percy jackson the lightning theif

Book turned into movie

Person: What’s the longest book series you’ve read and loved? Like you actually struggled to wait for the books because they were that good?
Me: Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Including the Heroes of Olympus.
Person: Okay so than what’s your least favorite movie? Like a movie based on a book that completely disappointed you?
Me: The Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters movie
Person: But you love those books, why do you hate the movie?


#basically me with almost every movie that’s based on a book

no but the lightning bolt quest was like the most important quest chb got for like such a long time and they gave it to two twelve year olds who disliked eachother and a literal humanoid goat i am so Alarmed

Just Imagine Uncle Rick with a beard and an evil laugh while creating Leo.

Dear Percy Jackson, It was this day ten years ago that you were published and you have changed the lives of many since. From retrieving the bolt to getting the most inconvenient nose bleed ever, you have earned your way into our hearts. I purpose we raise our fictional glasses to these past ten years, and many more to come.


July 1