sleeps with Will in the Apollo Cabin because it’s nearly always warm in there.
-He sometimes pisses off Alex Fierro by making her transform at random times.
-He told Jason about his first date with Will and ended up getting fashion tips from Piper, He tried to get annoyed but he was grinning his ass off.
-Chiron let Jason use a phone to take a photo of Nico smiling, Will saw it and nearly fainted.
-Nico is the Halloween king, Hazel convinced him to throw a Halloween party and now it’s an annual tradition.
-He teaches Will the other languages he speaks so they can bitch about people in front of them.
-Percy showed him a horror movie and Nico retaliated by scaring him with random ghosts and zombies.