percy's pizza

[knock at the door]

Annabeth: Oh, that’s the pizza. Babe, do you have any cash?

Percy: Oh, you know I, uh, actually I don’t, uh, think that I should…have to pay. ‘Cause I’m…not a fan of pizza.

[Stunned gasps]

Piper: What?!?

Grover: Percy, we’ve driven halfway across the country for a piece of pizza literally hundreds of times.

Annabeth: I once caught you eating pizza in the shower!

Pizza Guy: Percy, there’s a cartoon of you on our coupons.

Leo: I’m not saying Percy’s a guy who likes pizza, but last time he went in for a physical, doctor says ‘Percy you’ve gotta stop eating pizza.’ Percy says 'Why?’ Doc says 'So I can examine you!’ But seriously, we kid because we love.


Graves: We are not moving to Chicago for like a million reasons
Credence: But Percy, pizza.
Graves: There’s pizza in New York
Credence: Right. Thanks, Percy, you’re so good at reminding me where pizza is

(Parks and Recreation; season 6, episode 21: Moving Up) 

Would You Be So Kind

I want to dedicate this fic to @nerdyadventures , who also beta this fic. You were with me for almost the beginning of the story and there is no way this would be the story it is today without your support, I don’t have words to tell you how thankful I am for you and I’m sorry this story haunted you even in your dreams. For @ltrumbley@bananannabeth @keekal and @artemisrae too, you guys helped me so much even if you didn’t realize it. Y por ultimo para @vithcytries eres una campeona y te agradezco tanto por cuidar mi espalda.

For the PJO/HOO Big Bang 2017.

I’m pathetic’ Annabeth thought while she clicked on the next picture, ‘very, very pathetic.’ It was a Saturday night, her roommates were out in some club having the time of their lives and what was she doing? Sitting on her bed stalking her crush on Instagram. To make things worse her crush was also her best friend for over ten years, her brain yelled at her to leave her phone but she clicked on another picture, it was of her and Percy on Montauk, his arm was around her waist and she was wearing his snapback, they both were grinning at each other and they looked so…couply. Her heart squeezed in pain. She looked at the date and tried not to groan, the picture had been posted 145 weeks ago. When did she go so deep into his page? Well, being fair, he didn’t post that often and most of the time it was random pictures and barely pictures of him unless he was with his friends (her heart did a whole routine when she realized he had more pictures with her than with anyone else)

Annabeth threw the phone on her bed. She should have gone out with Piper and Hazel but she wasn’t really feeling it, she wasn’t feeling like doing anything. Work had been brutal that week, her bosses had overworked her, leaving Annabeth laying on her bed wondering if it was worth it walking to the kitchen for a glass of wine or going back to stalk Percy’s pictures? She was sure he had a few of shirtless ones…The sound of the doorbell made her jump, she wasn’t expecting anyone and Piper and Hazel had their own keys. She did a quick check of her clothes, an oversized gray sweater, and some old constellation pj’s pants, she looked as presentable as she could be.

With one last groan, she left the room, putting her hair up in a bun. “Who is it?”

“The love of your life.” Annabeth recognized the voice, a smile forming on her lips.

“Is it you pizza? Have you finally come to elope with me?” A familiar laughter came from the door just as Annabeth was reaching to open it, revealing the man whose pictures she was obsessing over a few minutes ago.

“Unfortunately it’s Chinese not pizza,” Percy said with a smile that melted her, he looked good, too good for someone who just came out of work and was stuck on a long train ride to Brooklyn, it should be illegal to look effortlessly good. “But I hope you can still take me.”

Annabeth sighed dramatically. “I guess I can make an exception for tonight,” She took the bags from his hands and walked back inside, Percy following her. “And what do I have the honor of your lovely visit tonight?”

“I missed my best friend, isn’t that enough of a reason to come here unannounced?” He walked to the kitchen and started pulling plates from the cabinets. “Piper and Hazel aren’t home?”

