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Wanna Apple?
  • Percy: Hey Magnus. Look it's important to Annabeth that we get to know each other. So tell me something about yourself.
  • Magnus: Yeah ok. Well there is no one more beloved by horses than I am.
  • Percy: ...I see...
  • *3 hours later*
  • Annabeth: Seaweed Brain, do you want to explain why the armies of Asgard are marching on our Camp?
  • Percy: No not really.

i often think about how it went with will when he failed to save someone’s life for the first time. i guess it was during the last olympian.

imagine this actual kid who tried everything, but the camper, maybe even his close friend, still died 

i believe chiron was the one who comforted him, because chiron was more than a teacher to him and chiron knew that will, like other demigods, was just a kid who grew up too fast

google translate lines of the heroes
  • Jason : Lovis filium non sum! Parvulus sum roma, consul ad semideos, praetorem legionis. (I am the son of Jupiter! I'm a child of Rome, consul to demigods, praetor of the First Legion.)
  • Piper : Être un héros ne signifie pas que vous êtes invincible; cela signifie que vous êtes assez courageux pour se lever et faire ce qui est nécessaire. (Being a hero doesn't mean you're invincible; it means you're brave enough to stand up and do what's needed.)
  • Leo : Trato de no pensar. Interfiere con ser nueces. (I try not to think. It interferes with being nuts.)
  • Annabeth : Επειδή είσαι φίλος μου, Seaweed Brain. Οποιεσδήποτε πιο ηλίθιες ερωτήσεις; (Because you're my friend, Seaweed Brain. Any more stupid questions?)
  • Nico : Ho avuto una cotta per Percy. È la verità. Questo è il grande segreto. (I had a crush on Percy. That's the truth. That's the big secret.)
  • Percy : Neiiigh! Neigh, um, nEIIIIGH! (Greeks! Let's, um, fight stuff!)

Percy trying to impress Annabeth’s family, 

Magnus: I hate blue 

Percy: *hides blue cookies behind back* 

Jack: Pen swords are stupid

Percy: Yeah totally! *turns around strokes Riptide shhh baby I don’t mean it, I love you!

Magnus: …

Percy: So boats and horses! 

Percy & Magnus: Boats and Horses, boats and horses, I gotta have me my boats and horses!

I finally did something I was proud of *^* It’s the best background I have ever done.
Well, this is inspirered from a rp my best friend and I have! I have that headcanon that Will is really good with horses and have his own horse ;-;

I have been tracing the horse, but I can’t find the original picture ;;

My Son’s Boyfriend Can’t Be This Cute: A Solangelo Fanfic

lol if anyone gets the really terrible reference in the title you get a cookie.

I haven’t written in Apollo’s POV before, and this story takes in a very unspecified time, but who doesn’t want a fanfic of Apollo fangirling over Solangelo because I know I wanted it and you do too.


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            “What is it that you like about that kid so much anyways? I haven’t figured it out yet and I pride myself on my general prowess when it comes to love,” I asked him absently. Will looked up from his charts, something twinkling there in his blue eyes.

              “You mean Nico?” Will asked, clicking his tongue. “I like how cute he is.”

              “Cute,” I couldn’t help but repeat. I mean, I pride myself on staying relevant. But I’m pretty sure cute wasn’t the new slang for ornery, dark, brooding children of the underworld with a penchant for monster slaying and sulking.

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