percy watches heroes

do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and ask yourself what would life be like if the percy jackson movies were good

don’t fear the reaper

Summary: Legends tell of a valiant warrior, blessed by the divine, betrayed by the leader he fought so hard to serve, locked into an eternal half-life. Called goblin, this man lives forever, watching the years pass him by, until his fated other half can release him.

(It’s funny, Nico thinks. They say legends are always a little true.)

General Nico di Angelo is killed at noontime, under a sky as blue as his lover’s eyes.

It happens like this, like divine retribution for the guilt he keeps pressed between his fingers. He returns from the war triumphant and blood-stained, followed by a legion of adoring soldiers and whispers of divinity, of spirits, of death. His name has spread across the continent, passed between enemy lips, like a promise. A warning.

If the fates abandon you, and you meet the man with clothes as black as midnight and a sword red as blood, turn back, turn back.

You will not survive him.

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Percico holding hands for the first time commission for @binyeum

Dating the Swim Team Captain does have its perks, doesn’t it, Nico? He’s so embarrassed. Percy’s goal is to make him flustered and happy at the same time and Nico wearing knee high Converse was something I never knew I needed. 

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