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She had a ragged backpack slung over her shoulder, a pocket knife in her hand, and a wild look in her storm-gray eyes, like she’d just been chased a thousand miles by ghosts.
—  Percy Jackson, The Sea of Monsters
Nico Rant

I think people underestimate Nico and forget how powerful he is. He IS a child of the Big three you know. When he actually unleashes his powers like in BoO, even Reyna and Coach Hedge were scared and they were on Nico’s side. HE FREAKING TURNED A LIVING PERSON INTO A SPIRIT. HE OPENED UP THE EARTH AND HELPED IT EAT BRYCE. Also he can basically teleport with shadow travel which is WAY COOL. And I don’t know anyone else who can do that. Let alone him being able to bring skeletons out of the ground to fight alongside him. He he also sent dreams to mortals to keep them asleep. I’m just so proud of my strong little boy and want him to receive all the love and praise he deserves. (especially if it’s from will ;))

Annabeth’s shroud was so beautiful - gray silk with embroidered owls - I told her it seemed a shame not to bury her in it. She punched me and told me to shut up.
—  Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief
Percabeth Headcanon: Tired

(Happy Valentine’s Day guys! Whether you have a Valentine or not, I hope you have an excellent day! Here’s from Percabeth Tired for you :P)

  • When Annabeth comes home, tired from a long day, she’ll find Percy and move into his lap, napping curled up against him as he easily continued to do his work.
  • The couple was suppose to join their friends for a late night get together. It was around 2 in the morning when they woke up on a bus, leaning against one another. They fell asleep on the way there, riding around for hours. The bus driver didn’t have the heart to wake them up.
  • Annabeth is the first person who can tell if Percy is tired, even if he insists he’s perfectly fine.
  • Both Percy and Annabeth have a habit of squinting when tired, Annabeth out of an almost unclear confusion, and Percy out of sheer annoyance.
  • Percy has come home many times to find Annabeth completely passed out on their couch, a book falling off her lap and her mouth just barely open, her head propped against the arm rest.
  • Annabeth doesn’t allow Percy to use any electronic items in the morning around the kitchen until he can at least form one completely coherent sentence.
  • Percy grows very quiet when he’s tired, answering most of Annabeth’s questions with a nod or shake of his head.
  • Whoever doesn’t get in the shower first has to make the coffee for the day. Percy is almost always left to the task of making coffee.
  • Annabeth can take twenty minute naps and feel completely refreshed. Not a single one of Percy’s naps are less then an hour.
  • One day, both demigods came home completely worn out. Annabeth found Percy totally asleep on the carpet right out side of their bedroom. Instead of even attempting to move him, Annabeth simple grabbed their blanket from their bed and joined him on the floor.
And then they saw me.

“Percy?” Clarisse said. “You’re supposed to be blown up!”

“Good to see you, too. Now hold still while I-”

“Perrrrrcy!” Grover bleated and tackled me with a goat-hug. “You heard me! You came!”

“Yeah, buddy,” I said. “Of course I came.


Rick Riordan, The Sea of Monsters

take all your Jason replaced Grover aus and shove them up your ass


it’s some bad mythology, the guards are here, i don’t know which heart is yours

inspiration based on this!

Annabeth wants to be an architect when she grows up. She’s weird in that way.
—  Percy Jackson, The Sea of Monsters
Percabeth Headcanon: Fluff (Round 2)
  • Percy has a habit of lightly snoring whenever he’s sick. Annabeth’s never told him about it though; she likes listening to it for a moment if she wakes up before him. It’s one of the most peaceful noises she’s heard.
  • Annabeth loves getting foot massage. It is her ultimate kryptonite, and Percy always makes sure to rub her feet when he asks a question he wants a good answer to.
  • Percy and Annabeth secretly really love simple date nights. From a nice dinner to just a movie and stroll around a park, they loved the calm dates that give them time to be together.
  • Percy owns twice as many jackets as Annabeth. Half are ACTUALLY his, and the other half are Annabeth’s to borrow.
  • Their friends know never to call the pair before 11 AM on Saturdays. The couple absolutely loves sleeping in and staying bundled up together on Saturday mornings.
  • While Percy and Annabeth aren’t the biggest proponents of PDA, they’ll occasionally be caught sitting with each other on the couch, Annabeth’s legs across Percy’s lap, they perfectly content in their own little world.
  • When Percy feels cuddly, he wraps his arms fully around her waist, kissing her neck again and again to tickle her until she laughs and kisses his forehead back while he tucks his face into the crook of her neck.
  • Everyone in Annabeth’s office loves when that tall, dark-haired goofball comes to take her out for lunch; even if he normally has to drag her away from her work.
  • Annabeth will sometimes sing out loud in the shower. Percy likes to sit right outside the door and listen with a small smile on his face.
  • They love to share headphones.

Just a little ToA fun

Percabeth Headcanon: First Move-In

((And I continue to avoid my responsibilities! Now, I don’t know if I can get everything done tonight, but I’m going to try! You all make me happier than papers and assignments :) Enjoy!!))

  • It took two days of discussion, a panel with all of their friends, and a sit down with Sally before Annabeth and Percy could agree on which apartment to choose.
  • Their couch almost didn’t fit through the front door. After a bunch of pushing, two burnt hand prints on the armrest (courtesy of Leo), and a few dog bite marks (courtesy of Frank), they finally got the couch happily situated in the living room.
  • Before finally getting to sleep after unpacking for seven hours, Annabeth had to spend a solid two extra hours digging around for one thing. Percy’s fish night light.
  • Sally’s first apartment gift to the couple was new kitchen supplies and about six pounds of blue food die.
  • The absolute first thing the couple did when they started unpacking in their apartment was set up their TV, ordered Chinese food, and watch a movie while eating off of plastic wear and sitting on their carpet.
  • Annabeth’s crutch was unpacking her books. She would get caught up in the collection she had, starting book after book while unpacking. Percy’s was photos. Being the man he is, Percy loved to relive the memories, reminding Annabeth about everything the photo made him think of.
  • For the first three months, Sally was on their speed dial for what to do when something broke.
  • It was about three months into living together that the feeling of owning an apartment really hit them. It was both a proud, and overwhelming feeling.
  • Percy and Annabeth weren’t the best neighborhoods. Not that they weren’t friendly, but they kept getting complaints of sounds of fighting and things like “Seaweed Brain” being yelled among the fights. Little did they know the “fights” were whenever the couple had a lovely visit from a monster or two. They became good friends with the local hardware shop owner.
  • After unpacking 90% of their things, the last 10% remained in boxes for months in random closets throughout the apartment, the couple promising to unpack them “next weekend”.