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Because the ship come and go … but this will always immortal!!The scene is clear. For me one of the most beautiful scenes in the saga.

Ok, the reference to Tangled is brutal but i can’t resist!! When I read this chapter I could not help but think “if this was a disney movie here the romantic song was perfect!”

( I think the colors are darker than i thought, I’ll have to correct the setting of the colors of my computer)

Art: x/x/x/x

We have officially recieved our results for the ship month! We are pleased to announce that the choices for our ship weeks will be: 

  • Pipabeth
  • Valdangelo
  • Theyna
  • Jercy

Don’t worry if you favorite ship wasn’t chosen! We are having a free week as well, where you can contribute with any paring/character that you want! The themes for our first week will be posted soon, so you can start working on your fanworks. 


May 28th-July 1st 

More information about the ship weeks will be coming soon so you can start! We’re all very excited for this!! Thanks so much for voting. 

Heard about PJO ship weeks from a friend and did a thing that is slightly less messy than my other drawings for this week’s ship! Sally Jackson x Poseidon

Not sure if I’ll be able to do all of the weeks but Imma try ψ(`∇´)ψ I was trying to go for a less serious mood

LGBTQPJO Ship Weeks: Pipabeth Day 3


I don’t have enough time to write anything new, so I thought I’d give an excerpt from my fic that I am currently writing.

Piper felt her heart clench, Annabeth no doubt feeling the same way. “I don’t know Annabeth. I feel so weird in everything I do. I love you so so much. I’m just so tired.”

Annabeth nodded. “But…if we’re really as right for each other as we think, why is this happening? It’s been months of this, Piper. Months. Don’t you think we would’ve found a resolution by now?”

Piper felt her hands start to shake. She sent a desperate look to the girl before her. Gladly, Annabeth didn’t look stone cold. If anything, she looked just as emotional as Piper. She shook a bit as well, and her eyebrows were furrowed. Piper spoke again, “We’re both afraid. We both hate that this is happening. and fear, love and hate, they’re almost identical. They can’t be reasoned with.”

“I’ve just been thinking so much and-”

“Don’t think, just feel.”

Annabeth began to raise her voice, the higher pitch of her vocal chords stinging Piper’s heart. “I hate that!”

“I know!” Piper retorted, tears welling up in her eyes. She couldn’t help it. “I know,” she repeated, this time in a whisper. Damn, she felt so small. She felt the emotion in the room rise as her heart beat like a drum. Annabeth was never the best at dealing with emotions, while Piper, she was intact with her emotions completely. Initially, Piper thought it was an “opposites attract” situation. But maybe, it was leading to a downfall.

Annabeth averted her eyes, both girls’ hearts breaking from the lack of eye contact. “What should we do?” she questioned, a crack in her voice. Piper was at a loss for words. She didn’t know. She really had no idea. Should they stay together and raise the bottled feelings until they all spilled out even more or should they break apart and leave each other alone in this mess?

The girls continued to speak, basically no progress being made. It all seemed pointless. There were only two ways this conversation could go. Yet, they stalled. Stalled for as long as they could because what if it ended in the way that they feared?

As they continued to speak, the tension only rose. Voices got louder and heartaches got stronger. Piper felt something snap in between them. …That was it. They couldn’t do it anymore. She knew at that moment, that no matter what they did, no matter what they tried, it would end up broken. And that’s when a tear rolled down her cheek. And then another. And another. She watched as Annabeth flinched, wanting to lean over and wipe the tears from Piper’s face but the crying only intensified when Annabeth hesitated and did nothing at all.

“We…can’t do this,” Piper choked in between sobs. She met eyes with Annabeth. Oh, those intense gray eyes. How she wished for that loving gaze once more.

“We can’t do this,” Annabeth whispered. “I’m sorry.”



pjoshipweeks official blog | doubts? ask here, or here | original art

Is that time of the year again. Blood of Olympus will come out in a few months, and to celebrate it (and make the waiting more fun), in the meantime, we’re gonna have a lot of weeks where our favorite couples will have a special spot.

  • How to participate:

Any way you’d like. Fanarts, fanfictions, edits, graphics, gifs, etc. SHOW YOUR CREATIVITY! Oh, and don’t forget to add the tag “pjoshipweeks” so we can see your post! (pay attention to the fact that for a post to appear in the pjoshipweeks tag, you have to put it within the first five tags). Also, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to participate of all the weeks. Pick your favorites and have fun!

  • About the ships:

I tried to add the most “famous” couples, aka the ones people ship the most. I’m sorry if your favorite isn’t there, but that’s the point of the FREE WEEK (august 03 - 09), you can pick any ship you want! And, yes, if you’d like, you can repeat a couple in that week. This year we’re gonna have two other free weeks: Slash week (august 10 - 16) and Friendship week (august 17 - 23). The names are pretty obvious, but in the Slash week you can pick any slash ship you want (ex: Nico and Jason; Annabeth and Reyna), and in the Friendship Week you can give your Brotp some attention, aka your favorite friendship (ex: Grover and Percy; Annabeth and Piper). One last thing: As you can see, I couldn’t decide between Sally/Poseidon and Sally/Paul, so you can pick your favorite, or go for both of them!

  • The purpose of these weeks.

The original idea is to make our waiting for the next book bearable. And, of course, to have some fun! Gods know how our fandom needs it sometimes.

  • About the pjoshipweeks official blog.

You can follow the official blog here. I’ll try to reblog as many posts as I can (remember, the ones who are tagged as pjoshipweeks), so who knows, your post might be there!

I think that’s it. I really hope, from the bottom of my heart, that these weeks will be just as fun as the previous ones! Hope you guys participate.