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  • Percy: Grover and I are the best friends on this planet.
  • Annabeth: Well, that's cute.'Cause Thalia and I are the best friends in all of existence. Which includes your little crummy planet. Thalia and I finish each other's-
  • Thalia: -Sentences!
  • Percy: Yeah? That all you do?
  • Grover: Because Percy-
  • Percy: -And I-
  • Grover: -Can read-
  • Percy: -Each other's-
  • Grover: -Minds. Ready? What am I thinking of? One, two, three!
  • Percy and Grover: Pizza! One, two, three, clouds! One, two, three, Chiron!
  • Thalia: Yeah, right. Like we can't do that.
  • Annabeth: We can't.
  • Thalia: One, two, three! Rainbows!
  • Annabeth: Can't do it!
A Few More Solangelo Headcannons

because I am supreamly bored out of my mind and have nothing else to do

: Nico isn’t one for pranks, but when it comes to getting a rise out of Will, he’s got a mischevious streak a mile wide. Every once in a while, since the “Eyeliner Incident” (in which Nico got a pretty great reaction out of Will, and liked it) he and Piper will team up to drive Will crazy. It started out being just the eyeliner and/or occasional ponytail, but then Piper came across a black long sleeved shirt with silver spikes on the shoulders and convinced nico to wear it. He was really cold that day anyway, so he didn’t think it mattered. After one look in the mirror, he demanded Piper burn it, but Piper convinced Nico (and not through charmspeak) that this would be considered a grand romantic gesture by looking good for Will. Then Nico says to hades with it and asks her to do both the Eyeliner AND the ponytail! An extreamly dangerous combination. However, It does take charmspeak in order for Piper to paint his nails black. By the end of it all, Nico looks pretty much like this:

so when he strides out of the Aphrodite cabin, after all the other Aphrodite kids fawn over him and high-five Piper on her amazing work, Nico goes around camp, nonchalantly looking for his boyfriend. Needless to say, this came with a lot of confused and awed stares. Although, you could probably her Jason’s Annabeth’s, and Percy’s Jaws all hit the floor in particular. At least the shoulder spikes prevent anyone from latching onto him, so Nico guessed this look had its uses. when he finally found Will, his back was turned, so Nico decided to make it a little more interesting. He started to greet him in Italian so Will had no idea what he was saying, therefore, had no idea who it was. “felice di vedermi, il mio amore?“ So when he turned around, and saw this BEAUTIFUL black clad stranger and realized it was Nico, Will either did one of two things, kiss him very intensely, or faint on sight. Probably both.To this day Will would sell his soul to Hades to see Nico dressed like that again. Nobody will ever rock the color black as good as Nico does in Will’s eyes. Ever.

side note: copy paste "felice di vedermi, il mio amore?” into google translate and see what it means. afterward, you may proceed to fangirl/fanboy.

:Will has taken it upon himself to be Nico’s personal healer whenever he got hurt or shadow traveled. He would bandage up Nico’s hands and kiss them, promptly causing Nico to turn a bright shade of red. However, Will especially hated it wen Nico shadow traveled, due to the toll it took on his health. Will would have to occasionally get Piper to charmspeak Nico into staying in the infirmary until he was better. Sometimes when he woke up there after passing out from the exhaustion, he would find a vase with a single black rose sticking out of it and he knew it was from Will. It always was

: It must have been fate that day when Will wandered into the Hades cabin to find Nico…..singing? And like an angel at that! It was an angelic voice. Not a crazy soulful one that could go ham on vocal wrungs, but more classic. One you might here at one of those old school night cubs with a band playing classy music. (It also helped that Nico was singing “So This Is Love” from Cinderella since he and Will had been marathoning all the Disney movies to catch Nico up on what he missed out on) Thankfully, he didn’t hear Will come in, so Will was free to listen to his wonderous boyfriend’s melodic voice to his heart’s content.
good gods, how in hades did he get so lucky?! He would definatey have to question Nico about this recent development, but for now, the rose in his hand he planned on giving to him would have to do. He ninja’d his way into the room, dropped the rose, and high tailed it out of the cabin as fast as he could to tell Jason, Piper, Reyna, Hazel, Percy, Annabeth, and Frank what he had witnessed. When Nico thought he heard something, he whirled around to in nothing but a rose lying in the middle of the room with a note tied to the stem. “To my Italian Prince of Death with a voice for the gods. -Love, Will." Needless to say, It was no coincidence that the next time they all hung out together that they all agreed on Pizza AND Kareoke.

:after that stunning revelation, Apollo hears about it from Will and demands to hear Nico’s voice for himself. Because of course Apollo wants to be the judge. After hearing Nico trying something out of his comfort zone by singing "As the World Falls Down” by the Late and Great David Bowie (rest in peace, Starman) He proceeds to join Nico by tunrning his Lyre into an electric guitar and accompanies him with the hella sweet guitar riffs. All the while wondering how the heck one Hades’ kids had such a gift for the musical arts. After that, Apollo definitely approved of Nico now that they officially met and also had an epic jam session at the same time.

