Guys i know we’re all super excited for trials of apollo so am i but seriously just think about Percy teaching human stuff to Apollo like asdfghjkl

“Percy, my chest feels funny.”


“Like warm and fuzzy and as if there’re a hundred butterflies-”



“How do you feel?”

“Like a dozen of Partyponies decided to use my head as their dancefloor.”

“Congratulations. You’re experiencing your first hangover in the millenia you’ve lived.”

What if Percy had fallen into Tartarus on his own?

This is the headcanon I thought of yesterday, and it’s been plaguing me non-stop, so I decided to share the beauty that this could be.

I don’t really care how it comes to be, you can assume Percy was able to push Annabeth out of the way, sacrificing himself (which would make the ‘Sacrifices, beautiful sacrifices’ line like a thousand times creepier omg) or honestly, a bunch of different scenarios, as long as he falls in, and she doesn’t.

Imagine Percy Jackson, dead set on getting to the Doors of Death, not to save the quest, but to see his girlfriend again, and to at least hug his mom one last time. Imagine Percy Jackson, facing all of those monsters he’s already killed, but without having to worry about anyone’s safety besides his own. [I still stand firm in my belief that Percy has to tone down his powers so they don’t hurt his friends, especially in the case of causing an earthquake/storm (for example: Michael Yew dying on the bridge)].

Imagine Percy Jackson ripping anything that asks him ‘Where’s your little blonde princess, hero?’ to absolute shreds, because they know that Annabeth is usually at his side. Imagine him threatening monsters for information (“If you do not tell me which way to go, I swear on the gods that if you ever regenerate I will hunt you down and make damn sure that you never see the light of day again, got it?”).

Imagine everyone on the Argo II watching Annabeth fall apart as she asks Nico if Percy’s still alive about once every five minutes. And the Iris message call to Sally that she has to make. And them watching Piper’s dagger every chance they can get to see how he’s doing. (Also, how much more progress they’d make with Annabeth still there.) 

Think about how she’d pin any intelligent monster that attacks them, put her dagger to it’s throat, and scream at them for information about what was happening in Tartarus. Think about the POV’s saying how Piper had to practically force Annabeth to eat, and how Annabeth smacked Coach Hedge across the face when he scolds her for sleeping in Percy’s bed.

Most of all, think of the dark Percy. Because I wholeheartedly believe that by the time he escapes: He’s a bloodbender. I mean, look at this:

Annabeth sounded terrified. It took Percy a moment to realize she was terrified of him.

“Percy, please don’t ever…” Her voice broke in a sob. “Some things aren’t meant to be controlled. Please.”

His whole body tingled with power, but the anger was subsiding. The broken glass inside him was beginning to smooth at the edges.

“Yeah,” he said. “Yeah, okay.”

Without Annabeth there, there’s nothing holding him back from doing this to everything he comes across. He can go wild, and I honestly think he would. He’d pretty much have the best training grounds in the world, and can practice practically exploding monsters with his brain. Imagine him making deals with some of the darkest creatures there, promising them freedom if they help him, and then murdering them the second he doesn’t need them.

Imagine him stumbling out of the elevator, and he’s bloody and bruised, muttering about Bob, and everyone is just kind of shocked to see him alive and in somewhat of one piece. Imagine how we’d get a Percabeth reunion that doesn’t involve a judo flip, but instead they’re sobbing on their knees holding onto each other for dear life, with her trying not to squeeze him too hard in case it hurts but he’s about to suffocate her.

Think about how Percy using ‘bloodbending’ in their everyday lives for the first time and scares the hell out of absolutely everyone when he lazily waves his hand and a manticore starts writhing on the deck in pain. Everyone staring at him as he mutters something about having ‘new powers’ and goes back to eating his breakfast.

Think about Annabeth trying to relate to him, but she really can’t, so after a heart to heart she realizes that she just needs to be there for him. Percy and Annabeth sitting up at night as he tries to make himself tell her about his nightmares no matter how hard it is, and Annabeth kissing him over and over and promising him that she loves him, even when he insists he’s broken or evil.

Gaea mocking Percy with stories about all of the sick things he did to monsters, making the rest of the seven confused. Nico and he having long talks, not about Nico’s crush, but about how to deal with Tartarus, and the two of them getting really close.

