percy likes to spam

royal demigod aesthetics: perseus “percy” jackson, prince of atlantis

                  he’s royalty alright. a royal pain in my ass 

                                     princes jason & nico at some point, probably

for @graecvs on their son’s birthday! congrats on surviving 23 years, perce!


oh my gods you guys. starship down. I’d forgotten how absolutely excellent DS9 can be. I mean, not that The Visitor or Rejoined or Indiscretion were filler eps, but they were each centered on one character, and I’d forgotten how awesome ensemble eps can be. EXPECT SPAM.

BUT FIRST I MUST FLAIL ABOUT KIRA because this episode gave us so much concentrated Kira awesome. You can see her falling apart- she thinks Dax is dead, the man she considers her boss, a personal friend and the spiritual savior of her entire civilization is dying in front of her, and the ship is probably going to explode at any second- and yet she still hangs in there and tries her utmost to keep Sisko alive. I was so proud of her guys. And I want to hug her more than ever now.