percy jackson shirt

tumblr novel-fandom hard mode: is that “long wavy blonde-haired lightly tan person / short curly brown-haired deeply tan person” fanart of aristotle/dante, annabeth/percy, achilles/patroclus, laurent/damen, or neil/andrew


Nico and Will ,not even together yet, but still end up in a pseudo date at mc donalds one day :3c 
maybe they both are crushing hard on each other and will is really easy to talk to??

Thanks noni for your request :>


Percy has a shirt that says “Straight for Annabeth Chase” on the front and “Gay for Jason Grace” on the back.
Thalia made it as a practical joke, but Percy wears it EVERYWHERE


ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNND DONE YAAAAY look at it look faulous and dun judge me kay’ i have the right to be proud of myself *self hug*i did great

I’m so happy he looks exactly like the percy i picture in my head i’m so happy right now

also i have a headcanon that the squad wanted to make a camp half-blood and camp jupiter shirt cuz why not and i decided it would look like that i drew it i rule now