percy jackson: sea of monsters movie

  • <p> <b></b> How is it that Percy Jackson got a sequel but power rangers most likely won't??? Bc like PR2017 was like an origin story and historically origins have not done well (with a few exceptions ie guardians of the Galaxy or Deadpool). That combined with the fact it is rebooting the whole franchise... Well Christopher Eccleston is a prime example that rebooting a beloved series isn't easy and it takes the right story arc for everyone to jump on board. This movie set up perfectly for what can be a box office, most beloved series so don't give up on it. Go out watch the movie in theaters, tweet/blog about it, buy the merch, and buy the movie when it comes out. It won't be another Sea of Monsters we have good people handling it.<p/></p>

the perfection of Alexandra Daddario