Annabeth acting as Percy Defense Squad No. 1, and glaring at anyone who tried to avoid being near Percy, and insisting that he’s still their Percy, and being the only one who gets to see him after nightmares and rubbing the small of his back and whispering about it being okay and taking the time to explain to anyone who asks what happened to him. 

Monsters taunting Percy, trying to get him on edge, growling, “Remember when you made Misery miserable, Percy Jackson? Do you remember the feeling of her choking on her own poison?”  and Annabeth stepping in front of her agitated boyfriend, and even though she doesn’t know what the monster is talking about, she’s snapping at it to back off and grabbing Percy’s hand to calm him down.

Jason admitting he’s legitimately scared of Percy, and everyone seems to agree. Everyone watching as Percy kills things in this new and inhuman way, and Nico whispering “Well, we should just be glad he’s on our side then.” The gods treating Percy differently, with more respect and fear, none of them wanting to bring it up to him that they don’t like his style, and are worried if he turned.

Percy Jackson alone in Tartarus is the dark Percy we can only dream about.

Imagine a Punk! Will Solace
  • Will Solace piercing his ears with a needle when he got bored in the infirmary. 
  • Will Solace having his hair in a choppy, messy undercut with a ponytail in the back.
  • Will Solace accidentally having his hair dyed bright purple by the Hermes Cabin and pulling it off with his piercings, ripped jeans and matching Dr. Martens. . 
  • Will Solace giving his favourite leather jacket to Nico when it’s cold, and claiming he doesn’t need it (though he’s freezing his balls off) 
  • Will Solace singing Ever Fallen in Love by the Buzzcocks. 
  • Will Solace on a motorcycle.
  • Will Solace creating murals. 
  • Will Solace not being the stereotypical ‘sunshine-y kid of Apollo’ so many people think he is. 

Just Punk Will Solace. 


“Please could you do a dark seven, I love the idea of them rebelling against what they’re being told to do and doing whatever they like xx” - forensicduck

I made this as a text post because it was so long (again), but this is from my ask!

Percy Jackson

  • First off, here’s a major list of my Dark Percy headcanons.
  • Percy starts volunteering immediately for every quest the gods request. No one is sure if it’s because he just doesn’t want any other campers to be in danger besides him, or if he actually likes killing monsters at this point. (It’s a mix of both.)
  • He takes no sh*t from the gods, and will literally say anything to any of them. The only reason they haven’t killed him yet is because he’s useful…and maybe because they’re too scared to try.
  • He doesn’t give offerings at meals anymore.
  • Once the gods try to ban him from using bloodbending/killing people with their internal liquids like Misery (they learned he figured it out in Tartarus) because it was ‘against the ancient laws and morals’, Percy started practicing in secret.
  • At first it was small stuff, like seeing if he could get the blood to retreat back into Clarisse’s wound.
  • Then it grew and grew until he was trying it on the monsters they brought in for fighting training.
  • When he’d go on those solo quests for the gods, he’d have a ball listening to the monsters monologue about the gods, but he knew.
  • Zeus had never been more scared than when Percy was talking with a minor Titan that he’d been sent to kill:
  • “Your gods are cruel, they’re manipulative. They don’t keep promises, and they don’t value lives. But here you are, Percy Jackson, preparing to risk your life for them, yet again.”
  • “Well, at least I know where I get my personality.” He’d snarl, finishing the Titan with Riptide, smirking as he did. “And you weren’t really a threat to my life, to be fair.” He’d reason with the pile of dust, capping his sword.
  • He didn’t know it, but sometimes during nightmares, he would be muttering a god’s name in distress, like they were the ones attacking him. It gave Annabeth shivers and she’d wake him up as quickly as possible, then mutter a lie about how he’d been ‘snoring’.
  • He didn’t want children. (I know I know what about your precious Percabeth babies sorry) He really, actually, very much so, was horrified by the idea of having kids. Although a huge part of him wanted to raise a big family with Annabeth and try for normalcy, he knew better. He knew that he (and Annabeth) were always going to be somewhat broken, no matter what he tried to do. But mostly, he didn’t want his children to be hunted by monsters, or to be used by the gods. He didn’t want legacies. He was perfectly happy with growing old (as old as they could get) with just Annabeth. (And was shocked when she agreed.)