Once again, Enjoy your fanfiction fuel! I expect to see some good stuff!

anonymous asked:

Hey Mari! So I saw you said that the Chase's were descendants of Swedish royalty and I was wondering how you think everyone would react if they found out, and how they did, that Annabeth was royalty. Cause I remember early on in PJO Clarisse called her princess and Annabeth was like REALLY insulted by it. Thanks ahead!!!

Arrives 15 months late with a cup of Starbucks. Here is your fic anon, I hope you like it and I’m sorry is not what you had in mind. Inspired by the preview of Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead, which is the time to tell you this has tiny minor spoilers of it, also I took some liberties with a few things that could be totally proven canon next week or just thrown out the window.  

Shout out to @nerdyadventures for fixing my terrible grammar.

Annabeth dropped her small suitcase on the bed while Percy looked around their hotel room, touching everything he could.

“When you said a hotel in Boston…this is not what crossed my mind.” Percy was standing looking through the window, where you could see part of Charles River and in the background Boston’s skyline. “I don’t think I have ever stayed in a hotel this fancy, much less a fucking suite.”

“Dad loves this hotel, says he loves to be close to his Alma Mater and he wouldn’t want me to stay somewhere else.” Annabeth started to unpack her stuff. Her dad had made the reservation since he usually stayed in the same hotel chain during his travels he was a member of their points program that gave him discounts or bonuses like breakfast included. Telling her dad she was going to Boston hadn’t really been a problem since the official reason was that she was there for legal reasons…how to tell him that Percy was also going without actually telling him had been the tricky part. Some part of her knew that her dad knew Percy was there, but thankfully he didn’t mention it during his call. “This is where we always stay when we come to Boston.”

“It’s weird staying here, I don’t know.” Percy sat down on the bed and sighed. “This is, without a doubt, the softest best I have ever lay on.”

Annabeth smirked at her boyfriend. “Good, I’m sure we are gonna have a lot of fun on it.” She laughed when she saw him blush. It didn’t matter that they had been having sex for almost a year now, Percy always blushed when she implied it.

Percy cleared his throat. “Do we really need this much space? Why would someone need this much space.”

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Seriously, the best thing about the Trials Of Apollo is that we find out that the confused pizza delivery who was walking around at camp half-blood that Percy mentioned in the Battle of the Labyrinth( I think?) was actually sent by Apollo.

home is where the pizza is

AU: “i made my special request for my pizza for them to send their cutest delivery person & here you are and wow did they get that right.”
Nico is fairly certain that Piper is trying to ruin his life. Or his pizza. Same thing.

“You’re pretty.”

Nico blinked back in surprise, the loose bills in his hand crackling under his tightening hand. “I, uh…what?”

The pizza guy only grinned wider. “You’re pretty.” He repeated.

“Um. I, uh…thanks?” Nico could vaguely hear Piper’s high laugh from the living room and he didn’t know how, and he didn’t know why, but Nico could only swear on one thing at that moment, and that was that this was all her fault.

And, he could also swear that this was probably the reddest he’s ever been. Counting the beach incident last summer.

Nico had to resist from the shiver that came from the memory. That hurt.

The pizza guy grinned, bringing back Nico’s attention, and held out the pizza box. “And you’ve got nice eyes.” He added on, somehow looking earnest and cocky at the same time. Nico didn’t know that was possible, but Pizza boy seemed to be making it work.

“Thanks.” Nico repeated, his neck still burning bright, and he hoped his voice wasn’t as weak as it sounded to his ears.

This whole situation wasn’t helped by the fact their usual pimply high schooler was replaced by a tall, blond, and handsome.

Nico wanted to retreat back into his warm fort in the living room, knowing at least his blanket burrito would never betray him. He could almost see Piper peeking around the corner, Jason probably at her feet, Reyna towering over them all. They were watching him, he was sure of it, and he was even more sure of the fact they were laughing at him.

The guy seemed to finally take pity on Nico as he passed the pizza over. “Special instructions.” He grinned, tapping the receipt taped to the top of the box. Nico turned the box, along with his head to the side, to better read the paper.

Send your cutest delivery boy & tell me I’m pretty. Also, a compliment would be nice.

Nico stared at the words for a long moment, glancing back up the boy. “I didn’t write that.” He felt the need to clarify, “It was uh, -” He pointed over his shoulder, where laughter was now helpfully erupting behind him. “One of them. Piper, probably, because I refused to let her get pineapple on the pizza.”

