percy jackson movie

Books V.S Movies
  • Book:This character is Asian.
  • Movie:White
  • Book:This character is black
  • Movie:WHite
  • Book:We don't describe what they're skin color is to leave it to the imagination.
  • Movie:WHIte
  • Book:This character is a dark tan.
  • Movie:WHITe
  • Book:This character is a POC
  • Movie:WHITE
  • Percy Jackson Books:Oh hey, Movie Interpretation, I heard you're making a movie based on me. Cool.
  • Movie Interpretation:Yeah, I'm so excited. It's gonna be waaay relatable. We're tweaking a few little things tho, that okay?
  • Percy Jackson Books:Yeah, sure, that's fine. What are you changing?
  • Movie Interpretation:Not much. Just some ages, and hair and skin colors.
  • Percy Jackson Books:Okay, wait, some of those things are really-
  • Movie Interpretation:And also the entire beginning. We want Mrs. Dodds to be scarier, you feel me?
  • Percy Jackson Books:No, actually, I don't think-
  • Movie Interpretation:Those cabins you described? Well we're gonna make those weird open-air tents. More woodsy. Also, no capture the flag, that's lame-o
  • Percy Jackson:Alright, stop, you can't-
  • Movie Interpretation:Omg wouldn't pearls be cool? Let's just replace the entire plot with pearls
  • Percy Jackson Books:Are you even trying
  • Movie Interpretation:Okay, so I lied, the only things we're keeping the same are the names, teehee. Isn't this fun!
  • Percy Jackson Books:
  • Percy Jackson Books:
  • Percy Jackson Books:
  • Percy Jackson Books:fine whatever
If I could go back in time...

If I could go back in time to when the first percy jackson book came out, I would go on tumblr and claim annabethjackson as my URL. Then, I would post a picture of the line where Luke says “you should have died in Tartarus, percy” and give a very ominous warning to all. Then, I would write Rick a letter saying how awesome he is before he got all popular. Finally, I would tell him to be very picky about the movie, and demand it at least be done with child actors.