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I was thinking, people want Nico and Jason to be best bros, and also want Nico and Reyna to be best friends. So I was imagining Jason and Reyna kinda of: “No, today Nico promised me that he would come to the park with me”
“I don’t care. He is supposed to be practicing surviving skills with me”
“But he is my best bud”
“No, he is mine”
“No. Mine.”
They stay like this for hours, and Nico just sits there thinking: “Someone. Please. Kill. Me.”

Headcanon #4:

In the last Heroes of Olympus book there’s a giant party, and Poseidon pulls Percy aside and says how proud he is of him. Then he pulls out a wedding ring, it was the one he was going to give Sally but he gives it to Percy. Then in front of everyone Percy proposes to Annabeth. They finally have their happily ever after moment…


Do you remember in House of Hades, when Annabeth and Percy were in front of the Acheron river, and it was whispering to them about they’re murders and how they belong in there, with the rest of the killers?

Remember how even Annabeth wanted to jump in?

Think about how Percy must’ve felt in this scene. His fatal flaw being loyalty, all of the flashbacks of every monster he ever killed were probably horrifying to him, and there’s no way he didn’t think of Calypso. Or Zoe. Or Luke. Or Bianca. All of the people that Percy has lost were probably brought up again, and Percy was probably dead convinced that he could have saved their lives, he could have prevented their deaths, but he didn’t. He feels like he was a factor in their deaths. 

Now skip to Blood of Olympus, remember the scene with Percy and Jason battling Polyphemus, and when Polyphemus sprayed the acidic water Percy Walked In? Remember how he felt like he deserved it? 

Throughout the rest of the quest, those voices from the Acheron river were probably Constantly playing in his head. Not to mention him most likely feeling immensely guilty about leaving Bob and Damasen in Tartarus. 

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anonymous asked:

Jiper headcanons ?????

  • Hanging out in trees to get away from everyone.
  • Piper stealing Jason’s glasses for fun. It’s always fun watching Jason find them.
  • Watching thunderstorms together.
  • Hand holding when either one of them gets anxious.
  • Piper helping Jason get dressed up for special events.
  • Jason loves spooning Piper in bed. 
  • Both of them falling asleep from watching Netflix. 
  • Jason massaging her shoulders when she’s stressed out.
  • Cuddles. Always cuddles.
  • Both of them going to see movies that star Piper’s dad. 
  • Jason filling in Piper about his childhood.
  • Both of them are early risers and love watching the sunrise.
Dark!Percy Headcanons 2.0

In honor of our lord and savior, King Perseus We-Never-Got-A-Middle-Name-Dam-You-Rick-Riordan Jackson’s birthday, I have decided that it is time to answer your cries for more dark!Percy, and go all out. ( commanderperseus, topplerofkings, renza15, booksquoteslove, the-lizard-calls-at-midnight, and a handful of Anons have requested this.

This will be a second list of headcanons, and soon after, I’ll post a short fic if I can!

So, without further ado, here’s Dark!Percy 2.0. (You can find the original post here. And another post that has a few more, here. And all of my headcanons are on this page, here!)