“That’s just a travesty, pineapple on pizza.” The pizza man agreed, leaning against the wall, seeming satisfied with the whole situation.  

“Extra pepperoni and banana peppers are the only way to go.” Nico answered without thinking. It was true. He and Jason had done a very thorough investigation senior year of high school, and that was the very godly combination they finally settled on after several trial runs.

He and Jason were serious about their pizza, okay? And they weren’t going to let Piper run their months of science for the disgraced topping of pineapple.  

Pizza boy clenched at his chest at that, “A man after my own heart.” He grinned.

“Here’s, um, here.” Nico held out the bills, “Keep the change.”

The pizza boy took the money, still grinning that stupid smile. He adjusted the company hat on his head, his blond curls crazy and frizzy under the cap, and let his hand fall to the back of his neck. “Thanks…” He glanced at the receipt. “Jason?”

Nico sighed at the laughter behind him. They were probably at the window, listening to the entire interaction with glee. “It’s Nico.” He corrected him, “Jason’s the idiot who let us use his account rewards.”

Pizza boy nodded, “Cool. I’m Will.” He gave Nico a small salute, “Pizza boy extraordinaire. Also, the cutest delivery boy on site at the Main Street location, apparently.”

“Really? The cutest?” Nico grinned at that, always one for teasing.

“There was a vote.” He informed Nico like it was a secret, “Cecil took the loss pretty hard.”

“I would imagine. The cutest delivery boy, that’s a hard title to carry.”

“It has its setbacks.” Will nodded in agreement, “Fighting off the proposals, for one.”

“Really?” Nico raised his eyebrows at that, an amused expression taking place. “You’re just fighting off suitors, is that it?”

“Exactly.” He nodded, looking dramatically relieved. “I’m so glad you understand.”

Nico scoffed out a laugh, turning his face to hide his widening grin. He could still hear the others gathered behind him, he noticed, their low laughter and whispers not nearly as quiet as they probably thought.

“Well.” Nico turned his head back to the other boy, his grin now under control, although his face was still flushed a pleasant pink. “Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to deliver this and…for following your instructions.” Nico wanted to pound his head on the side of the doorway by the time he was finished, his awkward voice trailing off. Will didn’t seem to notice, only pocketing Nico’s payment and biting his lip. Usually, Nico would classify lip-biting as an unsure movement, one that he employed on himself often, but with Will it looked completely different on his smirking face. It was his confidence, Nico thought, and his over-cocky manner.

“Anytime.” Will told him easily, probably having no idea how much he was affecting Nico. He turned, one hand tucked away into his pocket, and with the movement Nico could guarantee that he was Absolutely Not instantly drawn to the hand’s destination, the back pocket where it was nicely tucked so it pulled at the already tight fabric –

And Nico’s gaze instantly snapped back up as Will paused, only a few feet from the doorway, and turned back to Nico. He eyed Nico standing there, still holding the warm pizza box with his equally as warm cheeks, and gave Nico just a bright smile, Nico had to blink back in surprise.

“Just cause they were instructions doesn’t mean they weren’t true.” He winked, “Check the back of your receipt if you’re interested.” With that, Will was bouncing down the steps, heading back to the street.

Surprised, Nico flipped over the paper and was even more surprised to see a number scrawled there in thick black marker. Nico vaguely wondered when Will would have even written his number there, but settled for numbly waving back as Will got back into his car, appropriately advertising the pizza company, and drove off. He waved at Nico as he left, and Nico was left holding a quickly cooling pizza and a small slip of paper.

Nico stood in the doorway for another moment, blinking back surprise. He turned, his annoying friend’s laughter still echoing through the hallway, and already began plotting on how to get Piper back.

Right after he pocketed the receipt, of course.

We have an annual fair, twice a year. And I used to love it as a kid a lot, now it’s kinda just… routine, I suppose. And the food. I just kinda love getting food from the different booths?

And when I got my favorite - mushrooms in garlic sauce - I witnessed something that gave me an idea. Because the guy owning the stall was screaming across the aisle over to the guy owning the stall next to him where they were selling hamburgers and the two were talking for a while and laughing. And the two were kinda really cute, you know.

And I thought.

Wouldn’t it be cute to have Nicercy work at a fair? Nico at the pizza booth and Percy at a candy booth, right opposite each other where they can look dreamily at the other without the other noticing? And Nico bringng Percy free pizza and Percy giving Nico free candy?

Like, pure sugary fluff, much like the cotton candy Percy will be selling?

Yeah, I’m gonna have to write that. It’s too cute not to.