percy's pizza

Argo II thoughts
  • frank: is there a way i can be two animals at once?
  • hazel: is there a way i can vanish jewels instead of summon them?
  • piper: is there a way i can charm sing?
  • jason: is there a way i can lift heavy objects by using the wind?
  • annabeth: is there a way i can outsmart Gaia or the prophecy?
  • leo: is there a way to shoot fire from my eyes?
  • nico: is there a way to find Bianca's reincarnation?
  • percy:
  • percy: is there a way to make pizza blue?
  • percy:
  • percy: like that

Seriously, the best thing about the Trials Of Apollo is that we find out that the confused pizza delivery who was walking around at camp half-blood that Percy mentioned in the Battle of the Labyrinth( I think?) was actually sent by Apollo.

After a Yankee game last month, a few buddies and myself adventured into the village for some drinking, pizza, and good times. Compliments to Uber for hooking it up with a ride across Manhattan. Upon arrival, we came across a dollar slice place called Percy’s Pizza located on Bleecker Street. If you know a thing or two about dollar slice places in NYC, they are usually run down and sketchy. Percy’s was not. Very clean and brick-walled counter serve, had a Little Italy feel to it. Without saying a word, we walked in and this little spanish guy goes “HOW MANY?” I first picked up one to see if it was worth a second. And for a dollar slice it was well worth over a dollar! Probably one of the best dollar slice spots I have ever been to. Now I know the photo is a tad deceiving, but trust me it is worth it. 

However… my friends and I ventured back an hour later and decided to get a pie. $8 is worth a pie. The guy wanted to charge us $12! Now I’m no mathematician but there are eight slices to a pie and at a dollar a piece how are they selling pies at $12?! Nonetheless, I just ordered 8 SEPARATE slices *puts on cool dude shades*.

Rating: 3/5

- Paul

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viii. Since Percy kept wheedling them about it, Will and Nico finally decided to watch an episode of Supernatural. Unfortunately, it was the Pizza Man episode. Now, whenever Supernatural is mentioned, Nico blushes beet-red and Will starts to cackle.


What the seven + Reyna and Nico are doing at an amusement park
  • Percy: on the water rides and spraying Leo and Jason when they're at the drinking fountain
  • Annabeth: planning a route for the park and keeping track of waiting times
  • Piper: Charmspeaking the attendant into letting them to the front of all the rides
  • Jason: on all the free fall drop rides. And eating lots o pizza with Percy. Also cotton candy, popcorn, churros, and frozen lemonade
  • Hazel: wears heeled combat boots so she can pass the height limit, and sits in the front of everything
  • Frank: has been holding in his vomit for three rides even though everyone insists " the teacup rides don't do anything to them"
  • Leo: makes a bet that he won't puke after riding the teacups, "the rinse cycle" and the "twist-o-tron". He loses. He is also the one person who ends up having to ride by himself
  • Nico: in the year-round haunted house, screams on drops to everyone's surprise.
  • Reyna: providing puke bags and winning all the carnival games