  • He doesn’t yell when he’s angry, not anymore. If anything, he lowers his voice. There’s no running into battle screaming like a banshee, there’s him popping his neck and maybe letting out a dark laugh as he waits for the enemy come to him first.
  • But seriously, not even in arguments with his friends or fellow campers or mortals, he just doesn’t raise his voice. He clenches his jaw and speaks roughly and sometimes you have to hold your breath in order to hear him. It’s scary, like the calm before a storm. It’ll give you goosebumps and make you start muttering a prayer to whatever god you believe in.
  • He actually does go out of his way to be nice to like, little kids, or people who are scared. It’s not like he’ll immediately start goofing off and cheering them up, but there’s something very reassuring about looking into the eyes of the most powerful demigod ever, telling you they’re on your side.
  • After a while, Grover ends their empathy link. He insists it’s because the danger is over, and because Juniper doesn’t really want him having an empathy link when they get married. The truth is that Grover’s sick of being irrationally angry randomly, and even more sick of how he can’t sleep, or how he can barely function as a human if Annabeth is hurt. He cries for three nights about it, about approaching his best friend and saying that he can’t stand just the tiniest sliver of Percy’s brain in him, and that he needs it out.
  • People finally put the pieces together, realizing just having a small mental connection with Percy was destroying Grover, so what was it doing to the guy who was actually thinking it?
  • The smell of lemons, like Annabeth’s hair, relaxes him.
  • He can’t go to the dentist without being put fully under. Annabeth has to be in the room with him to make sure nothing happens when he’s entirely unconscious, and he’s always anxious weeks before an appointment.
  • He starts to understand Nico’s mood swings, and sometimes the two will talk for hours, about anything, including, but not limited to: mortality, the purpose of life, when McDonald’s will bring back the McRib again, what religion truly has it right, why Luigi is the lesser Mario brother, and which of their blonde significant others is truly more adorable.
  • If a guy flirted with Annabeth he rarely did anything. It obviously stemmed subconsciously from the fact he didn’t think he deserved her, but he claimed it was because she didn’t need him to control her. (Although, if a guy wouldn’t stop after she told them no, Percy was almost impossible to calm down. Or if they touched her.)
  • He knows that Paul is scared of him.
  • He tugs at his hair if he’s stressed and no one’s watching.
  • One of the most stupid, jarring things that changed, was that he couldn’t listen to music in headphones anymore. He got too paranoid, knowing he couldn’t hear it if something tried to sneak up on him. He could only listen if it was on a stereo.
  • He didn’t have to sleep with a night light, but when Annabeth insisted that she needed one, he was secretly grateful.
  • Chiron and he found a ground of mutual respect. They both worked together as referees for capture the flag, and took the same side at arguments at the ping pong table.
  • He played fetch with Mrs. O’Leary to get his mind off of things. (You would not believe how tiring it is to throw Hellhound sized dog toys.)
  • When he could tell Annabeth was going to have a nightmare (she’d start breathing harder and shaking her head while scowling) he’d wake her up, and make up some lie about ‘her hair tickling him’.
  • He didn’t teach swordfighting to any of the younger campers anymore. The only things he taught were like, major, private classes for people 20 years of age and older on how to use their powers.
  • He jumped off the dock where the campers had thrown him on his 16th birthday sometimes, lying at the bottom of the lake and thinking about stuff. Sometimes time got away from him though, and he had the whole camp and Camp Jupiter all freaking out because he hadn’t been seen in 13 hours, and they thought something had happened to him.
  • Annabeth cried so hard when they found him that he always wore a watch if he was going to space off, so that he could come back before an hour would pass.
  • He wins all staring contests. All of them. With anyone. Any time. Anywhere. People have a hard time looking him in the eyes.
  • He and Artemis actually kind of got along. It’s not like they were buddies or anything, but if the hunters came to visit she’d treat him like an old business colleague.
  • He and Apollo did not get along, after Apollo tried to bro-hug him and make a ‘yo mama’ joke, before stumbling backwards and asking what the hell happened to him.
  • Sometimes he’d stare at the mirror and have a hard time comprehending that was him.
  • A lot of the time he’d stare at his girlfriend, and have a hard time comprehending that she was his.
  • He literally didn’t have any damns to give when Calypso showed up. He was politely cold, because you don’t just curse his girlfriend while they’re in the deepest pit of hell and get away with it, no matter how bitter you’re supposed to be.
  • Reyna often Iris messaged him for advice on praetor decisions. That’s not to say she would listen to him, but he always had a different idea than everyone else she’d ask.
  • Tyson avoided him. Not in a super obvious way, but it was pretty clear to Percy when his clingy ‘little’ brother didn’t want to spend every waking moment he had at camp with him. (They still did a lot together though, and Percy always managed to be extra patient those days).
  • He and Annabeth don’t fight much, actually. Argue about stupid, trivial things that they both know isn’t actually serious? Yes. Play fight with tickling and trying to make the other one say ‘I love you’ first? Uh huh. But actual, real life, normal couple spats, where they’re both actually angry at each other? Not really.
  • He always feels extra bad when he accidentally hurts someone. Like, if he’s playing basketball with some Apollo kids, and he completely-not-on-purpose elbows a teammate in the nose. It’s mostly just the surprised and scared stares from his fellow campers, because even if he didn’t mean it, he’s already scary enough without injuring some friends.
  • Movie theaters freak him out.
  • His most common nightmares are as followed: Losing Annabeth in any way, Gabe, the gods turning on him, his mom being hurt or sad, falling into Tartarus again, Luke, and drowning.
  • He gets the curse of Achilles again, after the gods recruit him to go on pretty much all of the quests so that no one else has to. People were kind of worried, because no one had ever gotten it twice, but it worked just fine, and he actually slept better and was less paranoid with it.
  • Hades and he become pretty close, because Hades knows Tartarus, and he offers Percy advice on how to forget hell.
  • He laughs when he kills a particularly arrogant monster. A kind of scary, worrisome, breathy, sort of evil laugh. It can send chills down anyone’s spine.
  • He spends a lot of time apologizing to his mom. Sometimes for when he was such a pain in the ass as a little kid, sometimes for when he disappeared forever, sometimes for when he couldn’t come home, sometimes just because he was so sorry that she got stuck with him.
  • He says please and thank you like a robot, but he never forgets to.
  • Annabeth cuts his hair. She’s allowed around his face with scissors, unlike most people.
  • Sometimes (and he hates to admit it) he has fun when he scares monsters. Popping out behind them and saying ‘boo!’ in a dark voice, staring expectantly at them as they quiver in their scales since they know they’re going to die, sometimes pinning them against the wall and holding them there for a second too long before killing them. Whatever it is, he somewhat enjoys the fact that what he was scared of, is now scared of him.
  • When the gods wanted to build a monument for him next to Hercules, he was so against it that he was probably willing to fight Zeus in order to keep it from happening.
  • He was pissed at Athena for how she treated Annabeth when she was having her identity crisis, but when she informed him that she approved, they finally reached a common ground of ‘we really only care about Annabeth’.
  • He didn’t tell anyone about how he could control all liquids, not just water, but people started to guess it after he’d pretty much killed a monster from the inside out by clenching his fist. (His friends were in mortal danger, he didn’t give a damn that it was immoral and unnatural.)
  • On his birthday, he always ignores the fact that it’s his birthday, and only calls it his and Annabeth’s anniversary. He always tries to do something big, like, he took her to Disney World once, and another time they tried to go to every museum in the city before the sunset, or he’d surprise her with something super awesome that she’d be busy with all day. If he didn’t, then he’d think only about the friends who died on his 16th.
Will Solace Headcanons

