percy jackson the little mermaid

Voltron Au's/ Fanfic I want and Need

-Phantom Of The Opera (Keith as Raoul, Lotor as Phantom, Lance as Christine
-Rent (Keith as Roger, Lance as Mimi)
-Tinkerbell au with Lance as a water fairy and Keith as an animal fairy
-Fairy Tail au with Keith as a fire dragon slayer and Lance as a water mage
-The lions turning into ACTUAL CATS
-viner Lance and youtuber Keith
-The Little Mermaid (Keith as Eric and Lance as Ariel)
-Wicked (Lance as Glinda and Galra!Keith as Elphaba)
-SOUL EATER (Keith as the weapon and meister Lance)
-Percy Jackson (Lance son of Aphrodite but blessed by Poseidon Keith son of Hephaestus)
-Grease (Lance as Sandy Keith as Danny)
-Pidge sets Keith and Lance up on a blind date
-M I D D L E S C H O O L P I N I N G K E I T H
-lance with an ao3 account
-Keith reading moth man x reader fic with jealous Lance
-hair salon/ nail salon with Lance doing Keith’s pedicure or trimming his mullet

That’s all I have for now. If anyone knows if these exist, please tell me!

Just think ... “Little Mermaid AU”

Just imagine: Percy and Nico are mermen that happen across a ship one day. Percy decides he’ll get a little too close for comfort and catches the attention of a certain grey eyed, blond haired princess that may or may not fall off the ship whilst trying to get a closer look at that very humanoid dolphin (in her defense, the sea was rough). 

So Percy saves her and falls head over heels and needs to see her again

One of their fellow mer, a solider named Frank Zhang, says that he knows someone that can help them. He takes Percy, who drags along a reluctant Nico, to his good friend Hazel, the sea-witch who by no means is actually evil, thank you very much. 

Hazel’s all for helping out other mer, specifically ones in love, but has a condition: take her one of her friends along since she, as Hazel puts it, has been ‘fin over gills’ in love with the very idea of the sky and sun. 

So Percy, Nico, and a partially ecstatic, partially enraged Piper get legs for half a year and BOOM! They’re on land and all that jazz and somehow find a way into the castle with jobs (Nico in the kitchen, Percy in the stables, Piper as a maid).

So Piper gets assigned to Lady Thalia, and, in turn, establishes a close relationship with princess Annabeth. 

She gladly helps Percy with information on the girl, but ends up constantly running into a certain knight that always seems to be hanging around the stables.

Turns out he’s actually Lady Thalia’s brother, Jason, and had noticed her around before and “Wow, your eyes are weird … uh… pretty! Sorry, er, they’re pretty! Beautiful, actually.”

Cue tomato faces and mumbled gibberish. 

Too bad Piper can’t shake him, since Jason’s good friends with the two other stable hands that Percy works with - Leo Valdez and Will Solace - and, therefore, is also good friends with Percy.

Leo’s been on a mission to find a mermaid who saved him (”Her names Calypso, Jace, and, no, she did not wear shells!”) and Percy, who happens to be close with her, is practically glowing as he goes Piper with the idea of getting the two together…

Which ends in him accidentally slamming into Annabeth on the way around a corner and BOOM! The blushing and stuttering starts and “Piper, so help me, if you don’t tell me more about him I will personally have Thalia bring her brother over daily just to spite you!”

Will, on the other hand, is constantly sneaking into the kitchens to snatch up the bad vegetables for the horses and stumbles upon a grouchy, raven haired, mozzarella skinned, mer turned boy who’s always nagging him for dropping by and spreading hay all over the floor.

“Wanna know how many time’s I’ve slipped on that straw while holding a knife? One too many times, blonde, one too many times.”

And so that relationship begins and now you have all these secrets and they have three months left and Percy hasn’t even help a full, ten minute conversation with Annabeth and two more unexpected and unexplained relationships started and DON’T TELL ME YOU CAN’T SEE THIS!!!!!! THIS WOULD SO HAPPEN, DAMN IT!!!!

Why am I thinking about Percy using Little Mermaid quotes on his sister, like when she’s a teenager, Percy will quote Sebastian like

“Hm. Teenagers. They think they know everything. You give them an inch, they swim all over you”

And whenever she gets up, Percy just goes shock and horror and states

“Just look at her! On legs! On human legs!”

And whenever she gets into trouble Percy tries to but in like

“But it wasn’t her fault! Ah, well first, ahh, this shark chased up yeah, yeah!”

And I see her playing along with it, like going out with Percy one day into town or something and to just spite him she grins and points out a guy

“I’ve never seen a human this close before. Oh, he’s very handsome, isn’t he?”

And Percy is twitching. “I don’t know, he looks kind of hairy and slobbery to me.”

After the Tartarus events,those two got really good at reading each other minds,and Annabeth always know what to do when Percy’s down.