mostly because i love my sun

  • Will has most of his freckles on his back and shoulders
  • His favorite album is Vessel from twenty one pilots (big ukulele sucker)
  • He only wears flip flops or hightops there is no in between
  • Refuses to believe he is sick
  • Will *with a fever, runny nose, and about thirty seconds away from throwing up*: What are you talking about, I am the healthiest person at this camp, I can work today just let me vomit in the trash can really quick
  • Also refuses to believe that he is injured
  • for example one time he got this really bad gash on his stomach during a battle and he worked so hard trying to heal other people he didn’t think about healing himself
  • People noticed he was hurt when he started to bleed though his shirt and his hastily applied bandages
  • It took three Ares kids to hold him down and two other Apollo kids to stitch him back up because he kept struggling because people still needed to be healed and ‘I AM THE EPITOME OF GOOD HEALTH GUYS JUST LET ME GO!!!’
  • His lips get really chapped very easily and it doesn’t help that he’s constantly licking them and biting off the skin as he works
  • Sneezes when he lies
  • The first real time Nico caught his eye was during the Battle of Manhattan. When Will was trying to help someone that was injured get to safety, and he ended up tripping and a monster stood over him ready to kill Will but all of the sudden a skeleton warrior kills the monster. Out of the corner of his eye he sees this scrawny kid, that radiated power, and despite the fighting, he didn’t look a bit afraid as he ordered the skeletons around, if anything he looked proud about what he had done. Will owed his life to Nico, and was smitten ever since.
  • Only starts dating Nico awhile after his dad turns into a teenager (Apollo ships it more than anyone, has written 15 haikus about their first date plus three different songs)
  • Doesn’t believe is lost causes
  • he will try to save someone even if they are long gone, because if they do die he wants them to die knowing that he never gave up on them
  • My personal favorite is;
  • Will was always self conscious about how he couldn’t fight as well as his siblings and was only good at healing so Apollo blessed him and gave him the power to absorb peoples pain, and fill them with good memories and hope
  • It works for physical and emotional pain
  • the problem is that Will has to absorb the pain that he takes so he will constantly feel waves of heartbreak and hopelessness, He will feel stab wounds that aren’t there for hours, he goes to bed with his bones on fire, and feels like his blood is boiling due to poison that isn’t running through his blood
  • He hasn’t told anyone about this blessing, not even to his siblings or to Nico
  • He can also absorb anger, because all anger comes from some sort of pain
  • But he takes peoples pain with a smile, because as long as he is doing something to help he will do anything, no matter how much it may hurt

Headcanon where Percy and Nico are hanging out in the middle of the night and Nico wants to surprise Percy, so when they go to the cemetery, (don’t ask why) Nico conjured some skeletons so they could entertain Percy. Everything turns wrong and the skeletons start dancing “thriller” by Michael Jackson. Nico is embarrassed, but Percy doesn’t seems to care because he just starts dancing with the skeletons. And Nico just stares at Percy, half amused and half “wtf Percy”

Hello Calypso

anon: head cannons on how percy dealt with handling his feelings toward calypso when she comes back? like stuff about the curse and stuff?

mycrazyfangirl21Hi Lilianne! First of all, I have to say that I LOVE your story Hidden and I wait anxiously for the next chapter everytime it’s updated. Can you do a headcanon with semi dark!Percy at CHB when he sees Calypso again? I’ve always wondered how that would play out and frankly I found that in HoH it was kind of OOC that he forgave her for cursing Annabeth so quickly.

I thought that was weird too! I mean, she literally cursed Annabeth out of spite, and he was just like, meh, whatever. Still, I think he probably avoids conflict when it’s unnecessary, so it’s not like he’ll go berserk, of course.

I’m hoping that since you ‘LOVE my story’ you won’t mind that I wrote this in fic format instead of headcanon? (Also I’m adding Annabeth in this too? Sorry?)

No one had really been paying her much mind the last hour. Leo was the center of everything, getting lovingly mauled by all of his camp friends that had burned his shroud over a week ago. Calypso was just watching. It had been so long since she’d seen more than one person at a time, and she’d missed watching people interact. 

The girl with the choppy hair and the braids hadn’t let go of Leo since they got there, she was pretty sure. She had to calm herself down. ‘Piper’ was not Leo’s Penelope, or his Annabeth. She was his friend. No need to be jealous. (Although, when you spend most of your life with having the men all to yourself, it was strange how easily her envy would grow at the littlest things.)

She’d actually only recognized his aura. As an immortal, and daughter of a Titan, she could sense quite a few of the most powerful demigods, so obviously, she could tell when Percy Jackson was near without any trouble.

It took her a second to place the tall guy that was leaning on the pillars beside the dining pavilion as him. He was outside of the Leo kumbaya party, casually watching from the edge of the group, looking almost bored. Her feet had a mind of their own, and she sped towards him, only knowing who he was based off of the feeling of the restless ocean and general power that Percy had always emanated, even if it was stronger now.

Percy had always been cute. Much cuter than Leo anyways, I mean, she never complained when Percy Jackson showed up on her island, even though he was fourteen and beat up. Yeah, he’d been kind of charming looking,with  that devilish smirk and those twinkling green eyes. Paired up with his polite sense of humor and total hero-must-go-home-so-I-can-help-my-friends vibe, she hadn’t ever really had trouble falling for him. Even if he had been sort of short, and a little scrawnier than the usual guys who landed there.

This wasn’t Percy.

The guy she was walking up to was not Percy. He had messy black hair, but it had been cut, and now looked more ‘windblown’ than ridiculous. He was all tall and muscular and wearing one of those damn orange t-shirts too. His hands were shoved in black jean pockets, and the closer she got to him the more she realized his aura was colder now, it reminded her of Ares, or maybe even Hades.

Then he looked at her.

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